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When i brought the old farmhouse, it came with an annex. and it had a tenant who payed rent. i was pleased because of the extra income. a few days after i moved in , i met the tenant. i knew she was a single writer who had no family because the seller had told me.

 Beth she was younger than i expected, just 28, slim and about 5′ 2” and very pretty in a petite way.  she was a very private girl, who didnt go out very much. she spent all her time writing stories and trying to publish them and sell them.

Her most striking feature was her dark chestnut brown hair that hung to her waist. it like a curtain of soft long beautiful brown curls that hung from her head. she had so much thick soft hair and it was beautiful. she wore it in plaits and ponytails and updo’s but occasionally it all hung loose. 

I knew she was in financial trouble and paying the rent was going to be difficult for her. so she did my cleaning and washing to help us both out. i liked watching beth working in my house with all that long lovely hair falling around her.

She still fell behind with her rent, more and more.  when her arrears reached £200 , i decided to go and talk to her about it. she knew why i had come. she had no money, i knew that. and she told me she had nothing she could sell.

I was sat opposite her in her kitchen, i reached out and ran my fingers through her hair,  you could sell me your long hair, i said. it must be worth £200. she knew she didnt have much choice. how much of it do you want she asked, holding her hair.

I told her i wanted her ponytail and i wanted to scissor her hair short and then clipper her head to a grade one. she looked so shocked and frightened. but she had little choice. the rent was due. and so she agreed to the haircut.

I insisted she wash and blowdry all her lovely hair one last time. it took a long time, her hair was so long and thick. finally her lovely hair hung down all around her soft clean long shiny and thick. and she was ready to have it all taken off her.

I led Beth by her hair across our drive and into my kitchen. she was shocked at the preparations i had made for her and her hair.  i had a chair in the middle of the floor, and a small cape hanging over it. on the table i had a big pair of shiny sharp scissors and the clippers lying there ready to strip off her lovely long locks and a hairbrush.

I sat beth in the chair and caped her tightly. i brushed her beautiful brown curls all down her back and across her shoulders and down her front. her hair was long beautiful and hadnt been cut since she was at school and i was about to remove all of it so she could pay the rent.

Tears welled up in her eyes as i picked up the scissors ready to start her short haircut. your rent is due beth i said lifting up a handful of hair above her ear. then i slid the scissors into her long locks and closed the blades. her hair was sliced off short and in my hand. i dropped it into her lap. i gathered more hair in my left hand and cut it off with my other.

Each chopping i dropped her hair into her lap and the pile grew. I loved holding that much hair in my hand then chopping it short and dropping it in front of her. she watched it fall. i chopped hacked and sliced into her hair, all the left side of her head and most of the back, i cut short. just an inch or two left all over and very uneven.

Her head looked so different with that little hair on it, such a difference to all her long hair hanging on her right side.. i was going to leave that bit to clipper off later. so i cut the hair on top of her head really short, layting the scissors on her scalp and cutting it all off as much as i could.

And she was cropped except the right side. what a mess her hair looked. i had ruined it completely. there was no way back for beth now. i was going to have all my £200 worth. i ran my fingers over her shorn scalp and she hated it. more of her tears ran down her cheeks.

She was very scared when i plugged in the clippers and turned them on in front of her. she begged me not to clip her head but to just cut her hair short all over.  we have an agreement i reminded her. a grade one, nothing less. and she gave in.

She put her chin on her chest and i began to clipper her head in lines. up the back over the top and then straight down the top of her head right to her forehead. as i lifted off the clippers her hair fell down in front of her and piled up in her lap and on my floor.

I saved her long right side till last. the rest of her head was number one all over but on her right side she still had three feet of hair hanging down beautiful thick and shiny. i held it out in handfuls and slow clipped it off and let it fall. more of beths tears ran down her cheeks and less and less of her hair remained on her head each time.

Eventually she had only a handful of long strands of her hair left hanging off her head.  nearly all gone i remarked as i slow clipped the last brown long curls off her heads. and it was all gone. three feet of long thick curly hair replaced with a number one buzzcut.

I held a mirror in front of her so she could see her new haircut. she cryed more tears as she rubbed her clipped scal;p over with her hands.  she looked so different not being able to hide behind her long hair. i uncaped her and she stood up. masses of hair fell from her lap onto my floor.

I made beth clean up the hair mess. i watched her throw her hair into my bin and hoover the carpet until all traces of her hair were gone. and she was sent back home cropped and clipped and with the warning that the next months rent had to be paid on time or i was going to take the rest off and razor her bald totally.

At the end of the next month she came back to my door. i knew she still had no money and the rent was due. and she knew what was going to happen. she dropped her head and i led her to the chair again. this time i removed the guard. i said nothing i stood over her and stripped off her buzzed hair right to her scalp. this time she didnt cry a single tear.

Ruthlessly i balded beths lovely head. this time it didnt take very long then i smeared shaving foam over  her head and left her sat there waiting to be razored. i wasnt going to rush. i thought about all her lovely long brown curls that i had cut and clipped off and now beth was going to be bald and shiny just to pay her rent.

I razored the top first and exposed her white head, she didnt like my razor scraping her scalp clean. i bent her ears down and razored both sides shiny bald. then finally she had her chin on her chest and i razored the back of her head smooth in lines. she knew it was all gone, every bit of her hair removed.

Then she cryed, the realisation that she no longer had any hair at all, a month ago her crowning glory was her long brown curly hair. right down to her waist like a curtain, and now her head shined in the light. her scalp ruthlessly balded smooth just to pay her rent.

I dryed beths head with a towel and then i held the mirror in front of her so she could see herself bald. my hair, my hair was all she could say. in just a month i had her bald from super long.  again she tidyed up and hoovered the floor. i sat and watched beth bald working in my house. the rent was paid for another month.

Beth was bald smooth and her business had failed, she hadnt sold any work for too long. and so we made an agreement between us. at the end of the next month beth had her head shaved again and we married at the local registry office. she was my new bald wife. our agreement lets me clipper her head regularly and once a month and on special occasions i razor her smooth.

She is a very good wife. she cooks, cleans and looks after me. we keep a picture of her long haired by our bedside as a reminder of her old life. her new life is clippered or razor
ed and she accepts that. she was a size 8 when i met her, now she tips our scales over 110 kg. she wears glasses and her hair is buzzed to grade one. but she doesnt have to pay her rent anymore

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