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Hi all! I am Anjith,

This incident happened when it was a senior school summer leave. (I am now getting graduated ;-). My house is in outskirts of Coimbatore, India and I used to go to my aunt’s house nearby Chennai, India. I am a fetish guy, love to female head shaving and I love seeing girls getting bald. It all started when one of my school-mate, who suddenly got her head shaved. We were studying in the same school and she was a pretty looking gal of medium length hair who uses to braid or pony tailed often. I used to love her a lot and play with it. Suddenly she was absent to school for two days and returned with head shaved to bald. I was totally stupefied by her new look and inquired about it. She told that she had some vow regarding her examination and went to her native temple that season and made her offering to God by shaving her head. I argued with her like how you can make that. She simply told that she was also shocked and refused to do that but enjoyed the experience and told me it should be felt and cannot be explained. It totally transformed and gave her a different look and I used all opportunities by rubbing her head nagging her and staring at her bald head.

Day- by-day I developed a fetish towards it and loved it. Thanks to the technology, I visited to Internet cafe to feed my feel by visiting web pages about shaving and looking at pictures of bald ladies. I decided to surely try it some day and I decided a plan. Of course every being should have a prey right?

That season I did not missed to visit my aunt’s house. We, in our home are so liberal and had freedom to go or do upon our wish but we never took it as granted. My aunt is a very much loving and caring lady. She used to love me a lot and I am her all time favorite. As I am the only son in our family tree, she and her daughter used to take care of me and take to all places whenever I visit to her home. This time it’s entirely a new scenario.

When I called up my aunt told they are out of the town to some relative’s wedding and are about to return the day I reach there but she asked me to start from here. But when I landed to my aunt’s house they have not yet arrived. I was totally dismayed about the news. I was totally lost and don’t know what to do next. As the door was locked, I waited sitting in the staircase.

But luckily it was my aunt’s new neighbor Shilpa, who has just arrived like me inquired about the news. I introduced myself to her. She introduced herself to me that she was my aunt’s friend. She told that since my aunt’s house was locked, I could stay there and she will take care of me until she comes back. I was very happy as I got a place.

We got our aunt through phone and told that I landed safe and I am in her house. She replied that my sister i.e. her daughter got some illness due travel and she told that she had been under treatment so they could not come over now and asked me to what to do. Shilpa told that she will take care of me until she arrives and asked not to worry about anything. It was a whole week and I am all alone having any one except Shilpa. My usual season mates in that apartment were gone to their natives as like me. The only pal is now Shilpa as she gave me homely feeling. We started to talk about know each other a lot and tried to became intimate. Shilpa is our uncle’s family friend and recently came back from USA to India. As my uncle and her husband are working in the United States, they bought the adjacent apartments in a single place and got their family settled. As her Visa got exhausted she have no other go rather than to come back to India.

I asked why not her relatives visiting her. Shilpa and her husband loved each other and got married opposing their families. Due to this reason, their families used to avoid visiting her. Shilpa looked fair, with good shape. Her age may be around 35, still had no kids but looked so young with a jet black hair up to her waist. She used to braid it and had a habit of caressing her hair often while talking. My fetish grew day by day by seeing this habit and I tried to control it.

One week later I waked up very late. I finished my routine and started to wash all my clothes. I got so hungry and thought of asking Shilpa for breakfast. I searched the house but she was no where. I heard slight noise in another bathroom. I casually peeped inside and searched for her. Suddenly I jerked. To my astonishment I could see her only with inner wear. She was trying to do something with scissors. As she was turned around I could not see properly what she was doing. I slowly moved myself like a cat and without a breath tried to have a better look at it. She had laid some papers with a stool placed on it. She had a brush and shaving cream and placed her leg on the stool. I was electrified to see that but controlled and stood firmly without a sound. It seems she usually has a thick growth of hair on her arm pits. She applied lather and started to shave her legs using a straight edge razor. She shaved her thighs and legs slowly. She then took some cream and applied on her arm pits then repeated the process of shaving until it became smooth. Next she adjusted her hair line on her forehead, lathered the area started to shave her forehead as if to trim the hair line. The sound of the razor vibrated in the pin drop silence of the room. Slowly something passed inside me and I was standing like I was in heaven. It was a great show seeing first time a lady shaving her armpits live. A plan struck immediately. “Shilpa aunt?!” I called her suddenly which must have made her jerked and tumbled on the stool. I knocked the bathroom door as if I had just been there. I asked what she was doing. She rapidly drew a towel and covered her and came out sweating. She asked what I want. I replied that I was so hungry and I need something to eat. She told me to go to my room and she will get something to eat. I laughed myself and went away.

Shilpa came after 10 minutes with a sandwich and sat beside me. I got the plate and started to garble it without a word. She vaguely smiled whenever I saw. When she was about leave I asked her again what exactly she was doing. She caressed her hair and told nothing. I commented that it’s all right to do what ever she wants but please lock the bathroom door properly. With her eyes feared she asked if I saw any thing. I told that I saw everything. She left and I then passed time and we resumed our routine work. At the dinner I slowly started the talk. I told a story which happened to me at the school time and my fetish for shaving. I told that I got the feeling towards her and when I saw her shaving asked straight that if she has any feel like that she could share with me. After a long pause she finally revealed that she had a long time fetish for shaving had and she wanted it badly to try it. But there was some hesitation which stopped by the real world. She did not have any chance like this time so we wanted to try it. I asked her that you could have told me so I could help you. She explained that since thought that I was not young enough she did not know how to share her feelings with me and had no acquaintance. Gotcha! It’s my luck which I had never expected and thought to try it.

“Aunty, since we have both same tastes, Why not could we try it?”

“I can’t get you Anjith! What are you up to?”

“Why not I can help you by shaving your head?”

My question made her mute and finally she went away without speaking anything and the day went off. That night I felt sleepless and got some what scared thinking that I might had done a nasty mistake by revealing myself to a third person without thinking about consequences. But I got a blind courage that I could try my luck. I don’t know when I fell asleep in my room.

Next day Shilpa knocked the door and I opened it. She greeted me with her smiling face and gave me a nice morning coffee. She looked some thing different. She had combed cross way and braided her hair nicely. Her wide forehead looked visible with last day shaved stubble. She
wore a Saree and had a big rose on the hair. She asked me to come to come out and told that I have surprises. I got perplexed but obeyed her. I thought that my aunt has arrived and I am gone.

To my great surprise noting happened like that. Instead, I saw a same set up which I saw yesterday. All sorts of shaving items and news papers lay on the ground with a chair in the middle of the hall!

She gave me a good hug and thanked me for I have helped her a lot. She thought about what I’ve said all night and called her husband that night itself to get an opinion if she could try a new hair style. As her husband told that he does not bother about anything, she finally decided to shave her head. She told that she is brave enough to change her look and she wanted me to make that. Wow! I felt like heaven getting down and I was flying. She told a condition to be met before I start the process but she told that it’s a secret. As I was in no mood I did not hesitated to accord to it. In fact no one misses a volunteer prey.

After having our breakfast she finished her routine and then we went to the room. First she changed from her Saree to a blue nightgown. She untied her hair knot and freed her hair. She then took off the rose. Now she took the comb and started to comb her hair. It was a good amount of hair with jet black color and she combed it slowly to heat me up. She asked if I am interested I could do that. Without a word I grabbed the comb from her and stared to comb. When I touched it felt like butterflies flying into my stomach. I touched it gently with my trembling hands. It was straight, thick, soft natural brown color, with a slight shampoo smell which made me dizzy. I enjoyed combing her hair. I asked how to start. Se said whatever I wish to make it as I like. I told I will try some hair cut styles and then finish it with shaving. She nodded. I adjusted the chair so she could face the bedroom mirror. I started the next step. She took a deep breath and caressed it final time.

I recollected everything which ever I saw in the clips and photos. First I took a mug full of water from the bathroom. I took the blanket and caped her. Now I took a handful of water and sprinkled it on her head. I then bowed her head towards me and started to massage it nicely until the hair got drenched it till roots. I repeated to pour water and soaked it nicely and massaged till I got satisfied. I then took the comb and started to part the hair as a cross section in the middle and back as two halves. Her face was fully covered with hair. I took the scissors and slowly cut the hair covering the face. The snipping sound of the scissor moved me a lot. The hair started to fall like water in her lap and showed her face. “Why are your hands trembling?” she asked. I replied that it’s all due to fear of first time. She smiled with hair all over her face and asked me to go on.

Now I combed the hair and took a thick lock of it. I clipped it neatly and divided it into four parts. I started with the front part. “SNIP” The hair got free and came to my hand. Now I proceeded to cut the front and the nape side. The nape area and the side burns till it got reduced with inch length of hair. It looked like a bob cut. I released the clip and the hair fell over from the top portion. She looked like a doll with a bob hairstyle.

The cutting sound of the scissors went to my ears and gave me a pace. Her hair was all over the cape and spread on the floor. She asked me to be quick and finish as she could not resist any longer. I accepted and cleared the hairs on her face. Now I took some shaving cream on my hand and started to mix it with the water. She asked what I am doing. I asked her to wait and see. Now I started to apply it on her front part of the head and slowly massaged it by hand. It formed a good lather and became thick white. Now I took the straight edge razor. I told her that I will shave the front part which will give her a look like that of Japanese samurai hairstyle. I went backwards to get her mirror view. Now really my hand started to shake. I kept the razor and started to move it backwards to my side. Slowly it revealed a patch of her forehead. Slow strokes of the razor made her to moan a little. I slowly shaved the forehead and it revealed clean and white patch of the skin. She said it’s cool. She touched and rubbed it. I now finished the right side of the bangs shaved by moving the razor towards my side. Each time the razor moved on the head made a sizzling sound which electrified me. I bend the right earlobe and removed the side burns of the hair and shaved it smooth. Next I started to clear the left side burns and removed the hair line where shaved earlier. Now the back side of the ears, the fort head got shaved with some stubble. I asked to see the mirror. She laughed and told it looked totally different. I then took the shaving brush and applied lather to the front head fully and shaved the head again. Now the front head was shaved like a billiard ball. I went to her back and sprinkled water on the back side and made it wet. Now I started to shave the nape of her head. Locks of wet hair fell down and it was very much fun. I rubbed her head thoroughly and made sure that there was no stubble. Shilpa asked if there is anything left out. I said it’s done. Shilpa rubbed her head and asked me to shave it again. I again lathered her head completely and shaved it again totally clean. She told to shave her face. I asked why. She told it should look clean so her face and her head should look similar. I took the shaving cream and started to lather her face and started to shave the face nicely like men used to shave twice. I shaved her chin, cheeks nicely as men usually shave I applied some cream and shaved her forehead and covered the full face. I slowly moved the razor and cleared the foam with the razor. I gently rubbed the lotion to sooth the burning sensation.

Shilpa was totally bald with a clean shaved head. She laughed and glanced and rubbed her hear till she was satisfied. 

She now told me the condition that she wanted to shave my head too. I was first stupefied but I accepted without any hesitation. Now it’s my turn to get shaved. That too from a female turned barber! I must be a very lucky chap. I told that I wanted to be shaved like people used to get shaved in Indian temples. She laughed and said OK.

I took a wooden plank and sat with my legs crossed. She took a bowl of water from the bathroom. She replaced the old blade in the straight razor and set a new one. Now she took a small stool and sat before me. She took the bowl of water and poured it on my head and drenched it nicely. She then gave a nice massage that mesmerized me. Now she bowed my head towards her and took the razor. She kept it on my crown. I felt the trembling of her hand clearly. The movement of the razor made cool air to flow to my shaved skin. The patch developed and more coolness flowed on my head. A largest white patch came could be seen on my head. My front head is now completely shaved. She then told me to sit sideways. She bended my earlobes and shaved the sideburns and bangs now. The left side was made like ways. Now the backwards was remaining. She now again drenched more water to my back side of the head. She started to shave my nape and complete back portion of the head. I asked if it’s finished. She told me to wait. She took the shaving cream and applied it on my head. Now she brushed it nicely all over my head to form lather. She started to shave my head again. The first time tremble missed and she shaved the head without any fear. Now my head resembled like a newly polished table. She now started to shave my face as like a professional barber. Within five minutes my face got shaved neatly. It was so smooth I touched it and enjoyed a lot. Shilpa now dusted her body all over her body and removed the hair from the floor. She rubbed my head again and again and told she is very happy and smiled a lot. She told how that I felt it. I told that I am feeling like flying and thanked her for
giving me an opportunity. We took a nice bath and cleaned and cooked food it was a memorable day. She told that if at all there is a chance of getting shaved again she will appoint me as a barber. I told that I am very much delighted.

My aunt came after a week after we enjoyed shaving. She was so much surprised to see us both shaved and asked what happened. Shilpa told that she had shaved in some temple. I also told my aunt that seeing this I shaved the head for that summer season in some barber shop before I came. But one person who did not believe was my elder sister. I will tell the story later what I had done to her that summer season.

Thank you Anjith

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