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A Femdomme tale  (dedicated to Ellie) 

It was Sunday night, Club Dee-ees night for Alexi.  She was MC for the floorshow, that is, ‘Mistress of Ceremony’. 

Tonight she was in the mood for the PVC effect.  With the help of one of the club’s sissymaids, she squeezed into her full-bodied PVC catsuit, donned leather mask and gloves and put on a pair of highly polished, pointy-toed, 6″ heeled boots.  Alex made her way across to the wall where her various toys and implements were hanging, taking down a 12″ long dildo and leather flogger.  Attaching the dildo to her wide leather belt, she wrapped the flogger’s thin thong around her wrist and walked out the door. 

Stepping on to the stage, the audience erupted with wild claps and cheers.  She turned to face them, waved her flogger above her head and picked up the microphone. 

‘Hello My Lovelies!’ 

The crowd went berserk, hollering and hooting and clapping madly. 

‘Have you been good…or have you been very, very, BAD!?’ 

The crowd erupted again, and a chant started up, ‘Mistress Alexi, Mistress Alexi, Mistress Alexi…’ 

‘Thank you My Lovelies, thank you, thank you’.  She bowed deeply, and as she lifted herself back up, raised the flogger above her head once more. 

‘Mistress Alexi is very pleased with you all, very, very pleased.  Now on with the show!’ 

And with that, Massive Attack began pounding out of the sound system.  A male wearing a collar and leather hood, leather harness and chaps, stepped on to the stage.  Mistress Alexi narrowed her eyes, pouted her lips, stomped her feet and pointed to the floor.  He dropped on all fours, exposing his bare behind to the crowd.  Mistress Alexi stepped in and began flogging his backside, the rhythm of her blows rising to match the huge beats of the music.  For two, three minutes she flogged away then moved in on his back, flogging it and his bum, on and on.  Then, as the music reached its crashing crescendo, she stopped, removed the dildo from her waist belt, stood to attention and held it up to the crowd, looking for all intents and purposes like a darker version of the Statue of Liberty.  The crowd went crazy again.  She stepped slowly towards the figure below her, and as the music came to its last crashing notes, she plunged the dildo forward.  The lights went out…the music stopped.  The audience exploded. 

The stage lights came up a minute or so later; Mistress Alexi was back on stage, this time without the mask.  She was sitting on a high backed, wooden chair and across from her sat another woman in a similar chair.  Between them was a ‘table’, on top of which sat a bottle of red wine, two full wine glasses and a candelabra.  The ‘table’ consisted of another male on all fours, dressed in nothing but leather gloves, leather hood, short plastic boots and tight PVC briefs.  The woman opposite Alexi held a leash attached to his collar. 

‘I’d like you to give a big warm welcome to a very special guest, furniture maker, Mistress Sonia’.  The audience did just that and as the claps subsided, she said with a grin, ‘And her sub-hub, Tony.’  The crowd caught the mood and laughed, giving him a few cheers and claps. 

Mistress Alexi and Mistress Sonia then proceeded to chat for the next ten minutes about ‘subbie furniture making’.  Mistress Sonia’s description of turning subtony into her beanbag brought the house down, as did her account of subtony’s use as a lamp shade, ‘…complete with a cord around his willy for turning him on and off’.  The whole time, great rivers of wax poured off the candelabra and on to subtony’s back and bum but he didn’t flinch once. 

After the chat with Mistress Sonia finished, the curtain came down and when it rose a minute later, Mistress Alexi was on stage with a male and female kneeling on either side of her.  They wore nothing but chastity devices; hers a large, high waisted, flat metal contraption; his, a tight-fitting, fine-mesh metal cage over his cock and balls.  They had their arms down the side of their pale bodies and their heads deeply bowed.  Mistress Alexi held a set of electric barber clippers in her hand. 

‘Some subs simply do not know how to behave.  These two have pissed their Mistress off big time.  She has decided the most appropriate way of dealing with their self-centred, egotistical ways is to…’ she hesitated for effect, ‘…shave their heads.  All the way.  And she intends to keep it that way for at least the next 12 months.’ 

Mistress Alexi stepped behind the female sub, whose long strawberry blonde hair hung down almost to the floor.  Alexi put the mic down and started up the clippers, then leant down, brushed the sub’s hair forward and put the clippers to her nape.  The woman noticeably shuddered.  In one long sweep, Alexi ran the blades over her head.  She repeated the action, again and again, until the flowing locks were reduced to nothing more than a large, shapeless pile on the floor in front of her.  In place of her long tresses the sub now wore a No. 2 cut.  Alexi then moved behind the male sub and did the same to his Nick Cave-like, dark mass of hair. 

Alexi removed the guard from the clippers and stood back as another woman stepped onto the stage.  She was perhaps in her mid-40s, with thick, red, shoulder-length hair, her long and flowing, low-cut, purple velvet dress highlighting her rounded, full figure.  She wore fine-laced mittens, velvet slippers and a soft leather mask over her eyes; in one hand, she held a three-foot long cane. 

‘Mistress Jennifer’, announced Alexi to the crowd with a sweep of her hand.  The applause that greeted her was subdued and respectful – simply, the gathering was too engrossed in the spectacle evolving in front of them to be either too loud or boisterous. 

Mistress Jennifer moved next to the two subs and tapped their backsides lightly with the cane.  They instantly dropped to all fours.  She tapped the mass of hair in front of the woman, who then dropped her face into the pile.  She did the same with the male, who responded in exactly the same way.  She now moved to the side of the female sub, drew back her cane and brought it down hard across her backside.  The sub arched her body forward swith a jerk then moved back into position.  Again Mistress Jennifer brought the cane down; this time the sub moved her backside sideways in a slow arc.  Three more cuts with the cane followed.  Mistress Jennifer then moved to the side of the male sub and caned him five times too.  She stepped back and gave the cane to Alexi who handed her the clippers. 

Mistress Jennifer moved behind the male sub. Putting one hand on his forehead, she lifted it up, exposing his face to the audience.  She turned the clippers on, placed them at the top of his forehead and then started running them back over his scalp.  She repeated the action several times until he was left with nothing but fuzzy stubble on his scalp.  She tapped the pile of hair in front of him with her foot – straight away he dropped his face into it. 

Mistress Jennifer then shaved the female sub’s head.  She too dropped her face down into the mound of her once-glorious hair. 

Mistress Jennifer swapped the clippers for her cane and gave both of them ano
ther five strokes on their raised behinds.  While this was going on, a female clad in a full-body rubber suit and gasmask walked on to the stage with a tray carrying a bowl of steaming hot water, two razors, a shaving brush, shaving cream and a hand towel.  She placed it on a small table next to Mistress Alexi and then disappeared off stage. 

Mistress Jennifer walked over to the small table, dipped the brush in the hot water, lathered cream on to it, picked up one of the razors, walked behind the male sub and tapped his foot with her boot.  He sat bolt upright, arms down his sides.  She started running the brush over his scalp, lathering it up vigorously as she went.  Alexi moved in next to her with the towel and bowl.  Mistress Jennifer passed the brush to Alexi, pushed the sub’s head forward then spent the next five minutes shaving his scalp clean.  She finished, tapped the hair in front of him with her foot: he dropped down instantly.  She now moved over to the female sub and repeated the shaving.  At its conclusion she too dropped forward. 

Mistress Jennifer took hold of the cane and gave each of them ten hard strokes across their backsides.  When she finished she simply walked off stage, cane in hand.  With that, a curtain dropped on to the stage.  The crowd broke into loud applause. 

The lights rose to an empty stage; the audience broke for drinks. 

All the regulars agreed Mistress Jennifer’s performance with her subs was one of the most intense and thrilling experiences they’d ever seen at Club Dee-ees.  And more than a few subs in the audience were left wondering – and worrying  – whether their Mistress or Master might decide on a similar act of public humiliation… 

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