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Hi my name is Taylor. I am 24 years old.  I have beautiful breast length strawberry blonde hair (it is now waist length, it grew during my pregnancy and I have not cut it since). Most people are surprised that I get it cut at a barbershop. I started going to the barbershop that my husband Ron goes to a few months after we started dating because my regular stylist moved and the other places I tried were expensive so Ron suggested that I try the barber shop. I laughed but the next time he went I went with him and they did a great job.

Like I mentioned I have not gotten my haircut since before I was pregnant. At first when it started to grow long it looked beautiful and I was excited that it grew that long. It now is looking awful.  A few nights ago Ron mentioned he was going to the barbers the next day to get his annual summer haircut which makes sense because it’s now the end of May and it is in the 90’s. Each summer we get our haircut a little shorter and grow it out in the winter. Once I even cut it from the middle of my back to my shoulders. I told him I am coming with you. I knew after tomorrow I would not have my hair this long for a long time.

The next day was beautiful. When we entered the barbershop I saw one of the mothers from my mommy and me class and new mothers exercise group who I have gotten to know pretty well, Rose.  Rose and I have both have long Strawberry Blonde Hair. When I entered I noticed that Rose was getting a major haircut. Most of her hair was in the floor around the barber’s chair. I said hi to Rose and said I did not know you went here. She said I have been coming here for a few years now.

When my barber saw me he said “Well Well who do we have here” I laughed. I should mention that there are four barbers in the shop and each has their own private cubicle. While I waited I talked to Rose. By the time my barber was ready for me Rose’s barber had cut all the hair he could with his scissors. After I sat down and got caped my barber said “You really need a haircut’ I said “I know I am a bad girl, I should have been here sooner” He then mentioned that “You should follow Rose’s lead here and get the Ultimate Mommy Cut” I laughed. Rose piped in and said you should. I laughed again. By then I still had not realized what the Ultimate Mommy Cut was. By then I settled on having my hair cut to my chin the shortest I have ever had it. Then I heard Rose’s barber starting the clippers. After a few minutes I thought to myself wow Rose is really getting a short haircut and that it will be easy for her. A little while later I heard the clippers stop and heard water running. A few minutes later I heard Rose say “I love it, it will be so easy”. Then Rose walked to me and then I realized what the ultimate mommy cut was it is a head shave! She was rubbing her head and smiling and said “you really should try it!” I laughed.

Our new haircuts (especially Rose’s) were the talk of our classes.  By the beginning of July my hair had grown to my shoulders and the weather was really hot each day. I noticed that Rose was keep her head shaved. I was getting a little jealous. One day after one of our classes we had lunch together. I mentioned so I see you are keeping your head shaved. Rose laughed and said yes for now. Then I asked her how it came about. She said that she had been thinking about cutting her hair short after the baby was born and the week leading up to her haircut she had seen both GI Jane and V for Vendetta and thought both Demi Moore and Natalie Portman looked awesome with no hair and she thought hey that would be the ultimate mommy cut. She said she was nervous at the first chop but as it kept progressing it was exciting. Rose also mentioned the feel of the clippers and the razor scrapping the shaving cream were an awesome feeling and she had orgaismed like she used to while she was in college. She was happy she was wearing a diaper. She said the first shower after shaving her head was a serial experience.

After our lunch on my way home I drove past the barber shop. I thought to myself its it I am getting the ultimate mommy cut!!!! So I turned around and drove to the barber shop. I entered and luckily my barber was free. I sat down and said give me the ultimate mommy cut!!!! I was wondering when you would be back and ask for it he said. I laughed. He first chopped off all of my hair that he could with his scissors. Then came the clippers oh boy Rose was right it was an incredible feeling. I orgasmied right away. I thought to myself thank god I am wearing a diaper. The next 20 or so minutes were amazing like Rose said. After it was done I was so glad I did it. I loved it.

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