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I said I would take tilly to the county show, not really thinking about it too much,  but suddenly it was sunday morning and i was rushing to pick her up at 9.30,  dont be late she had said.  i nearly was late,  by the time i showered and washed my hair that morning and drove to tillys house,  it was close and i didnt want to upset her.  but i got there on time and rang her doorbell.

When she opened her door i was shocked to see what she was wearing, a big polonecked tight aran jumper and matching skirt and a long matching cardigan around her shoulders, top two buttons fastened,  sleeves swinging,  with her grey white hair cropped close to her head, pixie cut style,  she was the ultimate big beautiful granny.

In the car driving to the show, her soft fluffy cream white triple set was a big turn on for me and to be going out with her for the day was my ultimate dream. when we finally parked in the car park i helped her out of the car and she took my arm as we entered the busy showground.  everyone was looking at us, i looked like tillys toyboy as we walked around the stalls

 with my tight jeans on and my long hair flowing.

We sat in the arena together watching the shows and had lunch and then hand in hand we began exploring the rest of the stalls in the marquees.  she enjoyed everybody looking at us together and i enjoyed the humiliation of everybody thinking that tilly was my big beautiful granny lover wrapped in thick tight handknitted aran, with her hair cropped so close to her head as her protest to femininity.

We were looking around a stall selling aran jumpers and scarves and hats,  tilly brought some yarn and chatted about handknitting to the lady there for ages as i stood with her holding hands.  the lady loved tillys cream white handknitted aran triple set that she was wearing, she was very complimentary about tillys ornate patterns that adorned her jumper, cardy and skirt.

Dont forget to look at the mohair stall at the bottom end the lady said to tilly as we left her stall.  and at the other end of the big craft tent we came across the mohair stall,  i followed tilly in, balls of yarn, scarves, hats and big jumpers and cardigans were all on sale in lots of different colours,  tilly was impressed with the knitting and began looking at the different cardigans, finally finding a big long pink fluffy one with a collar and lots of buttons.

Perfect she said , now lets find you a big fluffy jumper too.  she held many different ones up to me before finally choosing a long polonecked green jumper with cable twist patterns all over it.  i like you in that she said,  we’ll be fluffy together now. i followed her to the till carrying the jumper and her cardigan. i paid for the lovely mohair handknits and the lady wrapped the cardigan for us and put it into a big bag.

When she went to wrap the jumper tilly declined,  no thank you,  hes going to wear this one now,  she said. Tilly began to roll up that big green jumper and said to me take off your top. i was so shocked i just took it off,  there was a queue behind us and i was so embarassed. then she pulled that big jumper straight over my head, i pushed my arms in and she adjusted the poloneck and flicked out all my long hair too.

Wonderful she said, the lady on the stall agreed and we left together holding hands.  i want everyone to see you long haired and mohaired tilly told me. now everybody just stared at me escorting tilly around the showground as she continued to humiliate me in public for her pleasure. the jumper was huge and very fluffy and everybody noticed me holding hands with my aran covered big round granny. some people pointed, others laughed, i just got turned on more and more.

Enjoy the attention she said to me this is just the first part of your transition to become my boy. when i get you home she told me i would undergo a complete humiliation and then would become her worshipper for all to see. then she reached up into my long hair and holding a handful she whispered to me, as soon as we get home i am going to cut short all your lovely hair then clipper your head and razor you bald smooth in your big fuzzy jumper for my pleasure and your humiliation.

I spent the last hour at the show until it closed knowing i was going to have my head shaved as soon as we got back to her house, i couldnt stop saying bald bald bald to her,  she just smiled at me and kept saying yes shiny smooth bald. tilly was going to take all my hair off and it turned me on more and more thinking about being her bald boy in mohair and her abusing me for her pleasure.

I drove us home as the day ended with her teasing me about the big pink mohair cardigan i had brought for her and being fluffy with all that long mohair wrapped around her big body and her telling me i would be rubbing my balded head for her soon. she ran her fingers through my hair as we arrived at her house. arm in arm we walked to her door with me carrying her bags. her neighbour couldnt stop staring at us, i was tillys boy now.

We went inside,  get my cardigan out of the bag and dress me she ordered me.  i obeyed her,  wrapping tilly up in her pink mohair cardigan and buttoning her up top to bottom.  i knelt in front of her, she ran her fingers through my long long hair haircut time she ordered me to the kitchen, top drawer she shouted, black handled scissors, get them now, i ran to her kitchen and found the scissors,  hurry up she was shouting.

I returned and knelt before her passing the sharp kitchen scissors into her hand.  arms behind your back tilly demanded and i obeyed her. crop it short down here she said and then take you upstairs afterwards for a clippering and razoring.

I just knelt there wearing my new mohair jumper as tilly gathered up a handful of my hair above my right ear, i have never liked your long hair she told me. then tilly lifted up the hank of my lovely hair and cut into it right on my scalp,  her scissors scrunched straight through my long hair severing it off, i watched as she dropped it onto her floor.

Tilly pushed my head down and gathered up a big handful of my long hair from behing my ear and pulled it up and straight,i waited for the sound of her blades in my hair, snick snick snick and another big handful of hair fell onto her floor with the rest.  she had slow cropped the whole right side off short and uneven.

She stood on my right side, i didnt move, there was no going back, i knew tilly would have me shaven bald headed in the end and the way she was cutting off my hair, as if it didnt matter at all, was a big turn on for me and for tilly. Then i felt her slide a blade under my hair above my left ear, the long blades had 6 inches of my lovely long hair trapped between them and tilly slowly closed the blades shut, instantly slicing my hair off short, another big handful hacked off behind my left ear

had both my sides cropped short, uneven and ruined.

Now she turned her attention to all my hair falling down my back, this handful will take you from long to short tilly told me and without mercy she gathered up all my hair into her left hand then scissored the whole lot off in one frenzed chopping attack. she dropped it all onto her floor with the rest, my lovely soft long hair was hacked short all over in a few minutes.

Get up she ordered me and put the scissors away, i ran to her kitchen and returned the scissors to the drawer, get back here she shouted,  as i returned to the front room, tilly handed me the vacumn hoover and ordered me to hoover up my long hair from her carpet.  i watched my gorgeous long hair bu
tchered off from my head being sucked up the nozzle, dissapearing forever.

When i had finished my hands were cuffed behind my back and she marched me straight up her stairs, along the landing and into her bedroom, closing the door. Tilly sat me down at her dressing table in front of her big mirror, cuffed tight and staring at the reflection of my short scissor cut she had given me that had ruined years of long beautiful hair in a few minutes.

This will be very humiliating tilly assured me as she took her set of clippers from the drawer and plugged them in,  your head clippered bare while you wear a fluffy mohair jumper and for my pleasure,. she was laughing as i watched her pull off the attachment, knowing that meant a grade 0 headshave was all she had in mind.  Tilly was going to strip off all my shortened hair in lines until it was all gone.

I looked forward into the mirror as tilly clicked the clippers into life, and they hummed and buzzed in her hand,  she pushed my head forward, keep your chin on your chest she shouted at me. then she pulled down my poloneck on my mohair jumper and with the other hand pushed her headshaving clippers onto my neck and up into my hair.

Instantly they felt so sharp and heavy on my head and as they moved up the middle of the back of my head clippering me to my bare scalp i felt my hair shaved and stripped off and falling off my head onto my shoulders  and down my back. Tilly clippered me all up the back , over the top and slowly down the top of my head. my lovely hair was falling down in front of me and my first shaven bald line appeared through my hair as i looked up into the mirror.

I was so shocked sat there being clippered like that, tears rolled out of both eyes as i looked forward to see my hair taken off my head so brutally laying motionless in my lap and sitting on top of my fluffy mohair jumper tilly made me wear for her. and she kept clippering, coming up the back and over the top of my head again, and i hated my hair falling down across my face, shaved off forever.

She clippered four lines over my head then gripping my head tightly and tipping me to the left i had the whole right side shaved back to front and all around my ear, i was half head shaved, and staring forward into the mirror i couldnt believe the buzzed head staring back at me was mine. there was a big pile of my hair spilling out of my lap and laying on the carpet.

Half my head was clippered so close i could see my scalp through the shadow. never had i been clippered all over, even at school i had high clippered short back and sides but never did i ever have my head shaved down to skinhead style like lots of boys did. this was a first for me. half clippered and sat there knowing all the rest would soon follow from my head to my lap

Brutal noisy and uncomfortable is the only way i can describe having my hair buzzed off, i sat there unable to move while line after line of my hair was stripped off slowly by tilly and fell to the floor. and i knew i would be picking it all up later after i was balded completely with her big wide clippers and no attachment. i looked so different in the mirror as the few sprigs of my cut short hair left on my head were buzzed off and fell away to my lap.

It was all gone, in about an hour tilly had cut it all off and clippered me as low as you could go.  she rubbed her fingers over my hairless head and said thats not bald enough, i want your head to be shiny and smooth bald, you need razoring.

Yes tilly is all i managed to say, i was in shock, knowing my hair had gone forever, i could only think about what people would say seeing me headshaved and balded

I thought about what i could say to people when they saw all my long hair gone and my head shining bald as tilly caped me and began to cover my head with shaving foam and there was no way back. i was so turned on being tillys boy and her humiliating me i only thought about being turned on, not about years of buzzed or short hair that stood before me as my hair all grew back. i was headshaved in a green mohair jumper, cuffed and about to be razored bald by tilly

Now your head is going to shine for me she said  Tilly scraped her cheap razor down the top of my head exposing my white skin. it was so easy for her to razor me bald smooth because her big balding clippers had left so little of my hair on my head. she shaved the top and back too. i was so humiliated at seeing my white bald scalp appear that i cryed again, tears for my lovely long hair i loved for so long and now just a memory.

I watched her razoring my sides to skin bald in the mirror, tilly was so good at the cutting, clippering and razoring of hair that i wondered how many other long haired men she had cut down to size and sent home bald, how many other men had tilly dressed up in mohair and given a long to bald haircut for her pleasure. and i was another one seduced by her and sitting here shaved and fluffy and humiliated. i would be going home bald too.

My long hair was cut off and in the hoover, my shortened hair was totally clippered off and everywhere, on my shoulders, in my lap and all over her carpet and the last few bits of my scalp were razored by tilly as i watched in the mirror as i became completely shaven to bald. thats the end of that tilly laughed. the towel around my shoulders she used to dry my new white head. i never liked all that long hair she said but i like this smooth head of yours and she ran her fingers over my head.

In the mirror i looked so odd, i had an oversized green thick and very fluffy mohair jumper on and a white head, shining in the light. and so much of my hair was stuck all over the jumper, tilly uncuffed me. get up bald boy she shouted and brush all that hair from your new jumper. i brushed my severed locks from the jumper as she cleared it off my back too.

Hmiliated and balded,tilly made me vacumn my hair from that carpet too. i watched it all go up the nozzle while she laughed. gone forever she said this is the start of your new bald life as my mohairboy. there was no going back ,not ever.

i wanted tilly to humiliate me and i wanted to be her boy but going long haired to bald was a huge shock, its so finite being cut clippered and razored long haired to bald so quickly after so long with my curtains of thick soft long hair hanging down

My hair has been replaced by mohair, tilly prefers it, now i know. and then i was sent home. the day at the county show had cost me hundreds of pounds and a full head of gorgeous long thick hair and i was sent home humiliated and razored bald and wearing a huge fuzzy green mohair handknitted jumper. my long hair gone forever and with tilly promising to keep me shaved to bald on a permanent basis while i work for her and make me wear my big fluffy jumper for her always

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