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It was the first week of May at Westwood Middle School when the Principal Sammy Glen called in Middle school  Teacher Irene Moore into his office at three pm  on a Monday. Mr. Glen had  a reputation as being very strict with his teachers. Mrs. Moore  entered and sat down. Mr. Glen got up and came over standing next to Mrs. Moore and slightly behind her with a sheet of paper in his hand.  Now Mrs. Moore was in her mid-20’s and Mr. Glen in his early 50’s. He put the sheet of paper down in front of Mrs. Moore ” Here is the ‘ Reduction in Force’  list and your name is on it as you see highlighted.” Irene looked saw her name ” Oh, No! What am I going to do.  We are living paycheck to paycheck. Is there nothing I can do?” Mr. Glen  leaned over close to Irene “ There is one thing you can do Mrs. Moore to remove your name from the list and it is strictly confidential between me and you.” Irene ” What is the one thing I can do to remove my name?” Mr. Glen ” Mrs. Moore you come over to my house and spend three hours with me and let me cut your beautifully long waist length chocolate brown hair short and indulg in a sexual experience with me within the three hour time frame.”  Irene ” Mr. Glen, Iam a married woman!” Mr Glen ” Yes, and I’m a married man. Your husband need never know.”  Irene ” My husband loves my long hair.”  Mr. Glen ” I’ve admired your long hair too the past five years and I want to possess it ( He reaches over and pets Irenes soft bun.).Now, the bottom line Mrs. Moore is if you don’t go along with my offer you are out $50,000 a year in 30 days. Your a married woman  so you’ve long since lost your virginity. Women get their long hair cut  all the time  for a variety of reasons. I’m sure you can find a good one  to tell your husband.”

Mrs. Moore was in a shocked state and turned to look at Mr. Glen. “Just when is this three hour meeting  of ours to take place.?” Mr. Glen ” This Friday night is Parent Teacher conferences and Im sure you have told your husband  that you will be comng home late that night. I’l have your teaching assistant cover  for you and you will be at my home in the school housing area no late than 4:15pm. I want you to shampoo your hair with that strawberry shampoo I’ve smelled before and were it up in a bun like you have it now. I also want you to use that wild cherry body wash on your body so you will smell good all over. Now, if you are not at my house by 4:30 pm then I’ll assume your choice is  unemployment and I’l make this list public both by email and by posting at 8am Monday morning. Personally I think your crazy to put morals and an attachment to long hair over a $50,000 contract.  I promise I won’t hurt you in any way. Now the time is 3:30pm and your husband will be expecting you home soon. You have four days to make a decision. You can leave now.”

That night Irene took her cloths off to take her nightly shower. She looked over her 165 lb body with her C-cup breast. She brushed out her long thick chocolate brown hair that reched her size 10 waist and butt. She tried to imagine Mr. Glen looking at that same naked body and touching her in sensual ways. It was not that Mr. Glen was an ugly man. The idea of being next to a naked man who wasn’t her husband after ten years scared her and yet it excited her in other ways. How would it feel to have him make love to her? How would he cut her long treasured tresses off and what would she look like with short hair? How would she look and feel on Friday nght when she came home.? Would lettng her boss have his way with her to save her job be a dastardly sin? She jumped nude in to the hot shower deep in thought and contemplation. It was a weighty decision she had to make in a few days.

Friday came and at 4pm Mr. Glen was at his house looking out to see if a certain red car pulled up in front. Time moved slowly but he smiled as at 4:12 pm a small red car pulled up and a 5’8″ young lady got out wearing a red blouse and a pair of casual jean pants.

Sammy watched Irene coming to the door. ” Hi Irene. I’m very glad you came.” Irene stepped inside the door and  Sammy called out to his wife  Rolanda ” Rolanda, come see if this is the teacher you wanted?”  Rolanda came out from a back room and came up to Irene and looked her over real close.” Yes, she is the one. Thank you Honey.”

Irene looked at Rolanda ” Hi Mrs. Glen”. Rolanda ” You can call me Rolanda the rest of the night. I think I need to talk to you over a cup of my strong Irish coffee.” Sammy looked at his wife ” I think I’ll leave you two alone now. Call me when you need me.”  Rolanda and Irene went and sat down at a kitchen table.  Rolanda was in her mid 50’s with short salt and pepper hair. She handed a cup of Irish coffee to Irene. ” Drink up as this should settle your nerves a bit. Let me explain the situation. It is me too that has admired and wants your long soft brown hair.  It is me that wants to experience your young body. It is me that wants to discover ;you for a couple of hours and cut your  long locks short.”  Irene looked at Rolanda in a surprised fashion. She drank the cup of coffee dry. ” That is a surprising bit of news and unexpected. However, I have accepted Mr. Glens offfer by being here so that must include you also. What do you want me to do first?”  Rolanda smiles at Irene ” First is your haircut and then the bedroom. Now, I have a room set up so follow me please.”

Rolanda went down the hall a short ways and opened the door to the room she had exited when Irene came to the door.  Irene entered and Rolanda closed the door behind her. Irene looked over and saw  tall bar stool with a back on it. She saw a table with haircutting  toools set on it. A coat rack was standing nearby and a couple of chairs. A light pole was near the bar stool setup.  Rolanda came over to Irene ” I just must see your body. Please remove your cloths and put them on the chair. You may keep your panties on as I’ve put a towel on the seat. Irene smiled at Rolanda. She removed her shoes, then her pants. Rolanda came over and helped her remove her red blouse. Irene undid her bra and sat it down.  Rolanda came over to Irene ” Oh, wow, Irene your more sexy than I imagined. You could really wear a size smaller to show off your assets. Now step over here so I can take a few photos of you. ” Rolanda applied some baby oil to Irene’s firm breast. Rolanda turned the spot light on the pole on and shown it on a naked Irene. She picked up her digital camera and took a few pictures of Irene from various angles. She spoke ” Now, don’t you worry. These photos are for my private album. Now turn your back to me so I can see you with your hair down.” Irene felt  Rolanda come up to her bun and pull the pinss loose which released the mass ofthick soft chocolate brown hair that shown in the light downward. Like a Chocolate waterfall her hair fell down her back till coming to a stop at her butt. Rolanda finger combed it out and then took a brush and began brushing it from the top downward. ” Oh, Irene your hair is so beautiful and soft. I can see why your husband likes it so much.” Rolanda again took photos of Irene in her panties  and her long brown hair covering her body. Rolanda motioned Irene to come sit on the bar stool. Then she produced a clear see thru cape and wrapped it tightly  around Irene’s neck. She lifted the long soft brown tresses up  and let them cascade donw the back of the barstool.  Irene listened and heard Rolanda summon Sammy. He took a long hard look at Irene naked sitting on the bar stool. ” Honey, I like your choice of capes”. Rolanda ” Yes, I didn’t want to cover up that sexy body. I th
ought you wouldl like to brush her hair before we cut it off.” Sammy ” Yes, that would please me very much.” Sammy began brushing Irenes long soft mane down to the big curls at the ends. He brushed the hair upward from the neck ” Notice how it is a shade darker underneath on the nape.” He pointed to the clippers on the table and motioned upward. Rolanda notticed him and nodded in a ‘yes’ manner. Sammy spoke ” Now how can I help you dear.?” Rolanda came over to Irene ” We want to  remove the bulk of this lovely thick hair  by dividing it into several tight ponytails.” Sammy” I’ll start with the back of the head to the neck area.”  Rolanda ” I’ll do the sides and forward top.” They went to work  with each grabbing wide tooth combs and seperating the hair. Rolanda ” Sammy I almost forgot to bring in the tall floor mirror from the bathroom. I think Irene might like to see being transformed. “  Sammy ” By all means I’ll go get it right now.” The two worrked quickly to make five sectons of tight to the head ponytails close to Irenes scalp.Rolanda came over to Irene ” Ok, young lady it is time to harvest your lovely tresses. Here is another cup of coffee before I start. I’ve checked and all tails are of equal length of between 35 to 37 inches. Ok, honey look in the mirror and say bye, bye to your long treasured locks.” She and Sammy each picked u;p a large pair of silver shears and the sniping and  removal of the five pigtails began. The sound of snip, snip, scnnip,schinnnip, was allthat Irene heard in both ears. Sammy held up a severed tail ” Oh, Honey her hair is so lucsious. It so silky and soft . I ju;st love the stawberry smell, Look how it bounces with the curls. ” He pushed the hair to his face. Rolanda cut her tail free and admired it. ” The best part is that her silky is now her silky long hair is ours to playwith any time we want to and not her husband.” Irene could only look in the mirror and watch two strangers play with her hair. Then she heard the clippers come to life as Sammy put a number 3 attachment and pushed them up the back of Irenes nape.A solid buzzing sound came from them as they went up and down the back of her head and near her ears. He removed  the guard and shaved Irenes neck smooth. Rolanda came over to Irene ” We have removed the bulk of your hair and now I will fashion it into a short crop with the top being near 2 inches long and the sides blended in and I’l give you a cute set of bangs. ” Irene felt her hair being combed out and scissors over fingers and combs to cut the shape of her her the way Rolanda wanted it. She looked in the mirror and could only wonder what kind of story to tell her husbnad in a few hours. Lookng down she saw a mass of cut brown hair pieces on he cape and floor and a girl in the mirror she didn’t recognize.  Finally Rolanda stopped and handed a hand mirror to Irene as she removed the cape. ” Ok, you can touch and feel your new look now.” Irene ” Holy crap , what am I going to tell my husband ” Irene ” I’ll help you with that during the next part of the your experience. Now stand up and I’ll take a few after photos.” The photo’s were taken and  Rolanda led Irene down the hall and opened the bedroom door. “ 

Now, it is time to have some fun with you.” spoke Rolanda as she sat on the bed. ” Now, Irene go close the door and remove your panties as I have some toys to share with you. ” Irene ” Rolanda, I’ve never done it with a womam before.”  Rolanda ” That is ok, your a teacher, Iam sure your a fast learner. ” Irene ” Is Sammy going to join us?” Rolanda ” Yes, he will later. He says he wants to have anal sex with you. You have had anal sex before haven’t you ?” Irene ” No, I’ve neverdone that either. ” Rolanda  ” OH, well, like I said  with you being a teacher you’ll learn fast Now come over here to  me. We are wasting time and  the clock is ticking  I’m sure we will have fun together now that all that long hair that would have gotten in the way is gone.” Irene looked out the door one final time and then looked at Rolanda who was almost completely nude. The door make a click sound as it closed behind her as she walked toward Rolanda and the second half of her nght of Discovery.

The End..Hope you enjoy..Mr. Snips.

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