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Bonnie was the manager of Sunset Apartments. Bonnie was in her late 50’s and her hair had turned to Grey. However, she still envied other ladies with beautiful hair.She looked out her window and saw her tenant Emily a young married woman with gorgeous near waist length blonde hair. She would try to meet up with Emily in the laundry room or the mail boxes where she would brush up Emily’s soft mane. Oh, what she would give to possess Emily’s golden tresses. Several months went by and no opportunities came and then one day her chance came and she took it.


She knew Emily was home so she called her to the office. Emily entered ” Hi Bonnie, What’s up?”

Bonnie ” Your rent check bounced! Now, I need payment in cash in 24 hours or I’ll evict you in 30 days!”

Emily ” I don’t  have the money or it wouldn’t have bounced.”

Bonnie ” I bet you blew it at the Casino. I’ve heard you and your husband have been arguing over your gambling debts, The neighbors hear you.”

Emily ” Maybe, I can go Pawn something to get the money.”

Bonnie ” No you don’t have much of value to pawn. Does your husband  know your check bounced?

Emily ” No, not yet.”

Bonnie ” Hnnn Maybe he doesn’t need to find out.”

Emily ” Now, how is that going to happen?”

Bonnie ” Your going to decide to make a personal change tomorrow afternoon. Your going to get your long blonde mane cut off by me!!”

Emily ” Are you Crazy?!!”

Bonnie ” Now listen young lady. You have the longest and prettiest hair in the complex. I bet you haven’t had short hair in years. Now here is my offer. We run a hair for sale ad on the internet but I’ll end up being the buyer. I’ll help you set it up. You will get the next two months free rent as your payment. You will drop off the checks but I’ll tear them up.”

Emily ” Now just how much of my hair am I selling?”

Bonnie ” Stand up and let me get my tape and we shall see.” Bonnie took the tape out of the drawer and came up next to Emily. She held the tape up next to her head. ” I’d say 32 inches would make a nice sale. That would put the cut right at the base of your ears.  I’ll give you a nice bowl cut with a shaved neck area. It will look fine with a little tapering.”

Emily ” My god ! That is a lot of my hair you want!”

Bonnie ” That is my offer. It is my way or the highway as they say. I’ve evicted tenants before. Now, it is now three pm. You have 24 hours to make your decision or come up with the rent money. Now, here is my cell phone and here is the buy and sell hair website address that you can research.. Emily, I want you to wash your hair really good tonight and put those big curls in it like you like to do. I want it to smell nice too. See you tomorrow. Goodbye.”


Emily got up and walked out of the office.Her long golden mane flowed behind her. She cursed Bonnies name. Bonnie just looked at Emly walking away with a broad smile ” I got you goldilocks.”

Bonnie knew she had to set things up in her kitchen. To make sure she would have everything she needed right there. Oh, she was going to have fun with Emily tomorrow. Emily got to her apartment  and tried desperately to find something of value equal to the rent that she could sell or pawn. She had no luck at all. Her husband Gary came come from work ” Hi Honey, how was your day?” Emily ” it was interesting and full of surprises.”  When dinner was over Emily looked at Gary ” Would you hate me if I cut my hair short?” Gary ” No, honey I’d still love you but you’ll never do it. You have long hair for ten years.” Later after Gary went to bed she went to the  buy and sell website that Bonnie had mentioned. It really did exist.She went to take a shower and pulled up her long soft blonde hair to ear level. A tear appeared in her eye as she took her cloths off and entered the shower stall. She put Pantene shampoo and conditioner on her hair.  Then rinsed it out once more with Avon Spring body wash lotion. She slowly combed out her long silky golden locks and went to bed giving a smile to her sleeping husband.She looked at the pictures on the wall all showing her with long flowing blonde tresses.


The next day came and she brushed out her hair and with a curling iron added big soft curls to the end. She wished her husband good luck at work. Come 11 am she could stand the tension no longer. She dialed the number. ” Hi this is Bonnie. How can I help you?” Emily ” Bonnie this is Emily When do you want to do my hair. I want to get it over ASAP. My hair is yours.”  Bonnie ” Come over to my apartment at 1:30pm.Wear your normal cloths with a simple t-shirt.”


It was 1:30pm when Emly dressed in a pair of levi pants and a blue t-shirt came to Bonnies door. Bonnie saw her and let her in she spoke to Emily ” Hi Emily, are you ready to get this over with and not worry about a place to live.  Let me check your hair.” Bonnie came over behind  Emily and lifting up her thick  golden hair gave it a good feel and smell. “You did a good job on your hair. Did you look at the website?” Emily “Yes, I did” Bonnie ” Ok, so we need a few before pictures of your hair for the ad. We can take a few outside by the trees  and in the living room.”  Bonnie took a brush and brushed out Emily’s long soft mane. She had Emily hold up a tape from ear level to the ends near her waist. Photos were snapped. The tape was wrapped around the hair in a ponytail to show the thickness which was five inches. Another picture was taken. Bonnie entered the ad on the site which stated something like long blonde virgin hair for sale ASAP to highest bidder by young college girl needing money. A few other facts about condition and frequency of washing was added. Bonnie hit the enter button. Bonnie ” That is the ad you can show your husband Gary later. You got an offer you liked and ran into me and I agreed to cut your hair off so you could ship it with the help of my friend Michelle.”

Emily ” Michelle??”

Just then the door bell rang. Bonnie ” Yes, Michelle who lives just down from you and is going to Beauty school.” Bonnie opened the door ” Hi Michelle, sorry for my short notice. but Emily just can’t wait to see herself with short hair.” Michelle looked at Emily ” Well, lets not let her wait any longer. Is everything ready in your kitchen?” Bonnie ” Yes it is and with you in your last week of beauty school this should be fun for you.” The three of them went into the kitchen where a tall chair was set and a white cape hung over it. Emily sat down and Michelle took the cape and placed it tightly around her slender neck. Michelle lifted the long soft mane up and over the cape and took a brush through the golden locks. Michelle spoke ” Emily, your hair is like spun gold. It is beautiful. I’ve seen you walk by my apartment many times I nearly fell over yesterday when Bonnie called me up and told me you wanted it cut into a nice high inverted bob with short shaved neckline. That you had no money to go see a beautician. Now, that is a big change for you but I bet your going to love your new look.Now, lets get rid of the bulk first so I can style your hair properly.”


Bonnie smiled and took pictures as she helped Michelle create two thick golden ponytails right at the base of Emily’s neck. Michelle spoke to Emily as she adjusted the bands ” Your hair is so thick that the quickest way to cut these tails off is with the Oyster super clippers I brought. Bonnie mentioned that you wanted the tails to measure at least 32 inches to save them so let me check the length which the best I can get is 30 inches so I hope that is enough.. Ok, it is time to let the Oysters do their work.

Emly jumped in the chair as she heard the oysters come to life with a click and a loud buzz they attacked the base of the first ponytail held tight by Bonnie.  Michelle slowly pushed the c
lipper through the thick soft golden mane. Above the buzzing sound she heard Michelle say ” Your hair is putting up a good fight.”  It took a few minutes but at last the ponytail was free. Michelle ” Ok Bonnie I’ll hold the tail while you cut off the second one.” The clippers came to life again and the fight of hair vs clippers was on but again the clippers won. It the course of ten minutes both of the long golden ponytails had been severed. Bonnie held them up in front of Emily ” Your head must feel ten pounds lighter without all this hair. Just think how much less shampoo you will be buying.” Michelle took out a set of small wahl clippers and using a comb as a guide began to form the bob line using clippers over comb making an angle upward to the point near the back top of Emily’s head. A clickity, clickity, sound was heard and blonde locks tumbled to the cape and to the floor below.Then a number 4 guard was placed on the clippers and up the nape of Emily’s head they went creating a nice soft texture.

The cape was loosened and the guard was removed as Michelle shaved Emily’s neckline smooth of any hair.Then after lightly wetting down Emily’s shorten locks Michelle took scissors over fingers and finished up the style.  Emily sat there motionless with her long hair gone. A bob that started right below her ears angled up to the middle back of her head. Her rear head area was a soft short velvet and her neck was smooth as her face. Michelle blow dried the hair and added a bit of hair spray. She stood back and looked at Emily. “Oh, Emily you look so different and yet divine.without your long hair. Your husband is going to love kissing her shaven neck tonight.” She handed Emily a mirror while Bonnie took a few after pictures and started sweeping up the lose blonde locks.  Emily reached up and felt her shorten hair ” My long hair is gone! My husband Gary is going to hate me tonight!”

She started to cry. Michelle ” Oh, now Gary is going to love your new look. He just has never seen you with short hair.” Bonnie ” Michelle is right. Gary will love your new look and so will you in a few days. Speaking of Gary it is 3:30pm and he will be home in an hour. You’d better get home and get ready for him. Remember our story.”


Emily rushed home and the dreaded moment came when Gary came through the door and saw her for the first time.  Gary ‘ Honey, you did get your hair cut short. Wow, What a change! Come here and turn around. I love the back and let me kiss your shaven neckline.” I know you  have a long story to tell me but go get changed and we will go have a nice dinner. We can show off your new hairdo.” Gary ran downstairs and knocked excitedly on Michelle’s door. It came open and there was Bonnie standing behind Michelle. Michelle looked at Gary ” Do you like it? Gary” I love it . I really like the back of her head. It looks just like the pictures I showed you. What do I owe you two? I thought I’d never see her with short hair as she never wanted to cut her hair more than a few inches.” Bonnie ” Here is the bag with the long ponytails we cut off and I’ll send the photo’s to your workplace when they come out. You owe us nothing as we enjoyed being in on the trick.” Gary ” Well you’ll both be getting flowers soon as I need to thank you in someway. She looks so sexy without her long hair.”

Gary took the ponytails and buried them deep inside his car trunk. He rushed back up to his apartment where his wife came out in a lovely red dress and her hair bouncing too and fro around her face.

Emily walked hand in hand with Gary to the car ” Are you sure you like it? You really like me with short hair? Gary ” I really do like you with short hair. It is just such a Surprise to see you without your long  hair  and  you didn’t give me any warning.” Emily ” To be honest honey it was a Surprise to me too that I got it cut this short. OOOH,,I can feel the air on my neck.”  The two went off for a lovely romantic dinner and shared great sex afterwards.  Is it time for your honey to give you a ‘Surprise’.

The End..

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