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Unbelievably, Cynthia’s parents left her undisturbed that evening, and she was left to explore her new nakedness.  She found that her shiny bald head was another erogenous zone, that sent shivers through her sex, each time she caressed its surface.  She fell asleep well satiated from her numerous orgasms. 


  The next morning came and it was raining, the dim light shone through her window with a gray tone, making her vibrantly painted room, look rather drab.  For a moment she forgot the events of the previous day and instinctively reached for her brush, as she had every morning of her life.  “Silly!” She exclaimed as she ran her hand over her head, and the renewed sense of sexual arousal, crept ever her again.  “I’ve got to get a handle on this, or I’m gonna wear the damn thing out.” She whispered under her breath. 


  It was Sunday, and she usually accompanied her parents to church, although she was fairly confident that they would be more than happy to let her stay home today.  At least she hoped they would.  For the first time she opened the door to her room, ready to face her family and the world, sporting her new hairless head.  She had decided that she was going to say it was her choice to have it shaved.  She had felt badly about her brother’s fate the day before, at her hands, and was making amends.  She thought that she would also say that she had donated her hair, which wouldn’t be too far off the mark.


  She took a deep breath as she rounded the bottom of the stairs and headed for the kitchen to face her parents and the mocking of her younger brothers.  As soon as she entered the room the giggles started from the boys.  Her mother and father just stared at her in what looked like a mixture of disappointment and disbelief.  “Quiet now!  Your sister has some explaining to do.”  Her father was stern enough that the boys zipped up immediately.  Cynthia sat down at the kitchen table, followed by her parents.  “Well…” her father was trying to hold his anger to a minimum.


  “Ahhh…You know what happened at the barbershop yesterday, and that both Chad and Jason got shaved because I had told the barber to go as short as possible.”  Cynthia bit her lower lip for a moment, preparing the lie. “Well….I felt really guilty over it and decided to donate all my hair.”  She looked at her parents faces to see if they were buying it. “So..I went back to the barber and asked him to shave my head and to donate the hair.”  There was a moment of silence and then at least a hint of a smile came from her mother.


  “Cynthia, you sure have a way of making things dramatic, and this is no exception.  But sweety, your beautiful hair?  Why did you have to shave it bald?”  Her mother ran her hand over her head and then quickly pulled it back, almost shocked at how smooth it was.


  “Really Cynthia, you look like a freak!”  Her father interjected.


  “Oh….thanks dad!  I do something I felt really strongly about, and now I’m a freak?”  Cynthia feigned being upset over it.  Her mother smacked her father in the arm, objecting to his statement.


  “Well… I guess I can get used to it.” Her father said in an apologetic tone.  “But couldn’t you have just cut it short.”


  “I wanted to make a statement, dad.”  Cynthia knew she had convinced them at this point.  She ran her hand over her baldness and stood up to make herself some coffee.


Almost simultaneously her brothers, knowing the discussion was over, asked if they could touch it too.  Cynthia bent over and let her giggling younger brothers run their fingers over her scalp.

“Feels like a bowling ball.” Jason said as he put both hands over Cynthia’s ears.  “Except for these.”  The fascination at an end, the boys retreated back to the table and continued eating their breakfast.


  Cynthia’s mother came over to her as she stood at the counter, sipping her coffee.  “I’m kind of proud of you for donating your hair hon, that took some guts.”  She smiled and turned to the table to start cleaning up.  “OK boys, get ready for church!”  Jason and Chad chased each other up the stairs as they always did. 


  “Mom, do you think…” Cynthia’s mother already knew what she was going to ask.


  “You can stay home if your like, it would be a lot of explaining and I don’t want you to have to do that today.”  Her mother again ran her hand over her head, not so quick to pull away.

“I guess we’ll get used to it, you’re always going to be pretty, even bald.” She stepped back and looked her daughter straight on.  “At least you’ll be able to hear better now, especially with these.”  Mother wiggled her ears between her fingers and gave her a peck on the cheek, heading back to her bedroom to change for church.


  Cynthia couldn’t believe that both her brothers and her mother had made a comment about her ears.  “My Dumbo ears.” She whispered under her breath as she raised her hands to them to feel their fleshy prominence.  She walked out the front door and took a seat on the porch swing outside, coffee in hand, and waited for someone she knew to walk by.  Something inside her was driving her to expose herself this way, but she wasn’t aware of it, it just felt exciting and good.  Nobody she knew well, passed by, but those that did stared at the bald girl on the porch swing, some making comments to each other as they did.  The rain finally let up and the sun peaked through the clouds as Cynthia retreated to her bedroom for a few more exhausting orgasms before her family came home from church. 


  Sunday passed without too much going on, but Cynthia knew that tomorrow was going to be a real test of her resolve, as she would be exposed to the entire school, bald.  After dinner she hopped in the shower and quickly ran the razor over her head, removing any trace of stubble that might have grown since the day before.  Underarms and legs were next and almost as an afterthought, she whisked away her sparse pubic hair, something she vowed she would never do to her friends that did shave.  The pulsating shower felt marvelous against her now totally hairless head and body.  


  Monday morning came, as she knew it would, and it was bright and sunny and warm.  Undaunted, Cynthia readied herself for school.  She thought about going ultra-feminine, with a dress and blouse, but then thought better of it.  Jeans and a tee were going to be a better defense against what was going to be an onslaught of comments and insults.  Not eating or drinking anything, she stepped out of the house and walked deliberately and quickly the half mile to her school. 


  The comments started before she had even reached the school though.  Students passing by her in their cars, whistled and yelled a slew of comments at her.  “Nice head!” “Hey baldy!”

and then she heard the comment she dreaded most.  “Nice haircut, Dumbo!”  Cynthia never looked up to see who was making the comments, but they both humiliated
her and excited her at the same time.  Her heart was racing a mile a minute as she walked up the steps, still crowded with other students.  Most just stared in silence, but a few made comments, more of the same comments she had heard from the cars.  She knew she must be turning every shade of red in the spectrum as she made her way to her locker.  News was traveling fast of her new look, and someone had already written “Baldy” on her locker in marker.  Cynthia was getting numb to the comments but something was happening that she never counted on.  Her sex was absolutely soaked and she was almost breathless with excitement.  Was this really happening?  She was being completely humiliated by almost every student that passed her, some were even bold enough to run their hands over her head as they passed.  Suddenly, she felt her ears being tugged from behind. 


“Nice close shave, Dumbo ears.”  Cynthia turned and was horrified to see it was Johnny Will, a boy she had had a crush on for the entire school year.  He ran his hand over her head as if he was tousling her hair.  “Real close shave.”  He laughed and turned to leave.  Cynthia felt very weak all of a sudden as if her knees were going to give out, and she realized that she was having a huge orgasm, right there, in front of her locker, in the hallway, at school, with students walking by her.  She sunk to her knees and tears began to roll down her face as she leaned back against her locker.  She had broken down before she had made it to homeroom. 


  “Cynthia, what on earth have you done to yourself?”  One of her favorite teachers, Mrs. Wheeler, leaned down to make sure she was all right.  “Oh, honey, looks like you’ve had a little accident here.”  Cynthia looked down and saw what Mrs. Wheeler was talking about.  The crotch of her jeans was dark and wet, but she knew it wasn’t pee.  “Let me take you to the nurse honey.”

Mrs. Wheeler helped Cynthia to her feet and escorted her to the nurses office where she was allowed to go home.   


  Cynthia finished out the last two days of school, with a little less ridicule as people got used to the bald Cynthia.  Some of her friends were not speaking to her, but most were, and some even joined her in her baldness, boys of course.  Emily spoke about doing it too, but never did.


  Cynthia kept her head shaved through the summer, enjoying its smoothness and the sexual feelings it brought to the surface in her.  By the end of the next winter, her hair had grown out to her shoulders again, and she was preparing for college.  Each time she walked by the barbershop in town, she still got that twinge between her legs though.  As she cleaned out her locker for the last time, having graduated from high school, she couldn’t get the images of that day out of her head.  “Baldy” had long since been scrubbed off her locker, so as a last act, she took out a marker from her pocket, and when nobody was looking, wrote it in the same spot, in big pink letters.


  All though the summer, she had to fight the urge to go down to Sammy’s barbershop and have it all shaved off again, especially when it got really hot in August.  She envied the boys in her gang that got their crewcuts freshened up every week or so.  Even her brothers were egging her on, “Don’t you want to shave your head again, Cyn?” Jason would say, sporting his ultra short buzz.


  Finally, August was ending and it was time to head off to college.  There were the usual tears as her parents dropped her off at her dorm.  All the uneasy and awkward introductions as she met her room mate for the first time made for an interesting day.  Allison was from San Francisco and seemed like a really nice girl.  They hit it off really well as school began to kick into high gear.  Allison was a very pretty girl, with long blonde hair and a strawberry complexion.  They would often help each other do different styles, and eventually became inseparable. They would always be together around campus and Cynthia was, for the first time seriously involved with a boy.  Allison too had a boyfriend, but he was back in California. 


  Things were getting pretty serious with Drew, Cynthia’s new beau, and Allison would often give them space in the dorm to be alone with each other.  It was about a month after they started dating that they had sex for the first time, it was the first time for them both and they were feeling a little awkward.  As Cynthia stripped out of her clothes, Drew immediately made a compliment on her shaved mound, the one thing she maintained from her hairless time.  He pulled her close and began kissing it softly, which sent shivers up and down her body.  Cynthia was equally pleased when Drew revealed his hairlessness as well.  They played for what seemed like hours, until Allison politely knocked on the door, saying it was 1am and she needed to sleep.


  Things progressed with Drew and they became quite close, but Cynthia was very careful to keep her friendship with Allison first, as they were now very good friends.  Allison would often pine over her missing boyfriend, and would make plans for him to visit them, but they always fell through. 


  One particular time, Allison seemed more upset than usual over the whole boyfriend issue, and Cynthia tried to console her.


  “I don’t know why I bothered trying, he never came.”  Allison wept on Cynthia’s shoulder as she told her that they had finally broken it off.  She told Allison that now she was free to do whatever she wanted.  That brought a smile to her face and she wiped her tears.

“You’re absolutely right Cyn, I’m free.”  They both went out and celebrated on campus with some friends. 


  The next day Cynthia was relaxing on her bed, reading a math text that she hated, when Allison came bounding through the door.  “Cynthia, there’s this thing going on in the Student Center!  All these people are shaving their heads for world peace, it’s like a protest or something!”  Allison seemed really excited about it, which caught Cynthia totally of guard.


  “But you love your hair Allison, you really want to shave it all off?”  Cynthia was genuinely concerned, from experience.


  “Yes!  Yes I do!  You said it last night, I’m free.  Free to do whatever I want, well I want to have my head shaved.”  Cynthia smiled, and caressed Allison’s waist length locks.


  “All your beautiful hair.” Cynthia could honestly feel what her mother had felt when she had shaved her head bald two summers before.  “OK, you better go do it then.”  She knew that her hair fetish was way too powerful for her to be anywhere near this event. 


  “Cynthia, you have to come.  I want you to be shaved too.  Then we can be bald together.”  Cynthia had never told Allison about her hairless summer, and this was not the time.

She knew what was going to happen if she went, she knew. 


  “I’ve really got to finish this math, Allison, you go ahead.”  Cynthia could alr
eady feel herself getting wet just thinking about it. 


  “Nope, you’re coming.  I don’t care if you get shaved, but you have to be there for me at least, this is huge for me.”  Allison was pleading with her to go and Cynthia being the true friend that she was, couldn’t refuse.


  “OK, OK I’ll go, but I’m not shaving my head, Drew would kill me.”  Cynthia was almost on auto pilot as she headed out of the dorm with Allison.  As they reached the Student Center, they were greeted by a lot of bald heads, both male and female alike.  Over the center of the courtyard was a banner that read. “SHAVE IT OFF FOR WORLD PEACE” and there in the middle of it all were three folding chairs filled with students getting their heads shaved.  Cynthia was in a little bit of a daze as she watched the hair being shorn.  Allison had dragged her right up to the front of the circle that had formed around the chairs.


  “Oh, Cyn, I’m gonna do it!  I’m gonna shave my head bald!!”  Allison was bubbling over with excitement, and Cynthia wondered if it was the same excitement she was feeling.

As one of the chairs was emptied, the man gestured for the next volunteer.  There was some uncertainty in a lot of the faces, but not Allison, she jumped into the chair, her beautiful blonde hair cascading all around her.  There was a huge cheer from the crown as they saw what a sacrifice was to made.  Allison closed her eyes and said “Do it! Shave it all off!” With that the young man placed the clippers at her forehead and ran them back over the top.  Allison’s hair floated gently to the floor, mixing with piles of hair that had been shorn from earlier students.

Strip after strip of her gorgeous mane fell, until it was all gone.  She reached up and ran her hands over her baldness and I was so envious of that feeling.  Allison was a little in shock as she came back to Cynthia.  “Oh my god, I’m bald!” 


  “Yes you are Allison, you’re really bald.”  Cynthia ran her hand over her friend’s head, and that was it.  The chair was still empty that Allison had jumped out of, and Cynthia’s feet took her there.  She knew she had no control at all.  She could hear Allison cheering her on as she sat down.  She checked her jeans to make sure that her wetness was concealed and for now it was.

As she looked up, standing behind Allison was Drew.  He looked shocked and maybe a little sad.

Cynthia thought about standing up, and chickening out, when she saw him smile and give her a little thumbs up over Allison’s shoulder.  Then she completely let go.  “Shave it” was all that came out.  That magic feeling as the clippers sliced through her hair was incredible.  Drew could see in her face what was happening to her and was smiling more and more as Cynthia’s bald head came into view.  She could see her hair piling up on top of Allison’s as her head was pushed forward to shave the back.  She could also see the small wet spot on her jeans and she quickly closed her legs together to hide it, but not before Drew and Allison saw her arousal.  All too soon it was over, and Cynthia stood up and ran her hands over her stubbled head.  As she joined her friends she had forgotten about her ears, but nothing was said.  Allison, suddenly growing a sense of what had just happened, quickly made her way out of the crowd and back to the dorm.


Drew gave Cynthia the most sensual kiss she had ever had, right there in front of everybody. “I think someone’s got a little hair fetish.” Drew whispered in her ear as they made their way out of the Student Center.  He wrapped his arm around her and squeezed her tightly to his side  “Shall we go finish the job?” 


The End


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