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Sue looked out of the salon window business had been slow today, as she looked out, across the street two young girls waited to cross the street………..

Sally and Kate were on holiday just a long weekend break. The alarm went off and Sally turned over in bed and watched her partner Kate slowly opening her eyes, she loved her so very much. Kate wore her hair short, very short. As she lay there Sally ran her fingers over it, she loved the way it felt so prickly, but at the same time soft to the touch. Sally’s own hair had been the same way forever Kate wanted her to cut it but she would not give in to her demands.

“Why don’t you get your hair trimmed Sal you know I love to see you sat in a barbers, under a cape, it really turns me on!” “Go on please, and we can have a great time tonight.” She gave her a hug “Ok no problem just for you anything”

“I wish,” Kate replied, gazing at Sally’s waist length curls and running her hands through the mass of curls.

Kate’s hair was not only very curly but also very thick, it looked and felt fantastic. Although Kate loved short hair she couldn’t bear the thought of having her own hair cut short even for the person she loved so very much. But today was different she had been secretly thinking seriously about going to get a proper haircut…..

They waited for the traffic to ease and then made a dash across the street towards the small barbershop. Kate had noticed the shop the day before and as soon as she had seen it she thought of Sally, she imagined her sat in the big red barber’s chair enveloped in a black velvety cape, sheer heaven …………..

Meanwhile two customers, a young girl accompanied by her mother, plunged in off of the street in through the door, the pair of them had very long dark hair they looked like twins their hair was immaculate and well looked after.

Sue smiled and turned from the window knowing exactly what was on the menu for these two….

Hi can I help Sue smiled pleasantly at the pair, the door opened again and Kat and Sally entered. Sue once again offered a smile and told them there would be a wait as she was on her own today.

“Right if you have a seat I’ll organise some coffee for you” she told Kate and her partner

Sue called her girlfriend Lyn and asked for coffee to be served “Right who’s first” quizzed Sue as she eyed up the beautiful lengths of dark hair that lay ready to be cut, in front of her. Sue visibly licked her lips in anticipation.. yummy…

“ Oh it’s just my daughter getting a haircut today” pushing her forwards towards Sue.

The mother immediately confided in Sue telling her she wanted to get her daughters hair cropped close to her head. Although her daughter wasn’t aware of this she wanted it to be sorted and now !

Sue smiled a knowing grin at the young girl’s mother, she would get them both sorted soon enough!

“Ok then mum you sit here if you like so you can have a ringside seat”

Sue patted the middle red barber’s chair, this was a ploy that always worked.

The mother got up and sat back into the large comfy chair.

“That’s it mum you make yourself nice and comfy, would u like a coffee while you watch?”

The mother nodded and eased back into the large red chair, feeling very comfortable she admired herself in the large mirror. Lyn brought the coffee and sat on the sofa to watch the crops, she did so enjoy seeing the girls getting their hair cropped nice and neatly. She sat enthrawed and smiled like a Cheshire cat. Kate and Sally sat eagerly awaiting events as well.

Sue helped the teenager into the other vacant chair and told her to sit right back into it, which she done immediately.

A crisp new cape soon engulfed her and a black rubber neck cape followed

“Right now mum wants all this tidied up so I’m going to take it nice and short ok?”

The girl nodded but she wasn’t happy

Sue whispered, “I’m going to cut your mums hair nice and short, shorter than yours what do you reckon would you like to see that.”

 “Oh wow but how “

“You leave that to me are you ready?” Sue held her scissors to the girls shoulder and made an incision, two feet of hair dropped to the floor and into her lap, the girl touched the ends of the newly cut hair and a tear slowly escaped from her eye and slid gently down by her nose, where she then wiped it away.

 “Don’t worry I promise not to shave you she smiled into the mirror at the girl

The girl looked back a little sheepishly as more hair rained down into the cape and down onto the floor.

Sue continuously danced around snipping here and there until the hair was layered through, the girl’s mother smiled but not at what was going on with her daughter but at her own reflection in the mirror as she sat in the large red barber chair.

Large chunks of lovely dark hair floated to the floor it was a sight to behold indeed. Kate Sally and Lyn sat quietly enjoying the floor show sipping coffee and remarking on the unfolding crop.

“Is this short enough for you” she said to mum and motioned to the teenagers head which was now nicely layered to around three inches all over, leaving one of those choppy modern cut that’s all the rage now.

Sue was running her fingers through what was left of the once waist length hair. The floor was covered in a carpet of beautiful dark slightly wavy dark chestnut hair.

Mum seemed to be happy enough with the result but just stayed sat in the large red barber chair, smiling at herself in the mirror and stroking her fingers through her own long dark hair.

“Actually I think I may get mine cut as well.”

Her daughter beamed she didn’t know how but Sue had done it. Double quick a cape was put round her while she lifted her hair out of the way, then a rubber neck cape was fitted.

“If you want to get your own back on your mum now would be a good time” Sue prodded the girl forward.

Sue combed through the mothers thick dark hair and started to consult with the newly cropped daughter, who was beginning to enjoy her new found power. Walking round in front of her mum she took her mums hand and let her feel her own freshly cropped hair.

“Do you like the feel of my nice short hair mum.”

“Oh yes darling it’s so nice you’ll feel so cool in this hot weather won’t you.”

“Mum you know you don’t like those short tight poodle perms, well I think it would suit you, shall we see if Sue thinks it would suit you and could give you one now.

“What do you think Sue do you think it would suit me?”

“As long as you let me cut it nice and short for you I don’t see why not, after all your not getting any younger and it would be nice for you to look more mature now your daughter all grown up”

TO BE Continued

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