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“Mothers cut”

Sue smiled at the mums reflection in the salon mirror. Mum just smiled at her own reflection, gently running both her hands down through her own dark waist length hair waiting for it to be cut nice and short. She hated perms but somehow today was different she needed it to be done and done as quick as possible. She was fingering herself between her heated legs, glad she had only wore the briefest of panties today. She smiled continuously at herself in the large mirror, her hands ever busy.

Anyone sitting in the red barber’s chair somehow fell under its spell and just wanted to be rid of their hair. The young girl’s mother hadn’t escaped its will. She now wanted all her hair to be cut off, sooner rather than later, as so many before her.

The daughter who was called Naomi stood at the side of her mother smiling, glad that her mother’s hair would soon be destroyed. Nay was upset about losing her own hair under her mother’s management now she would get her comeuppance and her mother’s once loved hair would soon be despatched to the waiting bin.

Sue however had designs of her own for the piles of hair soon to be cropped, she normally kept the hair for use later on in the bedroom with her lover Lyn.

“Right let sort this out for you shall we mum,” Sue smiled at the eager mother who by now would quite willingly cut he own hair off.

Sue passed the shears to Naomi and pushed her towards the back of the red barber’s chair

“Go on you cut some if you like!”

“mmee” came the stuttered reply.

“Why not, you won’t mind will you mum?” Sue smiled into the mirror at the anxious client.

Mum eagerly answered “No go ahead darling you’ll be doing mummy a favour I really want it cut short please hurry will you”

Naomi stepped forward and held the scissors at her mother’s nape. How she had longed for an opportunity like this, a dream come true.

Naomi made the first cut cutting the hair level to the bottom of her mother ear. She then rough cut the waist length hair all the way round at that level giving her mum a nice short bob, as instructed by Sue.

Now it was Sues turn she poised herself over the right hand shoulder of mum and started to cut section after section of hair. Nothing fancy as it was going to get a nice tight perm after all. Mums hand movements became more and more exaggerated as the cut continued.

Meanwhile Kate Sally and Lyn sat engrossed as more and more hair fell downwards towards the floor, some stopping for a brief moment on the cape. However it didn’t stay long as the hand movements beneath the cape didn’t allow this. The hair was now 3 inches, or a little shorter maybe, in length.

Time now for the perm, it would be nice and tight on the smallest rollers that Sue had. The trick was to section the hair and roll small amounts of hair so the end result would be a proffusion of beautiful curls. Lyn worked on one side Sue on the other many rollers were used to ensure the fullest amount of curl. They were rolled very tight to the head to keep the tidiest of curls when cut short. This was fun.

Naomi stood slightly in front but to the side of her mum and cradled the long lengths of her mother’s hair, she wasn’t going to give them up. Sue had lost the battle for these locks. While Lyn and Sue finished their work on mums head they smiled as she sat and stared at her transformation. Mum now made slow rythmatical movements in the chair as her final rods were wound. Sue leant over her shoulder and told her to enjoy herself . Mum smiled again and let out a low squeal of delight. Sue gave her tensed shoulders a massage and she sank back into the red leather chair.

Naomi was now sat alongside sally watching the final part of the transformation. She told the girls on the sofa about her long suffering tyrannical mother and all of the things she had put her through in the past.

The perm lotion, an extra strong version, had now been on for a full 45 mins, Sue took out one of the now dry hair and released it. It coiled like a spring, it was time. After all the necessary was completed, Mum was once again seated comfortably in the red chair. She slid her reaching fingers in between her hot lush legs. Sue washed her hair and the blow dried it using an afro comb as she did it. She wanted the hair to show every curl, she wanted a soft look not starched. The mother couldn’t care what Sue done to it as she was now on a massive orgasm trip that would just not end.

Sue took the clippers from the shelf and fitted the number 8 guard to them. She bent over and kissed the top of mums head and gently touched the soft curls, which were approx. three to four inches in length.

Sue took the clippers to mums forehead and drew the back slowly through the soft curls, they all came tumbling down gently into the mothers lap, where she grasped at them, collecting more and more as they floated down until her palms were full of beautiful soft curls, she erupted and nearly came out of the chair. Sue pulled her back down into the plush red leather seat whereupon she convulsed as she came again and again, watching herself in the mirror all the time. Sue changed the guard for a number 7 and then performed the same operation. Again and again the clippers ran over her head taking  everything over ¾ inches off.

Finally the back and sides were tapered up leaving them nice and neat.

A nice short back and sides with a lovely soft curly top. Naomi stood by her mother’s side once again she ran her fingers through the once waist lengths hair staring down at the huge piles of locks on the floor she smiled at her mum and said there I told you that a nice perm would suit you mum . The pair paid and left the salon hand in hand they looked happy.

Sally and Kate looked at each other as it was now their turn

To be continued

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