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I approached Kate in a bar in New York City one evening in May. She was 30 years old, 5’10 and pretty thin, with her brown hair worn in a bob down to the top of her neck. She worked for some financial company, and didn’t particularly like it; I was immediately drawn to her smile, more of a smirk really, that suggested she was up to no good. After buying her a few drinks and chatting for around an hour, I suggested we get out of there and she happily obliged. “Why don’t we go back to my place,” she suggested, and after a ten minute cab ride we were at her high-floor apartment in mid-town. 

We started making out as we walked through the door, but she stopped abruptly and said, “Look, I need to tell you something.” “I’m all ears,” I replied. “I need you to know something about me,” she said, “I like to be dominant – actually I need to be dominant – and I want to tell you that before we do anything that either one of us regrets.” I had never been with a girl like this, and certainly hadn’t expected to hear that from Kate, who aside from the fact that she was tall seemed pretty sweet. So I answered, “OK, I’m in,” not really knowing what I was in for, but excited for whatever it was.

“First thing’s first,” Kate said, as she led me to the bathroom, “take all your clothes off.” I stripped as she conspicuously stayed fully clothed. Noticing my neatly trimmed cock (I had shaved four or five days ago), she said “I like that, this will be easy.” She grabbed a can of shaving cream from the shower, sprayed out a small amount, and lathered up the whole region. She took her razor from the shower and began shaving me – first my balls, then my shaft, and then the area above it – until after about five minutes I was totally smooth. “Turn around,” she instructed, and proceeded to lather up my entire ass, before shaving it clean as well. She had made a bit of a mess on the floor of the bathroom and asked me to clean it up with some paper towels, which I did. After I threw the towels into the bathroom trash, Kate instructed me to throw the trash out. “OK, let me just put my clothes back on,” I said. Kate quickly replied, “No – take this garbage to the trash chute at the other end of the hallway right now.” I froze. “Do it,” she said, and I cautiously obliged, walking down the long hallway completely naked hoping not to run into anyone. Fortunately nobody was out, and I returned to Kate’s apartment door, which she had apparently locked. I knocked. No answer. I knocked again. No answer. After four or five minutes, a couple in their mid-30’s got out of the elevator and walked past me, completely naked, on the way to their apartment, both laughing as if they’d seen this before. Finally, after a few more minutes Kate let me back in.

“Back to the bathroom,” she commanded, “We need to do something about the rest of your hair.” I replied, “actually I just got a haircut yesterday,” which was true, and it was already shorter than I liked it thanks to the clipper-happy stylist who’d used the #2 guard on the sides and the #4 on top. Kate answered, “I think it needs to be shorter so that’s what we’re going to do. I’m pretty good at giving haircuts, you know, I used to have a boyfriend whose hair I cut every week. When we broke up I kept these clippers and I haven’t had a chance to use them in a long time – let’s see if I still know what to do.” And with that she attached the #1 guard and started buzzing the hair on my nape to 1/8 inch. Next the sides were buzzed off, and finally the top. “That’s much better, but I think it needs to be shorter, ” Kate said, and before I could react she removed the guard and ran the clippers right down the middle of my head. A couple minutes later the hair on my head was stubble. Kate smiled, obviously pleased with her work, but that same mischievous smirk she had worn at the bar returned as she grabbed the can of shaving cream she had used on my cock earlier and applied a generous amount to my head. “This is going to look so great on you,” she said, as she began razoring my head bit by bit, first the sides, then the back, and finally the top. She wiped off the remaining shaving cream and felt my scalp with her hands, then licked it with her tongue. “Not quite smooth enough,” Kate said, before applying another layer of shaving cream and re-shaving my head with the razor. Finally the haircut was to her liking, and she massaged in some moisturizer, which I must say felt amazing even though at this point I wished I had never come back to Kate’s apartment. 

Still completely naked with Kate completely clothed, I looked at my reflection in the mirror, and my bald head, contrary to Kate’s opinion, looked pretty terrible. Kate finally began to take her clothes off, which I hoped would be the start of some enjoyment on my end. She took off her bra to reveal medium-sized, shapely breasts, and when she took off her panties my jaw nearly dropped – her pussy was the most incredible I’d ever seen – fully shaved except for a super-thin strip that looked like she had buzzed it with no guard using her clippers. All I wanted to do was come in her, but that was not to be. “Lie down on the couch,” she instructed. I lay down on my back, and before I knew it she was sitting on my face, practically suffocating me with her pussy and ass. After 30 seconds she got up, let me take a big breath of air, and returned to sitting on my face. This went on for 15 or 20 minutes, as she watched the Yankees game on TV. To be honest, I was definitely turned on by having her pussy in my face, but I also had to struggle to breathe the whole time, and this was not what I had bargained for. Finally she got up – for good this time – but told me not to move. 

She went to her bedroom and returned with a strap-on. “Bend over,” she said. “Look Kate, I’m not really into that,” I replied, hoping instead she might bend over herself. “Bend the fuck over,” she yelled, and grabbed my arms and placed them on the couch. Once again I froze – part of me thought I should get dressed and leave, but part of me felt that I was supposed to just do what Kate said. She pegged me for what seemed like an eternity but might have only been a few minutes, until she apparently got bored. 

“Into the bathroom, now” Kate commanded, and I listened, hoping this evening would end soon. She took a little bit of shaving cream and applied some to each of my eyebrows. “I almost forgot about these,” she said, as she razored off the hair on each. “Now you look hot – you know if you had looked this hot when we had gotten home I wouldn’t have had to do all those things to you. Oh well, it’s getting late now and I need to be up early tomorrow.” And with that she took my clothing, threw it all in the trash, except for the shoes which she put on my feet. She grabbed me by the arm, pulled me to the door, forced me out of the apartment, and into the night – naked, bald, and still in a daze from what had happened.

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