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Part II – Nella’s Story

As soon as we entered the house, Kirsten politely offered me a glass of Long Island iced tea and then disappeared into the master bathroom to draw our bath water before returning into the main living room with two rather large drinks in her hand. It was so strange, seeing this young, innocent looking girl standing in front of me completely naked, with mixed drinks in her hand. Next, she gave me a quick tour of the house prior to us both returning to the master bath, now filled with warm, soapy water.

Kirsten stepped into the large sunken tub first and then offered her hand to me as I carefully stepped down into the warm water with my drink still in my other hand.

The bath water felt simply exquisite as we both settled back and slowly finished our drinks. Not being able to control my sexual urges any longer, I leaned forward and gently kissed Kirsten on her moist, parted lips. Then I slowly licked and kissed my way down her delicate neck until I reached my final destination … her small, firm breasts. It didn’t take long for her nipples to respond to my tongue and fingertips. Kirsten just softly moaned as she set her empty glass on the edge of the tub and placed both her hands around the back of my head as I continued to lick and suck her hard nipples. “Oh my,” she quietly whispered, “you have a very talented tongue. I could get used to this.”

So could I, I thought as I continued to gently lick and suck on Kirsten’s hard nipples. Part of me could not believe that all this was actually happening. But another part of me was on serious sensory overload and enjoying every second of this unexpected sexual adventure. Next, I paused briefly so that I could reposition Kirsten into a sitting position up on the edge of the tub. Then I quickly dropped back down to my knees and lowered my head directly in front of her tan, bald pussy. I gently pushed her slender legs further apart to I could have total access to her smooth sex. Her tan protruding labia were truly exquisite … and waiting.

“I am going to give you a preview of what’s about to happen,” I whispered to her.

“First, I’m going to lick and suck your beautiful pussy lips until you’re almost ready to cum. Then I’m going to lick my way up to your sensitive, little clit and suck it until you’re about to cum again in my mouth. But this time … I want to watch when you squirt. I’m going to lay back and I want you to cum all over my face and breasts.” Kirsten just smiled, leaned back and watched as I slowly lowered my mouth to her smooth pussy and gently began to lick and suck her protruding labia. She went absolutely crazy each time I sucked her labia completely into my mouth and then slowly probed in-between her lips with my soft tongue.

A few moments later, my female intuition prompted me to slowly switch my attention from her beautiful labia to her sensitive clit above. Again, I started my caresses very slowly and softly. Then, as I felt her breathing getting faster and her stomach muscles begin to involuntarily contract, I quickened my effort. A few seconds later as I was still furiously sucking on her clit, Kirsten murmured in-between heavy breaths, “I’m ready to cum. I’m going to cum now!”  I quickly dropped back on my hands and feet in front of her while she simultaneously stood up directly between my legs. And then she came again for the second time today. I lay back in awe as she began to squirt her warm sticky cum all over my face, breasts and over my pubic mound. My dark brown pussy hair got totally drenched by the frequent squirts of cum from in-between Kirsten’s smooth pussy lips. A moment later Kirsten collapsed back down in the tub … exhausted. Meanwhile, I rubbed her sticky cum all over my breasts, stomach and pussy while occasionally sticking my wet fingers in my mouth to once again taste her pussy’s aroma.

As soon as she caught her breath, Kirsten leaned forward and softly said, “Here, let me help,” as she lowered her mouth to my breasts and began to lick her own cum off my breasts.

Wow, this girl is definitely not inhibited; I thought to myself as I lay back and enjoyed an exquisite tongue bath from Kirsten. 

As soon as Kirsten finished licking my breasts and stomach clean, she stood up to reposition me on the edge of the tub and pushed my legs wide apart. Then she knelt back down in-between my legs with a can of shaving cream in her hand. “I’m sorry I squirted my cum all over your cute little pussy,” she whispered. “Not to worry,” she continued, “I’ll have it all cleaned up in no time at all.” Next, she began to squirt shaving foam all over my pubic mound and then lower, on each side of my pussy lips. Then she slowly and sensuously took a moment to massage the shaving cream into my neatly trimmed pussy hair before picking up her razor. She then placed the razor near the top of my pubic mound and seductively glanced up into my eyes before starting the shaving process. By now, the combination of all the excitement in the bath and the effect of the strong Long Island iced tea had left me in quite a heightened state of sexual arousal and general euphoria. In other words, I was ready for anything that Kirsten wanted to do. So … I just leaned back a little further, closed my eyes and spread my legs even wider apart to give her easier access to my wet pussy. The next thing I felt was her razor being slowly and sensuously pulled down over the top of my pubic mound.

Oh my God, I thought, I’m actually going to get my pussy shaved … and by another woman! I’m going to be totally bald in-between my legs for the first time since before puberty. I’m going to look like a little girl! I opened my eyes just in time to see Kirsten reposition the razor again at the top of my pubic mound and begin another path through my short pussy hair, exposing more soft, smooth skin. Soon the dark triangle of pubic hair above my pussy lips had all disappeared and Kirsten was busy carefully shaving the short brown hair on each side of my pussy lips. A few moments later, my pussy was as hairless and smooth as Kirsten’s. Just when I thought she was finished, she helped me stand up and bend over the edge of the tub. Then, she pushed my legs as far apart as they could go. Expecting her to explore my ass again with either her fingers, or tongue, I was surprised to hear the shaving foam being squirted again … this time down the crack of my ass! Apparently, Kirsten had plans to do a very thorough job and remove every last hair from in-between my legs. I held perfectly still as I felt the razor’s short, delicate strokes up and down the crack of my ass and around my sensitive asshole. Soon she was finished, and I was completely smooth and bald. Again we kissed passionately while pressing and sliding our soapy bodies against each other. Every second brought new sensations of sexual pleasure to my curious body. Noticing that Kirsten’s penciled on eyebrows had all but disappeared while playing in the tub, I reached up and felt the smooth, hairless skin above her eyes.

“I have my eyebrows waxed once a month, so that I can pencil in a thin line of matching color whenever I wear a wig to change up my usual look,” she explained. “It adds a whole new dimension to color coordinating. I guess I have some sort of hair fetish. You know … you would great in one of my new auburn wigs. All we have to do is shave these off and pencil in new ones. If you don’t like it, they’ll grow back in few weeks anyway. Hold still, Nella. This is going to look so cool.”

A moment later, I felt Kirsten dabbing a small amount of shaving cream on each eyebrow. After a few careful passes with her razor, my eyebrows wer
e gone. Kirsten got out of the tub momentarily to get something out of one of her make-up bags and hopped back into the tub. Then, she very carefully began to pencil in very thin dark brown eyebrows over each eye to perfectly match my natural hair color.

When we eventually got out of the oversized bath, I took a moment to inspect my newly shaved pussy and penciled-in eyebrows in the full length mirror on the door. My eyebrows looked fantastic! The color she chose for them matched my hair perfectly. And, the new thin look, with a graceful new arch, looked really sexy. As for my bald pussy … I loved my new hairless look. And, it felt so smooth and erotic. I was actually getting sexually excited again just exploring my smooth pussy and ass with my own hands in front of the bathroom mirror. At that moment, I couldn’t imagine ever having pubic hair again. It was just so sexy! While I waited for Kirsten to return to the bathroom, I continued to slowly explore my bald pussy and fantasize about showing it off at the quarry, and having it licked and fucked.

“You look absolutely stunning, Nella,” Kirsten commented as she reentered the bathroom with two more drinks in her hands. “You are so beautiful, and sexy!”

“Thank you,” I quickly responded, “I absolutely love my new look. My pussy feels so sensitive, and sexy! And the penciled-in eyebrows look really hot. Who knew?”

“As long as you’re posing, how about a few pictures?” Kirsten suggested as she lifted a small digital camera up to her eye.

“Why not,” I quickly responded. After all, I had just gotten my pussy, ass and eyebrows shaved totally smooth by this beautiful young girl … why not let her take a few nude photos as well, and explore my exhibitionist side in the process!

I took another long sip of my drink as Kirsten began clicking away with her camera. For the next few minutes I simply followed Kirsten’s provocative posing requests as she continued to take full length pictures of my naked body and bald pussy. The more the camera continued to click, the more sexually excited I became. Soon, I felt my nipples getting hard and my freshly shaved pussy getting wet. At that point, I simply forgot all about the camera, and started to gently caress and pinch my sensitive nipples while I continued to pose. Then I simply lost all self control and began to stimulate my smooth pussy with my other hand. I could feel my heart beat faster and faster as I began to massage my slippery, exposed clit. A few moments later I climaxed again as my body convulsed with spasms of sexual pleasure. After Kirsten recorded the last of countless naked images of me through the camera lens, she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a gentle kiss as our bodies pressed together. We held our embrace for quite a while as my heart rate slowly retuned to normal and my sighs of pleasure became less audible.

“Kirsten,” I said impulsively, “show me your wigs.”

“Sure Nella,” she quickly responded, “they’re in my bedroom.”

With our drinks in hand, I quickly grabbed the camera and followed Kirsten into her bedroom. Once in her bedroom, Kirsten opened up a closet door to reveal an entire wall practically covered with wigs of almost every imaginable style and color.

“What do you think?” she asked.

“I think you were serious about having a hair fetish,” I responded. “Try a few on for me … please?”

I sat down on the edge of her bed, while she picked out a few of her favorite wigs and quickly set them on the top of a nearby dresser. I raised Kirsten’s camera to my eye in anticipation of what was about to happen next. One by one she carefully placed them over her own short, blond hair and enthusiastically modeled them for me. Each one had an entirely different, unique look … creating an entirely new persona for Kirsten. I was beginning to truly appreciate her passionate interest in wigs. When she was finished modeling for me, I set the camera down, walked over to her and slowly ran my fingers through her own short, blond hair. I slowly walked around behind her, while still seductively stroking her soft hair. Then I paused momentarily to lean closer and gently breathe on her neck. As I continued to softly caress and kiss her bare neck, I gently pressed my naked body against hers and reached around her body with my curious hands to lightly stimulate her stiff nipples. I felt her breathing quicken and heard her soft sighs of appreciation as I continued to pleasure her.

“Kirsten,” I softly whispered in her ear, “Have you ever shaved your head completely bald?”

“What a curious question to ask,” she responded as she leaned her head back to offer her lips to mine.

“Perhaps,” I softly answered back, “Nevertheless, one that should be rather easy to answer.”

“Then my answer is … maybe,” Kirsten responded.

“Kirsten,” I whispered, “Do you have a pair of electric hair clippers?”

After a brief hesitation, Kirsten answered with a barely audible “Yes.”

“Why don’t you go get them now,” I suggested … surprising myself with my boldness.

Without saying another word, Kirsten walked out of the bedroom and back into the bathroom. I heard a cabinet door open and then close before seeing Kirsten walk back through the doorway with something in her right hand. As she slowly walked up to me, she hesitantly held out her right hand and handed a pair of cordless electric clippers to me. I reached out and took the clippers with one hand and grabbed her hand with the other and led her out of the bedroom and out the French doors onto the large wooden deck off her bedroom. The late afternoon sun was still warm on my naked body as I quickly repositioned one of the deck chairs to the middle of the deck. Then, I quickly switched on the clippers and immediately handed them back to an extremely surprised Kirsten. Impulsively, I sat down in the chair and quickly lifted my soft brown hair off my shoulders, thus baring my neck to Kirsten and the electric clippers in her small hand. I was totally and deliciously out of control. The only thing that mattered at that exact moment was simply exploring our mutual sexual fantasies and hair fetishes without hesitation, or inhibition.

I heard the buzzing of the clippers get nearer to my head as my breathing quickened. Then I felt the coolness of the metal blades against the base of my neck. Then before I could come to my senses and change my mind, Kirsten slowly began to push the buzzing clippers up the nape of my neck and under my lifted hair. Soon I felt long strands of hair cascading down my naked back and drifting softly and silently to the floor of the deck. Kirsten was obviously quite experienced with the clippers and in just a few minutes she expertly reduced my dark brown shoulder length hair to a 1/8″ stubble. For all practical purposes I was bald. My head felt so unusually light … and extremely sensitive. The cool breeze outside felt simply incredible as it gently caressed the newly exposed skin on my head. I loved it!

Although she was now finished with the clippers, Kirsten did not turn them off as she quickly stepped around in front of me. I could tell from the expression on her face that she liked my bald head as much as me. Impulsively, I stood up and took the clippers out of her hand. Without either of us saying a word, Kirsten sat down in the chair and slowly ran her fingers through her short, blonde hair as I repositioned myself dire
ctly behind her. Then, just as she had done to me moments ago, I placed the steel blades on her delicate neck. Although I was not as experienced with the hair clippers as Kirsten, her hair was considerably shorter than mine and that made it much easier to navigate through. Very slowly, and carefully, I started to push the buzzing clippers through her short, blond hair. For some strange reason … I found myself actually getting turned on by the whole process of removing each other’s hair. I’m not sure which part I enjoyed the most … having my hair sheared off by a beautiful, naked girl, or the feeling and vibration of the clippers in my own hand as I very slowly pushed them through Kirsten’s blonde hair. As the clippers continued up and over the top of her head, I heard a few sighs of intense pleasure from Kirsten. I could definitely relate to the erotic sensation she was experiencing of having someone slowly and sensuously shave your head bald. A few moments later, we were both bald. As soon as I switched off the clippers, Kirsten grabbed my hand and pulled me back into the house and into the bathroom. Soon we were taking turns applying shaving cream to each other’s heads and then removing the last traces of our hair with her razor. Finally, we were both totally and completely bald! As soon as we were finished cleaning up, Kirsten grabbed my hand again, and pulled me back into the bedroom.

“Time to try on a few wigs,” Kirsten said as she reached inside her closet …

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