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Jamie’s Story (con’t)

While Connor and I sat down and watched in total amazement, both Nella and Kirsten reached up and slowly removed their totally natural looking wigs, revealing completely smooth, bald heads. Once I got over the initial shock, and viewed them both from head to toe, I thought the overall effect of their bald heads actually highlighted every subtle feature on their beautiful faces. And, oddly enough, every sensuous curve of their naked bodies somehow seemed magnified. Without any hair … there were simply no distractions, nothing to interfere with the pure beauty and sexual attraction of their erotic, naked bodies!

After a requested brief modeling session, the girls walked over to join Connor and me. Kirsten and Connor immediately embraced and then picked up where they left off in the bath, while Nella slowly walked over to me and gently kissed me on the lips for the second time that evening. Although I had never been intimate with another girl before, my body was simply in a state of sexual overdrive at the moment and ready to explore any, and all, sexual opportunities. First, I slowly reached up and lightly glided my hands over her smooth, hairless head. Her totally bald head felt absolutely exquisite! Then, I returned Nella’s kiss on her lips, and slowly began to kiss my way down to her beautiful breasts. The sensation of licking and sucking on another girl’s breasts and nipples was truly amazing, and experiencing it in front of an audience made it even more exciting! As Nella’s breathing slowly became more erratic and she began to sigh out loud, I quickly spun her around, placed her hands high up on the window and spread her slender long legs far apart. While she stared out the window at the sparkling city lights, I turned around and sat down on the floor while facing Connor and Kirsten. Next, I positioned my head in-between her legs and began to explore her smooth pussy lips with my curious tongue. The feeling of parting her wet lips with my soft, probing tongue was simply extraordinary. And the fact that she was an extremely responsive, and vocal, sexual partner just further heightened the overall thrill of the moment all that much more.

As I continued to pleasure Nella by gently licking and sucking on her swollen pussy lips, I suddenly felt Connor’s tongue in-between my legs. Simultaneously, I felt Kirsten begin to stimulate one of my hard nipples with her lips and tongue, while teasing the other nipple with her delicate fingers. Oh my God! I simply had no idea that my body could experience so much sexual pleasure at the same time. What an incredible turn on … sucking one girl’s pussy, while having another girl suck on my breasts and a totally shaved, gorgeous guy licking my freshly shaved, bald pussy! As my body quickly responded to all the sexual attention, Nella’s breathing got faster and faster as she neared orgasm. As her pubic muscles began to erratically convulse in response to my licking and sucking, I stiffened my tongue and began to fuck her wet pussy with it. A moment later, amid her loud cries of pleasure, she came as I continued to slowly lick her wet pussy and taste another woman’s cum for the first time in my life.

As Nella slowly fell to floor out of shear exhaustion, Connor quickly re-positioned himself in-between her spread legs and began to slowly lick her soft, wet pussy. While I was intently watching Connor and Nella, Kirsten gently pushed me all the way down to the floor and then slid her naked body over mine until her bald head was in-between my legs and her smooth pussy was positioned directly above my head. It was then that I noticed, for the first time that night, the incredible beauty of her sexy, enlarged inner labia. As Kirsten’s tongue took the place of Connor’s in-between my pussy lips, I reached up and pulled her sexy pussy closer to my anxious lips and tongue. As I began to explore Kirsten’s pussy with my lips, I felt her talented tongue slowly start to slide up and down the length of my wet pussy. As much as being in a 69 position with another girl was a new experience for me, licking and sucking on Kirsten’s beautiful protruding labia was an absolutely amazing sexual sensation. Every time I even got close to her labia, Kirsten would involuntarily respond with a loud sigh of pleasure. Even my faint breath against her smooth, wet lips would prompt her body to shudder with delight and further anticipation.

Meanwhile, I noticed that Connor had changed position and lowered his smooth body and hard erection down on top of Nella lying next to me. At this point, instead of simply fucking Nella, Connor decided to continue teasing her receptive body with his delicious hard, smooth cock. While Nella instinctively pushed her full breasts together, Connor began to slide his erection in-between them as his smooth balls slid effortlessly over her bare chest. Occasionally, he would pull his cock out from in-between her breasts and place it on her lips, so she could briefly suck just the tip. Once it was sufficiently wet, he would slowly and sensuously rub it over Nella’s hard nipples as she uncontrollably sighed out loud. It was so hot watching Connor and Nella having sex right next to Kirsten and me, while we continued to lick and suck each other’s smooth pussy closer and closer to orgasm!

As my heart beat quickened and my sighs grew louder, Kirsten focused her attention my exposed, sensitive clit. Her lips and tongue were simply relentless! I came with more passion and intensity than ever before, with anyone! A few moments later, I felt Kirsten nearing orgasm as she screamed out loud and her pubic muscles contracted. Then, she began to squirt her warm cum all over my breasts and face while Nella and Connor watched. Wow, what an unexpected, erotic experience! After her spasms and squirting subsided, I found myself literally drenched in her delicious cum. As Kirsten slowly lifted her petite body off mine, I continued to massage her juices over my breasts and face. Then, before I could even catch my breath, Connor quickly lowered his smooth, sexy body over mine and began to slide his hard cock in-between my swollen pussy lips.

Expecting him to immediately enter my pussy, I was really surprised when I felt his erection simply sliding back and forth the length of my pussy while skillfully teasing my clit with each slow upstroke. Wow, who knew that foreplay with a guy could be so creative, let alone exciting! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Nella and Kirsten knelt down on each side of me and began to lick and kiss my wet breasts and face. With two bald girls sucking my nipples and Connor teasing my clit with the tip of his cock, it didn’t take long before I was screaming out loud in ecstasy and experiencing another wonderful orgasm.

A moment later, someone rolled me over onto my stomach as Connor and Kirsten changed places. As Connor placed his semi-erect cock in front of my mouth, Nella positioned herself directly under me, with her head in-between my legs and her pussy below my face. As I quickly took Connor’s cock into my mouth, Nella began to explore my bald pussy with soft, lips and tongue. Meanwhile, much to my surprise, Kirsten pushed my legs further apart and began to slowly lick my exposed ass! Then, everything just became a blur of sexual activity. Connor began to literally fuck my mouth with his beautiful, hard erection as Nella licked and sucked my pussy and Kirsten began to fuck my ass with her tongue! I felt like I was in a scene from an x-rated movie, and loving every second of it! Connor continued to slowly stroke his cock in and out of my receptive mouth while Nella focused her attention on my sensitive clit. Over the next few moments, as my sighs of pleasure grew louder, they all started to intensify their efforts. Connor held on tightly to the back of my
head as he pumped his erection faster and faster in and out of my wet lips. Meanwhile, Nella had sucked my exposed clit in-between her soft lips and started to tease it with just the very tip of her tongue. And, while all this was happening, Kirsten was still fucking my ass with her stiff, enthusiastic tongue! Then, while the girls continued to pleasure my pussy and ass, Connor finally began to spurt his warm cum into my mouth. At first I responded by simply sucking his cock harder in-between my lips and quickly swallowing the next wave of cum as it forcefully squirted out of the tip of his cock. Then I let his wet, smooth cock slip completely out of my mouth and held it directly in front of my face while it continued to squirt more white, sticky cum all over my face and hair. Once his squirting finally subsided, my face was deliciously covered with his warm cum.

The next thing I knew, Kirsten had once again changed places with Connor, and began to slowly lick his cum off my face while my freshly shaved, bald pussy involuntarily convulsed from another spectacular orgasm. While Kirsten finished licking my face clean, Connor knelt down directly behind me and lowered his still semi-erect cock into Nella’s waiting mouth. While she began to suck Connor’s cock, Kirsten laid down I front of me and spread her legs wide open, positioning her beautiful, protruding labia directly in front of my face. I quickly responded to her invitation by leaning forward enough to insert my curious tongue in-between her sexy pussy lips. I could feel her body shudder with pleasure as I slowly began to explore her moist, sensitive pussy. Just as I began to slowly and sensuously suck on her sexy labia with my lips, I felt the tip of Connor’s hard cock being guided by Nella’s hands in-between my swollen pussy lips. Then Nella quickly pulled his cock back out and pushed it up a few inches to my still wet ass. Next, I felt Nella help guide the tip of Connor’s slippery cock inside my sensitive, receptive ass. Just as I was getting used to the sensation of Connor’s hard cock entering my ass, Nella pulled it back out again and placed it briefly back into my pussy. A few seconds later, she pulled it out of my pussy again and guided it back into my ass. This time Connor gently pushed it inside just a little further before Nella pulled it back out and placed it in-between my pussy lips. Each time the process was repeated, his cock entered a little further and stayed in a little longer. At some point, Nella stopped helping to guide Connor’s cock back and forth between my pussy and ass, and focused her all her attention on licking and sucking my clit while Connor continued to alternate fucking my pussy and ass. Meanwhile, I continued to bring Kirsten closer to another explosive orgasm as I began to slowly fuck her delicious pussy with my stiff tongue. A few moments later, Kirsten squirted again all over my face and hair as I kept my eyes closed, and my mouth wide open. At times, she squirted so forcefully that it actually streamed over my soaked hair and splashed over my back and spread ass. Just as Kirsten’s squirting subsided, and while I was quickly approaching another orgasm, I felt Nella slide her body out from under mine and Connor temporarily stop pumping my pussy and ass with his hard cock.

Then, Nella and Kirsten quickly rolled me over onto my back again, and held my legs wide open while Connor lowered himself back down over me and re-entered my wet pussy. While the girls continued to hold spread legs up in the air, Connor began to fuck my swollen pussy as I rolled and pinched my slippery nipples between my fingers. Each time I started to breathe quicker and moan out loud, Connor would slow down his pace to postpone my climax as well as his own. This went on for quite awhile, until Connor finally couldn’t control his desire to cum any longer. Then, just as my body began to shudder with pleasure again, Connor quickly pulled his cock out of my sore pussy and squirted his cum all over my shaved pubic mound, stomach and breasts. Once he was finished squirting, Nella and Kirsten dropped my legs back down to the floor, and began to massage his warm, sticky cum all over my exhausted body. At that point, thoroughly exhausted from the all of the wild sex and mixed drinks, I thought I was about to pass out.

I barely heard Kirsten say something to Nella and Connor before she briefly disappeared back into the bathroom. While she was gone, Connor and Nella began to slowly lick and suck my cum drenched breasts again as I just lay back, closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensuous nipple stimulation. A few moments later I heard Kirsten’s soft voice again and then felt Connor and Nella hold down my spread legs and arms. I offered no resistance. Then Kirsten knelt over my naked body and whispered for me to keep my eyes closed. At first, I heard a faint buzzing getting closer, and then I felt something lightly brush over my right eyebrow, then my left. Next, I felt something moist and cool and being massaged above each eye. Oh my God, I thought to myself, this innocent looking, freckled face bald girl is shaving off my eyebrows! Then, while I kept my eyes closed, I felt Kirsten slowly and carefully scrape away the last remnants of my black eyebrows.

The nest thing I remember, I was laying on top of Kirsten with my head in-between her slender legs, sucking on her protruding labia. At the same time, I felt Kirsten’s warm lips and tongue in-between my pussy lips while someone else licked my exposed ass. While I continued to enthusiastically suck on Kirsten’s beautiful bald pussy in an effort to make her squirt again, whoever was licking my ass intensified their effort by beginning to fuck my ass with their tongue. Through the flurry of sexual activity, I barely noticed the presence of the clippers at the back of my bare neck or the vibrating sensation against my skin as they were switched on. That being said, for a brief moment I was totally aware that my shoulder length black hair was about to sheared off … and unless I immediately objected, my head would soon be as hairless as my bald pussy! At the same time, I felt Connor’s erection part my pussy lips again and begin to slowly slide in and out of my bald pussy. Totally distracted, I never actually felt the clippers begin their initial path over my head. Over the next few moments, I just occasionally noticed long strands of my black hair as they fell silently onto Kirsten’s naked body directly under my head. It was such an unexpected, erotic experience … the faster the clippers cut through my hair, the more sexually excited I became! As more and more black hair fell off my head, Kirsten continued to stimulate my responsive clit with her talented tongue. A few moments later, the buzzing sound ended just before Kirsten screamed out that she was going to cum. While I quickly sucked Kirsten’s large labia in-between my lips, she began to squirt into my mouth. I kept drinking her warm juices as I felt Nella lightly gliding her hands effortlessly over my shorn head. Meanwhile Connor continued to slide his hard cock in and out of my bald pussy as Kirsten furiously sucked my clit in and out of her lips. I vaguely remember screaming out loud when I came at the same time as Connor. This time, much to my delight, he came inside me as I screamed uncontrollably with intense pleasure. Finally his spasms of squirting cum subsided and he withdrew his cock from my wet, sore pussy. Then as I felt my body go completely limp, Kirsten began to lick Connor’s cum as it slowly leaked out from between my swollen pussy lips.

The next thing I remember, I was back in the oversized bath with Kirsten and Nella. While one of them concentrated on sensuously washing my cum drenched body, the other was busy massaging shaving foam over my practically bald head. While Connor took pictures of the entire event, I soon felt someone begin to slowly and
carefully shave my head completely smooth and hairless. My only reaction was to simply close my eyes, lean back and continue to enjoy all the wonderful attention to my naked body. What an incredible erotic experience being sensuously bathed by one girl, while another girl shaved my head totally bald! And the best part … from the very first moment I saw Nella and Kirsten’s beautiful bald heads, I wondered what I might look like shaved totally bald. A few moments later, when I finally opened my eyes, I found out!

After we all got out of the bath and dried off, Nella had me sit down in a chair while Kirsten grabbed her make-up kit. While I sat perfectly still, Kirsten proceeded to quickly pencil in dark brown arched eyebrows where my natural black eyebrows used to be. Next, Kirsten expertly applied eyeliner and eye shadow before touching up the rest of my face and lipstick. Without any hair whatsoever, my eyes really lit up when I looked in the mirrors! And my delicate red earrings were no longer just a barely noticeable accessory. Once finished, Kirsten instructed me to stand up as Nella approached me with a bottle of baby oil in her hand. Next, they both began to slowly massage my entire body with baby oil. The end result was that my naked, hairless body glistened from head-to-toe, even in the dimmed hotel room lighting.

“Finished,” Kirsten exclaimed as she and Nella stepped back to take in the overall effect of my new look. As I stared at my naked reflection in the large bathroom mirrors, I felt so sexually excited and so completely out of control! Impulsively, I quickly walked back into the main room, found my red high heel shoes and casually slipped them on. Then, as the girls and Connor curiously watched, I walked over to the hotel room door and slowly opened it.

“I’ll be back in a little while,” I casually said.

With that, the door closed behind me and I started walking down the hall towards the glass elevator.

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