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Kim Braun the School Superintendent was in her office on Monday morning when on the lobby cameras she noticed two new young female buritto sellers. One had light brown hair down past her waist. The other had her golden blonde hair up in a bun. They had a cooler like most of the vendors did . She buzzed her secretary Eva." Eva could you bring the young female burrito sellers to my office pronto?" Eva went out to the lobby and escorted the two young girls to Kim's office.
They walked in and were both near five foot tall and had young slender bodies in tight blue jeans. Kim spoke " Hi girls my name is Kim Braun and as the Superintendent I have to approve all food vendors. You two are new and I thought it would be nice to meet you and chat a minute. Do you have a food Permit?" They nodded yes and produced it and showed it to Kim. " What are your name and ages?" 
The one with the light brown hair spoke " My name is Andrea adn I'm 20 years old." The other one with the Golden blonde hair in a bun spoke next " My name is Amy and I'm 18 years old." Kim " Who makes the burrittos ? " Amy " Our mother does." Kim " So you two are sisters?" Andrea " Yes." Kim " Do you go to school and do you still live at home?" Amy " We can't go to school or college because we can't afford the tuition and we still live at home." Andrea " We would like to go and that is why in the afternoons we help our mother in her home cleaning buisness to make money as our mom is a widow as our father was killed in Afghanistan."  Kim got up from her chair and walked over to Andrea " I noticed you have very long hair can I touch it please." Andrea "Yes, I guess so." Kim reached out and felt Andreas long soft thick brown hair. She looked at Amy " How about taking your bun loose so I can see your hair too if I can.?" Amy reached up loosened up her bun and her golden blonde hair fell earthward and sure enough it was to her waist and thick and soft just like her sisters. Kim " You two sisters have lovely hair and I complement you on keeping it looking so nice. Amy, you can put your hair back up now. I wish to sample a couple of your burritos and I'll give you a couple dollars extra for the time I've held you up. I'm sure I'll talk to you again soon. I'll let you go back to selling now. It was nice meeting you two."
The young girls went back to the lobby. Kim learned that they came around the same time every morning. She called Vina and told her about the young girls and the great long hair they both possessed. Vina came over the next day and not only bought burrittos but stayed around to size up the young ladies as they sold and she made small talk with them. Then she went to see Kim. Kim spoke " Well, what do you think about the girls hair? Do you think it is virgin material?" Vina " Yes, after talking to them I think it is virgin material." Kim " I'm thinking of a sister makeover production." Vina " Oh, yes that would be a great money maker if we could get them to do it." Kim " I think I have an angle to use with their mother so stand by for a phone call."
The next morning  Kim gave an envelope to Andrea to give to her mom. It promised a nice amount of money to her for the girls tuition if she could agree to let the girls undergo major makeovers and sign consent papers just to be sure.That she was to call Kim and go over the details. That afternoon the phone rang and it was Joy their mother. " Yes, that is the amount and I'll give each of the girls a $100 for free spending money and I'll give you the cash money when it is done. Yes, Joy I will be cutting their hair short but there will be no nudity. However, could you bring a bikini for the girls to wear for before and after to spice up things.?  Yes. " Now, I understand you run a house cleaning service in the afternoon. Could you have the girls at my house at 2pm this Friday? You can so we have a date on Friday. Now, I want you to make sure their hair is washed and conditioned on Thursday night and doesn't smell of food on Friday afternoon. I'll email over the consent form and my address so you can yahoo map it.  I want them to be surprised. Thanks Joy and I'll see you Friday. " Kim got off the phone and right away called Vina " Vina, you need to be free about 2pm at my house and just tell your staff your going bowling."
Thursday morning Kim walked out to the lobby and saw Andrea and Amy alone. "Hi Girls, I have good news. I talked to your mom and you will be coming over to clean my house tommorrow afternoon. I'll get to see you two in action." She looked over at the two innocent girls. Andrea with her long brown hair lightly curled hanging down to her hips and Amy with her golden blonde hair pulled tight up into a long ponytail.Jeans and T-shirts clinging to their young bodies. Kim smiled a devilish smile as she new that long hair would be in her hands within 24 hours.
Friday at 1:50pm Kim and Vina looked out to see a white mnivan pull up. The doors open and out stepped a middle aged women (Joy)  with mid-back black hair with Andrea and Amy. Their long hair up in buns as if they were really going to clean Kim's home.
Joy carrried a bag which was sure to contain the girls bikini's.  Kim opened the door withVina beside her  and the three stepped in side  and Kim invited them all to the living room. Kim looked at the lady with the black hair " You must be Joy their mother. It is so nice to meet you. I assume you have the document and cloth items we talked about."  Joy, " Yes I do."  Kim looked at the two girls standing by their mother.  Kim  spoke " Hi Andrea and Amy. We have a surpise in store for you this afternoon. Joy do you want to break the news."Joy smiled at her daughters. " Girls you are not going to clean Kim's house. Your going to be in a Sister hair Makeover Movie Production wth you two as the stars. That means you both will be getting your long hair cut shorter. Now, if you do exactly as your told your tuition will be paid next semester. Now, in addition you will each be given $100 cash to spend how you like. I've already given Kim and Vina a written permission document. How does that sound girls? " Amy" It sounds kinda scary. Who gets to see the movie and I can spend the money any way I want." Kim, " I have a very select clients that see the movie and the money you can do what you want with it. " Joy, " I'm going to leave you two in the hands of Vina and Kim.You two do exactly what they say and I'll be back later to see your new hairstyles when Kim gives me the word She handed the bag with bikinis to Kim. They are all yours Kim." 
Kim " The first step is for you two to go the the bathroom and change into the bikini's that your mom took out of your rooms. I want you to remove all your cloths and just wear the bikini's. Place your cloths back in this bag and keep your hair up. Now, when your both done ring this bell and I'll come ge
t you.Now follow Vina to the bathroom." Vina took the girls to the bathroom and Kim went to the room next and saw them enter as the bathroom had two way mirrors. It also had several hidden cameras which Kim activated.
Kim looked at Vina as they both watched Amy and Andrea undress. Eva had now joined the group to run the cameras during production. Eva " Look at those lovely young bodies. Such a sexy sight from top to bottom." 
The Bell rang and Kim opened to see the two full breasted girls in their bikini's standing if front of her. " You two look fantastic, now follow me to the cutting room." Kim opened the door and the girls let out a gasp. The girls saw before them the hair cutting station and large mirrors. Two cameras were set up on Tripods. Vina and Eva stood by as the girls entered. Kim " Vina, they are in your proffessional hands now. " Vina spoke command like letting the girls know she was the boss of the operation. " Ok, First stand on the star side by side with your hair up. Now bend over and touch your knees looking at me and count to 10. " Pictures were taken front and back revealing butts and breast depending on the angle. Vina commanded " Now,let your hair down and I'll brush it down your back and then I will brush it over your front for nice before photo's. Kim will you assist me." Vina went over to Andrea while Kim went over to Amy who she had taken an attraction to. The silky soft brown and blonde hair was let down and brushed smooth. Andrea's reached the bottom of her butt. Amy's golden blonde to the top of her butt. Vina" One last set of photo's please. I want you two to lay down on the white sheet that is on the floor and face each other." The girls did as they were told and as they lay there the long hair they possessed was spread  out in an arch above and behind their head and bodies. A fan of brown and blonde hair covered outward on the sheet. Vina " Now, girls I want you two to kiss each other as if you were practicing kissing a boy. It is a fantasy photo girls. Just do it and don't giggle please." The girls got up and stood back on the star. Vina ' You two are doing great but now it is time to start the makeovers. Andrea since your the oldest and has the longest hair  you will be first. You will not see each other again till you both have new and different looks. Amy, Kim is going to take you to a room where you can watch TV and have some refreshment. Andrea, I want you to sit in the styling chair now please."
Andrea sat in the styling chair looking at the mirror. Her long soft brown hair hanging down the back of the chair. A white cape was placed tightly around her slender neck. Andreas long hair brushed down the back of the cape. Vina " Andrea, now dramatic makeovers sell the most. Now, here is what is in store for you the next few minutes. I'm going to give you a short bowl cut to the top of your ears. Your neck area will be shaved smooth of any hair. You will be given short bangs. Kim will assist me and Eva will film the cut. You will probably feel the need to cry at some point so here is a box of tissues to put under the cape. Use them as you need them. Here is a drink of orange juice and vodka that I think you should take a few gulps of before we start. I'll let you do that while we all get ready." Kim and Eva got into position and Vina lined up her tools to do the job at hand. Andrea's long brown soft mane was brushed out one last time. It hung over the back almost to the floor. Ok, young lady it is time to say goodbye to your long hair for a long time."
Vina took a pair of sharp silver shears and placed them on the right side of Andrea's head. She combed out a long brown section of hair  about 4 inches wide by two inches thick and placed the scissors an inch above Andrea's ear and began snip, snip, snip, slowly snipping away.  She handed the severed lock of hair to Kim who put it on the counter where a yard stick lay. I was just over 25 inches long. Vina went about snipping another long section of hair as he bowl line was beginning to form. The room was quiet except of the sound of snipping scissors and a camera clicking. Now as one side of Andrea's long hair was removed exposing her ears a new sound was heard as Andrea looked in the mirror and began crying over the loss of her long hair. It was to increase as a new a deviish sound was to be heard. Vina, " Now, Andrea it is time to remove the thick mane of hair that goes down the back of your head. To do that and not spend a great amount of time I'm going to use my trusty Oyster clippers. I want you to tilt your head to your chest please." Vina stood behind Andrea with her head down and inverted the Oyster clippers. She tuned them on with a terrifying click and buzzing sound they dove into Andrea's thick brown main right near the ociptial bone area. Vina pushed them straight down to Andrea's virgin scalp and holding on to a large thick section of hair pushed them downward to Andreas's neck. She could feel Andrea jump as the clippers plunged and the air hit Andrea's neck. The thick section of brown soft hair was tied off into  ponytail and joined the other hair in a growning pile on the counter. Vina showed no mercy as she removed the mane of brown.
The more she removed from the back the more Andrea began to cry which was good for the movie. Then with scissors in hand she attacked the long locks remaining on the left side of Andreas's head.Andrea raised her head up to see a girl she didn't know looking back at her in the mirror.  Snip, snip, sniping away she removed the long hair above the left ear. Then the scissors true to form were placed an inch above her eyebrows. More locks of brown fell to the cape and to the floor.  Vina took a smaller pair of clippers and dove into the hair on Andreas sides of her head making the bowl cut line more distinct.  Andrea thought she was done when she felf the cape being loosended but then she felt a new sensation. Something moist be being applied to her neck and nape. "What is that Vina?" she asked. Vina pushing Andreas's head back down to her chest. "That my dear is shaving cream to make you nice and smooth around your ears and down through your nape and neck area. Eva, had come over to Andrea to hold her hand as she had become attracted to Andrea. She consoled her and told her how nice she would look and it would soon be over. Andrea felt the straight razor scrape off the shaving cream and a wet towels was used to wipe the area clean. Vina pulled off the cape." Andrea you are now done. You are a new looking women with a dramatic new cut. Here is a hand mirror for you to look yourself over and then you just need to stand back on the star for a few after photo's. YOu did very well Andrea and her is a $100 more from me for you to buy some earings and such." Andrea took the hand mirror and looked at it and turned this way and that way. " Oh, my god my mom and friends are not going to recognize me. Is this what your going to do to my sister?" Vina " Oh, you'll find out soon enough. Now Eva will take you away after a few photo's and Kim will go retrieve Amy after we clean up." Andrea couldn't help but touch and feel her shaven neck areas.The counter was piled high with brown hair 25 to 28 inches long and seperated by bands into several tails to be sold as extensions later or kept as trophies. The hair was quickly removed and the place was made clean and innocent as Andrea's golden haired sister was about to get her new style.
Kim brough
t Amy into the room and sat her in the styling chair. Vina caped her and combed the long thick golden blonde hair down the back of the chair. Vina came up to Amy " Amy your sister did very well just now. I know you want to look different from her so that is what shall happen. You have the prettiest blonde virgin hair that I have seen for a very long time and to be honest I want your hair. I want as much of it as I can cut off and still have you looking pretty and attractive. " Vina had Amy facing the mirror." Now, here is how I'm going to achieve that end. Your going to get  a short chelsea haircut with short fringy bangs. I'm going to use the clippers to remove most of this golden mane your have. You I'm sure will need to use tissues to dry your eyes at some point so here is  a box of them. Kim, is going to help me tie  off your hair into several ponytails. I will use the oyster clippers to remove them. I will also shave your neck and lower nape area. I will push your head to and fro and if you cooperate it shouldn't take too long. Your sister's hair cut only took 30 minutes. Now, here is a screwdriver drink for you to have while I get everythiing in order. Kim will start seperating your hair while I get ready and I suggest you drink the drink down to the last drop. Kim took a comb and some rubber bands and began seperating Amy's golden hair into ponytails close to her scalp about an inch off of it. Eva helped and Vina began doing the left side. Finally Amy sat looking funny with  7 ponytails of long blonde hair sticking out of her head. Vina took a tape measurer out and measured the tails to the same length near 36 inches long.  Vina, " Ok, Amy hand on to something as it is time to start your new transformation. I'll start at the back and work my way forward. Put your chin on your chest please Amy." The head was tilted and the first tail grabbed hold of my Kim and pulled tight. Vina smiled and clicked the hair eating oysters on. She plunged them into the base of the first ponytail. The thick hair resisted but was no match as they chewed through the thick tail. it took just a few minutes and the long hair was released from it's long home. Kim handed to Vina who looked at it in front of Amy. "Yes, young lady you do have or did have long pretty golden locks. However, they will soon be mine. Let's do the next tail." She laid the long blonde tail on the counter. She attacked the next tail near the occipital bone and then did one from the top of Amy's head. When she took off the first side tail and laid it on the counter Amy could hold the tears no longer. Kim who had taken a liking to Amy came over to dry her tears, assure her she would still look pretty and comfort her. The last few ponytails were removed and Vina took loose the last tail above Amy's eyes and yet in the short bangs and removed the rest of the hair. Vina " Amy now that the bulk of your long hair is history and gone it is time for me to put a #2 guide and let them run wild over your head to get it all down to a nice quarter inch buzz. A nice golden buzz cut with bangs you'll be left with and so easy to fix in the morning. Amy looked at Vina with terror in her young eyes. Click went the oysters and up the back of Amy's head they went and then over the sides and up and down, over and over till Vina was satisfied with the look. Then the cape was removed and using the straight blade razor over Amy's neck area it went shaving it smooth of any hair. Kim came over to Amy " Amy your going to look fantasticly different and so sexy without your long hair. Vina " Amy, you have been a very good customer, Here is an extra $100 for you to spend.Im finished with your new look. Now, here is a hand mirror to look yourself over as I remove the cape. I want you to go stand on the star for a few after photo's. " "Amy, looked at the mirror rubbed her hands over her head. "Holy shit, are you sure my mom signed on for this to happen to me!?.  I'm almost bald looking with my blonde hair. My sister and mother for sure will think of me as her son/brother now. "Vina," Now calm down. It will take a few days for you to get use to the new look but I'm sure it will get rave reviews. Now stand on the star while Eva gets your sister."
Amy stood on the star for after photo's and then the two sisters saw each other for the first time and went nuts over each others new look. The two sisters were standing together shorn of their long hair. Kim came up besides Amy and Eva came up besides Andrea.
Vina spoke looking a them all. "Girls since we finished in record time and you two were such great models we have another surprise for you before your mom picks you up. Since you both have radically new haircuts it is appropriate for you to have one more new experience before you go home. Amy, Kim wishi to to take you to her bedroom and personally give you a soapy shower to get rid of all the stray hair clippings on your body. Then she is going to show you how she uses a few intimate toys that are laying next to her bed. Andrea, Eva wishes to take you on a soapy shower experience upstairs in her bedroom and then afterwards  let you play with her and her  intimate toys. Now, all of you get out of my styling room go have some fun and let me clean up this mess." Kim took Amy's hand and Eva took Andrea's hand and led her away. Once out of site Vina  went to the camera production room to get things turned on in the bedroom including microphones and hidden cameras. Vina sat there about ready to enjoy the fun and know she would have to clean up soon. Hoping that Joy wouldn't be too shocked at how her two daughters looked when she picked them up in an hour or so. The shook her head as she picked up a drink. Kim's afternoon adventures were fun and exciting but they sure wore her out. What models would Kim turn up next. She turned to the monitors. Who should she watch first Kim or Eva? It was her time to enjoy the action as she played with one of Amy's severed ponytails.
Hope you liked story..Mr. snips.

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