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School is out for the summer and as any barber knows it’s the kick off of summer haircuts. This year I decided to run an ad in the local paper.
Free summer cuts for kids with an adult hair cut.
I never liked dads bring the boys in for a burr haircut. When they have and keep long hair or mothers with hair to their waist saying “just shave it off he looks hot anyway”.
The first day of summer vacation when I opened there was five kids ( three boys and two girls) and two adults both ladies.
I said ” who’s first” and both the ladies pointed at each other. I replied ” ok yall come in and let’s get started” as I seen what was fixing to happen. I pointed to one of the boys and directed him to the chair.
I ask the ladies who does he belong to. The short haired rather large lady said mine. “Just do a free summer cut” she says. So I reached down and grabbed the clippers and ask “1,2, or 3” 0 was the reply.
As I lifted up his bangs he wasn’t happy about this I could tell but I ran a strip down the middle and off the back. The mom says it will grow back before school starts agin. Strip after strip to the scalp till I was done  there he sat crying and mom tells him come on and thanks me. So I said wait you have to pay for and adult cut to get this free. She ask if I could do ladies hair and I said yes. She sat down and said ok all I need is a trim.
She already had a pixie so I didn’t need any more instructions.
I took out the clippers and tightened it up a bit when I was done. She said ” oh my you cut it short” it’s summer I told her and let it go at that.
 Another boy hopped up at his mothers direction. She said  “same”. So I did. 0
Blade down the middle. The next boy was a bit older probably 15 so I expected to leave his brown hair in the shaggy style it was but no as soon as I got the cape on his mother,a rather petite little lady with the longest red hair down to her butt. Says “I’m tired of that shit always looking for a comb and the hair tossing. Cut it off the same”.
With an ok and not giving her time to change her mind. I sat the clippers in and started shaving it off. All he could say was “mom why”. As I finished he jumped up and headed out the door. Walking home will cool him off the mother gestured. Thinking I was done I told the mother 20 dollars will cover it.
She said ” I thought it was free summer cuts”?
“Yes with an adult cut it is”. I said.
She got in my chair and wanted a trim. “A trim like the other lady had”. So they’d be free.
“Ok” I replied.
I combed out her long  red hair turned her away from the mirror, wet it with water from a spray bottle. And ask if she was ready. Then picked up the scissors gathered her hair in my fist and cut the back starting at the crown and worked down at an angle. Leaving only an inch to the scalp.
She said ” hey I don’t want it layered”.
Thinking no worries there. I ask ” like the other lady”?
” Yea just a trim”.
 ” no” I replied it has to be an adult summer cut. To be free”
 “Oh, hell no she” replied.
 As I told her it was to late she turned and seen me holding the hand full of hair. Started crying and said “fuck I guess it’s to late now. Go ahead and finish”. I picked up the clippers with the zero blade and thought about the boys getting shaved and her giving the command. I slid the 0 blade up her neck in short strokes making sure it was shaved smooth. Then a strip over each ear flicking it down in front of her. I put the clippers down and got the razor and trimmed the top down to an inch leavening a few longer pieces to style.
When I was done she walked over to the mirror and said  damn that’s short. Girls your turn.
Too be continued.

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