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I come home from a long day at work. I go into the bathroom with the intention of getting into my workout clothes and then heading to the gym. I stare into the bathroom mirror and examine my hair. I currently have it in a side bun, resting level with my ear. I pull out the elastic and watch my hair tumble down to its proper length. It lands a little longer than waist length, dark brown, slightly wavy.

After a few moments of staring, I suddenly get a powerful impulse to cut my hair. I haphazardly throw my hair into a messy ponytail and drop my hands to my sides, trying without success to find a reason not to do this.

I grab the scissors off the counter and jam them into my ponytail. I begin sawing and sawing, the muscles in my hand cramping up, as long chocolate-brown strands of hair fall to the floor and land in a nice circular pile at my feet.

When the last of the ponytail is off, I drop the scissors onto the counter with a loud thud and run my fingers through my bob-length hair. I pull and grasp at my newly shortened hair to try to get the full effect of what I have just done.

Without realizing it, I have been gasping and moaning out of sheer pleasure the whole time. My man comes into the bathroom to see what I am doing.

He looks at me in the mirror with slight confusion and slight arousal.
I whip around and grab him by the thick black hair on the sides of his head. I violently pull his face toward me and slam my lips into his. I waste no time being gentle as I claw at his hair, occasionally reaching back to my own head to do the same.

Gasping for air, I reach down and take the bottom hem of his shirt and pull it up over his head. He obviously doesn’t object because he helps me as I take off my own shirt too. I throw the shirts out of the room and I slam my body into his. We both simultaneously reach down to each other’s pants to unbutton them and pull them off the other one’s body.

Back upright, I rub both of my hands over his head in a circular shape, roughly and repeatedly, both of us gasping for air as we eat each other in.

I break away for just long enough to find and plug in the electric clippers. I rip off the plastic guard and throw it at the wall. I wrap my arms around his neck and I push the buzzing clippers into the hair on the nape of his neck. I move them slowly up to his crown and over, until they make it to his forehead. I pull them off his head and prepare myself for another pass.

At this, he pushes me into the opposite wall with great force and reaches up and takes handfuls of my hair in his hands.

I breathe him in and moan loudly as I proceed to push the clippers into his hair a second time. Again, I move them slowly over his head, noting his reaction to every move I make. I feel him go hard. The slower I go, the more he gasps with pleasure and harder he grips at my hair.

I pick the clippers up off his newly shaven skin again and go back for more. He begins humping me as I, yet again, put the cold metal to his nape and move it slowly toward his forehead. I let out a loud groan as I hear the satisfying sound of his hair being clipped off.

His hair becomes less and less with each pass of the clippers. Once I am satisfied,  I put the palm of my hand to his patchy, stubbly head and claw at it, feeling more aroused than ever.

The loud buzzing of the clippers in my other hand remind me that they’re still on. I take the clippers in one hand and a chunk of my hair in the other and, without hesitation, I shove the clippers into my own hair and push back hard.

He releases my hair from his strong grip and instead, takes hold of the clippers in my hand and helps me guide them through my  chocolate-brown locks. I let go of the clippers and put the fate of my hair in his hands. I put both of my palms back on his head and rub the uneven stubble.

He skillfully moves the clippers across my head, from front to back. I put my tongue inside his mouth and kiss him as hard as I can. I feel my hair falling down my back like rain and sticking to our sweaty bodies.

After a few moments of this the buzzing ceases and he drops the clippers onto the counter. He reaches up and takes my bald head with both of his hands, rubbing it as I finish taking off the rest of both of our clothes.

We move into the bedroom and collapse onto the bed. Continuing to grasp at each other’s heads, he enters me and we ride it out. After several minutes, we fall apart from each other, hot, sweaty, and out of breath.

I move back and prop myself up against a pillow. I reach my hands up and feel my stubbly head for the first time, breathing heavily, with a smug smile on my face.

I begin laugh quietly and throw my head back so that I find myself looking at the ceiling. He sits up and looks at me with an inquisitive expression.

“What’s funny, babe?”

“Nothing. I just can’t believe that happened.”

He flashes his perfect white smile at me and reaches his arm behind my back and pulls me close. I move closer to him and feel my sweaty body touch his.

I put my head on his shoulder and close my eyes, holding onto the fleeting memory of what I had just experienced.

I reach up to my bald head again and brush my fingers against the short, rough hairs. Then I put my hand on his head and do the same.
He takes his other hand and gently caresses my cheek. He then takes my jaw in his hand and turns my head toward him so he is able to look me in the eyes. I stare deeply into his beautiful green eyes as he says to me what every girl in the world wants to hear.

“I love you.”

I smile slightly and whisper in return.

“I love you too.”

He moves his face closer to me and closes his eyes. His lips meet mine and he kisses me softly.

I put my head back on his shoulder and close my eyes again. My racing mind slows and I eventually fall into a deep, sweet sleep.

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