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It was a friday afternoon, Amanda had just finished her last class for the day and was heading back to her dorm to enjoy the rest of the night. Since her exams just ended, Amanda knew she was going to be drinking alot with her floormates to enjoy the last few days before finals start. As she walked into her dorm she saw her friend Mo walk in too and casually had a conversation deciding where they were going to be drinking tonight. Mo was a tall kid who secretly had a haircutting fetish. He always complimented Amanda on her long dark mulan like hair but secret always wished to cut it all off.

AmandaOnce night hit all the students started to drink and have a good time. Amanda had drank a little extra and was pretty much wasted at this point. Mo, being the nice kid that he tries to be, offered to drop her off to her room. Since Amanda’s roommate wasnt there Mo decided to talk with Amanda for a little bit. While talking to her he realized that Amanda passed out on the bed. He decided that it was time for him to leave too so as he put her in her bed her saw her hair and started to play with it. He realized that he will never get the opportunity to play with her hair like this so he decided to talk advantage of it. He moved her to her chair where he placed her so that she wouldnt fall over. Mo grabbed the comb of her desk and slowly started to comb her hair. As he was combing her hair her realized she had some split ends and decided to just cut those off. He though he would cut barely anything off and she wouldnt even notice but once he started he couldnt stop. Being completely turned on and drunk also, Mo grabbed amandas her in a tight ponytail, so tight that it was right next to her skull. He slowly started to cut it off. Within moments hair that was once to her hip went right up to her ears. Completely in shock Mo didnt know what to do anymore. He knew that Amanda would remember that he walked her back at least. Mo was in huge trouble as he held her long ponytail in one hand and the scissor in the other…

To be Continued….

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