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For around 8 years I have fantasised and toyed with the idea of shaving my head. I can’t say what the attraction is for definite but it’s something I’ve just always wanted to do.
Last month, after many false starts and backing out at the last minute, I finally joined the ranks of the bald women.

When I left my home in the UK to spend 6 months in India, I had hoped it would be life changing. Depression had left me isolated from my friends and family, aside from work and the absolute necessary, I didn’t leave my house. I felt I needed a change of scenery and felt drawn to India. No idea why, but it was a place that fascinated me. So I booked a ticket, found a yoga retreat and off I went.

After three weeks of yoga it was starting to grow tiresome and I decided I fancied a change of scenery and headed into the country side. I found a hotel and checked in, i was used to the busy nature of India by now but hadn’t expected a small hotel in the country side to be so busy! I got chatting to a lady in the reception and she told me it was busy all year round because of a temple not far from here.

Up until this point, I didn’t really know much about Hinduism but after a couple of weeks absorbing all the information I could, I learned that people gathered at a nearby temple to make a hair offering to a certain god. I decided to go along with the intention of having three pieces of hair chopped off.

However, my translation book must not have been have fluent as I had thought as my guide explained I’d bought a token and agreed to have my head tonsured. All those feelings and thoughts about shaving my head came rushing back! I hadn’t thought about shaving my head completely in years but by fate/coincidence/chance, I’d signed up to do it later that afternoon.

After waiting in a line for eternity, it was finally my turn. A gentleman poured some water over my hair, and in a matter of minutes, I was completely bald!

Since arriving back in Delhi, I learned the temple is a front for a hair selling business, they take the human hair offering and sell them to Chinese wig making companies. I hope my hair makes a beautiful wig, and brings the owner lots of happiness!

As for myself, my hair is beginning to grow back. I’m tempted daily to shave it off again. Who knows?! Maybe I will.

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