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In a hot summer everyone getting there haircut very short….

In Mumbai slum area even women’s and girls getting there hair short as possible…

A village women live in Mumbai city with her husband in a apartment near the slum.the women name is preethi and her husband not so good couple her hi always scold her for nothing. One she was in the window watched​ the street barber and women’s​ and girls are cutting there hair on there she stare at them for hrs her husband get very angry because she didn’t make breakfast and she was simply sitting on there and he get up and grab her by her hair and dragged to hall and shouted.

His hand was stuck in the hair he get irritated and he moved out. About her was so traditional and simple she was white and her hair was thick long to her butt. She always wear in braid.When she walks her hair was wave at the end. Her hair was her pride.

In the night while she was tookin head bathing she thinks why her  husband always angry and she also always done mistake. she began to unbraid her hair and pour water all over it. When hair is total wet. She getting towed while she was bathing her husband was watching her in the whole in the door he was admired on her beauty . When she came her husband began to talk romantically she also fell very hony he came close her and put her in the bed and he roll on the and he began​ pull the towel now she naked and he also. They both began to sex for the whole night in the morning her Husband wake up and he was stuck in her hair he was so irritated and angry he sit the bed in the table near the bed had a scissor he picked that up and going to cut her hair but he stopped he thinks he doesn’t want villan for her because she was so beautiful and he lover but the hair is the problem so he put a plan he cut a small chunk of hair and leave .

In the morning she prepare breakfast​ and he began speak about a disease that speard in the women hair and began to give cancer to the sexual partner the disease was present in the long hair womens and girls the smptom of the disease is the hair fall like someone cut it. It as no cure if someone had it. It should be cut it.

She shocked and asked this type of virus is speard the city??

He said yes. And he said I just found your hair all over the house

She no I didn’t have that problem.

He said I am going check this to the doctor. He leaves. In return back in evening and said preethi you that virus I am sorry to tell this.

She began to cry and tear the flowers in her head. After a while she cried she asked how to cure this. He said shave it.

She said no I am not going to do that I love my hair.

He emotional blackmail her he said ok fine you love your hair but I am going to die.

She cried and accept that her hair gone.she said when we going.he su now in the Baber on the street and said if asked doing say that you Having​ that problem because everyone while hate us and he said say that we having a voe that done by now she said I will say that.

The street baber was alone without any customer and her husband and you have a job the barber ask how can I help you he said a vow to shave my wife head can you do that. The barber said ok sir but you wife will accept this. She said do it please.

The Baber told her to sit and he Will arrange that stuff. Her husband spot a magazine in this a women with a pixe hairstyle was there he asked the baber how long to grow hair like this for her the barber said in 4month.

The barber said sir the razor is out of stock wait for 5min i will buy one and come her husband said no wait what other things you got did you have the Electrical​ cillper he said yes then began.

The baber unbraid her and throw the rubber band and hairpins. He wet her hair until it soaked.

He on the cillper and get near to near her husband said honey don’t afraid it will done and he said the baber to do it quickly .

He began at the left the sound of the cillper change when it running through the hair he slow move the cillper the sound krkrkrkrkrkkrkkrkrkrkkrkrkrkrkkrkrkrkrkrkrkkr……………..Can be heard while she is crying. leftover will be continue in part -2

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