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Before you send your story please read and agree to the following

This site is all about haircutting. Any stories that are not dealing with this subject will not be posted.

By submitting a story to 1hss.com (or sister domains), you agree that your submission may be:

  • downloaded or printed by our viewers for personal use only
  • rejected or removed at the sole discretion of the administrators of this site.
  • reviewed for spelling, punctuation, etc. This helps make better reading for the viewers of the site.
  • You also understand that 1hss.com and its’ owners/operators has no way to stop people from violating any copyrights that you have on your story. This site takes copyright infringement very seriously and will work with you to attempt to catch and procecute anyone who is found to violate your copyrights.

Also, by submitting a story to 1hss.com you a certifying that the story is: 1) an original work or 2) you have obtained permission from the original author to modify for resubmission the story.

Please send all stories in a standard text format or a format that Microsoft Word can read. Please include the name which you want them published under. Also, if you want people to be able to email you also include that.

To make reading easier please use paragraphs and a spell checker.

To submit please include the following information:

  • Authors name to publish under – if you have not published under this author name include:
    • Email address (if you want it published) -caution, I receive a lot of bogus email and virus’ sent to my email address, if you want an email address published be prepared. I would recommend a Gmail account (or similar) because of the great spam filtering and the large size it holds.
    • If you want a link to a website include it as well
    • About you – if you want a paragraph to appear on your author page (where it lists all the stories by you) then please include it as well.
      You only need to include this if you have never submitted under this author name before
  • Story title
  • Category for story
    • Bets and Dares, Consensual, Forced, Men’s, Punishment, Revenge, Self, Surprise, Time for a change, What if?
  • Location of haircut
    • Barbershop, Home, Other, Salon, School, Army or Prison
  • Story type
    • Fantasy, Parody, Poem, Sexual fantasy, Fiction, True
  • Rating
    • PG = no adult content, R = some mild adult content (nothing graphic), X = adult content
  • Story language (if not English)
  • Tags
    • This would be things to identify the story better.

Nothing that would be considered child molestation or child porn!

In order for this site to work, we need stories. Please email your stories to me so I can get them published here. Send email to: stories@haircuttingstories.com

If you have trouble sending your story please just send me an email and I will work with you on how to send it to me. Send email to: contact@haircuttingstories.com

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