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Iris and the Barbershop

Our Reader Score [Total: 5    Average: 2.6/5] Nikki was pleased. She had only been going out with Steve for five weeks, and here she was with his Mother, Iris, out shopping. She considered it a sign of acceptance, and in Nikki’s opinion, if you...
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Lesley’s Appointment With Emma

Our Reader Score [Total: 12    Average: 3.6/5] “Oh, hi.” “Hi ya!” “I wasn’t expecting anyone, I’m in the middle of cutting Linda’s hair.” “Oh I’m sorry, I should have phoned you first.” “Don’t be daft, come on in, it’s great to see you.” With...
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Pink Paperclip

Our Reader Score [Total: 3    Average: 2.3/5] She’d only been working there three weeks, but Dani instinctively felt that she’d landed on her feet. Having been made redundant from a large office supplies company, Dani had been trawling through the newspapers in search of...
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First of many haircuts

Our Reader Score [Total: 8    Average: 2.6/5] Copyright (c) January 2003 Meeting Sharon – Part I “Hi, Jen,” Sharon said as I entered the barbershop. “Have two ahead of you. You can wait or take a number and come back in, oh… say an...
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