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You were invited with other couples and singles to a sex toy party. Drinks were plentiful at the host’s home, a beautiful up-scale home in central town. They were known to be swingers, and they invited their swapping friends, and a few singles that they weren’t sure if they would come to the party. The host introduces the Madame of the Night, Carla. She owns a sex toy business and had all her items laid out on a table near the den, where everyone was talking and laughing, drinking and gawking a bit at the table of toys. The hosts let everyone drink longer than maybe they should have…after all, you were just slugging them down and getting WAY too friendly with everyone.

Carla finally asked to start the show, and she began with basic items…lubes, sensual lotions, edible creams. She’d talk about them and them pass the sample around the room. Then she continued with dildos and vibrating bullets. These were packaged, so it was implied to just look and pass, but when the first one got to you, you really made a scene. “Look at THIS! This looks FUN!” and you ripped open the package. Carla was obviously annoyed, but you made no apology. In fact, you were rather overt with your gestures and comments. Several women gasped that you had the audacity to do this, and made a quiet comment that “she’s obviously drunk!” Carla tried to move on. Oh, but that wasn’t the end of your obsession, when Carla broke out the handcuffs you went wild! You literally jumped up and grabbed them from her. “Oh, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try these!” and you looked over at a handsome man, smiled and said, “Honey, wanna try these on me?” The room laughed, but he knew all too well you weren’t kidding…and so did his wife. She about blew a tampon when you did this, and she grabbed his arm in clear possession of her man.

Well you went about obsessing over these and other things, and Carla just kept going. After all, you were rather enthusiastic, and sales were bound to be good. Carla introduced a sex game, and again, you were fascinated. You broke open the plastic wrap and said, “Don’t worry Carla, I’m buying all these things anyway!” Carla looked relieved. Then you blurted, “Let’s all play this right now!” Well, Carla was pretty much done with her pitch, and several people thought hell, why not? It was a sort of Truth or Dare kind of game, and as it progressed, it almost appeared as if you wanted to loose. Some women were quietly scheming that they should come up with a very embarrassing dare for you, and when one of them was up, she proposed the dare to you. You lost, and she said, “Well, honey. You’re so damn fun, why don’t you just strip all your clothes and sit naked in front of us?” Well, you didn’t have much choice, so you did, naked in front of everyone. But the game wasn’t done yet. When Michael’s turn came, the handsome man that you propositioned with handcuffs earlier, again you lost, and he laughingly said, “Well, since you so want to be handcuffed, I’ll put them on you around this post.” It was a support post for the loft, and he very delightfully went about cuffing you to it. You could see his hardon in his jeans when he did so. He added, “We know that all girls like you need to be put in your place!” and the room burst into laughter. Some women were just hysterical.

Well, others were dared on things also, and slowly, many people had at least part of their clothes off. It was getting rather heated in that room. But Michael’s wife was out for revenge. She dared you again, and, of course, guess who lost? She said, “Well, babe, I think some of these men would just LOVE to see you shaved clean. And we’ll take that beautiful red hair of yours, too!” She took great joy in shaving your pubic hair, and even more as she cut and shaved your head bald. At this point, you were totally humiliated. The game was over, but no one seemed to want to unlock those cuffs. A few people left, but several stayed behind, and we all knew what they wanted. One man walked up to you and suggested you give him oral sex. “Sure, baby, why not?” By now, you had little to loose. And then others came over, and clearly insisted that you service them in some way or another. Everyone had fun taunting you, calling you demeaning names, and making you do sex acts. Then one man came over and somewhat loudly said, “My wife and I have been talking about it. We really need some HELP around the house. She thinks we should hire you to be our naked, bald slave girl for the month. I’m afraid you’re not worth a lot, but we’ll PAY you SOMETHING.” And he slipped his business card into your cuffed hand.

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