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You, your best friend Rachel and I take a two-hour trip to visit a Navy buddy of mine for the weekend; we have set up kind of a long distance blind date. Now Mike and I are extremely good friends and drinking buddies from the Navy. You, Rachel and I are extremely good friends and drinking buddies from where we live, so we are fairly certain that the blind date will work out, or that we’d at least have a lot of fun that weekend as friends.

We arrive early in the afternoon deciding to stay in this night and go out partying the tomorrow night. We drink a few, talk for a while and then breaking out a pack of cards to start playing hearts. It is like old times for Mike and I. As we suspected, our close friendships are contagious Rachel and Mike seem to be hitting it off. After an hour or so of hearts, a number of drinks, a shot or two, and a tremendous amount of coaxing, we switch the game to strip poker.

We all adjust our wardrobes such that we have on the same number of articles of clothing. We also agree that the loser of each hand will have to do a shot as well as take off an article of clothing. Seeing how I do not drink alcohol I have to do a crazy act the high hands decides I have to do. I am a good card player, but with terrible cards and no bluffing, nothing can help. I am down to my underpants in a flash. You are a close second, Mike is third, and Rachel hadn’t lost a single hand. I make a valiant stand, but eventually my underpants are lost and I am in my birthday suit. While I didn’t lose on purpose, I am somewhat of an exhibitionist and I secretly enjoy getting the opportunity to expose myself. In fact I still relive the moment in my mind when I slowly slid down the waistband of my underpants to reveal my cock to Rachel and the rest of the group. Although it is a humorous moment, I can still picture each of their expressions in vivid detail. I loved it!

I am 5’9″ tall and have no modesty at all it does not bother me at all but it does make you a little uncomfortable for I do not hide anything. When hard, my cock is seven inches long with a diameter of nearly 2.5 inches. I think that a large, well-proportioned, hard cock is a thing of beauty and I love the moment when I get to reveal mine to a woman. I crave the moment when a woman carefully touches it for the first time, running her hand along the shaft to feel the contour, cups my balls in the palm of her hand, and then sizes up my cock by putting her hand around it to get a relative measure of its girth. Each woman has a different style, some women are very timid, some can’t wait to get their hands on it and start stroking, some like to give it a close visual inspection, some just dive in with their mouth and tongue. Unfortunately there’s only one first moment with each woman. But no more first anymore for you wear my collar and no one touches unless you ok it. After all what is fair is fair if no one can have you unless I say ok it is the same for you.

Since I didn’t want to be excluded from playing more poker, a plan is devised for what would happen if I lost future hands. It is agreed that I would have to do as I am told by the other three, and they drew lots to determine the order in which they got to choose – You would be first followed by Mike and Rachel.

By now you are down to your blouse, bra and panties, Mike is down to his underwear, and Rachel is still nearly fully dress. Mike and I are distress because we are looking forward to seeing her naked, and it now looks like that might not happen. Play continues while I caress, stroking my cock and balls. I can feel Rachel’s eyes watching my cock grow and I know you are both watching Rachel’s reaction and admiring my hard on as well.

You are the next to have to take off clothing to reveal intimate body parts. I love it when you erotically undid your bra and literally peel it off your perfect breasts. Your firm breasts with light pink nipples are getting erect with the slightest enticement. You have goose bumps all over your body and I know that you are both scared and excited to take off your clothes. Your natural beauty and petite look is a real turn on. I know Mike feels the same way by his swelling in his jockeys. I point this out to you and Rachel, as you call out for him to take it out. Mike said that he will give a brief sneak preview if Rachel would take off three articles of clothing; we negotiate down to two articles of clothing, but You will have to pull down the front of Mike’s jockey shorts for the brief display.

Rachel goes first taking off her last remaining sock and jeans, revealing long, well conditioned legs, and a firm ass that is clearly outlined by her skimpy panties that are cut up the outside of her thigh all the way to her waistband. My hard on, which had started to subside, immediately rebounds to attention. Your _expression show that you have noticed my rejuvenating condition, and I suspect this may have influenced the way in which you approach revealing Mike’s manhood. Mike is standing with both hands on the waistband of his underpants as he reminds you that it is to be a short display. As you reach for the top of his underwear you seem to purposely brush along the length of his hard on. You pull down the front of Mike’s underwear revealing a rock hard, six-inch, uncircumcised penis. Your face is inches from his cock, and for a second I have the uncomfortable feeling that you are going to reach for it and put it in your mouth. However, after a thirty second display and a number of lewd, tension-releasing comments from everyone, Mike’s shorts are released, a shot of tequila is taken by everyone, and the game continues.

You loose the next hand and have to take off your panties. I think the liquor and the sexual tension has been too much for you. Rather than just removing your panties and sitting down, you imitate a stripper as you first pull you panties up high, causing them to go up the crack of your ass in the back and revealing the lips of your pussy in the front. You then start to rotate your hips as you slowly lower your panties, first revealing your red pubic hair, then more and more of your pussy. As a final flare you kick off your panties, turn around and bent down to pick up them off the floor providing a spectacular rear view of your pussy and ass. Mike’s and my cocks are rock hard again and Rachel just sit there looking on, applauding, and laughing.

Mike looses the next hand, and after downing a shot, quickly removes his underwear and sits down. I see a reflection of myself as he sits there with is dick at attention, trying to look nonchalant. I must admit that his uncircumcised penis fascinates me. I had a friend in high school who had one, but I had never had the opportunity to really check it out or see it erect. I comment on this, and you said that you had never even seen one. You ask Mike and I if, in the name of anatomical science, you can look at it up close. When pressed, Mike reluctantly agrees and I say that it would be okay. Mike stands in front of you with his cock virtually in your face. You then asked if you could touch the foreskin, and Mike and I both say okay. I think this fascinates Rachel and moves in for a close up view. You clinically take two fingers and gently clasp the foreskin and pull it back and forward a couple of times. A small bead of fluid comes out of Mike’s cock and he immediately said enough and sits back down.

Anxious to get on with the game because I am dying to see Rachel naked and to make the others perform some diabolical tasks. When the game resumes, Rachel loose and removes her sweater. I can feel the familiar tingling in my groin as she pulls the sweater over her head, revealing a figure that I can only say wow. Through the fabric of the bra I determine that she has small, dark aureoles and pronounced nipples. Rachel is sitting there with her legs securely together and a scowl on her face, so to relax her a bit I insist that she takes the required shot, which she does with some minor complaining.

Mike looses the next hand, and after drawing lots, Rachel
decides that Mike should have to sit on the front porch until four people pass by on the sidewalk. We will watch and count from a darkened upstairs window. Mike does his shot and takes up station on the front porch. You, Rachel and I go to the window and crouch down to watch the event. In the course of positioning ourselves in the window and watching Mike perform his task, Rachel must have “inadvertently” touches my cock three or four times. At one point you reach down caressing and stroking it until it starts to respond. As casually as I can, I check to see if Rachel is watching your advance, which she is. In fact, one of Rachel’s best inadvertent bumps comes moments after you have stopped.

On the porch, Mike is sitting very still. The first passer by is a man being pulled by his dog, who never noticed Mike. The second is a teenager running past, and the third and fourth were an older couple out for a brisk late evening walk. They are walking at a good pace and even though I gave a knock on the window, they pass close by without noticing. By the time we get downstairs Mike is inside and seated. Everyone agrees that Mike got off the hook much too easily and will have to pay next time.

You loose the next game; Mike wins the draw, and decides that I am to shave your pussy. You look at him and say no way not here in front of Rachel and you. This assignment with your resistant will not be allowed, but you have the choice of getting it shaved. So I say, “Hold her down and we all will shave her.” After an unseemly amount of whining, and a shot of tequila, you relent to letting me voluntarily shave your bush. We allow you to use scissors to first cut the hair. Then you lay on the table but soon you feel your hands being held tight by Mike as Rachel is tying your hands together and above your head, I hold your legs open and once Rachel finishes tying your hands she goes around and ties your ankles to the tables legs keeping you open. Now I spread shaving cream all over your bush making sure I get the inside of your crotch. As I spread the shaving cream I take a number of opportunities to run my finger along your slit, and even get it inside a little on one pass. Rachel and Mike watch intently, and I know that Mike is aroused because his cock was starting to get stiff again. As I start shave you I have opportunities to manipulate the lips of your pussy. Now Rachel speaks up and tells me I am doing it all wrong so she will show me how. Rachel takes the razor from my hands and takes two fingers from her left hand opening the pink pussy in front of us as she shaves the inside of your lips. She makes sure every hair is gone around your lips. Then Mike asks if he can try to see if he knows how to now. So he shaves the top part of you pussy. I say, ” Do not forget around her asshole.” Soon you see Rachel taking some shaving cream in her hand but before she puts it around your asshole she uses her other hand and sticks a finger up your ass say, “I will take care of it.” Laughing she removes her finger, which hurt a little because of being dry, and not having any lubricant for the finger to invade you. She covers your asshole with the cream Mike and I hold your legs open farther and up so your asshole is open even more.

By now you are mad and humiliated by all this action so you as calling us all names. We laugh and I say, “JJ will finish the game tied or tell she learns not to be such a spool sport.”

With the loss of the next hand, Rachel unfastens and slowly removes her bra. Her breasts are small. She has small, but pronounced nipples that are so erect as they appear swollen. She is not acting inhibited any longer, and actually seems to enjoy the opportunity to get naked like the rest of us.

I loose the next hand and Rachel tell me I have to masturbate in front you and her up close. So she puts her head close to yours seeing how you are still tied up and I stroke my cock. As I am stroking you her Rachel whispering, “Look at how long and fat Patrick’s cock is. I bet it feels so good as it is filling your mouth pussy or asshole.” As she finishes saying that I shoot my cum all over your face and hair, then Rachel finishes by saying, “JJ I am going to fuck not just Mike but Patrick also. I am going to fuck Patrick so hard that every time he is fucking you he is wishing he is fucking me.” Then she licks some of the cum off of your face and kisses you so that you can taste my cum as well.

You have never seen this side of Rachel and we can see you are not liking it also for you turn as red as your hair and yell, “You Bitch!” as you struggle to get un-tied.

I take your nipples in my fingers and say, “JJ say you’re sorry we all are friends and we are not here to fight. That is not what you say to your best friend.”

You bit your upper lip not wanting to say anything tell I start to squeeze your nipples harder and harder tell you cannot take anymore of the pain and you say, “I am sorry Rachel.” We all can tell you are still pissed, Mike and I do not know what Rachel whispered to you so we look at you like what is going on. But to tell you the truth having two naked women next to us we do not care much what she had said.

Rachel leans over you and tell you with a smirk on her face, “That ok JJ.”

You loose the next hand and it is my turn to give the assigned task. I tell you that you have to go to the store and get a paper naked like you are. You pleaded with me to change the assignment. That there is now way you can go outside and you are willing to accept anything in the house as long as you do not have to go outside. So I give you a choose shave the eyebrows or go get the newspaper. You think for a second, and after the obligatory shot of tequila, you say, “The eyebrows they will always grow back.” So I shave the left one and Mike the right.

My goal is to keep the game going until Rachel is naked, and I really want to see her perform a sexy assignment. Unfortunately, Mike looses the next hand and is directed by you to take a sensual public shower, leaving no part of his body un-lathered or un-scrubbed. Mike’s task does not interest me particularly and I remain in the living room while the Rachel judges his performance after all you are still tied up and cannot go anywhere’s. It seems your plan to see Mike play with himself has backfired and now Rachel has all the pleasure to herself. After a few minutes, she comes out; sitting down beside me then starts to caress my soft cock. Rachel tells use “Mike is good and now I cannot wait to see this again.” Then she lets go of my cock.

Meanwhile you are really getting pissed and yet being tied you cannot stop any of it. You wish so much that you could have seen Mike lather and scrub his hard cock, which he agreeably did to Rachel’s amusement. You wanted to so much to see it all but now all you can do is lesson Rachel as she tells you how it was and it makes you wonder if she fucked him in the shower also.

When we finally got back to playing cards, Rachel loose, and at long last she has to remove her panties. She has pronounced tan lines, which leads me to believe that she must sunbathe topless a lot. Her pubic hair is shaved in the form of a well-manicured arrowhead pointing to her pussy. Her pussy is a bit unusual; when she sits with her legs comfortably together, her lips did not close completely and I can clearly see pink that glistened with moisture. I suspect that when she spread her legs slightly that objects can be inserted with ease. Your friend’s pussy looks incredibly wet; she, like the rest of us, is incredibly turned on. As she takes off her panties she tosses them and land on your face, which is left there for a while for no on has noticed because all eyes are looking someplace other than on you.

Each take a shot, which is when I notice the panties on your face, and as I take them off of you I notice how wet they are and how you must of be able to smell just how excited Rachel is. We agree except for you to play one last hand, with the winner being able to have anyone or all do what ever they wish and no one can refuses.

It is a very close hand with you having three of a kind (tens), which I knew it beat my two pairs aces and jack’s, Mike and his three of a kind (nines) so we are thinking you are the winner and we will pay for tying you up and shaving you as we have. Just as Mike and I are about to un-tie you so we can kiss your ass Rachel jumps in by saying, “Wait boys.” Laying her hand down we see a straight two, three, four, five, six.

You yell, “NOOOOOOOO”

But we do not hear anything else for Rachel takes her wet panties that once one on your face and pushes it in your mouth to keep you quit. Taking her bra she ties it around your head so that you cannot push the panties out.

We then hear, “Mike play with yourself over JJ’s face and cum as much as you can so you can add you’re cum with Patrick’s. I have plans for Patrick.”

Rachel assignment for me is starting great it is to give me a sponge bath. Mike and you are clearly jealous, and Rachel reminds us that we all agreed. Rachel draws about six inches of water in the tub and telling me to hop in. She starts by pouring warm water down my back and washing me with a washcloth and soap. Each time she reaches across my back her breasts rubs against my arm. The stiffer my cock becomes, the more Rachel comments on it and sees to it that her wet, slippery, swollen breasts rubs more frequently and harder against my body. My back becomes the cleanest section of skin in town.

As I am being washed Mike cums on your face for the first time landing on your noise then running down your cheeks. He tell you, “You know if Patrick thinks he can fuck Rachel which she is to be with me I am going to fuck you. After all what is fair is fair.” So Mike moves between your legs and you feel him enter your freshly shave and very wet pussy. This is the first uncircumcised cock you have ever had and find out it is not much different than a circumcised but any cock feels good right now. With the panties in your mouth you moan as you take all of Mike’s cock as he fuck’s you without thought of how you are doing.

Next Rachel tells me to move onto my knees in a prayer position. As she starts to run the soap down along my ass she comments that she seems especially concern about cleanliness of this area. She runs the soap around my butt, between my legs, up and down the crack of my ass. I love anal stimulation and lean forward to give her better access. Rachel begins to focus the lathering process on the crack of my ass, and I can feel her searching for my asshole. At first she makes her slight penetration, which seem like an accident, but when She makes a second “accident” and I let out a pleasurable moan, She knows she has the green light to proceed further. She comments that she expect nothing less than a thorough cleaning and inserts her middle finger to the first knuckle and circled it around putting outward pressure on my asshole. Then she begins darting one finger, in and out; I am in uncomfortable ecstasy.

With a slap on the butt Rachel tells me to sit back and she runs the soap around my chest, genitals, and legs with her hand. She put a warm, wet washcloth over my face and lathers up my chest to give it a thorough washing. Occasionally the washcloth drifts down to my cock, which eventually becomes the primary area of focus. As I sit there with the washcloth over my face, I am able to completely focus on the sensation of Rachel’s hand with the bar of soap making circles around my cock, and then beginning to rhythmically stroke the bar of soap up and down the shaft. Eventually she puts down the bar of soap and starts to stroke my soapy cock; slowly at first and then gradually picking up speed. I take the towel off my face and watch her _expression as she intently focuses on stroking my cock. I reach over the side of the tub, and finding that my theory is correct; it is easy to slide my fingers into Rachel’s wet, open pussy. She lets out a low, soft moan and spread her legs wider apart to enhance my penetration.

I can feel myself getting close to cumming so I hold her hand from stoking any longer and focusing on her sexual gratification. She is a very willing participant. I position her so that she has one leg in the tub and one leg on the floor with her pussy at face level. She spread her lips to reveal her clit and moves her pussy toward me. She is incredibly moist and it does not take long for her to orgasm. When she does, her whole body trembles, her legs buckle, and I have to support her to keep her from falling.

She quickly recovers and tells me it is my turn again. You pours water over my soapy cock, bring me to a standing position, then begins licking and sucking my erect cock. I having been turned on for hours, I know I will have a monstrous orgasm. Rachel is a pro; she sucks my cock so well, and gently stimulates my balls and asshole with her hands. When she gets into a rhythmic motion with her mouth, she also rhythmically strokes the base of my saliva-soaked cock with her hand. I have the most violent and pleasurable orgasm of my entire life. It feels like I cum a pint, and the sensation lasts in my cock for 30 seconds. Rachel is nonchalant about the intensity of my orgasm. When my orgasmic blackout ends she gives me a peck on the cheek, saying, “Hope I enjoyed my sponge bath.” and head out to the other room.

When we walk in to the room Mike is riding you hard. We can see his cock sliding in and out of you as also see that Mike has reached under you and has two fingers stuck in your asshole. We hear Mike say, “JJ you’re my bitch right now I can tell how you are fucking me so hard.” Mike is right for we can see that every time Mike is pushing his down stroke in you, you are pushing back trying to get as much of his cock in you as you can. The moans we hear through your gag tells us just how much you love Mike fucking you and we also can tell just how much you enjoy the two fingers berried deep in your asshole for as Mike pulls his cock out of you, you push back hard on his fingers.

You and Mike did not see us return first Rachel kisses me and then reaches down stroking my cock as we watch you two fuck. I know she is enjoying it for she keeps picking up speed, as you are being fuck. Just as Mike is starting to cum Rachel yells, “I told you to cum on her face and not her pussy.”

This makes Mike cum all the harder knowing his is caught. Rachel then ads, “Mike I know it is not your fault that you fucked JJ I know she has been bagging for it all night from you so why don’t wee teach her a lesson she will not forget for a very long time.” As she is finished with her comment she is over your face which by now you are very wide eyed not knowing what is next.

Rachel leans over and lick Mike’s cum off of your face then finishes her wish for you by saying, “Well I have taken care of Patrick.” With a laugh, “I see Mike has been taken care of.” Another laugh, “JJ Patrick took good care of me. Now only one person needs to be taken care of. (Pause) I know JJ’s pussy is shaved her eyebrows are shaved so she has no hair on her body why don’t we shave her head?”

We all laugh then I chime in “Are you sure?”

Rachel states, “Yes remember I did win the last hand and so everyone must do as I say.”

Mike grabs the scissors and starts cutting away, Rachel pulls your hair in the area Mike is cutting and once it is cut off she holds the handful of hair in front of you before throwing it away. Once all the long hair is gone and you look funny with such short hair I say, “Maybe we should leave it like this.” Then holding a mirror in front of you so you can see it you shake you head no and scream in your gag.

“Well I guess JJ wants it all gone.” I say.

But what the head shaking and screaming in the gag was “No stop let me go.” We did not know that so all we can guess is that you want it all gone.

You stop moving as you feel the shaving cream being applied to your head and we see tears forming in your eyes. The razor does not take long to do and everyone enjoys rubbing your head. Rachel even puts her pussy on your head and rubs hersel
f to an orgasm as you cry with shame.

Once Rachel finishes her orgasm I give you a kiss on the cheek and can smell Rachel so strong on you. I know you are very pissed and humiliated. I tell you, “You will sleep on the table for I am afraid of you wanting to kill me tonight.” Rachel takes Mike’s and my hand leading us to the master bedroom.

The next day, I un-tie you early in the morning. You did manage to push the gag out of your mouth. “My pet you know I better not hear any crap about this or I will cage you once we are home.” I say.

You know when I am saying “MY PET” it is coming from your Master and not your lover so you hang your now baldhead and say, “Yes Sir.”

Soon the rest come in the kitchen there is not a lot of discussion about the poker game except that we all agreed we’d never forget it, which I know you will not for sure. You and I have never discussed what transpired during the sponge bath, but I can always see every time I am fucking you, you seem to be trying to please me harder.

The end

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