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She is saucy, sexy, sassy and sure of herself. Her red hair says I am good. Too good for you pal. Her green eyes cut across the room like a laser beam cutting down every thing in her view. Julie is in charge. She is sure that everything and everyone in her sight will bend to her will. This is the 24-year-old woman who has decided to humor me with her company. I had been trying for months to get her to give herself tome but she kept putting me off. Now I had to find a way to take advantage of this first meeting. It was agreed that we would only spend tie together to get to know each other better. It would be simply an innocent few hours together. I was determined to find a way to turn this time to my advantage and to get her to submit to my domination. That was the reason I took advantage of the meeting to propose a bet after Julie proved to me her ego was greater than her knowledge of dogs.

I tell her I need to take my terrier to the dog groomer to get its hair cut. She looks at the dog and swears it cannot be a terrier. She has a terrier at home and it doesn’t look like my dog at all. I try to explain that terriers come in many variations. She agrees but tells me mine is no terrier. So, here we are with Max on his leash entering the pet roomers. Shop it is an interesting place being located next to a tattoo parlor. A surprising number of pets coming in the door, sport a tattoo to identify their owners. Jose the older Mexican tattoo artist next door didn’t really like tattooing pets but he found the money good and easy to earn. Actually, he liked working on beautiful women. I used to tease him that one day I would bring him my beautiful two-legged pet to tattoo with my sign of ownership.

Julies constant insistence that she knew dog breeds better than I did had finally led me to offer her the wager. I told he if she was right I would deed Max over to her but if she were wrong she would become my pet bitch. I told her she would have to wear a collar and leash and get a hair cut at the animal groomers’ shop. Afterwards, fitted with her collar and leash I would take her to Jose for a tattoo like Max had. Sure she was right and thinking I was only kidding she agreed. Julie was so certain that she was right that she didn’t think I had a chance of winning. The silly girl was teasing me about what I would do when she became Max’s owner. I replied that I would let her help pick out the collar and leash she would soon be wearing. Back and forth it went all the way to the shop.

So, now we are in the pet shop and I ask the owner to help me settle a bet. He agrees and I point to Max. And say, You know my dog Max don’t you He agrees that he does and I ask him what breed of dog Max is. Terrier of course he says. Anyone who knows dogs knows that. He says. Jim, the groomer, pulls out a book on terriers and there on page 27 is a picture that resembles Max.

Then, I explain the terms of the bet. Follow me he says. We go down the row and stop at the leather and metal leashes and collars. He reaches for an attractive black leather one with chromed studs. This should fit her, he says and hands it to me. Julies green eyes widen. She begins to protest. No way, Julie shouts. Well, it was your bet, I say. Reluctantly she goes along with the joke and allows me to put the collar around her neck. Looking into the mirror she comments that it looks good on her doesn’t it . I agree just as John hands me a matching leash. Without saying a word I reach up and snap it to the D ring on Julies collar. Hey! She cries, and tries to pull away but the leash holds fast and I just hand the end of the leash to John as he leads protesting and being half dragging her to a back area where the haircuts are done. In a remarkably short time he return leading Julie in tears. Look at my hair she cries. What hair I reply. Exactly! she cries again. John has made Julie a dead ringer for a hairless Chihuahua. My sense of humor being what it was I began to chuckle. That just made things worse and now the tears and wailing was drawing attention. Just an untrained pet who lost a bet, I told the onlookers. That seemed to satisfy them and they began to melt away. Their overheard comments were funny to hear about weird bets and people who make them.

It was time to visit Jose. As I led Julie, reluctant with each step she took, into the tattoo shop Jose’s bushy eyebrows rose in astonishment. What is this he said. This is my pet, Julie, I replied. Why are we here Julie asked. I am keeping a promise to an old friend, I said. What she asked. I promised to let him tattoo you, my two-legged pet, with my sign of ownership. I said. Oh, no! She said and began to make loud whining sounds. Jose you got something for that I ask. Sure, he says and tosses me a roll of duct tape. I quickly bind her hands behind her back and slap a piece over her mouth. The sounds are nicely muffled and I am beginning to like this more and more. I tape her ankles together and with a pair of scissors start to uncover potential tattoo sights as I cut away clothes in strategic places. Jose and I agree on Julie’s mound as the best place but we find it necessary to shave her bare first we remove all the pubic hair while we are working. Jose holds her legs wide open and I work carefully not wanting any unnecessary cuts in sensitive places.

You know we have a special on piercing just now. Jose says. So I agree to have her nipples, navel and clit pierced. Jose says that they usually get a release signed and I ask if he would accept my signature as the pet’s owner. He accepts. The piercing went rather fast after the tattoo was finished. Soon we were pulling into the garage as the door closed behind us. I took Julie to the basement and after removing the tape and cuffing her hands behind her back I place her into the dungeon cell to rest and recover from the day’s events. Tomorrow we start puppy training with obedience lessons. I have a hand full. Of doggy treats for rewards ready. Before leaving I make sure the food bowl has plenty of puppy chow and that the matching water bowl is full. Of course both are attached firmly to the floor so they won’t turn over from a careless pet. Good night, Julie gets a good night’s sleep. Tomorrow we have busy day. As I turn off the light and step out through the door. I hear the primordial howl of the trapped animal behind me. Julie is adjusting, I think to myself. She will be a devoted and obedient bitch soon. Yawning and ready to sleep, I can hardly wait to start obedience school in the morning

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