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She knew the routine well by now, in the 240 hours since she lost her now infamous bet, “slave Jujou” knew both Safe Words, had memorized five Command Positions, and knew without looking at the clock that Mistress Jennifer would be home in ten minutes and the routine, her slave duties, would begin immediately.

Once she showered, and gave her head and pussy their daily shaving, and changed into her “uniform”, which consisted of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs and of course the heavy studded collar, JJ would assume Position 2: kneel with arms folded behind her, shoulders back, chin up, breasts presented facing the door like an expectant pet, which of course, she had become only ten days ago (in some ways it seemed like ten years). From Position 2 slave jj would greet Mistress Jennifer as she entered the apartment, Mistress would bend close and accept a deep kiss from her kneeling slave. Making her way to the sofa was the silent signal for her slave to mix a tall stiff drink which was brought in on a serving tray. With drink in hand Mistress would recline lifting her high-heeled feet to the ottoman where her slave girl would again assume Position 2 and remove the expensive leather pumps that held Mistress’s feet captive all day. With the shoes neatly placed side by side on the floor, slave JJ’s task was to massage Mistress Jennifer’s aching bare feet then finish by giving them a thorough tongue bath.

Next, came Mistress’s bubble bath which her slave dutifully drew to just the right temperature and as the tub slowly filled, slave Jujou undressed her Mistress then led her to her bath where JJ shampooed Mistress’s hair, scrubbed her entire body soapy-clean, and finished by shaving her Mistress’s long legs and pussy. Once toweled dry by her slave, Mistress’s wet blonde hair was wrapped in a thick white towel, her slave then slipped on Mistress’s favorite high-heeled bedroom pumps. Mistress of course preferred lounging nude during evenings in.

Dinner came next prepared and served, of course, by the petite shaved slave and after the dishes were put away JJ sat at Mistress’s feet while Mistress read or watched tv from the sofa. JJ, though still a reluctant and oftentimes disobedient slave girl, was nonetheless becoming a more attentive one daily. The demerits, or marks against her – which Mistress posted in plain sight – were coming less and less frequently, particularly once Mistress Jennifer made it known that each mark AGAINST slave Jujou meant a mark ON her courtesy of either the stiff riding crop or the supple leather cat-o-nine. JJ endured the pain in silent rage but when Mistress also began adding one full day to her slave girl’s servitude for each demerit received, JJ knew she had to begin to obey her Mistress completely if she ever wanted her debt paid in full, and with her family due to arrive for a visit from Miami in early August JJ knew she was cutting it very close and had to have her debt paid before they arrived, after all how could she possibly explain…anything to her parents once they saw her shaved head and slave collar, both of which were daily reminders to JJ, and to everyone on campus, that she was now the property of her roommate, Mistress Jennifer.

By now the story of the sexy little smart-mouthed redheaded Art Major who lost a bet – which she herself had made – gotten her head shaved of every last strand of the once glorious locks that were her trademark, and…AND, was now the slave of the hot blonde roommate who kicked her ass was all over campus. There was absolutely no place to hide and JJ still had classes to attend. Needless to say Mistress forbade her slave girl from wearing anything to cover the shiny bald dome that now drew even more attention to her than the naturally curly, silky soft auburn locks that once adorned her. The first few days of attending class were horrible of course but it quickly got far worse because now whenever she walked the campus or entered a classroom people stood and applauded while taunting her with bald jokes and orders to fetch or rollover or beg. JJ was forced to take the humiliation in silence even though her face flushed red to give away her searing anger because Mistress still had that fucking videotape to hold over her! Not only did Jen record the details of the lost bet, and the actual shaving of JJ’s head and pussy, she also recorded the events of the bachelorette party where her new slave was forced to “service” all fourteen of the guests in whatever manner they wished. Of course Mistress Jennifer was only too happy to share her assortment of “toys” with the guests who arrived not knowing what sexy little party favor awaited them. What made it all the more humiliating was that Mistress Jennifer made slave jj arrange all the sex toys neatly on the dining room table while all the girls watched and laughed. Dildos, vibrators, and butt-plugs of every size shape and description displayed in full view along with a huge selection of restraining devices, gags, lubricants, blindfolds, whips and paddles. “Fuck! She has a whole fucking sex shop in that hope chest!” JJ remembered thinking, a seemingly endless supply of toys for virtually every kink and fetish imaginable with the most menacing, if not intriguing, items being the black leather hood and the strap-on dildo both of which slave JJ would soon become very acquainted with as the wine and cocktails flowed freely that night.

Over the next ten days JJ would catch herself replaying everything; the morning workout with Jen, the playful teasing that turned into a sex-wrestling match back at the apartment, Jennifer grinding her tight little ass in JJ’s face, the shaving of her head and pussy, then the bachelorette party – which had now become a secret weekly event – where JJ was the house fuck-toy for her Mistress/roommate and fourteen of their girlfriends and all of it videotaped to ensure JJ honored the bet. JJ suspected but had no proof that Jennifer sometimes replayed the tape for the enjoyment of others, particularly all of JJ’s ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, or anyone she had callously or cruelly blown off when approached for a date. One of Jen’s favorite scenes was when the party was in full exotic and erotic swing and from behind one of the girls suddenly pinned JJ’s arms behind her back while another encased her in total blackness with the leather hood. The ball gag had been removed from the hood but a strong yet feminine hand covered her mouth preventing her from crying out. Forced onto all fours – which JJ would soon come to know as Position 1 – the slave girl was displayed in the middle of a bed while the “guests” discussed what they should do next; “Make her masturbate herself!, No! Wait! Make her masturbate herself while she eats my pussy!”, “Pussy?! Make her eat out your asshole!”, “Hahaha! Hey! Can I take two turns then?”, “Where are the nipple clamps?”, “She looks like she’s been a naughty little girl, maybe we should spank her little white bottom!”, “No, I think she looks like a sexy little pony waiting for someone to ride her! Hahahah!”, “I know! I know! Let’s try the strap-on dildo! Let’s fuck her with that!”, “Yeah, that would be so fucking HOT!”, “Wait! It’s MY turn! Where’s the strap-on? No, the one with the really huge dildo, yeah that one! How do I put it on? Oh, wait, that’s how it goes. Hahaha! How do I look bitch? Hahaha! Who’s yer ‘Daddy’, whore?! Hahahah!”, “If my boyfriend had a cock like that I’d never leave the bedroom! Hahahah!”, “Should I fuck her now?!”, “Yeah! Yeah! Fuck her! Fuck her hard!”, “Fuck the little bitch like the pony slave she is!”, “Make her come! Make her come!”, “Fuck her little wet pussy! No! FUCK HER IN THE ASS! FUCK HER IN THE ASS!”.

Encased in complete darkness, all JJ could do was listen as the taunts and suggestions became more and more bizarre and frenzied. Her girlfriends sounded like a tribe of wild bare-breasted Amazons ready to sacrifice a virgin slave to whatever Gods they’d made and she, JJ, was the sacrificial virgin. Nipples erect and tingly, her pussy virtually dripping in anticipation of the “rape” to
come her body betrayed her once more as she was mounted from behind. Whoever the female rapist was had thoughtfully made sure to thoroughly lubricate JJ’s tight pink asshole before slowly inching the heavy thick phallus into her rectum. “Oooh, you’re a tight little girl aren’t you? Hahaha!”. JJ’s head snapped back with each tiny thrust until she was fully impaled by the impossibly thick rubber intruder which filled her ass completely. Softly tender hands gripped her slender hips as JJ was ridden like a wild untamed pony. Next came the vibrator which teased her overly sensitive clit before being thrust deep into her hot wet pussy. Cruel nails dug into her firm ass and JJ felt like her body was no longer her own as she struggled to maintain correct position while her pussy and asshole were being completely filled. With the chants from the girls ringing in her ears, JJ thought she might actually pass out from the tidal wave of an orgasm that was coming. The next sensation she felt was the knee-weakening feeling of both her tender nipples being sucked and nibbled from her bouncing breasts. Two more girls joined the fun sliding beneath JJ with each taking a nipple in their warm soft mouths while a third girl continued to hammer her pussy with the vibrator and still a fourth ass-fucked and spanked her. Arms shaking, hips quivering, head spinning, she was vaguely aware of her own moans and shrieks of pleasure filling the room. Someone laughed, “She sure makes a lot of noise for someone so small! Hahaha. Maybe this will shut her up”. JJ felt yet another girl climb onto the bed amid shrieks of laughter and clapping. What more could they possibly do to her now? She quickly found out how inventive and sadistic her girlfriends were when someone forced her head down and into a silky smooth and plump round ass. “C’mon baby girl, fuck Momma with that tongue. That’s it baby! Yeah, yeah, YEAH! C’mon! Harder baby, harder! Yeah” Ohhhh! Faster! Faster! C’mon you little bitch. C’mon you little bitch-whore! Fuck my pussy with your tongue! Oh! Oh! Oh! More! C’mon! Mmmmm! Now my asshole! Fuck my asshole now you little fuck-slave….oooooohhh, yeah. Yeah! Unh, unh, uuuuuunnhhhhh….Make me come, Make me come! Make me come! Make me come! Ohhhhhh fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” The other girls grew silent as they watched with amazement and envy. The only sounds now were the encouragement and moans of ecstasy coming from the girl whose pussy and asshole JJ was slurping and lapping, the moans from the two girls who suckled her, and the slapping sound from the hips and legs of the girl with the strap-on slamming into JJ’s tight round ass. Her arms had long given out as she held tight to the full hips of the girl she whose ass her face was buried deep in and she completely lost track of how many orgasms she had but she continued to come again and again and again as did the girl whose ass and pussy she continued to eat like some starved animal. Finally JJ and the girl she tongue-fucked collapsed in a heap along with the other four girls. Bathed in sweat, their taut young bodies glistened in a tangle of limps. It was nearly impossible to tell where one body ended and the other began. JJ couldn’t feel her legs anymore, she was completely spent. Murmurs of approval came from the others in the tribe who encircled the sacrificial alter as the bodies slowly untangled cooing and stroking each other. Secret whispers and soft kisses were exchanged and all the while the camera rolled.

JJ had to admit that whenever Mistress replayed that particular scene her pussy grew instantly warm and juicy and she would always try not to let Mistress know how hot that scene really made her. The now weekly “bachelorette parties” grew in number as more and more people wanted to be filmed torturing Jen’s new little house pet. In the beginning the once-a-week party was to consist of the original fourteen girls but soon word spread and dozens of people asked – begged – for an invitation. Mistress then decided additional guests beyond the original fourteen could attend by special invitation only from the Mistress herself with the total number never exceeding twenty guests. The parties were held at undisclosed hideaways whose locations were only revealed one hour before the party was to begin in order to ensure complete secrecy. Cameras and camcorders were forbidden thereby ensuring Mistress Jennifer’s videotape of the events remained the only copies, the originals of which were kept in a safe deposit box. JJ knew she would be at Mistress’s mercy for as long as those tapes, and their copies, existed.

There never seemed to be time NOT to think of her plight but the evenings in front of the television after dinner offered some respite for JJ. It was during these times that the slave plotted her escape from, and subsequent revenge of, her Mistress but getting anything past her ever vigilant Mistress was next to impossible. At night, JJ’s hands were cuffed behind her back, her feet shackled with leather restraints and a twenty-four inch section of chain, and her thick slave collar chained to the bed so any attempt to escape while Mistress slept was impossible. Sometimes during the night, Mistress would awaken from some sexy dream roll over and almost literally attack her slave while she slept ravaging her body – Mistress particularly enjoyed play-rape games whereby she would unexpectedly sneak up on her slave and pounce on her like a wild tigress.

Friday morning. The tenth day. It was also JJ’s birthday and she wondered what her Mistress had in store for her and as if she were reading her slave’s mind Mistress emerged from her morning shower, accepted the warm towel her slave held out for her and said, “Happy Birthday, my pet. I have a wonderful surprise for you tonight when I come home so I expect you to be especially immaculate for Him”. “Him?”. JJ felt her heart leap. “Who is the ‘Him’ Mistress is referring to?”. Her mind raced while she toweled off Mistress’s toned and shapely legs and ass and applied lotion all over her body. Not being allowed to speak unless spoken to, JJ knew not to ask Mistress anything about the mystery guest. She would just have to be patient.

Naturally the day went by slowly. Painfully so. It was difficult to concentrate on school work, or anything else for that matter. The daily teasing and taunting still hadn’t stopped of course but JJ’s mind was on the night and what it may bring. Finally home JJ went about the business of preparing for Mistress’s arrival; again, by now the routine was memorized and at exactly 5:40pm Mistress came through the door and just like the previous ten days Mistress bent close and accepted a deep kiss from her kneeling slave. Making her way to the sofa the well-versed slave stood to mix Mistress a tall stiff drink brought in on a serving tray. Drink in hand Mistress reclined, lifted her high-heeled feet to the ottoman as her slave girl assumed Position 2, removed Mistress’s shoes – which she neatly placed side by side on the floor – then obedient slave JJ massaged Mistress Jennifer’s aching bare feet finishing by giving them a thorough tongue bath.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

To be continued…

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