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It had started out so simple. A Trivial Pursuit game that got serious. We’d been playing against everybody at the party, and when they had all gone down to defeat, you challenged me to a game. It was tied, and there was one question left. As the evening had progressed, you’d gotten cockier and cockier until the bet was that the loser had to serve the winner for a week, no holds barred. All the questions were made up by party goers so nobody could have read the answers before the game. There were sports questions which we seemed to be about equal in, and some others that one or the other of us had the advantage in. Then it came to the last question, and whoever got this one was the winner. It was “What do the words ‘tobiano and overo’ apply to?” You got this puzzled look on your face, and decided to bluff, so you passed the question to me. What you didn’t know, was the fact that I had just been in Colorado horseback riding with a friend, and she had pointed out that very fact, so this was a sucker bet. I knew this one, and decided I would sweeten th pot some. I turned to you, and asked if there was anything you wished to up the ante with. You smiled and flipped your hair and said you’d bet everything. I turned to the judges and told them…tobiano- applies the the coloring of a paint horse…as does overo. Tobiano means colored spots on a white horse, and overo is white spots on a dark horse. The judge smiled and said “100% Correct.” I’d won the bet. You are mine, for the next week, and there is nothing I can’t make you do. Anything my heart desires from you is mine. I turned to you and asked when you wished to begin. You had been drinking some, and got all smart assed and said…”Right now, Pig” That was all I needed to hear. I told two of the women standing around you to hold you. While they held you, I pulled your clothes off. There must have been thirty or forty people at that party who were enjoying this now. Once I had all your clothes off I ordered you to crawl around the room and kiss every man and woman on the crotch…if the men wanted, they could open their flys, and if the women wanted, they could lift their dresses. By the time you’d gone around the room once. The room was shouting for more. This time, you crawled around and took each cock into your mouth, and licked each pussy as you came to it. Now, the men stood around you in a circle and began to jack off. You begged them to stop, all the time squirming around, getting wetter and wetter. As the first cock began spurting cum, you tried to cover your head to keep it from your hair. That was when I devised my ultimate payment. Once they’d finished, I “rescued” you and took you to the bathroom and had you wash your hair out good. After you finished that, I brought you back to the party, and sat you in a chair in the middle of the room. Not just an ordinary chair, this one had restraints on the arms and the legs could be bound as well. You were beginning to think that this was some sort of sexual game, as you were bound down. That is, until you saw what I had in my hand. “You’ve been shaking that huge mane of hair in everybody’s faces tonight, acting all high and mighty, and tonight, it ends.” With that I ran the clippers across the top of your skull from front to back right down to stubble. Back and forth, until you resembled Demi Moore in “GI JANE” After that, you were collared, and leashed and given to the women in the room to play with. That was when they decided the stubble look wasn’t good enough, so they took you to the bathroom and shaved the remaining stubble off. Then, you were brought back to the party and the men got their turn…to be continued

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