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It was a late Friday afternoon when I walked into the TOWN SQUARE BARBER SHOP for a hair cut at the request of my girl friend. The shop owned and operated by Sarah and Betty. I usually come in every 5 or 6 weeks, but Saturday was Cindy’s and my first anniversary of her moving in and she thought 4 weeks was long enough. So here I am. It was 15 minutes before closing time when I walked. Sarah and Betty both had customers in their chairs and I was to be the last one for the day. Sarah has tight curly brown hair just past her ear lobes. Betty has blond straight hair which grows out 2 inches every month. Sometimes its long ,and sometimes its short. When she wears short styles, she has to cut it every 2 weeks. The shorter styles always looked better on her any way. While I was waiting for my turn, Sarah was asking Betty how short she wanted her hair cut this evening. Betty said ,something off the ears this time. I suggested something like she had 6 months ago. That’s an idea she replied, but I’m burned out on side parts for now. How about if I brushed it back, said Sarah. We can try it ,replied Betty. Sarah and Betty finished their customers at the same time. Okay Jeff, pick a chair, said Betty. Why don’t you let Sarah do you now, I said. Cindy won’t be home until around seven o clock, so I’m in no big hurry. Well okay, only if your sure about this, replied Betty. Oh I’m sure, I said.

Betty got in Sarah’s chair. First Sarah leaned the chair back and washed Betty’s hair. Then she sat her up and toweled her hair. Then Sarah got a wide tooth comb to comb out her hair and proceeded to cut. Several minutes later including the blow dryer Sarah was done with Betty’s hair cut, or so she thought. The sides were just short enough ,so that when her hair is combed back, it’s off the ears. While the back was short she was still able to duck tail it . Even though the top was brushed back it still leaned over her forehead a little bit. It wasn’t the look Betty was looking for. Sarah took another inch off the top and brushed it back again. It looked better this time, but still wasn’t quite right. I suggested that the back would look better if it were given a short taper cut. Both Betty and Sarah agreed. Sarah picked up the clippers and gave a really smooth looking short taper and blended the rest of Betty’s hair cut with it. This time Betty’s hair cut really looked great on her. Betty wasn’t completely sold. The top was still too poofy for her. Sarah trimmed a little more off the top. Close but still no cigar said Betty. Sarah took off a half inch this time. You’re still close, Betty replied, I want some height not poofy like, I want the top to be a little leveled out. For some reason Sarah glanced over at me looking a little frustrated. I ran my fingers through my hair just above my scalp and said buzzzzzzzz. She agreed. She turned Betty back around facing towards me. Then she picked up the flattop comb and the turbo clippers, and proceeded to level out the top of Betty’s hair. Once Sarah made the first pass over the comb there was no turning back. Then Sarah got out a small string level and clipped a little more until the bubble was dead center. She finished blending the rest of her hair. Sarah put a paper neck towel around Betty’s neck and shaved along the hair line off the nape. Sarah next ran a little crew comb in Betty’s hair so that the top can stand straight up. She turned Betty back toward the mirror and removed the towel and cape.

Betty’s eyes got big and big smile came over her face. I should have done this a long time ago she said as she put her right hand on top of her first flattop. Me and Sarah were in complete agreement with her. Betty really did look great in a flattop. Betty got up out of the chair and said your turn Jeff. I just little nervously got in. She put the cape around me and said how does Cindy feel about flattops.

THE END ? Not just yet. Cindy went nuts over my flattop. Two and a half weeks later I went back to have it trimmed up. As I walked in Betty smiled at me, she still looked terrific. As I looked over to Sarah I stopped dead in my tracks. Sarah was sporting a flattop too. They both looked great in their new flattops. Both of their husbands also liked their looks so much they got flattops too. As I got in Betty’s chair she asked , so, when is Cindy coming in for hers?

The End.

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