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Kristin and Kathleen were best friends since the first grade. They did everything together; they had so much in common. Both having the same taste in clothes, music, and boys.

They were both 15 and getting ready for high school. This was a special time for them. Their high school was so much bigger than their grammar school and wanted to make a big impression.

Kristin had an idea to cut her long, curly, blonde hair into a nice bob and talked to Kathleen about her change. Kathleen like the idea so much she wanted to do the same to her long, thick, brunette hair. They decided to not go to their normal salon, mainly because Kristin’s aunt ran the shop and certainly would disapprove of a big change for either of the girls.

This created a problem; neither girl didn’t have the $30 to get their haircut and 1st day of school was less than a week. They went into town the next day hoping to find something cheaper. Getting late, the 2 salons they visited each wanted too much and the girls were getting anxious.

Around the corner, they noticed a barber shop. The old kind with 1 barber and 1 chair facing the window with a man in his late 50’s reading the newspaper. This was Mike’s barber shop, who was notorious for scalping his client’s unbenost to the girls.

The girls noticed a sign in the window that read” end of the summer student special $5″. Perfect they thought and walked in.

The two young pretty girls walking into a barber shop and made Mike a little confused. He asked if he could help them.

Kristin said that both her and Kathleen were interested in the special. Mike almost fell off the chair. He said he didn’t cut women’s hair and that he was closing up. The girls pleaded but the barber would not relent.

Discouraged, they both walked out sad knowing they wasted a day and school was less than a week away. However, Kristin noticed the barber opened at 8am the next day.

She woke up at 7am the next day with an idea to tease the barber a little to get her way. Kristin was blessed with early development and a body with face destined for modeling, acting, or of course getting whatever she wanted.

Kristin put on makeup, a tight shirt and short, shorts and ran out of the house, before her parents got a look at her. On the way to the barber’s, she called Kathleen from her cell phone have her meet up with Kristin at the barber. Kathleen liked the idea but was a little sleepy and rolled back over after hanging up.

Kristin arrived at Mike’s barber at exactly 8am and saw Mike opening up the shop. She walked into the barber shop and looked at Mike in the most sexiest of poses she had.

Mike asked why she was back. Kristin said she was desperate for the school special and explained her money problems. To help matters she threw in another seductive pose. Mike couldn’t believe the girl wanted the student special but admired her determination with sexy looks. He said get in the chair to her.

This was new to Kristin. A big leather chair, getting a haircut from a man, and at a barber shop. Mike threw on the cape quickly and tightened some tissue around Kristin’s neck–another new experience for Kristin. She was laughing at her appearence in the mirror until Mike said one student’s special coming up and spun her around to face the outside window.

Kristin was getting ready to tell the barber how to cut her hair when she felt the barber’s hand on her head and a loud humming noise coming towards her. The barber plowed the clippers(without a guard) right down the middle of Kristin’s head. It went so fast Kristin wasn’t sure want happened. Again another pass and Kristin’s mind was racing to understand what was going on. She was starting to shake and could not get a grasp of the situation.

Mike holding a firmer grip on Kristin’s head, said to relax and that would only take about 1-2 minutes to finish. Mike continued buzzing the top of Kristin’s head now working toward’s her left ear. This is were Mike got his reputation. He enjoyed cutting hair down to the scalp and worked very quickly so the customer didn’t have a chance to kill his enthusiam.

Kristin now was terrorized. Her hair was raining down the caped in what looked like truckloads and she had no control of this haircut. Mike was almost finished with the left side of Kristin’s head when she finally gathered strength to ask Mike how short is her hair. Mike laughed and said what hair.

Puzzled, he said back to Kristin that she was getting the student’s special and didn’t understand what she ment by how short was her hair.

Now moving to the right side, Mike continued even faster, enjoying the process. Again Kristin asked a question. She wondered what was the student’s special. Mike laughed again and said your getting it: a clippershave.

Kristin almost fainted. Mike didn’t notice. He was too busy finishing the nape of Kristin’s head. Mike was so happy; he thought with all her hair it would take almost 5 minutes to cut but today he was on and he was done in less than 2 minutes.

Mike said ok all finished and undid Kristin’s tissue before spinning her around. Kristin still paralysed with fear felt something warm being smeared around her neck and ears. Mike to hold still while he cleans up.

He was now finished and dusted her off. He spun the chair to the mirror for Kristin to see. She didn’t recognize the person looking back at her. Because of her fair completion, her head looked bald. Tears started to flow; Kristin had a no hair style with high school next week.

Mike said to Kristin that her getting a buzz took some guts and he said this was on the house because of courage. She said nothing. Kristin had no expression, she just got out of the chair, opened the door, and ran home.

About 8:30am, Kathleen woke up and cursed herself. She promised to meet Kristin at 8am. She put on a tight shirt and short shorts like Kristin told her to do. She brushed her hair and put on some make up before leaving the house.

She got to Mike’s by 9am and walked inside. Kathleen saw Mike with a customer and took a seat. Mike said hi and asked why she was back. Kathleen asked if Kristin was here earlier. Mike said she was here at 8am and gave her a studen’t special.

Kathleen smiled and said she was here for the same. Mike said ok but requested she not squirm or ask questions when in the chair. She nodded yes and sat patiently.

Mike was giving a older man a flat-top when a few more customers walked in. Kathleen was a little uncomfortable being in a barber shop alone with all these men but just sat waited her turn.

Mike finished the flat-top and said “next young lady”. Another man walked man walked in when Kathleen started to walk to the chair. Mike said to have a seat and reminded her of his request.

She jumped up on the chair and now saw behind her in mirror more customers coming in. She knew she had an audience but sat perfectly still while Mike threw on the cape and tissue.

Kathleen was now spun towards the front window like Kristin but she had 5 old men facing her. Mike asked Kathleen if she really wanted a student’s special. Kathleen nodded she and looked ahead.

She didn’t know wear to put her eyes because all the men put down their newspapers and staring at her trying to figure out why a pretty, young girl with beautiful brown hair would buzz it off.

Kathleen was the only one who didn’t know what a student’s special really was but she would learn in about 2 minutes.

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