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It all started on day when we were walking around at the zoo. I commented to my girl friend Amber that she would look really good in the hairstyle of a girl who had just walked by. It was a very short chili style. Amber just said ?that?s so short!? after all, her long hair reached mid way down her back. I could tell she was somewhat intrigued by my comment though. I continued by telling her how beautiful her neck was and how it was a shame that she kept it covered and also how most of the time she wore her hair in a ponytail anyway. Amber returned comment by telling me that she didn?t like having her hair blowing in her face.

After a week went by Amber told me she had picked a hairstyle magazine and wanted to show me a style that she liked. When Amber pulled the magazine out of her bag I was surprised to see the title ?Short Hairstyles?. Amber turned to a page a showed me a chili very similar to the one that I had pointed out to her. I asked her if she was ready to go that short and she replied that she was ready for a change. A change it would be from her current all one length mid way on her back with bangs in front to a short chili a lot of hair would be cut. I asked her if she would let me do the cutting. After much convincing Amber agreed to let me chop her hair off. Amber was very nervous about having me cut her hair but was ready to get it over with.

I got all my supplies ready including butterfly clips for pinning of the hair, a cape, a comb, my prized scissors, a clippers. Amber had gone to take a shower to wash her long hair for the last time. She came out wearing her robe with her hair dangling down. I told her to go ahead and sit in the chair I had set out on the kitchen floor. We had chosen the kitchen to make cleaning up all the fallen hair easier. A took out the cape and placed it around her neck. Amber told me that her heart was really beating, I tried to calm her fears as I was ready to begin. I began by applying some conditioner to her hair and combing her hair straight down her back. I had completed combing her hair out and pinned up all of it but across the back I had left a half-inch part. Amber?s hair was about fourteen inches long at this section. I had placed a full height floor mirror in front of Amber so that she could watch the whole process. I wanted her to see the hair being cut. It was now time that first cut, I took the part that I had left across the back and combed the first section into my fingers as I placed them no more than a half inch from her head. I reached for my scissors and looked Amber in the mirror and said ?here we go? and I cut that first section removing thirteen inches. Amber looked flushed and I as reached down to the floor where her locks had fallen she stopped me. ?Don?t pick it up. I want you to keep cutting. I want you to take it all off!? Without hesitation I began moving across that first part. I took the next section and cut and the next. That first part across the back had been shortened from its fourteen inches moments ago to its new length of less than a half inch now.

I sectioned off the next half-inch row across the back. I again combed her hair into my fingers and cut it off. I kept working at this up the back of her head. With each layer I moved up more and more length was coming off. I had just reached the top of Amber?s head when the doorbell rang. I looked at Amber and she told me to answer it. It was Amber?s friend Sue. Sue had even longer hair than Amber. Sue?s thick, curly, blond hair reached all the way to her butt. Sue came in as I was telling her that I was just in the process of giving Amber a major haircut. Amber was sitting in the chair and was excited to show Sue her new length. Sue looked at Amber sitting in the chair with her cape on and then saw the mound of long thick brunet hair that had piled up on the floor. ?Wow! There is a lot of hair on the floor!? Amber responded by saying it was past time for a change and that so far it was very liberating to have a that hair lopped off.

I still had a lot of hair to cut so I invited Sue to stay and watch the rest of the transformation. Sue pulled up a chair and she and Amber were talking. I took the section of hair just above her ear and lopped it off. A lot of length came off and I could tell that Amber was surprised at the length as it tumbled down her cape. I kept working up the side removing more length and watching it pile up on the cape. As I was cutting Amber and Sue were talking about Sue?s hair and how she often thought of a new style. Sue turned to me and asked what I would do. ?Cut it very short? I began ?I know that you have very long hair and it would be scary to cut, but I really think your hair overpowers you. You should be the focus of peoples attention not your hair.? I was really trying to get her to sit in my chair next. First though I had to continue to cut Amber hair, which was by now really piling up on her cape as I reached the top of the first side. As I moved to other side to begin removing hair I reached down to the cape and grabbed the mound of hair and placed with the other hair on the floor in a neat pile. As worked on the last section it seemed like my advice to Sue had taken some hold. Sue and Amber were actively discussing new cuts and exactly how short. After finishing up the last side I took out the clippers and cleaned up the whole cut.

Amber looked in the mirror and rubbed her hands through her hair. She turned to me and said ?I love it!?

As I began to clean up the hair, Sue and Amber went off to the living room. They were still talking about Sue?s hair. After a few minutes past, Amber called me into the room. ?Would you like to cut Sue?s hair for her?? Amber asked. ?I would be happy to.? I replied ?What have you two decided on?? Like Amber, Sue had decided it was time for a drastic change. This change would be even greater than Amber?s cut because of Sue?s waist length thick hair. The basic cut was about the same as what I had just given Amber.

Stay tuned for part 2….

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