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Till recently I was not even aware of such a thingcalled haircut fetish. I am Shweta, a 19 year old girlborn and brought up in Bombay. I fell in love withthis guy called Rahul and got married to him as soonas he got his first job as a site engineer atBangalore. Rahul is rowdy, rough and veryshort-tempered person. I remember he had fractured ahand of one of the road side romeos when he tried toact smart with me. But he is so soft with me,particularly at the most tender moments of ourtogetherness, that I cant believe he is the sameperson.

After first few days of our marriage Rahul got totally engrossed in his work. He started coming very late from his work, some times even at the midnight. But after coming home he compensated for all those missing hours. He made love to me till I begged him to stop. It was the daytime, which used to bother me. I tried all the pass time hobbies but got bored with them quickly. And then I found a friend, staying next to our building. Her name is Radhika, a final year school student having a morning shift in the school. We got friendly fairly quickly may be because there is a very less difference in our age. She spent almost all her afternoons with me. Sometimes I helped her in her studies and sometimes she helped me in my household work.

All was going well till about a fortnight back. It wasa Friday and Radhika didn?t turn up till midafternoon. I just tried to check what was she doingand found that their door was locked. It remainedlocked for three consecutive days. Something urgentmust have come up. Otherwise Radhika wouldn?t havegone without informing me.

It was a Monday morning. Last night myself and Rahul,we went for a late night movie and the lovemakingsession after coming back home prolonged quite a bit.So Rahul decided to take a day off, in fact a verymuch-needed break for him. I had just got up from thebed. Rahul was still dozing in a fully exhaustedstate. The doorbell rang. I looked at the watch. Itwas 1.00 in the afternoon. In fact it was a usual timeof Radhika?s arrival every afternoon. I eagerly openedthe door.

There she was. Standing at door. Smiling at me. And mystate of mind was just dumb struck. I stood there withmy eyebrows trying to touch the roof and my jawshanging to the floor ? completely shocked. All herbeautiful shoulder length hair was gone. Her head was clean-shaven like an egg.

She opened her mouth finally, ?Hay Shweta, whathappened to you??

?Er.. No.. Nothing. Please come in.? we came insidethe living room. She handed over the plate of sweetsshe had carried with her ?here, take this prasad?.


?Yes we had been to the temple. It happened sosuddenly that I could not tell you before going.?

Now the picture was getting little clearer. She hadgone to the temple to offer her hair. I had heardabout this custom in this part of the country.Obviously I was more than curious to know more aboutit.

Radhika had very beautiful, thick, rich, naturallycurly hair. It really needed a lot of guts to justshave it all off at a stroke. I instinctively wantedto know more about it. I took her inside and wesettled at the dining table opposite each other. I wasdying to feel the smoothness on her head. Once ortwice I also extended my hand but resisted due toshyness. I think Radhika noticed it. She smiled at me,then took my hand and slowly directed it towards herhead.

I was surprised at my own reactions to the situation.Why my heart was racing like a super fast train? Whymy nipples were so hard in spite of having had wildsex just an hour before? Why was I getting itchingsensation down there?

?Hay Shweta! Are you alright?? Radhika woke me up fromthe trance.

?Ya? Yes I am all right. I just was surprised to seeyou like this ? had you taken any vow or something?? Iasked her between the stammers.

?No it was not I. It was Mithila who took the vow. Idid it to give her moral support.?

?What?? Now I could not control my loud scream. It wasnot a surprise; it was a real shock. I knew Mithila,Radhika?s sister of my age, a tall, very fair,extremely beautiful girl having rich Pantene hair,which crossed her waistline. I also knew herpossessiveness about her hair. I saw her every Sundaymorning giving special treatment to her hair so as tomake them more beautiful. How can she even think ofcutting them? ?Did she — also — shave it — ? Imean — all of it — ?? My stammering was doublethan before.

?Of course she did. But we had a very tough time withher. You know Mithila and how much she was in lovewith her hair.? Said Radhika. Precisely that was thereason of my shock. Radhika continued ?but she was theone who took this vow two years back. What was now thepoint in making such a fuss about it.?

?Why? What happened? She didn?t want to cut it orsomething?? My curiosity was shooting high.

?Not exactly — but? Radhika started but I stoppedher abruptly.

?Don?t tell me in bits and pieces like this Radhika. Why don?t you tell me everything with all the details?We have full afternoon with us.?

Radhika looked at me mischievously and said ?O.K.Where do want me to start???Tell me everything right from the start of yourjourney to shaving your hair ? with all the details.?

?O.K.? Radhika started ?On Thursday night Mithiladeclared on the dinner table that her leave for twodays was approved by her office. Daddy took a sigh ofrelief because he was the one who was after her tofulfill her vow as soon as possible. So that he canlook out for her match after her hair grew backreasonably. We decided to take the bus starting nextmorning that would reach us there by evening. Mithilawas very upset when we went to bed. She was cryingwhen I tried to check whether she was asleep. She heldmy hand tightly and said ?I am very scared Radhika. Ican?t avoid it either. Tell me what to do.?

?Relax!? I said ?It?s a matter of a few months. Yourhair is definitely going to grow back again. I am sureit will be much thicker and prettier than now.?

?Its not I am scared about. I am scared about theprocess of cutting my hair. I have such a long hair. Iam sure that it will hurt badly when they cut it.?

?What nonsense! So many of my friends have cut theirhair there. Nobody said that it hurts.?

Suddenly Mithila reacted spontaneously. ?Why don?t youcut hair before me? It will give me courage. It willmake it easier for me to go through it.?

I had no explanation. ?I ? I don?t ? but why should I??

Mithila cut me short ?look! You only said that it ismatter of only few months. It will grow up again.Please give me a company ? please!? Looking at herface I could not dare say no to her. After all it wasfor a good cause.

We reached there on Friday evening and were scheduledto go to the temple the next morning. Mithila couldnot sleep the whole night. Myself, Dad and Mom, we alltried to console her. Dad even told her that if shedid not wish to fulfill her vow, she could postpone itfor some time. She was not ready for that either.

Looking at Mithila?s mood, going to the tonsure halland having our hair shaved was out of question. Dadarranged for a barber at our hotel room only. Thebarber came at 10.00 sharp in the morning. Mithila was practically shivering.

?Does it — Does it hurt mister?? she asked thebarber.

?Absolutely not. I will do it very carefully. Pleasedo not worry.? Answered the barber.

Mithila however did not seem to be convinced. FinallyI took the initiative and told her ?look Mithila, Iwill do it first for you. You can see on my face if ithurts. Is that alright with you?? She nodded. And that is how I was the first one to go for it. Isat on one of the hotel chairs. The barber stood infront of me and spread a small white towel on my lapinstead of any cape around my neck. He then startedwetting my hair with the water he took in his bowl. Hewas massaging the roots of my thick hair so as to makethem smooth. After all he had to prove his point toMithila that it does not hurt. He massaged my headwith water for about 15 minutes. I started enjoying itand felt relaxed. Then he took his straight edgerazor. With his left hand he bowed down my head andplaced the edge of his razor on my crown. He made hisfirst pass with S-C-R-A-C-H sound from my crowntowards nape. I could not see the expressions onMithila?s face. I wanted to tell her that ?stupidgirl, it does not hurt. It tickles.?

The barber continued to make passes on the backside ofmy head and within a very little time half of my headwas bald. All that hair he had shaved, fell on my lap.A little part of it still hung on my nape. He liftedmy head a bit so as to start his work on front side. Ilooked at Mithila and winked at her. Her serious facedid not react to it. The barber started scrapping myhair from crown to forehead. I was practicallywitnessing every bunch of my hair slowly falling in mylap ? absolutely mesmerized by the process. I closedmy eyes and started to get the feel of each pass ofhis razor scrapping my hair. He turned my face to myleft and shaved the right side of my head. I opened myeyes to see my hair falling in my lap from my sideburns.

And it was over so quickly. He removed all the hanginghair from my shoulder. Wetted my head once again andshaved it smooth. I was too eager to look at my facein the mirror but the first mission of Mithila?s headshave stopped me from doing that.

My Mom held her forearm and slowly directed hertowards the chair. Once she sat on the chair and thetowel was spread on her lap, Mom started loosening herthick plait of hair. Her hair spread on her back likepeacock feathers. The barber came forward and touchedher head with his left hand. Suddenly she startedcrying loudly.

?What ? What happened madam?? asked the barber.

?It will hurt. I know it will hurt badly.? Mithilasaid crying.

?Don?t talk rubbish Mithila. You just saw me doing it.It doesn?t hurt at all.?

?It might not have hurt you because your hair wasshort. It is definitely going to hurt me.?

?O.K. Let?s do one thing.? Dad intervened. ?We willask him to cut your hair short with scissors and thenshave it. Will that be alright??

Mithila nodded between the sobs. Dad asked the barberto do so.

The barber removed a pair of scissors from his bag. Hethen parted her hair in center at the back and broughtthem at the front side from her shoulders, so as torest them in her lap. He slowly turned Mithila?s headtowards her right with his left hand. He then dug hisscissors just below her left ear. SHNICK – – – SHNICK- – -SHNICK – – -SHNICK the sound went on till half ofher head was relieved from the length of her longtresses. A big pile of hair was accumulated in herlap. To tell you the truth, she was still lookingbeautiful in her half bobbed hair. The barber turnedher head to her left and did exactly the same with herhair at her right side. Pile of her long hairincreased in her lap. Instinctively she shook her headfrom left to right. I wanted to show her the mirror.She looked beautiful.

The barber, without wasting any more time took thebowl of water and started sprinkling it on her head.Again the sobs and tears story started with addedtrouble of shivering from Mithila. I am sure that shewas not doing it intentionally. She was reallyscared. The barber thought for a moment and thenopened his box. He removed those old styled handoperated clippers from it.

?Look here miss this is a machine. This wont hurt youat all. Please stop crying and see how smoothly I willdo my work.?

Mithila?s sobs subsided. The barber held her headtightly with his left hand and placed the clippers atthe hairline of her left temple. His fingers startedmoving and CLIK – – -CLIK – – – CLIK – – – CLIK soundfrom the clippers made a path on her head. Hair fromthat place fell on her lap. He made another pass – – -then second – – – then third. Mountain of hair wasaccumulating in her lap. Mithila seemed to be enjoyingit. She closed her eyes and followed the movements ofher head as directed by the left hand of the barber.His right hand was busy clipping her rapidly fromforehead to crown and from crown to her nape. Withinno time Mithila?s head had only subtle of uneven hair.She slowly opened her eyes. The barber was smiling ather. She returned his smile. The barber opened his boxand removed the tube of shaving cream

?Now miss. I know you are scared of razor shaving.What we can do is apply this shaving cream on yourhead and clean this mess. I am sure you wont mind it.?

Mithila smiled at him expressing her thanks. Thebarber then spread the shaving cream on her head withthe brush and slowly shaved her smooth like a baby. Hethen removed the big mountain of hair from her lap.Mithila came giggling towards me. We both touched eachothers heads and went together inside the bathroom tohave a look in the mirror.?

Radhika stopped for a while to take a breath and Icould not stop interrupting her. ?How – – – How doesshe look – – – with shaven head?? I asked Radhika. (Idon?t know what was making me so nervous.)

?Mind blowing! I have no words to explain howbeautiful she looks with that shaven head. I am sure;when she went to her office this morning all herfriends must have told her to keep this look for awhile. It really looks stunning.?

?Shweta!? It was Rahul?s voice. He was peeping fromthe bedroom door. We had just forgotten his existence.Radhika was first to react. ?Oh my God! He was thereat home. Why didn?t you tell me before?? And hurriedlyshe disappeared from there.

I wanted to get up from my chair but suddenly realizedthat I was fully wet down there. So I first decided togo to the bathroom to change. Before I could cross thebedroom door on my way to the bathroom, Rahul caughtme by arm and pushed me on to the bed. He startedsqueezing my boobs so roughly that I could not stop myscreams. Immediately he left my boobs and dug both hishands in my hair behind my ears and started strokingmy skull vigorously, as if I had no hair at all.Unknowingly, I was also reacting to him equallywildly. He removed his pajama and my God! He wasalmost one and a half times larger than usual. He wasnot in mood to notice that but I was frightened likeanything. A thought just came in my mind that he isgoing to tear me off today. Before the thought processended he was riding on me. Oh my God! I had lost allmy senses. It was paining – – – it was burning – – -but it was a beautiful feeling – – – it was sweet. Iwas moaning. I was screaming on top of my voice like Inever did before. And Rahul was pumping me with doublethe speed. Both of us climaxed together. What a climaxit was. First time in our married life of six monthswe had real sex.

I was in heaven for the next few days, because besidesthe sexual pleasure I had discovered many excitingthings from Rahul?s cabinet. Just a week away wasRahul?s birthday and a master plan took birth in myfertile brain.

It was his birthday eve. We went for a 6 to 9 movie inthe evening. Then went for dinner in one of thehottest joints in the town. I saw to it that wereached home exactly at 12 in the night. I had spentfull afternoon to decorate our bedroom. Milky whitebed sheet was spread on our large bed. Exactly at thecenter of the bed was lying his birthday gift, wrappedin a satin cloth. We entered the bedroom. I kissedhim, wished him ?Happy Birthday? and asked him to openhis gift. He was excited. Slowly he unwrapped thecloth. He could not believe it. Because the surprisegift presented to him was a dream gift to him. Therein a tray were lying all the haircutting equipmentslike scissors, clippers, razors, shaving cr?me and soon.

?How about using these gift articles right away asyour model is very anxious to see her new face in themirror my love?? I asked him.

Next moment we were in the bed caressing and kissingeach other passionately like never before.

That?s all for today.

Now the question is: Did Rahul shave Shweta?s hairthat night? If yes, ?How??Let me penetrate my imagination more. If you have any suggestions please tell me I shall be pleased to receive your comments on thestory.

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