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A Gothic Haircut Fantasy Aboard the School Bus of Death By: Junichiro LaParka ? E-mail: junichiro_laparka@yahoo.com

I have just thought of a new desire that I would like to live through. Hopefully this will inspire you, loyal and submitting servants. Well, I always had this thing for painting skulls in art school, and some of my best works were "Attila the Skull" and "Skeleton King with Tankard of Brandy," which are now no longer with me (so so Sad!!!) thanks to my former girlfriend from ten years back when I used to live in San Francisco (A total bummer. Ripped the living shit out of both the canvases).

Anyway, I have been a fetish model and porn star for nine years now with moderate success, but I still need to satisfy one of my deviant desires. It goes a little something like this (it would be a video recording) I am alone in the darkness crawling through a mound of rats, blood, and bones until some thunder flashes. The nest thing I know, I see two big-breasted girls putting on their leather lingerie and gothic makeup. Next, I start to insert into one of them as she puts her hair into pigtails. I then section out the nape as she gently pumps so that I can shave her nape with a 1/2" attachment (awesome pigtails with sassy nape, hopefully a dark redhead or with rich chestnut brown hair). Next, before I’m too aroused, the other chick asks me in a sensual manner if she can put her dick, or at least a strap-on, into my ass while I grope and lick the other chick’s new nape. I then ask the girl behind me to bite me as hard as possible with some fang inserts before the school bus that we?re on starts to accelerate. Now, the chicks start to play with some rats and put them on me by the light of some incense candles and we’re riding fast. After everybody ejaculates in near synchro (that is if the chick behind me has a real penis) we’ll get out of position and start whipping one another randomly until one of us gets caught by the other two. Next comes time for some BDSM as we prepare to shave a head after putting our victim in shackles that twist the body into a painful yoga arrangement. Then my partner would alternate between whipping and fingering the victim. Next, before the video would come to an end, we slowly reinforce and tighten the chains until we decide to also rope the victim in rough twine. With the victim in her final positions and a shaven head, we give her some pussy lip piercings that bind the pussy from opening to any unwelcome guests. After that, my assistant would engage in tickle torture and the branding of a skull on the victim’s crotch area as I bullwhip or flog her face. Finally, at the end we release our nude to semi-nude victim and fade-out as we engage in some more raunchy sex, but this time with skulls laughing and some harder metal in the background.

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