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Thoughts were swimming through my mind as I listened to my husband explain his hair fetish. Bald women? Was this what he was looking at all those times on the computer? His honesty was noteworthy and I was relieved that it was not pornography. However, the method with which we would work through this was yet unclear. We had been in counseling for 6 months and things were getting better. The problems we had were being worked through and we were communicating better than ever. I had made an effort to lose weight and he had conceded that he would resist negative comments. The issues were being worked on day by day. With the kids in school, we had committed to spending one day during each week to working on our marriage. This day had started with an honest question to my husband about his time on the Internet. It had led to this point where I was staring at women with shaved heads, who did not look all that bad.

After talking for hours, we both went to the bedroom and made love. It was a little more intense and the intimacy seemed to be growing. Afterwards the direct question I was trying to prevent being asked was asked. ?What would it take for me to shave my head?? I told him I would think about it and then write down my conditions. I knew it was something he desperately wanted, but I had a lot to risk. I am a hairstylist by trade, and I was not sure what my clients would think of a bald woman doing their hair. And how would I look? My hair had never been shorter than a chin length bob.

Weeks went by and the subject had been avoided by both of us. I was nervous that it would be a never-ending subject, however my husband had been very gracious. One day while he was at work, I got on the computer to investigate his fantasy even further and found a document. This document was a detailed fantasy of what he wanted me to do. It was pretty weird because he had detailed it so well. It seemed simple enough. We would go on vacation and stop at an old-fashioned barbershop. I would walk over to the chair and ask the barber to shave my head and then ask for a hot lather shave. The one part that puzzled me was the smoking part. Neither one of us smoked and we were both fairly health conscious. Would I have to start smoking? Did I really want to go through with this?

I printed it up and would read it frequently. Our marriage had become stale somewhat and we did need a little spice so I decided to go for it. It was only hair and it would grow back. And the smoking part may be just what I needed. I had been stressed out lately and besides, all of my co-workers smoked. I could just join them in the back for a smoke break. I first wanted to lose the weight, so I hired a personal trainer and started working out. My husband started noticing my weight loss and began encouraging me to keep it up. Within 3 months I was down to my ideal weight and was feeling great. Our sex life had improved and my energy level had increased tremendously. After three months of hard training, my next step seemed kind of strange. After feeling better and eating healthier, I bought my first pack of cigarettes. I felt kind of silly, like a teenager about to get caught when I bought them, a pack of Virginia Slims Lights. I had no idea what brand, but I had noticed these advertised specifically for women. The first time I joined my coworkers for a smoke break, they looked at me as if I had lost my mind. I awkwardly lit my first cigarette and took a drag. The taste was awful and my face must have demonstrated it because they were laughing hard! Some of them in between the laughter taught me how to inhale. It took a few weeks, but I was determined and actually started enjoying it. I actually looked forward to joining my friends for a smoke break. It was then I realized how addictive those things could be. But it was a tremendous stress reliever. The hard part had been not smoking at home. I began going for a jog at night just so I could smoke. After jogging two miles I would walk to cool down and enjoy a couple of cigarettes. The planning of the vacation was next. A trip to the beach was in order so I could tan my newly shorn head. We would drive to Florida and stop at a barbershop in Alabama, some small town. We would go on his birthday and this would be his present!

The drive through the country was nice and I had arranged the trip where we would pass through a small town. I wore a beautiful sundress with large hoop earrings. My cigarettes were in my purse. We came to the downtown area and I spotted a barbershop. I asked him to pull over for lunch at the caf? next to the shop. I walked by the barbershop and looked in. A woman barber was in there and there were only two customers. I was hoping that the woman barber would not be busy after we ate lunch. While we were waiting for our food, I told him that I had left something in the car and I would be right back. I rushed over to the shop and asked the lady if she could take me in about thirty minutes. The lady smiled after I shared what I wanted. My heart was beating fast as I went back to the caf?. Lunch arrived and we ate and asked for the check. While we were waiting for the check, I pulled out a cigarette and lit it, inhaled deeply and blew it out. The look on my husband?s face was priceless. I got up, kissed him on the cheek and told him I had a surprise for him next door. I was already sitting in the chair when he walked in. The lady asked me what she could do for me. I would love to say that the words ?shave my head? just came right out, but for the first time fear gripped me and I could not say a word. She knew what I wanted, but now even I was second-guessing. Thoughts of losing clients, my kids being made fun of because they had a bald mommy, and negative reactions from the public began swimming through my mind. Was this really what I wanted? Would my husband like it afterwards? It was at this moment the journey had begun. In a matter of seconds while sitting in that chair, my life flashed before me. I had made many sacrifices for my husband over the years, but this would be the biggest!

Looking back I had realized that he too had made some sacrifices. He had worked hard to see that I could go to Beauty College and become a hairstylist. But now I had made a huge sacrifice by starting to smoke because he wanted me to. But to be fair I really did enjoy smoking. But now, shaving my head? The moment of decision was here. No longer was it something I would one day do for him. I was sitting in a barber?s chair, facing away from a mirror with a woman named Martha about to unleash a set of Wahl clippers all over my head. It seemed like a lifetime, but all of these thoughts raced through my mind in a matter of seconds. ?Shave her bald!? I heard my husband say in a very commanding voice. It shook me out of my trance and I knew that I literally had less than 5 seconds to back out. I looked at my husband who was smiling and knew that it was time. I hurriedly pulled my earrings out and prepared myself for the shearing.

Martha pulled the guard off the clippers and positioned them at the top of my head. The clippers were turned on and then the first pass went right down the middle. The blade was cold at first but warmed up after two more passes. I started to panic and realized I needed a cigarette. I reached for my purse but it was behind me. My husband walked over grabbed the cigarettes and put one in my mouth, lighting it for me. Not a word was spoken as the woman methodically removed more hair with each stroke. I looked at him nervously, wondering how it looked. With each pass of the clippers I would take a deep drag and it felt good. The buzzing of the clippers was somewhat calming, and the first pass of the clippers felt awkward and cold but the vibration actually felt good. With each pass of the clippers on my head, it became more and more exciting. I was actually starting to enjoy it! And the chair was so comfortable!

Lost in the moment, I did not realize that the clippers had been turned off. I had closed my eyes half way through the process and had been enjoying the ride. I felt a tiny brush on top of my head and around my face. I opened my eyes and the woman started turning me towards the mirror. The first look was awkward. I looked like GI Jane. But as I stared at myself, I noticed how big my eyes were and my head was perfectly shaped. I took my hands out from underneath the cape and rubbed them on top of my head. It was stubbly but felt good, almost erotic! Martha then took the cape off and directed me to the sink for a rinse. The warm water felt good on my newly shaved scalp. After several minutes of this, the woman dried my scalp and we both walked back over to the chair. The big chair was so comfortable. The woman put a tissue around my neck and snapped the cape. This time I was facing the mirror. A very warm towel was then placed on my head. I heard a whirring noise and then the towel was taken off followed by shaving cream being applied to the head. My head was now covered in shaving cream and the woman had pulled out a straight razor. Slowly and methodically the woman shaved off what little hair was left. Working from the front to the back. I closed my eyes again enjoying the feel of the razor as it moved across my scalp. I almost lost it when Martha started shaving my nape area. What an erotic zone! Feelings of sexuality I had not had in years were now returning. I was getting wet down there! It reminded me of the one time I had short hair and my husband would come up behind me and kiss my neck! I was looking forward to that again!

I kept my eyes closed as Martha finished and wiped off the remaining shaving cream. I opened my eyes to look and feel. When I opened my eyes, I was staring at a very bald woman. No stubble, just skin. I looked incredible and it felt wonderful as I rubbed my hands over my head for the first time. It felt so soft and warm. And rubbing my head was so relaxing! Martha took some talcum powder on a brush and brushed it over my head and the outline of my face. It smelled wonderful! I could not stop feeling my head, as I was uncaped. I then stood up and walked over closer to the mirror. A new confidence had come over me as I put in my big hoop earrings. I loved the look! I noticed my husband walking towards me and I hung my chin down as he embraced me from behind. The first kiss on the neck would be one I would remember for life! He rubbed his hands over my head and whispered ?thank you? as I turned around and we embraced with a long kiss.

He paid Martha and tipped her generously, and held my hand as we walked out the door. The sun felt intense on my bare scalp as I pulled out my sunglasses and put them on. We got in our SUV and headed down the highway. The drive through the country was relaxing and I could not stop feeling my head, nor could he. I placed my hand on his leg and then noticed the bulge in his pants. This would be a night to remember.

That night at the hotel, we unpacked and I hopped in the shower. The warm water felt so good on my scalp. I was enjoying the moment when my husband joined me. We embraced passionately. After making our way to the bed and an intense love making session, we held each other for a few more minutes as he caressed my head. My baldhead, what an erotic feeling! Words cannot describe how my head felt. It was if I could reach orgasm just by caressing my head. Had I known it felt this way, I would have done it sooner! We both put on our robes afterward and walked out to the patio and sat down. I lit up a cigarette and inhaled deeply and then crawled on top of my husband for another session. The warm night air felt good as we finished up and went to sleep. The following morning the sun shined through the curtains and a new day had begun. We showered together and with tenderness and care he used a Mach 3 blade to shave me smooth. We would be going to the beach today and I had already trimmed my bikini line, however the thought of being totally hairless was so strong that I asked him to gently shave me down there. With even more care, he gently shaved me clean and I stepped out of the shower. Staring back at me was a totally hairless woman. It felt weird but somehow it seemed complete as if my journey ended here, void of any hair.

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