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It had been a long week. Leslie and Vicky and the other staff had been rushed off their feet and next week was going to be just as busy from the look of the appointment book. Still the weekend was on the horizon, which was a blessing.

"That’s it," said Leslie. "I’m going to call Dorothy and ask for some extra help next week." Leslie phoned Dorothy and quickly returned to inform Vicky that she was going to send her young niece, Kate, to help out while they were busy. Kate was a nice girl with especially lovely hair. It stretched all the way down to her waist, at least it did the last time they had seen her, which was about 18 months ago.

Leslie locked the shop up and left with Vicky. They had a boring weekend lined up, decorating!

Monday morning found the pair opening the shop bright and early as usual. Dorothy arrived at 9.30 accompanied by her niece Kate. Kate was shown which station she would be working and quickly got on with her work.

Dorothy called Leslie over to have a chat.

"Leslie, look at the state of her hair! Something needs to be done and as soon as possible!"

The pair surveyed Kate’s hair. It was indeed in need of some professional treatment and sooner rather than later. Leslie was ecstatic about the inevitable cutting!

"But what about Kate’s mother? The last time I spoke to her she thought Katie’s hair was beautiful and wouldn’t hear a word said against, it let alone cut it," Leslie quipped.

"That’s all changed now apparently, she’s been nagging her for ages to get rid of it," Dorothy lied.

"How short does she want it to be?" Leslie asked

"Oh you know, as short as possible and as soon as possible, but for god’s sake don’t mention my name in any of this or else there’ll be hell up." Dorothy smiled and left the shop.

Leslie rushed over to Vicky and told her the good news. "Apparently her mother is desperate for her to get it cut ASAP. "

"No sweat, we’ll get her sorted for her mum, won’t we." She smiled at her lover and continued with her work.

During the lunchbreak the two women colluded. The idea they finally arrived at would be to invite Kate out for a few drinks after work. She had just broken up with her boyfriend Nick 2 weeks previously so there shouldn’t be a lot to say she couldn’t go.

After lunch Vicky asked her to join them for a couple of drinks down at a local pub just a few minutes walk down the high street. Kate immediately agreed and told her that it was an excellent idea. The plan could now be put into operation.

"Get a few drinks inside her and were halfway there." Leslie could hardly contain herself.

Vicky suggested that after she had been plied with a few too many drinks they should bring her back to the salon. Considering all the equipment they would need was ready and waiting, and raring to go, it seemed like a good idea.

5.00pm soon arrived and the three of them set off for The Rose Inn. It was comfy inside and only a couple of young lads were in having a pint. They soon settled into a cosy conversation, the main topic being hair. Each one told of the most, the shortest, the longest they had cut or permed.

Leslie was sat next to Kate, she gently stroked her gorgeous blonde waves.

"My, your hair has grown even longer since I saw you last. I’m really surprised that you’ve not had it cut." Leslie continued to twist and stroke her thickness.

By this time Kate was well into her 5th double vodka, while Vicky and Leslie were only on orange juice. So what if it cost a few quid – it would be well worth the money. Vicky by now had joined the pair on the long bench-type seat. Kate felt she was fast becoming the centre of attraction, secretly she was enjoying it. Vicky also fingered her lustrous hair, it felt wonderful.

"Well, as you know Leslie I’ve had my hair long since I can remember and anyway I don’t really think it would look right on me short would it?" Kate smiled at her as the words left her mouth.

"You really should get your ends trimmed at least. You know, they certainly need it."

"Oh do you think so?" Kate felt and inspected the ends. To be honest she couldn’t disagree, it had been a long time since her last trim. "Maybe you’re right," she said bravely.

"Let’s all have another drink and we’ll go back to the salon and I’ll do it for you now if you like," Leslie replied helpfully.

"Well that’s really kind of you, Leslie. Let’s get that drink first and we’ll do it then, shall we?"

"Actually mine could do with a bit of a trim as well," added Leslie.

The new drinks were finished quickly and the three of them walked back slowly to the shop. On the way Vicky quizzed Kate about Nick, her old boyfriend. It seemed that Nick loved her long hair, perhaps this would be her downfall. Vicky smiled discreetly at Leslie who nodded in approval. They arrived back at the salon and the first thing Leslie did was to let the blinds down so they had complete privacy.

"Right, who’s first?" Leslie said, pointing to the padded barber’s chair.

"I’ll go first," enthused Vicky, always eager to feel the clippers run through her hair.

"No not this time, you can cut mine first," Leslie said in an almost commanding voice.

"OK, not a problem." Vicky fetched the cape and quickly floated it over Leslie’s torso.

Vicky walked to the shelf to pick the clippers and an assortment of guide combs up.

Leslie checked her quickly. "No, I think I would like Kate to cut it for me. Would you mind Kate, my dear?"

Kate’s head was spinning from the excess alcohol. "Yeah, that’ll be fine. No problem."

Vicky handed the clippers to Kate, who refused them, saying that they wouldn’t be needed.

"Oh they will be," Leslie told her. "I want you to get rid of all this hair for me. It’s getting far to long for my liking." Leslie stroked her fingers through her own dark curly collar-length hair and told the bemused Kate to run the clippers over her head with a no. 4 guard on.

Kate stood there and stared in the mirror at Leslie, not believing what she had just heard.

"Well come on then or else we’re going to be here all night."

Kate came back down from wherever she was and calmly started to comb out Leslie’s hair. She then took the clippers from Vicky, turned them on and placed them at her forehead. Very gently she pulled them back through to Leslie’s crown then repeated the process several times. Hair started to pile up in Leslie’s lap. Kate stopped to pick up a few of the curls from her lap, never before had she cut a woman’s hair so short. Glancing back to Leslie she continued the methodical operation in hand, speechless.

The sides were the next to go, gently riding the clippers around Leslie’s perfectly shaped ears. Finally she pushed her head slowly forwards and began to crop the neck, up to the crown. Kate was enjoying the moment, she could feel the warmth between her legs growing.

"This is really quite fun isn’t it," she found herself saying.

"I’m glad you think so. I love the feeling as well," Leslie replied.

Kate blushed uncontrollably, Leslie knew!


"No, you don’t have to explain. I can tell you’re enjoying it," Leslie interrupted

Kate slowly continued to clipper the remaining hair off.

"There that’s finished I think," Kate tried to push her feelings to one side but she continued to blush. Not thinking her first reaction after finishing was to run her fingers through Leslie’s newly shorn hair. In fact she carried on and on running and feeling, it felt incredible. She was mesmerised by it.

Leslie broke the spell, "Right, let’s get you in the chair now." Within a matter of a few seconds Leslie was ushering her into the plush chair. "Make yourself nice and comfy, that’s right, there that’s it, OK?"

Kate by now was happy to have a seat. Leslie knew that the battle was already won. Vicky gently gathered and held Kate’s knee-length hair up while Leslie put the rubber hair cape over the top of her shoulders. Then the normal cape was draped over her. Kate had hardly noticed the neck shield go on but it felt so snug against her nape she didn’t complain.

Vicky started to brush her hair. It didn’t really need it but it was feeling wonderful so Kate didn’t complain, she just relaxed and enjoyed.

Meanwhile Leslie stood beside her and started to chat about Nick, her old boyfriend. Her hand purposely fingered some stray hair that was hanging in front lying down the cape. As she did this she gently caressed Kate’s ample breast.

"My, you are a big girl now Kate. Are you enjoying this?"


"That’s it, you just relax. We’ll take care of it for you, my darling."

Kate just closed her eyes and exploded inside. She was in heaven. Leslie continued to feel the fullness of her breast. She told Kate that perhaps a new style would be good for her, be a fresh start after Nick. "All men were the same: don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t cut your hair. Why should we be told what to do – if we want to change the way we look we should do it." The conversation carried on in this vein, with Kate agreeing to this and that.

"You’re right, you know, if I want to cut my hair it’s my choice not theirs."

"That’s it. I know, we’ll give you a new look, new look, new girl," Leslie offered.

"Do you think a shorter length will suit me, Leslie, p-p-perhaps to my shoulders?" she fumbled.

"Look, you leave it all to me. I know the perfect style." Leslie lifted all of her hair up so she could see what it would look like nicely over the ears. "You see, I reckon it might suit you rather short like mine?"

Kate looked at herself in the moving mirror and thought back to the feelings she had just had only thirty minutes ago. Leslie crouched down and placed Kate’s hand once again onto her own cropped head. Kate ran her fingers over the precisely cut hair. It felt good.

"God that does feel great."

"Well?" Leslie asked, as if she needed to.

"Maybe not as short as yours though."

"We’ll see," replied Leslie

By now the hair was shining and looking beautiful, and touching the floor.

"Vicky, you hold Kate’s hand to help her through this and I’ll get on and sort her hair out for her. She’s going to look really lovely when we finish with her, it’s going to look nice and cute, don’t you think?"

Vicky smiled and agreed that it was, and moved to Kate’s side. She slipped her hand under the cape and gently grasped Katie’s hand. She clenched it tightly to help give her the confidence she needed. Slowly Vicky knelt down and moved her hand up towards Kate’s breast. The buttons on her shirt came undone easily she fumbled to release the bra. Then she moved her hand down between her legs and started gently rubbing her. Kate’s mind was racing: why was she feeling like this? God it was good.

Vicky brought Kate’s hand down to where she was working and let her carry on rubbing herself, which she did eagerly. Meanwhile Vicky returned her attention to Kate’s ripe breasts and gently caressed them.

Leslie told Kate just to relax and enjoy. She told her that the cut was now going to start.

"Do it, just do it," she moaned.

"Just you watch in the mirror, you’re going to love it," Vicky told her as she clung to her breast.

Kate opened her eyes just as Leslie turned on the clippers. The pop, buzz! jolted her slightly but not for long. She was wondering why the clippers were being used.

"Don’t worry, I know what you want. You just enjoy," Leslie smiled at her and continued. "Right let’s give you a fringe to start so you can watch yourself being shorn."

The forty-inch length was gathered together and pulled forward. She then ploughed the clippers, at eyebrow level, straight through it. Still grasping the length she lay it across Kate’s lap. Kate gasped. Vicky put her finger on Kate’s lips then kissed her tenderly. Kate closed her eyes momentarily but reopened them not wanting to miss the cut. Leslie sectioned pieces of hair and held them away from the head, then clippered them to a more manageable length, to just below the shoulders. All of the huge lengths were laid, like the first, in Kate’s lap. She just stared, not fully realising why this was happening to her, but loving it all the same.

Leslie worked slowly and methodically: hold, clip, hold, clip. The hair was piling into Kate’s lap. Within ten minutes most of the hair had been removed. Vicky got up and gathered all of the hair off Kate’s lap and put a band tightly around it. Kate couldn’t contain herself any longer and let out a long sigh and squeal.

"Obviously overcome with grief," said Leslie, smiling cruelly.

Vicky grasped the huge pony from the table and knelt down beside Kate again. Taking the hair, she gently caressed her face then Kate’s face with the hank. Kate smelt it then licked it. Vicky rubbed it gently around her face then lifted the cape and pushed it between her legs. Kate immediately grabbed it and continued to rub herself with her own freshly cropped hair. The orgasm she had was tremendous and unending, one after another, and again and again.

Leslie resumed the cut. She had already fitted a no. 2 guard to the clipper head.

Starting at the side she cut the hair around the ear, making sure it all slid down the cape into Kate’s lap. In one fell swoop her lap was filled, in more ways than one, with blonde locks. Leslie continued until the whole side was clippered down, she intended to give her a nice short crewcut. No. 2 at the sides and back and no. 4 across the top with no fringe. Leslie moved to the right side where Vicky was still working away with Kate’s beautiful breasts. Vicky quickly swapped sides, whereon she carried on attending to the duties in hand. More hair slid down to meet its maker. Kate pulled her free hand from under the cape, grabbed some hair and filled her face with it, she continued to orgasm throughout. Leslie changed the guard to a no. 4 and moved to the front. She then gently but firmly grabbed the eighteen-inch lengths high above and then ran the clippers from the forehead back to the crown. This was repeatedly done until the hair on top had been reduced to a mere fraction of what it was, dropping the resulting tangle into young Kate’s already full lap. It wasn’t until Leslie moved back to her original position that Kate saw the destruction, she came immediately again and again. She could not take her eyes from the mirror – she loved it, she hated it, she didn’t care, she was enjoying it.

Leslie asked if she liked it, she nodded her head, and moaned in ecstasy. The no. 2 guard was refitted and the work continued. More huge lengths of hair hit the floor as the neck was clippered upwards to join the stubble on top. The cut was almost complete. After some blending in, the neckline was tidied up with a no. 1 guard on, making the nape look almost bald.

Leslie stood back and admired her demolition job then she gently ran her fingers through the cropped hair. Kate didn’t want it to end and asked her to go over it again. Which of course she did. 

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