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Eve watched Colin sweep up the great piles of hair from around the two chairs and then said, “I know you were looking forward to cutting off that girl’s long hair, I saw your eyes light up as soon as you saw her.” Colin gave a rueful nod of acknowledgement, a little surprised that Eve was so aware of his feelings. “You could hardly take your eyes off her the whole time she was here.” “Yes, I did want to cut her hair but I enjoyed it almost as much watching you do it and I certainly couldn’t have given her a haircut like that.” Eve nodded and said, “It’s not that difficult, I will soon show you how to do it. You will find that a number of girls, when they realise that they must have their hair short, will ask to have it really cropped.” She gave a little smile and then added, “Also a few end up with it as well if I get carried away!”

Once again Colin marvelled at the situation that meant that the person wielding the scissors and clippers and not the person in the chair would decide the choice of haircut for each of the recruits that came into the salon. She smiled at him and said, “Anyway there is no need to worry, there will be plenty of recruits with long hair In due course and I will let you have your fair share of them”. Colin smiled his thanks and his pulses began to quicken as he heard the approach of the next batch of recruits.

Unfortunately to his great disappointment of the 10 girls that arrived for their haircuts not one had hair longer than just touching their shoulders and more than half of them had quite short hair. Nevertheless Colin enjoyed working with the clippers on several heads that gave him more experience at handling them. He did enjoy seeing Eve give one girl, who asked Eve to cut her hair really short, getting her already short hair cropped down to less than half an inch all over. When the girls left and Colin was clearing up Eve said casually, “You are getting quite proficient now with the clippers. I can see that I might be tempted soon to let you use them on me.”

Colin’s mouth dropped open in surprise and he felt a lurch of excitement at the thought of cutting Eve’s beautiful hair. “Are you seriously thinking about having your hair cut then? I thought you liked it long.” “Well yes I do but I have been thinking for a long time that I would like it buzzed again. I just can’t resist the feeling of the clippers on my scalp and it is nearly 4 years since I had it done last.” Colin gulped and said, “You mean that you have had it cropped since the first time when you joined up?” “Yes,” replied Eve, “I had a high and tight in America, it was fantastic! I think I had about 4 orgasms whilst it was being done!”

Colin felt a little uncomfortable at her frankness but started to feel aroused himself as she continued to recount her experience. “I was on holiday with a boyfriend who actually was a real fanatic about long hair. He used to spend hours brushing my hair that was a bit longer than it is now and of course I enjoyed that very much. I was in a Shopping Mall on my own one day when I passed this sort of unisex barber shop that had a very large picture in the window of a very attractive blonde girl with this superbly shaped high and tight. I stared at it for ages, walked away and then came back and knew I had to have that haircut. A large sign in the window proclaimed that no appointments were necessary so I went in and sat in the waiting area that was empty. It was quite a small salon with just two working chairs. When I looked at the two stylists working, I realised that one of them was the girl whose picture was in the window. Her hair looked even more sensational than it did in the picture and I could hardly wait to have my hair cut.

Eventually it was my turn and it was the blonde girl who beckoned me forward to her chair and I was almost panting with excitement as I sat down. My hair was just tied back in a ponytail and as she put the cape around me she lifted it clear and said, “You have lovely hair. What would you like done today?” “I want it cut exactly like yours!” The girl looked stunned and said, “Are you sure? It’s a drastic change.” “Yes, I love your haircut.” She gave a little shrug and said, “Ok, my husband will cut it for you as soon as he is done there.” In fact as she spoke her husband was removing the cape from around the youth whose hair he had been cutting and he said, “Sure I can do that cut if that’s what you want.”

Eve paused in her recounting of events as though she was reliving the experience and gave a little smile and then continued. “The blonde had freed my hair and began brushing it through and I was almost exploding knowing what I was going to experience in the next few minutes. The barber called over to his wife, “Take her long hair off for me honey, whilst I take this money.” The blonde picked up scissors and began chopping of my long hair at the nape of my neck. In the mirror I could see that the young man was watching open mouthed as my long hair was cut off and the barber grinned at him and said, “Exciting isn’t it!” The young man coloured up and then fled the shop as we all laughed at him. The barber took over as soon as my long hair had been lopped off and he must have realised how much I was looking forward to the clippers as he started off with a number 4 guard and then cut my hair closer and closer until I finished up with a wonderful haircut, just like his wife’s. I got quite friendly with them after they knew I was a hairdresser and stayed a few days and he taught me how to do the cut. Of course my boyfriend went berserk when he saw my hair and walked out after we had a blazing row but I didn’t really care as it was an experience I couldn’t miss and I am pretty sure I will be getting the urge to get it done again soon.”

She glanced at her watch and said; “I think we have time for a break now as the next batch won’t be here for about 20 minutes. Go and make a cup of tea.” As Colin moved to the back room he heard the telephone ring and Eve went to answer it. A few minutes later Eve came up to him looking serious and said, “I am afraid I have some bad news for you Colin.” She paused and said, “I am being sent another replacement. There is one of the new intake who has trained as a hairdresser and her basic training will be postponed for a couple of months until my assistant is expected to be fit. You are to report back to your unit immediately and continue your course.” Colin felt as though he had been kicked in the stomach and he almost felt like bursting into tears. Oh no! How could life be so cruel! All his dreams now shattered and he just couldn’t believe his misfortune.

Eve looked at him sympathetically and said, “I don’t want to lose you and I will talk to a few of my contacts to see if I can do anything about it. Keep in touch with me. You can come to the salon whenever you have free time and perhaps help out.” He managed to mutter his thanks to her and then vary reluctantly he turned to take off his white coat. The salon door now opened and Eve turned to attend to the newcomer. “Oh hello Sergeant, I have been told to report to you. My name is Hall.” Colin realised that this was the girl who was to destroy all his dreams and although he knew it was not her fault he felt a great deal of hatred towards her. As he looked at her though he realised that she was an extremely beautiful girl. She was older than the average recruit, tall an
d very sophisticated looking even in her uniform, and of course, he looked to see her hair. Because of the cap she was wearing it was difficult for him to see more than just that it was a gorgeous lustrous shining chestnut colour and was swept back smoothly from her face.

Eve looked at her coldly and said, “Yes, right. You are a qualified hairdresser I understand and you will be replacing my assistant here.” She indicated Colin with a nod of her head and then said, “ I need to go to the office to sort out some paperwork. Let me just see your hair, it will probably need cutting and Colin can do it whilst I am at the office.” The girl looked just a little flustered now and said, “ My hair is long Sergeant but I always wear it up and was told that was suitable at the Recruitment Office.” Eve shook her head and said, “You have been misinformed. During basic training your hair must be short and your assignment to me is only temporary and I also like my assistants to have short hair.”

Colin had listened to this conversation with growing optimism. At least he would have the consolation of doing one more cut before he left the salon and returned to his training course. Oh let her hair be really long! he inwardly prayed, at least it may be some compensation for his great disappointment earlier. Eve waved the girl into the nearby chair and motioned Colin forward and he held his breath in anticipation and hope as the girl reluctantly removed her cap. His stomach lurched with excitement as he saw that her hair was plaited and then coiled tightly against her head. It had to be very long surely to be able to do that with it. The girl swung around anxiously and said pleadingly to Eve, “Oh please Sergeant you can see my hair is neat and I will ensure it always stays tidy, let me keep it long.” “ I am sorry, there are no exceptions. Your hair must be cut short and that is an order”

Eve turned to Colin and said, “Carry on, please.” With that Eve turned away but not before giving Colin a little wink and an encouraging smile, as of course she knew how desperate he was to cut off some long hair. Colin was now left alone with the girl who was sitting white-faced in the chair and he could see that she looked near to tears. He picked up the large cape and fastened it securely around her and then he said as calmly as he could, although his heart was pounding, “Would you unfasten your hair please.” The girl reluctantly brought her hands out from under the cape and began slowly pulling the hairpins out which fastened the plait to her head. As she was doing this she said almost to herself, “I have managed to keep my hair long ever since I was a child even though at every salon I worked, some scissor happy stylist wanted to cut my hair.” She was letting the pins fall to the floor as she removed them, knowing that they would no longer be required for her hair.

Finally she pulled the silken plait away from her head and let it fall freely down over the cape and Colin watched almost in disbelief as the heavy plait unravelled and swung gently clear to almost reach the floor! It must be at least 4 feet long and he now had the opportunity to remove it! She was watching his reaction and gave a sad little smile and said, “You can see now why I am so upset at having to have my hair cut.” Colin swallowed and said, “Er yes, your hair is very long but it will be a lot easier for you to manage when it is cut.” “How short does it have to be cut?” He hesitated slightly and said, “Well it has to be clear of your collar at the back.” She gave a little gasp and said, “Oh my god.” He moved closer to her now and touched her hair for the first time and his fingers thrilled to the silken feel of the incredible hair. He knew he didn’t have a lot of time, but he wanted the opportunity to see this magnificent long hair loose although it would be very exciting to lop this wonderfully long plait off at the roots it would be unbelievably exciting to see it loose and then cut it off in large sections.. Swiftly he began unplaiting her hair and she watched him in the mirror as her hair was freed now looking resigned to losing her magnificent treasured long hair.

He could hardly contain his excitement as he worked on freeing her hair and his fingers were trembling as at last it was all loose and spread out over the cape in soft rippling waves from its plaiting. Once her hair was free she gave her head a little toss and the splendid mane of hair swung gently. He picked up a brush wanting to have the pleasure of handling the wonderful hair briefly before cutting off but with a sad smile she said, “Please can I brush it for a moment?” He handed her the brush willingly, for one of the most exciting sights in the world for him was watching a woman brush her own long beautiful hair and now he had the added thrill of knowing that in a few moments he was going to cut it off as well. The girl tenderly brushed her hair for a brief few seconds and then wordlessly handed the brush back to him and he gave her hair a few strokes before he leant forward and put the brush down and picked up scissors and comb.

As he did so his enlarged penis brushed against her elbow and he gave an involuntary gasp from the contact. She looked at him through the mirror and said softly, “I may as well try to enjoy this as well as you. Come in front of me.” Hardly believing it was happening Colin moved round and her hands came out from under the cape and swiftly pulled his throbbing member from his trousers. As she lowered her head she dragged her hair forward and said, “Now cut it.” He grasped a great tress of the silken hair and frenziedly began hacking away at it as her mouth closed over his throbbing penis. Moans came from both of them as he hacked at her hair and she sucked powerfully on his cock. He managed to cut off several great tresses from her bowed head before he could contain himself any longer and allowed himself to explode. She moved her head aside but kept hold of his penis as he ejaculated all over the cape and some of her severed tresses.

He stepped back, not knowing what to say after the most amazing experience of his life, whilst she simply raised her head and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her beautiful hair now looking dishevelled with short ends sticking out where it had been hacked away. “Come on,” she said sharply, “you have to finish cutting my hair now.” Hurriedly he straightened his clothing and stepped back behind her and tentively reached out and grasped a great lock of hair at the back of her head. He looked down at the beautiful length of hair for a brief moment and then with a great feeling of exultation he began shearing through it close to the roots. This time of course, he had much more control of himself and watched the silken strands parting with the most wonderful feeling of satisfaction and pleasure. He allowed the great lock to slip from his fingers to the floor and then quickly grasped another and began forcing the scissors through it.

The girl undergoing the traumatic experience of losing her immensely long and beautiful hair was remaining amazingly still and calm looking although Colin noticed that once or twice she swallowed hard and took deep breaths and was clearly making a great effort to control herself. He cleared the great mass of hair from the back of her head in rapid time and he felt the great carpet of hair under his feet as he moved around the chair to the side of her. As he had been cutting off the great lengths of hair from the back he had been wondering what final shape hairstyle he should give her but as he started to cut off the long lengths of hair at the side he realised that his choice was going to be very limited. When he had hac
ked off the long hair from the front of her head, in his frenzy he had chopped the hair off within half an inch of the roots! There really was no option now but to give her an all over cropping!

He cut off the long side hair a couple of inches from the roots and now the tufts of short hair on the top were fully exposed and although the girl was clearly aware of the situation she made no comment as he moved to the other side and removed the last traces of her long hair. He let the last long locks slide down over the cape and then he said a little nervously, “I am going to have to use the clippers now to get a good shape.” The girl nodded and “Yes, I realise that. Use a number 3 guard all over and then take the nape and over the ears shorter. I have often wondered how it would feel to have clippers run over my head but I never seriously thought it would ever happen.” Colin had almost forgotten that she was a hairdresser and that was why she was able to give him such explicit instructions but he was amazed that she appeared to accepting the transformation from really long hair to less than half an inch cropping so stoically.

He picked up the clippers, adjusted the guard, tilted her head forward and then began running them back from her forehead. She closed her eyes as the shorn hair tumbled down past her face and she gave soft moan and Colin could see her hand moving under the sheet. This of course excited Colin even more and he feverishly ran the clippers as fast as he could all over her head. “Oh, it feels unbelievable,” she gasped and she moaned with pleasure and moved her head compliantly into the buzzing clippers. Just as Colin had changed the head and was cutting the nape hair really close, the salon door opened and Eve returned.

She smiled as she surveyed the scene and said, “Well! That is an amazing amount of hair. That’s a great shape you have cut there Colin”. She smiled at the girl and said, “It really suits you short.” Colin stood back now satisfied with his final shaping and removed the cape from around the girl, who stood up fingering her cropped hair saying, “ That feels amazing.” Colin saw the damp patch on the chair as the girl moved away and also the stains on the cape as he placed it on the chair. Eve smiled broadly as she also noticed and said, “Well, it looks as though you both had a really enjoyable time!”

A few minutes later Colin walked sadly away from the salon back to his unit, reflecting on what might have been, and yet having the satisfaction of having experienced the most incredible time. He knew that very few persons would ever have the good fortune and opportunity to experience the [pleasures he had done. On the way back he was passed by a group of new recruits who were obviously on their way to the salon and his stomach lurched as he saw two bouncing ponytails and a heavy plait of hair that he knew would soon be chopped off. Would he ever get another opportunity he wondered? Perhaps Eve would use her influence and manage to get him transferred back. It was with this cheering thought that he continued on his way.

To be continued?

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