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Vicky and Leslie stood looking out of the window of the salon. Things were quiet. Taking full advantage of this, Leslie led Vicky to her station.

"Come on, I’ll give your hair a trim."

Vicky quickly jumped into the chair.

Although it hadn’t grown out very much since the last trim it was looking a bit messy and she would never refuse her lover’s wishes. Leslie gently stroked Vicky’s neck. Her hair had grown down to her collar – it must have been three or four inches in length. Leslie tenderly caped her victim

"What’ll it be, madam?" Leslie joked as she reached for the clippers. "I’ll just trim a few inches off for you," she said, smiling warmly.

The clippers popped into life and Leslie pushed Vicky’s head forward so that her chin touched her chest. The no. 3 guard spared very little hair ploughing ruthlessly upwards to the crown. Hair fell all around, filling the cape and floor with a fine covering of chestnut brown slithers. The sides were the next to fall. Vicky’s ears felt the cool breeze she loved. As she watched in the mirror she could tell Leslie was totally absorbed in her work. She gently stroked herself enjoying the thrill of yet another crop. Leslie changed the guard to a no.4 and dragged the clippers from front to back through the top of Vicky’s hair. More hair floated downwards into the waiting cape. Vicky pulled her hands out from under the cape to touch the remains, she was always amazed at the softness of her own hair.

"There, nearly done, I’ll just taper the back and sides in with the no 2 and you’re ready to go," Leslie quipped.

The haircut finished, the pair returned to their previous post, sat staring into the busy street.

"Look there’s that girl again. God, she’s got hair to die for," Vicky sighed.

"That’s every day this week and always at dinner times, same thing each day: walks slowly past then stops, looks as if she’s coming in then away she goes. "

The girl smiled sheepishly at the pair now drooling at her. They smiled back. With that she gingerly opened the door to the salon. They pounced. Almost in unison, a "Can we help you?" was blurted out.

"Er, yes, I want my hair cut!" With this she immediately looked at Vicky and asked if she would be able to cut it for her.

Vicky didn’t waste any time. She took her coat and then showed the young girl to the waiting chair.

"I couldn’t help noticing that you’ve had your hair cut since I last saw you, it looks really great."

"Thanks. My boss has only just done it for me actually," Vicky ran her fingers through the top. "I love it like this, it’s so easy to look after, so clean don’t you think?"

The girl was now seated in the comfortable chair. She seemed slightly on edge.

"I work in the salon further along the street. The Hair Shop, do you know it?"

"Well yes I do, but why are you here – can’t you get it cut there?" Vicky asked.

"I only started working there 4 weeks ago. I’m an apprentice, and they keep on to me about getting my hair cut and I’m completely fed up with them going on and on about it. I’m determined that they’re not going to cut it so I’ve come to you. Will you do it for me?"

"Certainly, if that’s what you want." Vicky started to brush the girl’s hair, although it didn’t really need it. It reached down to her backside and was a beautiful natural blonde with a slight wave to it. She told her that her hair was beautiful and although it would be a shame to cut it any style would suit her petite features. The girl just smiled.

"There, that’s fine. Now what style are we thinking about here?"

"Well I was thinking a bob of some sort?" the girl looked in the mirror at Vicky.

"That’s fine I suppose but they’ll probably still keep on to you just to get their hands on it. I reckon you ought to go nice and short so there won’t be any chance of that, what do you think?" Vicky was hoping for the right answer.

"You’re right of course but I’m not sure," the girl replied rather sheepishly.

"Look, you just sit and relax. Don’t worry, it’ll look fine, you’ll see."

"Well, how short then?"

"You said mine looks great so that’s a starting point. We’ll work from there, shall we?" Vicky smiled, the girl didn’t look so sure but nodded her head silently in agreement.

Vicky went over to Leslie’s station to get the clippers and guards. Leslie had been watching and listening and praised Vicky on her result.

"Right let’s get rid of the bulk. Do you want to keep any of this lot?"

The young girl offered a no and Vicky gently tied the hair at the neck with a band. She then started to slice through the hank with the large scissors in a thinning motion. Within a few minutes the ponytail fell free of her head.

"Wow, I think that’s the thickest hair I’ve ever come across!" Vicky said, smiling as she held up her prize for the girl to see.

A tear slid down the side of the girl’s face, she carefully wiped it away, hoping Vicky hadn’t noticed. Her hair now stuck out in all directions because of the thickness of it. After carefully storing the pony out of the way Vicky returned and again brushed the girl’s hair.

"As we’re going short I won’t bother to layer or thin it, I’ll just go straight in with the clippers."

Vicky didn’t wait for an answer, she just gently pushed the girl’s head forward and began to stroke the clippers up through her captive’s hair. The vibrations of the clippers sent shivers through the young client. She was afraid to look at the carnage that was now piling into her lap. The no. 3 guard left a clean pathway up through the nape. As Vicky made more and more passes the girl could feel a coldness unbeknown to her, this was her first true haircut.

Vicky was pleased with her work, she stood back for a few seconds and admired it. The girl looked in the mirror and then ran her fingers up at the back. She liked the feeling it gave her.

"Right let’s get those sides down to size, shall we?"

The girl smiled and told Vicky fine. For the first time now, as she watched, she realised the shortness of the style unfolding in front of her. The change was indeed shocking, at least none of the girls back at her shop would bother her anymore about getting it cut!

Vicky gently coaxed the hair from the sides, methodically the hair was removed. It kept flowing and flowing into the girl’s lap, so much beautiful hair. Comb clip, comb clip, more hair fell. It seemed endless, the girl was mesmerised.

After what seemed to be an age the sides were nearing completion. Vicky changed the guard to a no. 4 and without any hesitation placed them at the front of her head and slowly but purposely dragged them towards the crown of the girl’s hair. Hair piled into the already filled lap slipping down onto the floor below. The clippers were ruthless, they spared nothing. Twelve-inch lengths of blonde hair spewed everywhere. Six passes later the cut was nearly finished. Leslie watched in silence, she too was captivated by the sight. The sides were blended into the top to perfection. The guard was changed again, to a no. 1 this time, and the back and sides were tapered right in nice and tight. The haircut was finished – it was a masterpiece and the girl was totally elated riding high, as they say. Vicky went over the top a few more times to be sure all was even. When she was eventually happy with her work she brushed all the loose hair from around the neck area. On taking the cape off hair spilled to the floor. The young girl was speechless for a few minutes, then she rubbed her hands continuously though her once long hair. She loved it, she couldn’t take her hands away from it. The wetness between her legs filled her with pleasure. The girl thanked Vicky and left the salon still rubbing her once long hair. 

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