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There Helen sat in a place called the Hair Barn with a white cape wrapped tightly around her neck. Her red breast length hair that was a mass of curls due to a recent perm lay softly all around it on top. Ricardo the hairdresser was about to do something but what she didn’t know. She thought back to how she got there.

It all started a week ago when she had slept through her biology final. She had arrived 15 minutes late and was told she couldn’t take the exam. She had to see the professor Harold Hill that afternoon. She needed a passing grade in that class badly and was willing to do almost anything to get it.

Hi Readers, I am Professor Hill. Yes, Helen did come and see me the afternoon of the final exam. She had been passing the quizzes so I knew she would have passed the final exam. However, rules are rules. She made me an offer but the first thought was sex for a grade and in the modern world that is dangerous. I had a teacher friend that got burned after the girl turned the story around and lost his job with the ensuing mess. If you know what I mean.

Now, Helen has the prettiest head of red hair the color of strawberry milk. It was really pretty until she had it permmed a couple of weeks ago. Now it is a loose mass of curls.Perms are a sign of laziness to me. I decided to teach Helen another lesson about being lazy. I had been wanting to find a way to play with her soft curly hair and now I had my chance. Therefore when she came to me I asked her if she was willing to get her haircut by someone of my choosing in exchange for a passing grade of "A". She agreed instantly and I told her to go see Ricardo at the Hair Barn. Tell him that I sent her there for the A plus haircut. She had to have it done before I turned in the final grades next week. So, there Helen sat waiting for Ricardo to do his thing. Ricardo spoke" So Professor Hill sent you and I see you have recently permmed your hair. That is a sign of laziness and that laziness caused you to miss your exam. I shall teach you a lesson today about being and acting lazy. Let the Lesson begin!!"

Helen got a really sick feeling in her stomach and when she heard the sound of clippers being turned on and placed at the nape of her neck she screamed out. " My god your going to shave my head??!" Ricardo replied " No dear I’m going to give you a short haircut like that of a French Poodle fresh from a grooming" You will have a short curly top as a reminder of your laziness. You will only have to shampoo and dry it to go to class. Now, tip your head forward and be still and quiet!"

Helen put her head down on her chest and felt the cold clippers at the base of her neck come to life. Buzzzz, Buzzzzz. Buzzzz. Ricardo without mercy drove them from the base of her neck to her forehead. He repeated the process and again her head felt the coolness of the air. She looked down and closed her eyes. Her lap was filling up with a pile of long curly tresses. The higher they piled the lighter her head felt. Ricardo would stop every so often and put them in a brown bag. She closed her tearful eyes. Ricardo was treating her like a sheep being sheared in the springtime. He went over and over from all angles and then took the guard off and shaved the bottom portion of her neck.

It only took a few long agonizing minutes. Ricardo spoke" Ok, Helen I’m done with you. It will take a few days for you to get use to your new haircut. Take this bag of your hair over to Professor Hill and he will change your grade.I hope you have learned a lesson today". Helen got up from the chair and saw a curly headed boy with breast in the mirror. She was glad she hadn’t been shaved but this wasn’t much better and what a price she had paid to get a passing grade. She vowed never to be late for an exam again. She would never forget the day she got her " A plus Haircut".

The End

Happy Haircuts…. Mr. Snips.

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