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Once in a while I visit "La Grande Maison". An old mansion outside town, where girls offer their services to men. Over the years I have met quite a few of them. With some of the girls I dared to discuss my hair fetish. That is, my fantasy about having my hair cut during love making and being seduced by a woman to let her cut my hair short, very short …. This all taking place in a very erotic setting.

Most of the girls I discussed this with, respected my feelings and sometimes on my request did a little bit of play-acting. Pretending to cut my hair, moving the scissors around my head and making snipping sounds. To be honest, just doing that drives me nuts! None of them however took my to the edge, sort of speak. Until the "madame" of "La grande Maison" introduced me to Jill.

Jill is a beautiful blonde, with a heavenly slender body. I guess she’s in her late twenties, but still had the body of an eighteenyearold. As she took me to her room for the first time, still on the stairs, I just knew for sure we were going to have a good time. Jill appeared to have a big sexual appetite together with a sound fantasy. Whilst kissing and caressing we talked about kinky things and I confessed my fetish to her. "Such a shame we don’t have scissors here" said Jill. "Well, just take a look in the left pocket of my jacket" I replied. She found the comb and scissors I took with me from home. In the next minutes she put up a play act, taking strands of my hair, doing fake cutting. On our way to the climax she turned really wild, snipping and snipping …….

When time was nearly up and we both caught our breath again, she said "Don’t worry, I was just pretending I didn’t cut one single hair". I reached my hand to my locks, wondering if that was true. It felt otherwise. On my way home I frequently examined my head in the mirror of my car. She indeed did not cut it for real. Strange as this may seem, this was a relieve to me.

My second visit to Jill could not ‘t match the ten out of ten points from the first one unfortunately.

OK, we had good sex. But the hair thing didn’t become a subject. I from my side trusted, or should say hoped, that Jill herself would raise the subject, knowing this turned me on so much. But no.

Six months later, the third rendez-vous with Jill would be one never, never to forget.

I called "la grande maison" a couple of days in front, making sure that Jill had room for my in het schedule. Her looks hadn’t changed much since my last visit. She had her sleek blond hair in a tight bun and was dressed all in black, high heels. As we had barely entered her room we started kissing and undressing each other. My shirt was off, my belt loose ……. her wide trousers fell to floor. As I bent down to kiss her legs and work my way up to her panties, she said "my god, your hair is so long". I agreed, it was about seven months since my last visit to the hairsalon. And I had let the barberette cut only half an inch. My hair was now touching my shoulders. "In fact it’s not just long, it’s way too long" she added. "So, if it was in your hands, what would you do with it?" I asked.

"Don’t challenge me" she said. "Cause this time I won’t be pretending". "This time your locks will vanish ….." "Not that tough a guy now …. I see, getting scared?". She laughed and kissed me in way I could hardly breathe. She ran her finger through my hair, again and again ….. and smiled at me.

"Something like two inches all over, or one inch, or maybe even better half an inch!" She said while she pulled my hair and her eyes faced mine, wide open. "Such a shame we don’t have scissors here" I said, a bit laughing and softly kissing her mouth and neck. "Maybe YOU don’t ……" she said. She reached for her handbag and took out pair of brand new scissors. "I warned you …" she said. She then pulled a lock of my hair to the front and slowly put the open scissors at the end and even more slowly closed them. Cutting about half an inch. A lock so tiny fell to the floor, I could even see it laying on the carpet. This she repeated this over and over. Each snip being accompanied by a sweet and wet kiss. A long, intense kiss and then her words came " I am beginning to like this, now let’s et into some serious action!" She made a twist of all the hair on the front of my head and placed her scissors at the beginning of the string, touching my scalp. This firm grasp she held for I think two minutes, which seemed an eternity. Looking me again straight in the eye. Then with one brisk move closing the scissors, leaving her left hand full of hair. My hair, oh my God, what was I getting myself into. No use backing out now I was thinking. My hair style was already ruined.

The next five minutes Jill was cutting my hair like mad. What was left was an uneven bunch of hair, some strands still seven inches long, some only one ore two.

I kneeled in front of her, softly took off her panties and began licking her. She let herself fall on the bed behind her, her legs still in an angle on the floor. The snipping was over, she fully enjoyed my tongue-play and firmly, then again softly, ran her fingers through my punky strands.

As I went on, I could notice she was going to a point of ecstasy. I myself was still dazzled and confused. Thus I didn’t see, feel what was coming. While her moaning became louder and louder and more intense, I suddenly felt something cold at the base of my neck. Before I could react in any way, Jill screamed "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh" reaching her high the same time pulling the switch and running a pair of clippers from my nape to the top of my head, in one big stroke. My whole body shivered. So did her’s She rose up and pulled my to her. A mass of hair fell on her now naked body. I had no idea how so much hair could be there. I touched the back of my head, at least I tried to do so, but Jill grasped my hand and prevented me from doing so. A sweet smile and a kiss, and she said "take me, like you never took anyone before…" I trusthed myself into her, we madly loved. As she suspected I was reaching my high, she raised the clippers to my forehead and in anticipation of the event she kept them there. The exact moment I lost control, she moved the clippers backwards. Meeting with the strip she just had made from behind. Totally exhausted I fell into her arms. A few minutes later gently picking me up, both standing our bodies clasped together. Finishing the job, shaving the rest of my hair until it was about an inch all over.

Thank you Jill, even if I was only dreaming this.

The End

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