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I had been really looking forward to the concert by one of my old favorite Southern Rock bands and the night of the show, my buddy and I had a few pre-show beers and a couple of shots while sitting on our bikes outside the arena. Needless to say, by the time the concert started I was feelin “jus fine”. I was in line for one more brew when I heard a girl behind me say “that is an awesome coat man” an touch me on the arm. I turned around to see and I swear my mouth probably dropped open. She was drop dead gorgeous -about five six with a great body, huge brown eyes, and a mane of the thickest black hair reaching to her waist. She held her brush in her hand, and slowly brushed her hair as I said “Well you’re pretty awesome yourself honey” as I watched, mesmerized, while this beauty continued working on her hair.

I introduced myself and then, completely unable to control myself, reached over and picking up a long lock of her hair, I brought it up to my face and breathed in the fantastic fragrance and then kissed it before letting it fall. “I just had to do that, I’m sorry but I couldn’t resist even if I tried. She smiled as she put her brush away “no problem…I’m really glad you think it’s pretty. Needless to say, we spent the next four hours rockin out together. As the band played their final encore with the arena lit by thousands of lighters, I leaned over and sliding my hands up under her hair, kissed her hot and heavy right then and there. I was so hot for her that I almost exploded. I swear we kissed through the whole damn song.

Finally the show was over and we hopped on my bike to head to my place. The feeling of this beauty snug behind me with her arms around me was turning me on something fierce! We rode on with the wind whipping our hair out behind us until we got to my place. Once inside, I had to heed nature’s calling and returned to find her sitting on the floor trying to brush out all the tangles from her hair, and not having a good time of it. “Damn what a mess, I’m about this close to cutting this all off!” “Whoa, let me help you with that baby” I took the brush from her as I handed her another beer and sat down behind her. I could see where she was so frustrated, as the wind had really tangled her hair, but I slowly worked on it with easy strokes until finally all of the snarls were gone and her hair was returned to it’s normal beauty.

I was glad to have her happy again but the thought of her hair being cut continued to boggle my mind. Deep inside, I had always had a very secret desire, a damn strong one too, to cut off the hair of a beautiful woman just like her. I know, I know . Call me strange. Call me demented or a chauvinist pig or whatever. All I know is that the thoughts began to race through my mind like a forest fire.

“You couldn’t possibly really want to cut off your long hair could you?” “I mean it’s so hot and sexy.” “Well actually hot is right”, she giggled “especially when I wear it down and I’m really kind of tired of all the work I have to put into it caring for it. I’m kinda ready to go a little shorter.” My heart began to race! I thought about keeping my big mouth shut, but decided the hell with it and the next thing I knew I was not only agreeing with her about getting it cut, but going out on a limb and asking if I could do the honors. I gotta tell you, If I had been sober I probably would never have said anything and if she had been sober she probably would have turned me down, but the combination of cold beers and a few shots and this night’s magic changed all that and the next thing I know she was sitting in a kitchen chair with a towel around her shoulders.

I fished out some scissors, a comb, and my cordless beard trimmer (for just in case it got Really kinky). Standing over her, I began to once again brush her hair ever so slowly, admiring it’s beauty. The bright fluorescent light overhead brought out the shine and again I was mesmerized by the sheer weight and length of it. I leaned over and kissed her on the top of her head and I was fascinated by how white the part of her scalp was compared to the jet black mass of hair. I decided to get a little kinky. “This may sound completely off the wall but how would you like to have me tie you to the chair to add even more craziness to this?” Again the booze must have had both of us feelin crazy as she replied “cool” and I used a couple of silk ties to tie her arms. I brushed and brushed and then combed it through enjoying that sensation. She was enjoying it too, and this could have gone on and on but it was time to get down to business.

Picking up the scissors, I used my worst fake French accent to ask her how she would like it cut. Umm I don’t know, you help me decide. I just know that I want it shorter and easier to deal with. I was even more undecided than she was. Part of me wanted her to keep it kinda long as it was so gorgeous, but the kinky part of me wanted to cut it all off. I grabbed us one more beer and another shot of whiskey (to help steady the nerves) and soon she was giggling about how if I didn’t get on with it she might have second thoughts and change her mind.

Picking up the scissors, I moved behind her. “Are you sure you want me to decide how short?” ” Yeah baby, make me look even sexier” she replied with her worst fake Marilyn Monroe accent. With that, it was balls to the wall…I slid the scissors into her hair and started cutting right at the back of her neck. Soon the floor was covered in a huge pile of hair. I kept cutting until I had cut her waist length hair all the way up to her chin. I was so excited I was about to bust my jeans. “Damn that sure is short but I guess that’s what I wanted” she said in a funny voice. ” I was actually going to take a little more off the top and sides”, as I picked up the scissors again. I was so turned on by this haircutting!

“I’m gonna make you even sexier and it’ll be a lot easier ” I grabbed a lock and snipped it off about three inches from her head. I quickly worked around her head cutting it all down to three inches. When I put down the scissors her hair now looked like a black cap. I think she was in shock because she was speechless. Finally she spoke up…”Oh my god… it’s so short. I didn’t think you were going to cut so much off! I was busy however adjusting the guard on the beard trimmer to the longest setting…I gazed down at the top of her head and clicked on the trimmer as I placed it at her forehead. “No don’t cut it anymore! It’s short enough now. It’ll be too short if you take anymore off…” I switched off the trimmer and came around to kneel down and look her right in her beautiful face. I noticed a tear beginning to form in her eye. I placed both hands on her face and kissed her with the longest, most passionate kiss that we had shared all night. ” If you let me, I’m going to make you even more sexy my love.” I looked into her eyes and waited for her reply. “If you want it shorter then go ahead baby.” I didn’t hesitate and laid the trimmer right on her forehead. I pushed it straight back over her head and down the back taking the hair down to about a quarter inch. Her snow white scalp was now clearly showing through. I made several more passes over her head until all that was left of the long black mane was a stubble. I removed the trimmer guard and this time shaved a bald swath again down the middle. I continued until all of it was gone. I went into the bathroom and returned with my razor. I spread lather over her head and slowly massaged it all over. I used my razor to shave her until she was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Then I massaged her scalp with after shave balm for what seemed like hours. It was incredible to see such a beautiful girl lose over two feet of such beautiful hair and as I stood on a literal carpet of hair massaging her scalp, she moaned about how wonderful it felt and how turned on she was. Before I released her ties, I knelt over and kissed her bare head and the more I kissed and breathed upon it, the hotter she got. When I finally cut her free, we spent all night engage
d in the most passionate, wild sex that I’ve ever had. Over and over and over we got it on as I couldn’t keep my hands or my lips or my tongue off of this beautiful creature who was truly even sexier ! As a matter of fact, when I come home to her tonight I plan to jump her again…that’s right…she moved in the next weekend and now she’s wearing a big old diamond on her left finger…Down here in the South we have an old saying “mama didn’t raise no fool” and I’m not letting this beautiful girl get away. Oh yeah…….Rock and Roll!!!!!!!

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