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Vicky had now been working in the salon for about 6 months as an apprentice hairdresser. She was really starting to enjoy her new career. At first she was only allowed to sweep, clean and shampoo the clients, but as time progressed she was assigned to work alongside Leslie and for months she was Leslie’s right-hand man. On occasions mums would bring their young sons in with them for a cut and she was able to use the clippers to give much needed crewcuts. She really enjoyed this part of the job. After her first terrifying makeover Leslie told her she could grow her hair, but not past collar length. It had grown out and was fast approaching that awkward length. That afternoon Leslie wasn’t very busy so Vicky bravely asked if she would cut it for her. Leslie swiftly pushed her into her chair and snapped the cape around her slim neck. Looking at her in the mirror Leslie asked how short. It was now Vicky’s turn to shock her.

"Number 3 all over please, oh and can you also bleach it white?"

"You got it babe," smiled Leslie. "I’ll take it down with a number 8 then bleach it, then we’ll take the rest off, OK?"

Vicky just smiled back at her reflection. The rest is history, she watched herself in the mirror as the clippers approached their target. This time the buzz of the razor didn’t scare her, it warmed her. She wanted it badly, she needed it and she wished the feeling would last forever. Her eyes followed every move not wishing to miss a thing. In an instant they were on her, her hair was once again falling everywhere. Leslie could tell she was enjoying it and told her to let herself go, enjoy. And she did. The sides were now succumbing to the well-oiled clippers, then at last the top. Hair filled her lap. She grabbed a handful and pressed it to her face.

"Right, let’s get that bleach on," Leslie said, bringing her back down with a bump.

One and a half hours later saw her seated back in the padded seat. She hardly recognized herself in the mirror, a white shock of hair sat on the top of her head. The cape snapped around her neck then Leslie searched frantically for the number 3 comb. "No good, I can’t find it," she said. "I’ve got a 2 but that’s no good."

Without thinking Vicky said, "Use the number 2 if you like."

Leslie quickly attached the comb. "You’re going to look great, babe." As she said it she ran her fingers through the white shock of hair. "Hold tight, hair we go," she smiled. She gently pushed Vicky’s head down to her chest and plunged the clippers into the neckline. She made sure all the hair found its way into Vicky’s lap. The clippers cut their path over the ears, the hair was so soft now after the bleaching process, they now made way through the hair so quickly, too quickly. By now the other girls had left, the shop had been closed for 20 minutes or so. Leslie turned off the clippers. "I’ll just go and let the blinds down or else we’ll be bothered by someone wanting a trim." She closed the blinds. "There, that’s better. Now we’ve got a bit of privacy." She returned to Vicky and stood behind her, gently touching her cropped white hair. "You look beautiful." Her hand caressed Vicky’s cheek. Leaning forward, she kissed her gently. Vicky had been wanting it to happen for such a long time now was perfect. "Right, let’s get you finished up," she said, turning the clippers back on. Hair gently slid down her face into her lap. The cut was nearing completion. The neck was tapered in shorter with a number 1 comb.

"All done," proclaimed Leslie. Vicky sat still, waiting, wanting, willing. Then it happened, hands gently caressed her newly cropped hair, Leslie sat astride her in the chair, her hands moved over her breasts. Fondling them gently they kissed, it was bound to happen, and now it had.

Vicky ran her fingers through Leslie’s collar-length hair. Looking at her she quietly said, "I think it’s time for a trim, don’t you?"

Knowingly the two swapped places. It was now time for Leslie’s makeover. Vicky snapped the cape around her neck and ran her fingers through the hair. "What number?" she asked.

"I’ll leave that up to you, my love," came the answer.

Vicky left the number 2 on. Leslie smiled. The buzz of the clippers filled the salon. She placed the clippers on Leslie’s forehead and pulled them straight back, slowly through her shining locks, they left a sensual path. Her hair fell as Vicky’s had, and slipped into her lap. Leslie watched as she was being shorn, feeling her hair falling over her face. She had an orgasm, she could not hold it in. On seeing this her barberette said sweetly, "Enjoy my love, enjoy." And she did. By now her lap was filled with gorgeous curls. The cut was nearly complete. Leslie went to get out of the chair. "It’s not finished until I say so," mocked Vicky, and pulled her back down. She tidied the back up and the cut was now well and truly finished. The clippers were shut off and Vicky took up Leslie’s previous position astride her new friend. They caressed and kissed, covering themselves with Leslie’s freshly cropped hair.

"I’m glad I made the right choice 6 months ago," she whispered into Leslie’s ear.

"Yes I’m glad you did," replied Leslie. 

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