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Allison was fed up with her long blonde hair she wanted a change. Maybe some layers, she wasn’t sure. Her hair had always been the same, but being only 14 her mum was in full control of it. At school she was teased by her mates about her hair, and not being able to have the style she wanted. This evening she would take matters into her own hands. It was the weekend and her mum was going out. If her mum wouldn’t let her get it cut she would cut it herself. That was the plan anyway.

Hillary, her mum, told Allison she wouldn’t be back till late. Perfect, Ally thought, I’ll show her. As soon as the coast was clear out came the scissors and comb and she raced upstairs to the bathroom. After placing a towel over her shoulders she combed her hair which was mid back length. Then she took hold of a few pieces from around the back and carefully snipped away, gently layering the back. Only a few strands were cut but just enough to say the hair had indeed been layered. Allison went to bed happy with her work, but at the same time hoping desperately that her mum wouldn’t notice the missing strands of hair.

In the morning unfortunately for her Hillary did notice – in fact she couldn’t fail to notice, but she did not let on to Allison. Instead she told Ally to get her coat as they were going into town. The pair walked off down the road, chatting as they went. Allison wanted to know what the rush was but her mum just told her that she had an appointment to keep. Unbeknown to Allison, Hillary had phoned her hair stylist Vicky and told her the full story. As luck would have it Vicky had a free ten o’clock appointment which was why they were now heading to the salon. Hillary had explained to Vicky that Allison was to get her hair cut short, very short, and with the clippers – like it or lump it. If they weren’t prepared to do it then she would take her daughter to the barbers close by. Vicky of course said that it wouldn’t be a problem.

When they stopped outside of the salon Allison’s mum told her that she had booked an appointment as a surprise for her as she was always going on about getting her hair cut and it did seem to be getting a bit out of control lately. Ally was a bit taken back by her mother’s change of heart but at the same time was pleased about it.

They entered the salon. Vicky had been waiting patiently for them to arrive.

"Hi there," Vicky said, quickly guiding Allison to her station. "Let me take your coat and you get comfy in the chair while I have a chat to your mum."

Vicky took Allison’s coat back to the reception area and had a quick chat to Hillary just to confirm their earlier telephone conversation.

"Yes, that’s right I want you to take it all off as short as you can. If she wants it cut she’s going to get it cut. I’ll be back in half an hour, ok?"

With "as short as possible" still ringing in her ears Vicky walked back to her station where Allison was making herself comfy in the big chair.

Vicky combed the long blonde hair down to take any knots out of it.

"My… your hair is in need of a good cut. Don’t worry, we’ll soon sort that out for you. You just relax and I’ll get started," Vicky told her.

She hadn’t noticed until now but there was no mirror at this particular station, not that she was concerned much.

"There you go, that’s the pony off," Vicky laid out Allison’s once long golden hair on her lap.


"Don’t worry your mum’s told me how you want it cut. Just relax. "

Allison was dumfounded she just sat stock still and speechless, mouth wide open.

"Right, head down please." Vicky pushed Ally’s head down to her chest and started to run the clippers up the nape of her neck right to the crown.

Allison tried to lift her head but Vicky pushed her head forward again and made another pass upwards with the clippers. The number 4 guard made a nice pathway through the blonde hair. After four more passes the hair was beginning to shape up nicely. Then the sides began to fall, hair was by now piling into Allison’s lap and overflowing onto the floor. It was looking a lot neater now. Limp hair still hung from the top of her head but not for long. Vicky placed the clippers at the front of her forehead and slowly pulled them back all the way to the crown to meet the already cropped hair at the back. Hair slithered slowly off and downwards towards the floor. Four more passes and the top was near completion. Vicky was pleased with her work, a good job well done.

The comb was quickly changed for a number 3 and the hair on top was blended down shorter. Vicky ran her fingers through the hair and continued with her work yes it was indeed a good job. Next she changed the guard to a no. 2 and blended the back and sides in nice and tight. She continued to do this until every hair had been cut, not wanting to miss one.

"Hi there Vicky." It was Allison’s mum "Oh darling, that really looks great. I’m so glad you decided to go for a nice short style."

"But mum…"

"No honestly love, it looks really super, doesn’t it Vicky?" she smiled.

"Oh look, I’ll just sit down for a bit. I can see Vicky hasn’t finished the top yet." She winked at Vicky.

Vicky picked up the clippers once more and ran the no 2 guard straight through the hair on top. "I’ll just clean it up for you Allison, nearly finished." 

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