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Ally walked along the busy sidewalk oblivious to the hustle and bustle of activity of the awakening city. As usual there was a song playing in her head and she moved her head to the beat of the latest song to fill her mind. All of a sudden she felt a thud against her body and heard someone screaming and cussing at her. She had absentmindedly knocked over an old woman, who looked like she had lived most of her life on the street. Ally helped her up and profusely apologized for her error and even helped the old woman to a dinner where she bought her a coffee and some breakfast. The old woman sized Ally up in an instant and told her that she was always day dreaming and that she did so because she always wanted what she could never have, but in her fantasy world, everyone did as she asked. The old woman looked upon Ally with kindness and spoke something that would forever change Ally’s life. “From now one what you fantasize about will come true, you only have to wish for it, and it will be granted.” Ally looked at the old woman and laughed as she thought to herself, “If you only knew how many times I had wished for that to be true.” In a blink of an eye, the old woman was gone, so fast that Ally wondered if this too had been one of her dream like fantasies. She paid the bill and went off to work wondering just what had actually happened that morning.

Ally arrived at her office to find the usual quick pace of bodies going here and there, everyone with some purposed in their steps but her. John Cage called her into his office and asked if everything was all right. She thought a moment about telling him of her encounter this morning, but after a moments reflection, decided that she would leave well enough alone for now. Satisfied that Ally was all right, John let her go to her office. Ally retreated inside her office and sat down behind her desk and began to think of all the possibilities if what the old woman had said were really true. Just imagine what she could do or become with that kind of power. Oh well, thought Ally, enough of this, it’s time to get to work. About that time the door opened up and in stepped Ling, the master of universe as far as the law practice was concerned. Ling was everything Ally was not, confident, striking, and sexually overpowering. Her exploits with her many suitors were well known in the office and somewhat legendary to all. Ally stared at Ling and admired her beauty and poise, most of all she loved her dark river of shiny hair which fell to just below her bra strap, seemingly never out of place, it constantly moved as she did, perhaps with even more confidence, if that could be possible. Ally began to daydream about what it would be like to have that type of power over men, and in Ling’s case, even women. Ally thought about her hair and what Ling would look like with various styles, and before she knew it, Ling was talking to her about her hair and her opinion about the possibility of new ways of doing it. Ally sat is shock. What was going on here? Ling barely spoke to here civilly, let alone asked her for advice on something, and surely not on something like her hair. Not Ally, the queen of the stick straight, do nothing hairstyle. But then she remembered the Old woman from earlier that morning and she began to wonder if it could possibly be true what had been spoken to her that morning. Ally decided to take a chance and began to think of Ling with her hair cascading down her back in rows of beautiful curls. No sooner had she thought of this, than Ling began to ask her what she thought of a hairstyle with lots of long, loose curls. Ally began to smile, and Ling looked at her strangely, “What is so funny about my hair in curls” asked Ling. “Oh nothing” said Ally, she thought, if you only knew.

Ally decided to test things further, she thought of Ling with a cape around her and her hair put up in sections with hair clips and Ally slowly removing some of Ling’s hair with a set of electric clippers. Ally knew that this was something Ling would never do in a million years, suddenly Ally was stopped in her train of thought by Ling, who said; “Have you every cut women’s hair before?” Ally couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Not only was ling asking her the very thing she had been thinking about, but she was doing so in a way that made it sound like Ling would actually let Ally cut her hair. Ally decided to press things further by telling Ling that yes she had cut hair before, but only with electric clippers. Ally started thinking of Ling sitting with a cape around her neck and Ally slowly going up the back of Ling’s neck with a set of electric clippers and she began to shudder with excitement. Ling began to speak hurriedly, “Oh Ally, do you think you could do my hair for me?” Ally couldn’t believe her good fortune, the old woman had been right, all she had to so was dream about it and it would come true. She handed Ling a list of things she would need and told her to meet her in her office after work tonight and she would help her with a new hairstyle, similar to what she had been thinking about. Ling happily agreed and left Ally’s office as giddy as a schoolgirl. Ally got busy finding anything on the Internet that could give her advice on how to cut hair. She even found an Asian haircutting site that had lots of interesting styles and showed each and every step of the process. So much so that Ally felt great confidence in a style she picked out for ling, she hesitated to think too long on it, for fear that Ling would burst back into her office and demand the style right away. Rather, Ally put her new found powers to use in little ways, getting a better seat at a restaurant she loved to go to for lunch, but was always so crowded that she could never enjoy the food, or by getting a cab, when everyone else stood waiting in line. Lastly she used her powers to clear her afternoon of work by getting other lawyers to take cases for her that she had no interest in being there for the clients.

Finally the afternoon wound down and as the office staff started downstairs to the bar for their usual afternoon drinks and dancing, Ally began to prepare for what was going to happen next. She had often fantasized about Ling and one time Ling had even kissed Ally to show her the raw sex appeal Ling possessed. That kiss had left an impression on Ally and now she would turn the tables and leave an impression on Ling that she soon would not forget. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of paper rustling; it was Ling with an armload of bags and parcels. She walked straight into Ally’s office and declared; “I’m ready to get started.” Ally thought to her self, “How do I begin?” She began to fantasize and as she did so she looked up to see Ling disrobing, revealing the slim, firm body that was the object of so many peoples desire. Slowly Ling began to play with her nipples until they were dark red and firmly erect. Slowly her hand slid down towards her public area, which was lush and dark with hair. Ally stopped her and ordered her into the items she had given to Ling to purchase. Ling finally finished putting on the latex and leather outfit that Ally had picked out for her, and lastly she had Ling come over and kneel in front of her as she place the leather collar and leash around her neck and then applied the starkly contrasting lipstick and eyeliner and mascara that were also on the list. The brightly red lipstick had been called “Chinese Red Dragon” and it was perfect with Ling’s dark black hair, and deep brown eyes. Ally lifted Ling’s chin and asked her if she was ready to begin. Ling answered a throaty yes, and Ally helped her to her feet and gave her a deep kiss in which they both shared openly and passionately. Ally ran her hands over Ling’s body and felt it move towards her as she did so, lingeringly slightly of her groin and buttocks before breaking away from the embrace. Ling begged her not to delay any longer and Ally took pity on her and with the leash guided her over to the chair in the center of the room. Ally unfurled the cape purchased with the other items on the shopping list and fastened it firmly around Ling’s neck. Next she began to brush her hair until it shown a brilliant blue black, like gunmetal. Ling began to moan with delight and willingly gave herself to what Ally was doing. Slowly Ally combed out sections and secured these above Ling’s ears with clips, leaving a line from about the top of Ling’s ears down. Again Ally brushed this hair over and over and finally when Ling seemed to be lulled almost into a trance, turned on the clippers with a #3 guard and began slowly, ever so slowly to raise them up from the nape of Ling’s neck to the line that demarked the part of the sectioned hair at the back of her head. Ling began to moan and as Ally slowly continued upward, Ling began to squirm in her chair and began to beg Ally to go faster. Ally took great delight in the control that she was having on Ling, and even began moving slower upwards, hoping to prolong both the intensity and ecstasy of the moment for both her and Ling. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, the first pass was complete, revealing a nice path of very short hair, running from Lings nape up to an area just above her occipital bone. Ling shivered with delight as the first pass was completed, and Ally turned her head towards her and asked Ling if she wanted more. Ling begged her to continue and Ally told her did she really know what going on meant. Ling replied that she was ready for anything; only don’t stop with the clippers. Ally continued to reduce the rest of the hair at the back of Ling’s head with the clippers and when she was done, took a talc-coated brush and brushed away any stray clippings. This made Ling shudder again and Ally knew that she was ripe for the taking. Ally removed the cape and allowed the newly shorn hair to fall over Ling’s body; this caused Ling to almost go into convulsions. Next Ally released the sectioned off hair from the top of Ling’s head and as it fell down, it covered the newly shorn nape. No one but Ally would know what had just taken place unless either they felt the back of Ling’s head or if Ling wore her hear in an updo. Ling looked at Ally somewhat confused, Ally sensing this told her “Not all at once, I want to enjoy this slowly and overtime.” Ling could only nod approvingly, she didn’t want to upset Ally in any way and have this wonderful experience stop. Ally pulled Ling closely with her leash and kissed her again, this time aggressively, pushing her tongue deep into Ling’s mouth as she ran her hand up the back of Ling’s head, feeling the newly shorn area. Ling could take it no longer and her body gave into the waves of pleasure that had been building in her all day and certainly in the last hour during this amazing haircut she just had experienced. Wave after wave of pleasure went through her and she wondered why she had never done anything like this before. Here was this woman Ling had barely recognized as a person, and now she was the one making her have the most incredible orgasm of her life. Ling knew what to do next and she set about to the task of returning the favor. Anything she could she did, all for the pleasure of Ally and the hopes of feeling those marvelous clippers again. The two of them finally feel asleep, exhausted from all their sexual exploits and experimentations with the other things that had been on Ally’s list. As Ally drifted off into exhaustion and ecstasy, she began to dream of what would come next. Only time would tell.

Day two

Ally awoke, wondering if it all had been a dream, but she was brought back into reality by the stirrings of Ling next to her. Ally then began to plan the day ahead, and she started to drift off into a dream like trance, only to have the gentle and experienced hands and tongue of Ling slowly bringing her back into reality again. Ling begged Ally to finish her haircut and only after being fully sexually satisfied did she give it another thought. She imagined a number of styles on Ling, but decided that prolonging things was not only better for Ling, but ultimately Ally as well, as Ling was getting more and more adept at pleasing her in ways she had never thought possible, and indeed had only dreamed of, then it hit Ally, her dreams were really coming true. Ling and Ally showered together and Ally gave Ling a long and sensuous shampoo, lingering ever so long over the clippered area of her nape, and this sent Ling into spasms once again. Finally after all the hot water had left the shower, they exited and Ally had Ling sit at a dressing table as set applied setting lotion and curled her hair on curlers. Then she had Ling do the same to her hair, hoping that somehow it would look full and curly and that people would be envious of it rather than the normal stares of unbelief at what her everyday hair looked like.

When the time came for the curlers to be removed, Ling’s hair of course turned out beautifully, long flowing curls down her back. But Ally of course had thin stringy hair; which barely had any wave to it at all. She thought about Nell, the beautiful blond siren of the office, whose hair was the envy of every woman there. Long and blond, falling to below her nicely curved buttocks, always styled to perfection. Whether it was a trendy and professional chignon, or French twist up do, or long loose curls, like those of a mermaid, bouncing around her as she moved through the office, causing more than one accident as two men would bump into each while staring at her and her gorgeous head of hair. “If I only had long blonde curly hair like that,” thought Ally. Suddenly she was startled by Ling telling her that should let her hair grow and maybe get a perm, that would certainly give you more body and curl. Ally thought long and hard, and decided that if Nell’s hair was what everyone envied, then it was Nell’s hair she would have, and maybe a perm to boot. She stroked the nape of Ling’s head and asked her if she was ready to the next haircut. Ling hungrily replied yes, and Ally told her of her plan to have the perfect head of hair. Ling never like the competition that Nell gave her in the man department, so she was more than glad to help with Ally’s plan, and even became wet just hearing about it. Ling would go and purchase the required supplies at the beauty store again, and the other items as dictated by Ally, and she would meet her at the office to finalize all the details.

Everyone loved Ling’s hair, but hardly said a word to Ally. “That’s all right,” Ally said under her breath, “soon I will have hair that the entire office will envy.” “What do you mean,” asked Nell, “Your poor head of hair could never be envied.” Just you wait and see thought Ally, and didn’t give it another thought, lest the cat get out of the bag before everything was in place, she did however plant the thought in Nell’s head to closely examine Ling’s hair, even going so far as to have her fantasize about feeling Ling’s long slender neck, knowing that discovering the clippered nape would raise Nell’s curiosity, and Ally knew that if Nell was anything, it was curious. Sure enough, as Ling bounced into the office in one of her skin tight leather halters and matching skirt, with just a hit of her abdomen, and the side slit up to her ass, Nell couldn’t help but go over and stroke Ling’s beautiful flowing jet black curls. As she did so her hand began to explore and finally found the nape of Ling’s neck. Nell at first was repulsed by what she felt, then an immediate wave of curiosity fell over her. What would prompt Ling to do such a thing? Nell and Ling had always been hair competitors, who could have the most flauntingly sexual style, or who could turn the most heads, either men or women. Nell kept exploring the nape area and was drawn to how wonderful it felt in her hands, and by now Ling was enjoying it as well, partly because she knew what was in store for Nell, and partly because it simply felt so good. Nell begged to see what it looked like and Ling led her into her office and closed the door. Nell had a thousand questions for ling; what made you do it? How did it feel? Does it make you feel different? All of these Ling answered with patience, knowing it was like bait to a fish, and she planned to help land the trophy for Ally. She pinned her hair up so Nell could get a really good look at the closely cropped area, and she loved feeling Nell’s hot panting breath on it as she closely examined it with both her hands and eyes. As quickly as she had put her hair up, Ling put it down again, only to hear the exasperated tone in Nell’s voice, asking to please let her see it again. Ling informed her that she would have to wait until after the office closed later and promised Nell to meet her for drinks after work in the bar. Nell pouted and begged, but seeing that it was going no where, left to return to her desk, only she couldn’t do any work, she just kept thinking about the nape of Ling’s and how good it had felt in her hands.

Ling called Ally and told her she had everything and that Nell had taken the bait and would be in the bar after work. Ally proceeded with the mundane usual chores of her day, knowing that quite a night was awaiting her and the others.

6 o’clock finally came and Ally watched as people closed down their workstations and headed out the door. She watched Nell’s office for signs of activity, and saw her peeking out from time to time, like a child on Christmas morning, awaiting her great prize. Ling finally came by Ally’s office for her final instructions and headed downstairs, with Nell close in tow. They set at the bar and had a couple of drinks as Nell further pumped Ling on the details of her new cut. Finally Ling told Nell that Ally had done it for her. Nell almost fainted, “you mean she actually is talented at something?” Ling almost hit her, but remembered the plan and stuck to it, “yes, she is talented in ways you have never imagined. I imagine, if you asked her, Ally could do something for you as well.” Nell set there slack jawed, Ally, the poster child for the hopelessly disheveled and unkept, talented with hair, how could this be possible. There certainly was no denying Ling’s new style and how well it was done, so Nell thought, what the heck, let’s have a go. Ling called up to Ally’s office and told her the news, Ally was elated, even if Ling hadn’t been so convincing, she could have planted the idea in Nell’s head, but it was so much more delicious that Nell was doing this on her own, at least she was coming up to the office on her own, where things went from there, only time would tell.

Nell and Ling entered Ally’s office and found it set up complete with full length mirror, chair and a table with all kinds of supplies. Ally stood waiting for the two women to enter and closed the door after them. “Hello Nell, I hear you are interested in my talents with hair,” said Ally. Nell stood speechless for a moment before she weekly replied yes, I am. “Good,” said Ally, “I was just about to begin on giving Ling a little touch up on her previous haircut, would you like to watch?” Nell replied a meek yes, as her mouth was dry as a cotton ball, and nothing else would come out of her throat. Ally told Ling to disrobe and Ling obeyed with hesitation. Nell stared in disbelief at the now naked Ling and the amazing power Ally seemed to have over her. Ally had ling kneel in front of the mirror as she began to brush her hair until once again it shown like gunmetal. The brilliance of the dark black hair was even greater than last night, partly due to the shampooing and conditioning of this mornings shower, and partly from the expensive setting lotion used to achieve the dramatic curly look of earlier this morning. After several minutes of brushing, little was left of the curls, perhaps only a slight wave at the bottom at best. Ling stayed motionless, breathing in short pants, anticipating what might be next. And as she hoped, once again Ally pinned up the long sections of her hair to reveal the clipper nape below and once again Ally began to run her fingers up and down this now very sensitive area, so much so that Ling’s nipples immediately became taught and a glint of moisture began to appear around the soft dark curls of her pubic hair. Ally asked her is she was ready to go further, and Ling nodded approvingly. Nell was spell bound by what was happening, and by how excited she was becoming at being a voyeur to the whole spectacle. Ally took the clippers and removed the guard, unbeknownst to Ling, and turned them and began to run them every so slowly up to the previous days line at the base of her occipital bone. Ling felt the cold blades against her skin and immediately knew how short this was going to be, and she smiled, as this had been her secret desire since last night, to be stripped to the skin of her hair. She felt the moisture between her legs growing and her body trembling with each pass. When Ally finished, only the dark stubble of what was once dark hair remained. Ally quickly brought over the old fashioned mug and soap and boar bristle brush and made a quick cup of lather and used the brush to sensuously apply the lather to Ling’s neck. My God, thought Nell, she is going to shaver her clean! And that is exactly what Ally did, she slowly removed the lather with a straight razor, and with it all evidence that there once had been black hair covering this area. Ling seemed to melt with each stroke and her body shuddered in an explosive orgasm with the final stroke of her nape. Ally scolded Ling for not waiting and told her that as her punishment, she would have to wait for more barbering. Ling begged her not to stop and agreed to be punished. With that Ally had her stand up and tied her legs to the chair, then bent her over facing the mirror and tied her hands so that she was doubled over. Ling looked so helpless in this position, a fact not lost on Nell who was almost breathless watching. With Ling in place, Ally turned to Nell and asked her if she was ready for a new hairstyle. Nell responded that she was not sure, and Ally asked again, only more forcefully. Nell replied weekly, yes, she was ready. Ling smiled as she new the fish had just swallowed the bait and soon would be reeled in and filleted. Ally ordered Nell to disrobe and dress in the red leather corset and boots and gloves that were lying on the counter. Then she helped Nell put on the brightest red lipstick available, and unbeknownst to Nell, it had a permanent dye quality to it, the more applied and the longer it was on, the longer it lasted. Once satisfied with Nell’s new look, Ally had her come over to Ling and had Nell use the clippers on Ling’s now exposed bush. Nell seemed fascinated by the clippers and handled them like they were glass forever before finally turning them on. Ally instructed her to shave Ling clean and smooth and Nell smiled wickedly as she thought how humiliating this much be for Ling. Little did she know that this was all part of an intricate fantasy on Ally’s part. Nell brought the hungry clippers to life and place them on Lings cunt lips and was met with a stream of moisture as she clippered the cunt of her adversary. Nell thought, “she is enjoying this too much.” So she began to clipper faster and with less tenderness, but this just seemed to bring Ling even more pleasure. After she was done, Ally handed her the soap, brush and razor and instructed her to clean it all up. Nell eagerly did this , shaving it twice to make sure it was smooth and clean. Ally had her rubbed some aloe vera oil all over the shaved areas to prevent any ingrown hairs and to soothe the warm flesh below. Nell explored Ling with every finger and was excited herself to feel the smooth skin of Ling’s cunt and the nape of her neck. As she was doing this, Ally was behind her brushing her hair, and it had a hypnotic quality to the motion. Nell couldn’t believe what was happening here and wondered what was next. Slowly Ally untied Ling and replaced her with Nell, albeit in a sitting position, legs spread wide open. Nell was a natural blond, perhaps a shade of two dark than the hair on her head, but natural none the less. When finally Nell was completely secured to Ally’s liking, she had Ling get dressed in her black leather bodice and boots and collar and leash and come over and sit beside her, awaiting her next whim. Ally began to speak; “Nell, your hair is the envy of this office and I have desired it as well. I have always loved you hair when it was curled, particularly when you spiral curl you hair in those long loose waves that bounce with every step.” Nell thought to herself, that certainly is one of my favorites as well, and she knew how the other women hated it when she wore here hair that way. Ally went on; “I have thought long and hard about it and I would love to have hair like yours, don’t you agree.” Nell thought about it and said, “yes, you would look great with hair like mine,” if that were possible she thought. “Good because I am going to give you a spiral perm and then give you your new haircut.” Nell thought, what would I need a perm for if I was going to get a haircut, not knowing what Ling and Ally had planned.

With Ling’s help, Ally began to section Nell’s hair using a rattail comb. She took each section and stretched it out as far away from Nell’s head as possible, then she began to roll it tightly around the plastic rods until it was tight against Nell’s head, then Ally connected the two ends of the plastic rod together and the shape resembled a circular curtain rod holder. Nell found it exciting to be receiving so much attention and was beginning to get wet from the process of having her hair wrapped in the rods, she noticed that each time her hair was pulled, and especially as it was wound tightly, she became wetter. This was not lost on Ally or Ling either. As Nell began to close her eyes and drift off, Ling brought up the cart with the various other toys and implements that Ally had requested. Ling picked up a set of clippers and turned them on and placed them at the top of Nell’s abundant bush, and with great glee, began to denude her. Ling remembered how Nell had treated her, and now the worm had turned. She moved them slowly and deliberately over Nell’s now swollen and damp outer lips, pressing the vibrating clippers onto her swollen love bud, Ally timed her pulling and rolling to coordinate with Ling’s attentions and this almost sent Nell over the edge, but Ling would remove the pressure at just the last instant, causing Nell to pant and beg for them to continue. Ling stopped after removing most of the hair and then she began to gently rub the shaving foam all over, paying close attention to Nell’s now throbbing love bud, but again she would pull away just as it seemed that Nell was about to have an orgasm. Next Ling took a straight razor and with skilled and deft hands, made quick work of the shaving and ran her hands over Nell’s now bald snatch to detect any stray hairs that had escaped her attention. Ling quickly wiped the area clean and moved up to Nell’s breasts which were jutting outward with nipples as hard as rocks. Ling rolled one nipple between her fingers and slowly sucked on it making it growing even harder than before. She pinched it firmly between her fingers, causing Nell to moan with pleasure. She kept up the pressure and the licking of the nipple and when she could bite it without Nell wincing in pain, she slipped on the taught nipple clamp; next she repeated the procedure on the other nipple. Once this was done, Ling began the process to pierce Nell’s nipples and place two gold hoops threw them, then she removed the clamps and began to suck on each nipple and roll the hoops around with her tongue. Nell was aware that something was different, but she was lost in the heady space somewhere between reality and dreamland, she was begging for her orgasm, and Ally told her to be patient and enjoy was happening, as she continued to wrap each section of her hair with great care. She winked at Ling and as she was down to the last few sections and rods, she began to pull and twist harder on these sections. This caused Nell to open her mouth and let out a small gasp, and as she did so, Ling grabbed her tongue with a set of forceps, sprayed it with something very cold and then proceeded to pierce her tongue and placed a large round stainless steel stud in the tip of her tongue. Nell was shocked at what had just happened, but also fascinated with how different her tongue felt with the large metal object in it, and the sound her mouth made as she ran her tongue over her teeth. Ally explained that Nell would learn to use this new device with great skill as she was now going to service both she and Ling. At that moment, Nell felt the bare wetness of Ling’s pussy in her face and she began to lick and suck like a condemned man. Ling enjoyed the attention and knew this was only the beginning. Ally finished winding of the Nell’s hair onto the rods, closing each one into a neat and tidy circle. Nest she began to soak each ring with a very strong cold perm solution. This particular one had been invented for women with long hair, and had extra hold and only took twenty minutes to work and no neutralizer was needed, only a quick shampoo to wash out the powerful solution. Nell was enjoying her feast on Ling so much that she hardly noticed what Ally had done. Ally motioned for Ling to move and as Ling began to prepare for the next step, Ally place the leather collar around Nell’s neck and slid the chain through the d ring in the front on the collar, down to each nipple, placing enough tension in it to slightly pull on each of Nell’s nipples. Next Ally untied Nell and rolled her over so that her ass was pointed high in the air and her face was pointed down towards Ally’s now waiting crouch. Ally looked at Nell, so helpless, lifting her face up slightly, she then pierced her right nostril with a gold stud and placed a gold loop in the left one; and this had a chain, which lead to her left ear, which soon had a hoop placed in the cartilage area. Ally then guided Nell’s eager mouth to her crouch and the feeling of the stud in Nell’s tongue and the stud in her nose brought her great pleasure as it moved freely over her women hood. Ling was pleased to see Ally enjoying herself and she guided the strap on dildo inside of herself easily, then she mounted Nell and began to pound the large business end of the strap on into Nell’s soaked pussy. Nell began to moan loudly and had never imagined anything quite like this, but none the less, she was beside herself with passion and as Ling inserted the large dildo into her ass, she explode with great pleasure and collapsed into a great heap. Ally and Ling smiled at each other and decided to give Nell a chance to recover. Ally fondled Ling’s breasts and pulled on her ponytail and asked her if she was ready for another haircut. Ling begged for her to do it now and begged to be shaved. Ally told her to be patient and the all good things come to those who wait. All took the ponytail and sliced it off at the crown, causing the hair to fall around Ling in a ragged bob, this Ally shaped into a nice inverted cut, showing off the shaved nape and long neck of ling. The bob started just below her chin and climbed upwards to the back and stopped just above the occipital area. Ally Examined her handy work and decided the look needed bangs, so she grabbed some of the hair at the front of Ling and twisted it tightly, then she sheared it off no more than a couple of inches from Ling’s scalp, just slightly longer than micro, but certainly not a full set of bangs. Ling shook her head back and forth and was amazed how light it felt and how her hair moved back and forth and continually fell back into place. Even though she desired to be bald, this new style would certainly draw lots of compliments, and she knew that Ally was taking her there one slow step at a time, building up the tension, so that when the special moment came, so would she. Ally said it was time to finish Nell and together they was Nell’s hair and unwrapped each roller. Where that had been straight hair before, now there were beautiful spiral ringlets. Each one was full of bounce and they sprung back and forth like a slinky toy. Where Nell’s hair had once fallen to below her ass, now with the curls, it was just above her waist, but each curl could be stretched out to it’s original length, but when it was let go, it snapped back into to place, springing upward almost to the back of Nell’s head before settling back down. Ally and Ling showed Nell her new look, the beautiful curls, the piercing in her nose and nipples and her shaved bush, all a far cry from the stuffy and aloof lawyer everyone knew in the office. Nell was pleased not only with what she saw, but how she felt, and she knew she had to do more to please the one who had given her this feeling. She knelt in front of Ally and began to use her new tongue and nose piercing to give her all the pleasure she could. As she did so, Ally gathered up her hair int
o a very tightly wound pony tail and reminded Nell of their earlier conversation and asked her if she really thought Ally would look good with hair like Nell’s? Nell’s answer came in the increased intensity of her licking and the exploration of her hands on Ally’s body. Ally then lowered the buzzing clippers to Nell’s head and with Ling’s help, began to shear the curly from Nell’s head. Ling held tightly onto the ponytail and watched as Ally worked her way from front to back and peeled Nell’s head like an apple, with the spiraling golden hair being the unbroken core. Finally, as Ally buzzed the last tiny piece away, Ling almost fell over as all of Nell’s newly curled hair came away from her head. Ally raised Nell’s face to hers and gave her a deep kiss and tasted both Ling and herself on her lips and enjoyed the feeling of Nell’s pierced tongue as it explored her mouth. They finally broke the embrace and Ally instructed Ling to finish the job. Ling bent Nell over at the waist and re-inserted the vibrating butt plug and dildo, and then began the process of shaving Nell’s beautiful head. When she was through, even Ling had to admire the beauty and symmetry of the now bald and pieced Nell. Nell looked into the mirror and was amazed at the now confident creature staring back at her. No more would she be know as the lawyer with the golden locks, no more would she be able to distract a judge or competing attorney with her gorgeous locks, oh they might still stare at her, but not in the same way. Now it would be up to her legal mind to win cases, and for that she would be always grateful to Ally, and maybe to Ling as well.

Just then the door flew open and in stepped the office busy body, Elaine. She began to speak; “Ally, I say your light on and thought you might want to come……What is going on?” she asked as she looked in amazement at what she saw in the room.

To be continued.

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