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Vicky was on her own this week as Leslie had to go away to Birmingham on a course. She was now left in full charge of the shop. Monday morning saw her entering the shop bright and early, arriving a full 2 hours before any of the other girls were due to arrive. Vicky made herself a cup of and decided that she would make herself busy by cleaning the windows. After this was done Vicky decided that she would give her own hair a trim with the clippers. Sitting down in the chair nearest the window she picked up the clippers and selected the no. 3 guard. She giggled to herself as this reminded her of the film GI Jane. As her hair was already short she quickly finished the job in hand and sat for a while running her hands over her handiwork. As she was sat there she turned her head slightly and noticed that she was not alone. A beautiful young Chinese girl was standing looking transfixed through the window at her. Vicky smiled at the girl, whom she guessed was aged about 19, as she did the girl spoke through the window to her. On this Vicky quickly went to the door and bade her to come in.

"Sorry I couldn’t hear that. Can I help?" Vicky smiled at her but the young girl stayed where she was.

"I didn’t mean to interrupt. I was wondering…."

"It’s ok, come on in." Vicky cut her off in mid-sentence. The girl walked slowly up and passed through the door. "That’s it. Now, what were you saying?"

"I was wondering could you cut my hair for me. I saw you in here and couldn’t help noticing you giving yourself a haircut." She blushed as she said it but Vicky realized what had happened.

"Sure, come and sit down. I’ll take your coat, there that’s it, I’ll just close the blinds and put some lights on. We don’t want to be disturbed, do we?"

The girl blushed again. Her hair was drawn tight into a high bun and there was a lot of it. Vicky opened a fresh cape and with a flick of the wrists wrapped it around the young girl’s neck. Vicky’s hand brushed the girl’s ample breast, her young client smiled bashfully.

"Your hair looks so soft. May I?" She reached out her hand and Vicky lowered her head. "Wow, I love the feel. Have you always kept your hair like this?"

"For quite a while yes. You always had yours long?" The girl nodded. "Well, what are you going for today, just a trim?"

"No, I want it like yours."

Vicky slipped her hand down to the girl’s shoulders and started to massage her neck. Slowly her hands worked their way down to the girl’s breasts. Su Ling sat and enjoyed, closing her eyes. Vicky released her hold and gently undid the neat bun. Hair spilled down to the base of the chair. It was thick, jet-black and in perfect condition. Vicky combed and then brushed the hair through, continuing for some time, completely enthralled by the shear volume of it.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

Su nodded her head. No more words were spoken.

Vicky gathered the hair together and tied it with a piece of ribbon, picked up her largest scissors and started to cut through the huge pony at the base of the neck. After what seemed like an age the tail came free and hair fell around the girl’s cheeks. Su just sat quietly watching. The next thing she heard was the buzz of the Osters and her head was forced forward to her chest. Vicky knew what she wanted and gave it to her. The clippers mowed a path up through the thick hair, leaving only a 1/4-inch of hair. More passes quickly followed the first and before long the entire back was sheared. Vicky took the girl’s hand and placed it on her freshly cropped hair. Su Ling just smiled and again nodded. Next the sides fell away in the wake of the clippers, and now Su could see the damage they had caused. Once again she smiled and Vicky continued her work. Lastly they were placed at the girl’s forehead and very slowly pulled straight back through to meet the cropped back area. Several more passes later the cut was nearing its end. Jet black hair covered the floor and Su’s lap. All the missed areas were re-cut, just to make sure, and the nape was cleaned up with the Stirlings. Vicky ran her own hands over Su’s head. It felt good. 

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