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My name is Anna. Up till two years ago, I was a beautiful blonde with long hair that touched the middle of my back. It was always straight and I was absolutely in love with my hair. But an accident led to me going to the beauty salon and finding out that I was going to have to submit to a $60.00 haircut and it would be cut very short. For that kind of money, I could easily go to the local barber and ask him to close the shop and cut my hair privately. But the day I did go, the shop was empty and no one came around. What a blessing! So I had it all to myself and I submitted to a short cut. The barber even showed me how to use styling gel to make my hair stand up, making my short haircut look extra sexy.

I walked out of the barbershop looking very sexy with my new look and saving myself close to forty dollars. That too was a blessing. And the barber treated me like I was an individual, not a woman so he did not make me feel guilty or small for coming into his shop.

Well after visiting this barber for a year and a half, I found out that he had sold his shop and decided to retire. I was saddened when he told me. So where was I going to go now? Not many barbers were willing to cut a woman’s hair. He knew I liked the feeling of his strong hand on the back of my neck and shoulders. I was even getting used to the sound of the clippers as they would come to life.

So I was happy a week before he was closing that I saw him on the street and he gave me a piece of paper with an address on it. I looked at it. “ALVARO’S BARBERSHOP; No Appointment Necessary. We cut Women’s Hair. No questions asked.”

“Do you personally know this man?” I asked him.

“Yes, an old friend of mine. He is good. He still cuts hair but he has a good lady barber who works with him. Either one of them would be happy to take you as a regular. I told them you would come around and check them out,” he told me.

Well, I was planning to get a haircut soon so I thought I would go by on the way home from work. I put the sheet of paper in my pocket and walked gingerly to the subway. The address was close to a subway stop so it would be convenient to get there. I was wearing my grey flowered dress and black heels. My blonde hair was spiked up with gel. I liked it that way but I was now considering something really drastic. My best friend had just got back from basic training and was sporting a crewcut which I fell madly in love with when I picked her up from the airport. I could not stop rubbing the back of her neck. It was so cool and when she told me how excited she was when she was buzzed by the army barber, well, I was horny all night. I needed to feel that experience. So I was determined to find a barber who would consent to giving me a military buzzcut.

At five o’clock I was off and I made the short walk to the bus stop which would take me to the subway. I headed north on the route four stops up and got off the train. The walk to the shop was five minutes east of the main street. I saw the revolving sign and I walked in. The lady barber nodded her head and the older man said a complimentary hello as I walked to the waiting area. There was only one other customer in the shop and by the looks of things, the lady was going to finish first, leaving me in the hands of the male barber. Great, just what I wanted.

The lady finished after five minutes and she dusted off the red chair. She called out: “James, you are next,’ and the customer got up and walked to her chair.

I sat back and picked up a magazine. The male barber finished after ten minutes. He dusted off the chair, walked with his customer to an old cash register, took his money, accepted a nice tip and then he walked back to the back of the shop. ‘Oh, no! Don’t tell me he is finished for the day,’ my mind said to itself. I really did not want the lady barber even though it probably would not have mattered but then, maybe she would try and talk me out of what I wanted done.

He returned to the floor carrying a broom and he swept the floor around his chair also around the floor of his partner. He pushed a huge pile of hair to the back of the shop and there he opened a door and pushed the pile inside to be disposed of later in the evening. He returned to the floor and spun his chair around so that it was facing me. "I think you are next, Miss,” he said as he slapped the back of his chair. I got up and walked to his chair. I stepped up on the cast iron foot rest and I sat down in the chair. “I have never seen you here before,” he said.

“You were recommended by a friend,” I said.

"That is nice. We like recommendations from other people,” the barber said. There was a little small talk as he combed through my shortish blonde hair. Finally he turned the chair to the side. “Follow me to the back,” he said. I followed. He pointed to the black sink and the seat.

I sat down and he draped me with a thick red cape that hung on the wall. He lowered the chair and my head made contact with the edge of the sink. “Sit back more just a bit more, if you would please? Miss is in a need of a hot shampoo to get all this gel out of her hair.”

The warm water on my head felt so good and his fingers running and massaging the sweet smelling shampoo into my locks felt so good. I wanted to close my eyes and dream but I was had determined that I was going to pay very close attention to what he was going to do with me. He finished with two shampoos and a thick egg conditioning job before he told me to sit up and he placed a white towel around my head. He then told me to stand and he took the thick red cape off from around my shoulders. “Follow me, please,’ he said as he headed back to his red chair.

Like a gentleman, he offered his hand as I stepped up onto the cast iron footrest. I sat down in his red chair, crossed my legs and swallowed hard. He spun the chair around so that I was looking at the wall. He smiled as he looked at me. He grabbed a sheet of white tissue paper and wrapped it around my neck. He made sure it was tight and secure. He stood beside me as he took off the towel from around my head and threw it to the corner. “So what will our sexy young lady be having done today?” he asked.

“Your sign says ‘No Questions Asked’,” I said as I looked at him. He nodded his head. I swallowed. “Well, my friend just got back from basic training and she is sporting a real sexy military buzzcut. I picked her up from the airport and I could not keep my hand off her neck and her crown.” He listened even more. “I could not get over how sexy she looked. Her hair had been clippered down to about ½ an inch all around and she was shaved at the neck and around the ears. I can’t get over how sexy she looks. Her eyes just popped out,” I said.

“So our young lady wants a military buzzcut,” the barber said as he looked into my eyes. I nodded my head. “No problem. That is my specialty. Like the sign says ‘No Questions.’ But I must say, I applaud your conviction. If you were in a salon, they would definitely talk you out of it. But I won’t. One buzzcut coming up. Could I ask you to move down to the last chair? You won’t feel like you are being examined by every passerby. Besides my other barber is due in in a few minutes.”

He turned and walked to the last chair of the row. I followed. He pointed to another red chair. I sat down in it, crossing my legs a second time. “I will be right back,” he said. “Sit tight.” He returned in a moment with a bubble gum pink cape in his hand. “New cape. Just came in today. Would you mind modeling it for me? Sexy lady, sexy cape.” He flicked it open and draped it around my neck, making sure it was secured tight at the neck. He spun the chair around so that I was looking at my smiling reflection in the front mirror. I have to admit that I looked sexy with the cape covering my legs and the entire chair. I smiled.

He picked up a wide toothed comb and stroked my blonde locks. He combed everything back and picked up his blow-dryer. He dried my hair. “It will be easier cutting it dry,” he said. I nodded my head. The warmth of the heat was almost putting me to sleep. It felt so good and as the brush stroked through my hair I closed my eyes for a moment. But then I heard him put something hard down on the counter. He turned the chair around and if someone would have been watching, I would have been looking right at them.

What I heard next was what I had been waiting for. Finally he was ready and so was I. He stood behind me and placed his hand on the back of my head. I lowered my head just slightly as he touched my neckline with the clippers. “I have no guard on these. You are going to get a fine cut right off the bat,” he said.

‘Yes, just what I wanted,’ I said to myself. He buzzed my neck right up to the back of my crown. Hair fell down over my shoulder and tumbled down into my lap. I could already feel the cool breeze on my neck and he had only done half my neck. He stepped around to the side and he pinched back my ear as he did around the ear and up the sideburns, cutting it very close to the scalp. As close as the teeth would take it.

‘I hope he will give a sexy lady a nice shave too,’ I said in my mind.

He continued clipping away at my hair and even thought it was already short, quite a bit of hair toppled down into my lap. I smiled as I looked at the pile. I knew this was what I wanted and I was glad I had finally committed myself to doing it. Before too long, he announced that he was finished with the neck and my sides. "Did you want to feel it before I do your crown?’ he asked. I nodded as my hand came out from under the bubble gum pink cape. I stroked my neck. It felt so erotic, like nothing I had ever experienced before. It was even closer then my girlfriend’s cut. I was happy and the smile on my face told him that I was happy.

He reached over to the side of the counter and he took off a second pair of clippers off a hook. He flicked the switch and he raised his hand and the clippers to my face. "Are you ready?" he asked. "Smallest guard I can use for what you have requested. I think it will look super sexy when it is done." He placed his hand on my crown and he pushed my head down just slightly. As I looked down into my lap. the clippers swooped up and touched my hairline. He pushed them right back to the back of my crown. Hair fell down my back and dropped to the floor. He was shearing my crown and the warmth of the clippers was getting me excited. I finally did close my eyes and as I was settling back, he announced, "That is it, Miss. One super sexy buzzcut for a sexy lady."

DONE? Already? Wow, that was fast. I brought my hand out from under the cape and I touched my crown. "That is indeed very short," I said. "Wow, you did a great job."

"Thank you. We aim to please," he said. He walked around and undid the Velcro strip. He grabbed the ends of the pink cape and flicked it to the floor. He must have thought that I was ready to go but I was still sitting in the chair. he looked at me. "Something else, Miss?"

I nodded my head. "Could I ask you to give me a razor shave around the ears and the neck? Get rid of the stubble," I asked.

"But of course," he said. "But I must admit, I have never given a woman a hot lather shave. Well, I guess there is a first time for everything." He walked to the back of the shop and returned with a blue cape. He flicked it open and tossed it around my neck. He placed a white towel down between the cape and my shoulders. He pulled the Velcro straps and closed the cape, then arranged the outer portion to cover my shoulders. He walked to the steamer, opened it and took out a wet towel. He rubbed the wet towel around my ears and down my neck. It felt so good. He then walked to the cream dispenser and flicked a button. A shot of hot lather encompassed his open palm and before long, he was applying the cream around my ears and all over my neck. He picked up a straight razor, stroked it against a thick leather belt and then stood at my side, pinched my ear down and he started stroking away the last remains of my blonde hair. He pulled the razor like a professional, but remembering he had said he had never shaved a woman, he was very gentle.

It took him a few minutes to do the ears and then he pushed my head down and he stroked my neck, shaving the line very fine. he finished and then applied a white powder to my ears and my neck to relieve the burning sensation. "Miss would like some sweet oil around her neck?" he asked as he removed a bottle of oil from the drawer of his station. He showed it to me. It was a bottle of women’s perfume. "I keep this for special customers," he said as she sprinkled some perfume into his open palm. He rubbed it around my ears and on the back of my neck. It was so exhilarating as I closed my eyes again. He finally spun the chair around and I got a chance to see how he had handled my request as he stood at the back of the chair, holding a small mirror.

"You are a master with that razor," I said as I stroked my neck. "I am impressed. Thank you so much." He took the cape off, removed the towel from my shoulders, and extended his hand to help me get out of the chair. I reached into my wallet and removed a $20.00 bill. "How much do I owe you?"

"$10.00," he said as he accepted the money from my hand. "Let me get you your change."

"No, please. You keep it. You deserve it," I said.

"Thank you! I hope you will come back again?" he asked.

"I am sure I will and maybe next time, who knows, maybe I will ask you to go all the way," I said as I smiled. I walked to the door, pushed it open and smiled as the cool breeze of early evening hit my head. It felt so exciting and I looked stunning as I walked up the street to go and catch the subway to go home.

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