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Anna left the Wimbledon complex and jumped into her waiting taxi. Her trademark waist length blonde hair was still damp from the shower, even after her recent TV interview. She had just won her first round match and was feeling elated. She had deliberately washed her hair prior to the interview, as per her instructions, and was happy that the sleek look the combed out wet locks created must have appeared very sexy on screen.

The taxi drew off and departed at quite a speed, frequently changing direction and deliberately driving the ‘back doubles’. She smiled as she felt a cool breeze waft over her bare freshly shaven pussy, for she was not wearing knickers, and her mind wandered off into the events of the last week….. She had met him, her new master, only the previous Saturday, at a presentation event from one of the pre Wimbledon events. He had been present as one of the sponsors. She had fallen rapidly for his charms and had allowed herself to be swept back to a hotel room after the event. She wondered if she would have gone along so readily if she had known then what she knew now! probably not. She had never had even the first inclination towards the S&M community before this, in fact she had never even considered it and had no knowledge of its terms or activities. At the hotel he had stripped her off and ravaged her almost before she had realized what was happening. He then shaved her pussy, the first time ever she had been shaved there, and then dragged her over his knee by her hair, gathering a great fist full and tugging it over his lap and down below his leg on the far side whilst wrapping it around his bulging strong arm. He spanked her hard with his open hand, leaving her beautiful firm rounded athlete’s bum red and raw. She noticed that he now had a raging erection as he tied her to the to the bed and then entered her from behind with great force. Then, as she rose to a climax, she felt a finger or two penetrating her anus and shortly afterwards he pulled out and thrust into it. The initial burst of pain was phenomenal but it soon ebbed away and the rush of adrenaline from the experience soon brought her to multiple orgasms. All the time he was hauling himself into her using her long thick plait. when he was finished, he pulled out and moved around to her head, coming all over the hair on the top of her head. He had then taken her into the shower and thoroughly washed it and made love to her again, more gently this time. He had then persuaded her (it didn’t need much persuasion) to come with him to his house in the country. She had been surprised when she blindfolded her and bound her hands tightly behind her back, before leading her to his car. He laid her gently on the back seat and covered her body with a blanket.

She snapped back to the present as the cab driver produced a mobile phone and rang someone. They were discussing a rendezvous. She was familiar with this process by now, it was all part of the secrecy and security that her master placed around himself and her. Shortly the taxi pulled over to the side as a nondescript blue Mondeo pulled in on the opposite side of the road. “that’s your next car today, miss”, said the cabby. She got out, payment was already covered, and crossed the road to the Mondeo and climbed in the back. As they pulled off her mind slipped back to previous events…. when they had arrived at his country house, she was led into an inside room. Her blindfold was removed and her wrists untied. It was pleasantly furnished, with a large bed with various chains, leather straps, handcuffs and ropes attached around it, surrounded by mirrors. There were no outside windows, clean air being provided by an efficient air conditioning system. She was stripped naked and he told her that in future she was to wear her knickers only when playing, although he fancied the idea of her playing without, even he realized that this was one concession that needed to be made, and that she was to keep her pussy freshly shaven for him until further notice.

he had then introduced her to his dungeon. He had tied her to a wooden St Andrew’s cross that was bolted to a metal pillar near the wall, one limb to each leg of the cross. He had then picked up a cat o’ nine tails and whipped her back, bringing a strange high to her as the pain brought a rush of adrenaline. He then pulled her hair, loose since the shower at the hotel, into a high tight ponytail and bound it with a leather thong. He pressed a button and the cross tilted and lowered, presenting her, face down with her naked pussy at a perfect height and angle for him. She was already dripping wet and he entered her easily, pulling himself in by her ponytail. He seemed fascinated by her hair, as many men before had been, but she reveled in the fact that he appreciated the effort that she had put in over the years to keep it in perfect condition, in spite of her sport. He was smacking her ass and tits hard as he rode her, but as she was about to come he pulled out, leaving her frustrated. He then hauled her head right back by the ponytail, her wrists straining at the straps and her back flexing. She shuddered as he thrust the end of her ponytail as far up her ass as it would go. He then entered her through her hair, the resulting motion jerking her head back and forth and pulling her wrists and flexing her back. She came almost immediately and went into multiple orgasm. She was now totally hooked and realized that her master could do whatever he liked to her. He pressed another button and the cross rotated so that she was face downwards, slanting upwards, with her mouth in the correct position for entry. He pulled out of her ass and then took her soiled hair and thrust it into her mouth together with his cock. She nearly choked on her hair and was relieved when he pulled out and came in her ponytail. He then smeared her hair all over her face.

She was then untied, her hair released, and led to the shower where he very slowly turned the water on over her, watching intently as the stream first ran over the hair without seeming to wet it and then it darkened as the flood soaked it completely. He entered her again, was this man insatiable? and they made love more gently as he washed her hair and soaped the rest of her body. After the shower, he had led her into another room where a large leather chair with a small table covered with a cloth beside it were sited in the middle. He instructed her to sit in the chair and then strapped her in place with leather straps around her wrists, ankles and waist. He then brushed out her long wet waist length blonde hair, enjoying every minute of changing it to a beautiful smooth glistening sheet. It was only as he pumped the chair and she rose up that Anna realized where she had seen this type of chair before, many years before with her father, in a barbers! she was struck dumb with fear as she watched him remove the cloth from the table to reveal a variety of hair cutting tools. He spent a few minutes turning over the tools, picking up various pairs of scissors and clicking them in the air around her head. He picked up a wicked looking pair of black Oster clippers which built up to a scream as he switched them on experimentally. He switched them off again and said “you need a haircut, look at all these split ends”. He held up the ends of her hair to inspect, completely free of split ends as she had only had them trimmed the other day at an expensive salon. She went to argue but he slapped her face, “don’t you dare try to disagree with me, slut. do you think that, just because you’re famous, it gives you any rights here. remember you came of your own free will.”. She trembled silently as he dropped her hair and reached for a big mean looking pair of shears. He picked up a lock of her hair from the front and slid the shears up the 3 foot length of it to her scalp. He held them there for several seconds before whipping them back to the end of the lock and cutting off the last inch. She peed herself in the relief of the moment, the river cascading to the floor. “You will mop that lot
up when I’ve finished, using my special method”, he said, slapping her bare nipples and bringing them erect once more. To her continuing relief he then completed a one inch trim all round. Her terror returned as he pulled a small lock from the front and suddenly chopped it off just above her eyebrows – he had given her a fringe! he then proceeded to thin the fringe out so that it was very fine and wispy. “that will do for today”, he said, “now get down on the floor and mop that piss up….. with your hair”. She knelt obediently and started to mop up the mess from the floor using her hair to soak it up. He threw a bucket at her to wring her hair out into. As she worked she suddenly became aware of a warm stream cascading over her head and the top of her hair. He was pissing into it! when she was finished, he made her sit in the barber’s chair and took her again before he told her she could go and get clean in the shower again. That was just her first night with him.

The Mondeo pulled into a driveway in front of a small suburban terraced house, bringing her back to the present again. She got out and went inside without knocking. once inside, she was met by a kindly looking elderly couple who took her through inside the next three houses, which had been knocked together. She was blindfolded and her wrists bound, as before in his car. A few minutes later a Vauxhall Astra driven by an old couple pulled out from the rear of the house into an adjoining road, driven by an elderly couple, who were going for a drive in the country. In the back and out of sight was Anna, covered by a blanket. Her master was nothing if not thorough. It was he who had instructed her to make sure her hair was wet when giving interviews. Her mind drifted again to recent events….. The days following the first were a constant stream of sex with a variety of other demeaning and controlling acts, mainly involving her hair. on the second day he had stripped her and tied her to a chair and set up a scenario with video cameras recording, as they had been less openly before and would be in the future. He had assured her that, so long as she behaved, none of their content would ever be released to the media. She had then been subjected to a series of substances, starting with half a dozen eggs that were smashed over her head and massaged into her hair. A catering can of baked beans had followed, turning her hair into a fully coated mass of tomato sauce with beans hanging from it throughout its length. The cold gooey mass had penetrated to her skin and her nipples had become rock hard as a result. She also discovered, to her surprise that she rather enjoyed the sensations of the sticky stuff slithering down and through her hair, massaging her scalp in a rather sexy way before sliding off onto her bare skin. She became very aroused. 2 liters of cooking oil were upended slowly over her head next. It ran down more quickly than some of the other stuff and the spreading sliminess of it only served to increase her arousal. golden syrup followed, gorgeously sticky and slow running and flour was then poured on top making the whole mass clog up and matt her hair. rice pudding and porridge were next and he smeared them all over her body, forcing some into her personal cavities. Tomato sauce was applied next and she worried as to whether it would stain her golden locks. Thick, slow running chocolate sauce was applied next followed by even thicker black treacle. The languid way that it oozed down over her hair, onto her breasts, around the rock hard nipples and on down through her crotch and finally along her shapely, well toned, long legs to the floor was so stimulating that she immediately came 3 times in succession. finally about a gallon of warm custard was poured over her head and ran down through her messy treasured locks. The had then untied her and made her sit on a cake full of melted ice cream. The shock as this had met her lips, clitoris and arse and penetrated inside had been something else, turning rapidly to pleasure as the temperature adjusted. He threw her into the middle of the mess on the floor and entered her roughly. She immediately went into multiple orgasm as he took her in a variety of positions either rubbing the mess from the floor into her hair or using it to pull himself in with.

the following day he had invited around 3 of his like minded friends. After a session in the dungeon where her arse and breasts were beaten, slapped and clamped until they glowed red, they took her to the bed and tied her loosely to it face down. They all took her in turns, roughly filling all of her holes at once and slapping her tits and arse. She had never been taken so completely and she came repeatedly as she watched herself in the mirrors around the bed. Then they turned her over and strapped her to the bed more tightly with the handcuffs. They all took her again, rotating around between her pussy, arse and mouth. At the end they all pulled out and came all over her hair. They released her and made her massage their come in. Then they dragged her to the shower room and pissed all over her, her hair becoming completely drenched from top to bottom. They then took her back to the dungeon when she was suspended from some rings on the wall and beaten again with whips and paddles. only then was she taken again the the shower and was washed down as they took her in turns again.

yesterday she had arrived and was forced to drink several pints of water. He matched her 2 pints for 1. She was then surprised to be treated to a splendid meal, together with copious red wine. It was served by two girls, in waitress uniforms, and with very short and neat buzz cut hair. “how strange to have your hair cut that way”, she thought, “i could never do that!”. Her master even resisted the temptation to poor the wine over her head, although he held the glass and bottles above it several times, threatening. would the wine stain her hair she wondered, relieved that he had not yet succumbed to doing it. After the meal she was dying to go to the toilet, but when she asked him if she could go, he forbade her, telling her that she must wait and that under no circumstances was she to pee herself. He took 2 tablets from a packet and gave one to her and took one himself. She looked at the packet and managed to read frusemide 40mg – water tablets. 20 minutes later the torture of her bursting bladder became too much and she pleaded to be allowed to go. He bound her hands and took her to the lavatory and sat her on the bowl and instructed her that she was not to flush it when she was done. She peed freely and it seemed that it would go on for ever as her bloated bladder emptied itself with the aid of the water tablet, which further drained her system. At the end he told her to stand and place her head over the bowl with her hair hanging into it. The ends sank into her fresh urine. She felt a warm flow commence running down her hair and joining hers in the bowl below. He watched from above as he emptied his equally swollen bladder into her hair, watching it turn darker as it soaked in. He hosed it around, covering as much as possible and drenching it where he could. when he was finished he unbound her hands and instructed her to reach into the bowl and thoroughly wash her hair with its contents. whilst she was doing this, he entered her from behind and thrust her further into the bowl. As she came and he headed for his own climax, he reached forward and pulled the flush. She tried to jerk up to avoid the drowning flow but he forced her further in. Her hair was dragged by the flow around the u bend and mixed with the detritus on the down side. He dragged her from the bowl and came all over her. “god that looks messy”, he said, “perhaps i should cut it all off and save a lot of trouble”. She screamed for mercy as he dragged her to the room with the barbers chair and strapped her in, “no master, please, anything but cutting my beautiful trademark hair off. what would my fans thinks and how would they recognize me?”. The table was still beside the chair and he whipped the cloth off it to reveal all the
tools of the barber’s trade. He pumped the chair up to a suitable cutting height. He left her there and went off muttering about finding some special equipment. She sat there shaking in horror at the thought of her impending haircut. It had never been more than trimmed in her life, how would it look short? she could not bear the thought of losing her hair, even to her master who, up to now, she had thought she would willingly do anything for. After about half an hour he came back and released her and took her to the shower and lovingly cleaned her up and made gentle love to her. Her panic at possibly losing her hair died away as she realized that he was not going to chop it all off after all. perhaps he was only using this to scare her as he had found it was one of her weak spots for terror. He probably loved her hair as much as she did, he certainly involved it in their activities together as much as possible. He said it was to be a short session for the next few nights as she was playing her first round match at Wimbledon tomorrow and he sent her to bed.

as she realized that her reminiscences had arrived at the present, she felt the car pull onto the gravel driveway to his house. The car pulled into the large garage and she heard the door swing down behind them. As usual she was led into the bedroom still blindfolded but this time only her hands were released and she was told to count to 100 before taking off her blindfold. The door closed behind her. She gave it a good 100 before removing it. She was all alone in the room but a new piece of ‘furniture’ had appeared. There was a base with straps about 3 feet apart and a tee piece set 2½ feet forward of the base with a stocks on the top with a centre head hole and 4 hand holes, 2 close to the head hole and 2 wider spread. Her master came in and stripped her. He then took her feet and strapped one in each of the foot straps. He proceeded to take her hair and plaited it, tying the top and bottom of it with 2 leather thongs. Her hands were taken and her body was tilted sharply forwards as they were locked into the stocks but, to her surprise, her head was left free. Then he pulled up a wheeled trolley behind her that she hadn’t noticed before. It had a high lip to it and she could not see its contents in the surrounding mirrors. An electric extension lead stretched across the floor to a power socket. “I want you too bend your knees and wiggle your arse like you were going to receive service”, he said. He stood back and admired the sight of her shapely bum rocking back and forth, her plait swaying and flowing across her back as she moved. He entered her from behind without further warning. He drove into her hard and with a passion and enthusiasm that she had not felt before. Her level of excitement was rising rapidly when she saw him reach to the trolley in the mirror. His hand came up bearing the heavy black oster clippers, with a #2 guard. She shuddered, but then thought “he’s probably just scaring me again”, and managed not to flinch even when he switched them on. She even managed to stay calm as he brought them round and waved them in front of her and then rested them on her forehead under her wispy fringe. Her level of excitement was rising rapidly due to the adrenaline rush she was experiencing, in spite of managing not to show her mounting fear. Her nipples were standing out like organ stops and her skin was flushed and taught all over. The sensations coming from her pussy were incredible. “wow, he certainly knows how to wind me up and get me going”, she thought. Then the clippers drove back into the top of her hair. She screamed, “he’s really doing it!!” and burst into tears as the clippers ploughed back over her head to the crown, leaving a 1½” wide fine pelt of ¼” hair behind them. She watched her fringe fall past her eyes in panic but no further hair fell, the front of her bulky blonde waist length plait just peeled back. The clippers moved to the front again as she sobbed uncontrollably. They struck back through another path to the left of the first. She was beginning to accept that this was happening for real as he drove into her firmly from behind, forcing the clippers in even more effectively. Then she began to experience the weirdest feeling, a warm glow emanating from her scalp. She couldn’t be!! she began to realize that the feel of the clippers running over her head were starting to turn her on! she shuddered to her first orgasm as the clippers made their third pass over the top of her head. He was now grasping her plait with it wrapped around his left wrist and was hauling her head back by it, enjoying the experience for what she realized would be the last time. The clippers then moved to the right side of her head. She orgasmed again as the clippers buzzed purposefully past her right ear. They were so loud as they shrieked past but she was surprised to find that she could still hear the sound of the hair being severed by them. The tension on her remaining attached parts of the plait was growing greater as more and more was shorn free. The plait was suddenly thrust forward over the front of her head, forcing her chin down onto the top of the stocks. The clippers plunged up the back of her head from the nape. They buzzed up to her occipital bone and then rounded it and headed on to her crown. what a sensation it was on this sensitive part of her head! the clippers returned to her nape and passed up the back of her head again. She came loudly, gasping at the building tingling wave that was now coursing right through her body. four more times they passed up from nape to crown, taking a slightly overlapping path each time and chewing off more and more of the remaining anchor for her plait. The pull of the remaining links was now becoming intense. He switched hands and the clippers ran up behind her left ear and then around it. Her head suddenly jerked free as the final part of her plait was severed. He waved the giant, thick, gleaming 26 inch rope in front of her face. She looked at it in amazement. Above the band at the top the hair still held the form of the shape of her head! he cupped her breast inside the shape and then rubbed it all over her chest, paying particular attention to her erect nipples. “put your head up”, he said noting that it had dropped to the stocks crossbar in exhaustion. She tilted her head back and then shuddered in rapture as he ran the clippers, still with the #2 guard all over her head again. multiple orgasms racked her body and she let out a huge sigh as he came inside her. It was the first time he had done that.

he freed her from the stocks and the foot plate and instructed her to run her hands over her head. She was stunned at the feelings that this created. She had never felt anything like this in her life! if only she had known! that long hair that she had treasured for so long would have bitten the dust years ago if she had realized this was how it would be. She tried different pressures and directions of stroke, all around her head. The soft smoothness when rubbing with the lay of her hair, the tingling roughness of the stroke against it, the orgasmic rush as she brushed the tips of it really lightly. All these were new experiences to her and she couldn’t get enough of them! he looked on indulgently and finally moved across and his hands joined hers roaming over her scalp. for the first time she looked carefully at herself in the surrounding mirrors. She was dumbstruck! “what a difference”, she thought, realizing a few seconds later that she, in fact, looked surprisingly similar to when she had her long hair in a high, tight ponytail or plait. She stood there admiring herself and was surprised when he grabbed her and headed for the barber’s room. before she could pull herself together she was strapped back into the chair. “what now?” she thought. He picked up a pair of lightweight variable speed wahl clippers with a #1 guard. He ran them from her hair line up to about 1″ below the point where her parting had been. Her nape was sheared up to the crown and the whole lot was blended into the #2 cut on top. Tiny 1/8th inch shar
ds of hair rained down all around her, sticking to her naked sweaty body. He then took the guard from the clippers and etched a parting line in from her natural left hand side swirl on her crown to the corresponding point on the front of her head. He then used the bare blades to trim around her hairline, tidying it up. Then he showed her a mirror. It was a very butch style, but she managed to look stunning in it with no trace of doubt as to her gender.

he picked up the wahls again and with no guard ran the up and around over the area he had just covered with the #1 moments before. “he’s shearing me bald!”, she thought as she watched the tiny hairs flying off and felt the draft of fresh air on her scalp where he had been. He switched the clippers off and put them down. She heard a ‘whoosh’ behind her and was surprised when he started to spread warm shaving foam around the back and sides of her head. His hand reappeared with a mach 3 razor in it. He placed it above her left temple and made the first stroke, shaving downwards. She squirmed at the feel of the blades running over her sensitive skin. He continued around her head as her body went into sensual overload. when he had completed the first circuit of her head, he reapplied the foam and went round it again, this time stroking the blades upwards. He released her hands and told her to feel her head. The mixture of the smooth skin on the sides and back and the soft sensual pelt on the top of her head was amazing! she felt herself building to another orgasm as she exploded internally. How could her master take her to any greater height than this? he produced a mirror and showed her the latest cut. It was an incredibly butch style but it only served but illustrate her beauty more fully. “get used to this one”, he said, “you’ll be seeing more of it in the future”. He unstrapped her from the chair and turned her around and strapped her hands back on the arm rests before firmly spanking her arse six times with his open hand. He reached around and clamped her nipples tight between his fingers. The pain only served to increase her arousal. He entered her dripping pussy roughly and drove into her. She again went into multiple orgasm, what ecstasy… She hoped it would never stop. just as she was coming to an all time high he abruptly pulled out of her, leaving her feeling denied. Her wrenched her cheeks apart and impaled her back passage with no preparation or warning. The pain seared through her and she promptly came again. As he was riding her, she suddenly heard a pop from behind her and the clatter of the clippers came again. He placed them on her forehead and drew them back over her head leaving a stripe with only the tiniest blonde stubble. The procedure was repeated until only stubble remained and then he repeatedly ran the clippers all over her head as her climaxes rose to yet another high. Her legs felt like jelly and the only thing keeping her on her feet was her master’s manhood still thrusting into her arse. eventually he sat her back into the chair and covered the rest of her head in shaving foam. The mach 3 removed the vestiges of her once precious hair and she found that she could not wait to see the final result! the process was repeated for a second time and then her whole head was covered again and the final cleansing was performed. finally satisfied with his work, he reached down and placed her hands on her head. “what an unbelievable feeling!”, she said, “thank you, master” her transformation was complete. He bent forward and gently kissed her and then produced the mirror again. She had always thought herself good looking but this! her beautiful bone structure and jaw line stood out starkly in contrast to her bald head. Her eyes were huge and lustrous, shining in the afterglow of her shearing. She realized that she looked totally stunning! her hands went back to her head and continued to run all over it. She could not get enough of the incredible feelings running throughout her body.

He pushed her to her knees and placed his member into her mouth. She was determined to produce her best ever performance for him, to pleasure him for ever. He pulled out and came all over her gleaming white scalp, rubbing it in afterwards. Then he took her to the shower. She could not have believed that it was possible to rise to any greater heights, but as the water streamed over her naked skull, he entered again and she went into a continuing orgasm that rocked her very being. when it was all over she collapsed to the floor of the shower, totally sexually exhausted, worn down by the highs of the fear at the shearing, her realisation of the incredible stimulation of the clippers and razor running over her skull, the shock of her beauty at the completion of the transformation and the total taking of her whole being by her master. She now knew that she would do anything in her power to keep him satisfied and her position in his life.

“Right”, he said, “to business. you will not wear a wig at any time and i shall be personally dictating how your hair will appear from now on”. He reached around and brought out a studded dog collar with a name tag riveted to it. “#t1”, it said. He strapped it around her neck. “You will wear this at all times, except when you are playing on court, even when doing TV interviews!”. “when they ask you what is behind your haircut, as they inevitably will, then you will simply answer that it was time for a change and that you are hoping it will set a trend!”. “the reason you will give for the collar that it is to remind you of your desire to be the #1 woman in tennis, they won’t know that you don’t necessarily mean player!”. “you will need to be up early tomorrow as i am going to redo your shave before you set out”.

In the morning he shaved her head smooth again, removing the slight blonde shadow that had grown back over night. She had been surprised that the roughness had appeared in so short a time and realized that she still had a lot to learn about her new state. “you will go now and win”, he commanded, “and in the next 2 days, i want you to find me 2 of your colleagues as potential slaves!”, was his shock parting shot. He watched her on TV that morning. Her bald head caused an absolute sensation. It was to take up several pages of even the broadsheet papers the next day and most of the tabloids. He masturbated as her watched her peach of an arse swaying and her bald head bobbing as she waited for her opponent to serve. He came as he looked across at her sumptuous blonde plait hanging in his trophy area on his living room wall and labeled #t1, together with a long brunette plait and a lighter brown ponytail that had belonged to his waitresses (#w1 and #w2) and the thick blonde ponytails of his cook (#c1) and his housekeeper (#h1). She won her match easily and was pleased to see that the majority of the crowd accepted her new appearance with some enthusiasm, although a cynic might believe that some of the female enthusiasm was because they hoped that their men would not be so consumed by her without that hair! in the main though, they would have been wrong. of course there were men that hated it! “why on earth would she want to cut her beautiful long hair”, they cried. If only they knew!! but the majority grew to like or love her radical change of appearance. The TV interview after match barely mentioned her play, being taken up almost completed by her massive change. The presenters even asked if they could feel it! her eyes glazed over as they rubbed their hands enthusiastically over her head. “yes, i love the look”, she replied with genuine enthusiasm to their questions, “and it feels great to be free of all that hair”. The rest of her answers conformed with the instructions she had been given. The press besieged her as she went to leave. She fought her way through the fascinated crowd, some of whom managed to reach over and rub her naked skull. She made it to the waiting minibus with the assistance of 2 of the other players, who had become embroiled in the scrum with her. The minibus shot off and drew clear of the clamoring crowds.

and a half hours later, with 2 more changes if transport than normal, she was led into the reception room at her master’s house. He was there, waiting for her, and he removed her blindfold. He kissed her and she felt immediately aroused. “master”, she said, “i would like to introduce you to Jelana (Yelena) and Martina”, indicating the still blindfolded pair stood on her left. He moved across and removed the blindfolds. He was, of course, familiar with the two faces that blinked back at him. Martina, with her chin length thick brown bobbed hair and Jelena with her flowing long straight blonde locks. “I wonder what she did to get away from her overbearing father”, he thought, “this will upset him!”. “You have done well, t1”, he said. “now what have you been told about me?, he asked of the new arrivals…….

To be continued…. (c) big cropper 2001

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