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I sat at the table eating breakfast when my husband strolled down the stairs on that sunny Saturday morning. We chatted aimlessly over breakfast and discussed our movements of that morning. My husband Tom suggested that he needed a haircut and was going to visit his barber. I was just starting to like him with a bit of length to tug, but it was up to him I guess. He seemed very particular about haircuts, never letting it grow out an inch. I always thought he just tried to be as professional as possible and that justified his sharp image.

I’d never been in the salon, or should I say barbershop that he frequented, but I knew its location. I also needed to head down that side of town I suggested that I go with him. Tom seemed very anxious when I brought this up, giving the impression that he wasn’t comfortable with me coming along for his haircut. I guess the barbershop is a male sanction and could see why he would be against me tagging along, but to tell you the truth I was a little curious. I’d never been in a barbershop before. I was from a family of 3 girls, and we all visited the beauty salon with my mum for years. Much to his discomfort it was settled, I was coming for a trip to the barbers, whether he liked it or not.

I proceeded back up stairs to prepare myself for that days outing. Half and hour had past and I was still applying make-up and doing my hair. Tom would frequently yell out from downstairs asking me to hurry up. Finally I was dressed in my floral summer dress and strappy heels and long blonde curls up in a nice blonde twist. I perched my J.Lo sun glasses on top of my head. Then a quick spray of perfume and I made my way downstairs to the car where Tom was waiting. He seemed a little annoyed but once we were on the way and chatting he seemed ok. Minutes later we pulled into a strip mall and I noticed the revolving red and white poll.

I didn’t know barbershops were still so traditional. “So I will meet you back here in an hour?”, said Tom. I was silent for a little, “I thought I was gonna come in for your haircut babe.?” I said. “Oh, um I thought you had some shopping to do. Do you really wanna come in and sit around old men for an hour?”. “Sure! I have my glossy magazines to get me by” I said as I patted my gucci handbag. Tom sighed, “ok common lets go then”. We both got out of the car and proceeded toward the shop. I must admit I was a little nervous, not sure why, probably just because it was a foreign place and I didn’t know what to expect. Secretly I was mostly looking forward causing a few of those old timers heart to skip a beat with my curls and curves.

The bell above the door tinkled as Tom and I strolled through the door. There was so much to take in all at once. It was a different smell to the hairdressing salon, no perming solutions or dyes. The floor was back and white checks, the walls lined with pictures of sports and men’s hairstyles. Next I noticed the four large, and I do mean large barber’s chairs that sat in a line all facing a mirror. They were huge chairs with steel frames and foot rests, red leather cushioning on the seat and arm rests. I’d never seen anything like them before. Another thing that made me curious were the levers and pedals attached to the chair. Hopefully all my questions and answers would be answered within the next hour. Out of the four chairs, three were occupied with a few people on the waiting bench. I must admit I expected an extremely old man with large scissors hacking away at his customers hair, I was wrong.

The three barbers working at the moment were all about 40, and appeared to be very skilled. All the men in the chairs were middle aged, and on the waiting bench there was a young boy of about 12 and his mother. After all I wasn’t the only female, however I was the youngest and sexiest I thought. I hadnt even thought about my magazines yet I was still fascinated with the whole procedure on male hairdressing. Tom was reading a magazine and didn’t appear at all interested in what was going on around us. I suppose it would be second nature if you were here all the time.

Just then one of the barbers began roughly dusting the neck of his customer. Once satisfied, he professionally whipped that huge red cape the customer was draped in, from around his neck and shook it out firmly. The man left the chair and sorted out the bill. The barber returned and looked to the waiting area, Tom didn’t even look up. The barber picked up that large red cape he draped over his chair after the last customer. With a big shake he made a cracking sound with it and invited the young boy to the chair. His mother put down her magazine and escorted the boy. He climbed into the chair where his barber and his mother exchanged pleasantries.

I began to watch what was happening in front of me when the child’s mother looked over. She smiled and I smiled back, but felt like a little bit of a voyeur. I reached into my bag and pulled out my cosmopolitan magazine. I flicking through the magazine when I heard a familiar sound, high heels. A door closed, but it wasn’t the one at the front of the shop. I glanced toward the back of the store and to my surprise noticed a fourth barber. Tom looked up, “Hi Tommy!” She said enthusiastically. I looked at Tom and then at her. She stood tall, much taller than me. It was hard to admit but she had a perfect body, long legs and olive skin. Her attire was what I couldn’t believe. She wore a leather mini skirt and matching knee high zip up boots. Her top half exposed a generous amount of toned tanned mid-drift before a extremely tight white singlet/tank top number. Her hair was a pure blonde and had been cropped in one of those short stylish feminine styles. I was way out of my comfort zone now. This girl was about 25, gorgeous and stealing my show!

She walked to the spare chair and removed the large red cape draped over the armrest. “Common sweetie, up you get” she stated whilst curling her finger. I lowered my glasses and glanced at Tom, “Wont be too long” he said. The barber’ette’ who’s name I learnt was Claire, walked to the wall in front of her chair with the cape and tucked it under her arm. There was a dispenser on the wall, similar to the ones in public bathrooms that dispensed hand towels. This one appeared to hold a large roll of tissue. I had no idea what was going to happen next. I had never seen anything like this in the salon. She gently pulled a long thick strip of tissue down from the dispenser before ripping it clear. It was then I noticed her long acrylic fingernails that had been expertly manicured. By this stage Tom had sat in the chair, her chair. Claire stood behind him, still with the cape under her arm. She played and kind of teased the long tissue strip, running it through her fingers whilst looking and smiling at me in the mirror. Its hard to believe but this girl could even make tissue sexy! She then reached forward brushing her breast against his head as she placed the thick tissue around his neck, rubbing it back and forth gently before wrapping it tight. Next she removed the cape from under her arm and shook it out. After she was satisfied that it was free of clippings she drifted it over his body and the chair. She grabbed both ends and brought them together around the tissue. “Is that too tight darling?” She question whilst fingering his locks. Tom shook his head and they chatted about his haircut. Next she placed her large boot toe on the metal pedal coming from the base of the chair. She began to pump the pedal as Tom and the chair rose. She ran her long nails over his scalp like a seductress and sated “oh Tommy, you do need a trim don’t you babe? How short are we going?”. Did she just have no respect for me or was I invisible!

The haircut went on and she continued to flirtatiously cut his hair and I promise you I did not miss one snip! She giggled and smiled and would always rub his face and run her fingers through his hair. She then picked up the hair clippers of a hook on the wall. I must admit I was slightly interested in this bit, as well as how she
would manage to turn this instrument into a tool of seduction. “I think a bit shorter today Tommy” she stated as she clicked on one of those plastic teeth things. The clippers sprang to life and she proceeded to clip him in no time. His back and sides were reduced to stubble in minutes, I hoped she was finished, but it got worse. I was about to find out what those `levers’ were for. She pulled the lever of the side of the chair and it caused Tom to recline back to almost 180 degrees. Next she filled her hand with shaving cream and stood back behind him giving me a little smile in between. Claire slowly and gently applied the cream to his face. She reached forward to the counter producing a small object. She flicked it open, it was a straight razor. She grabed Tom’s head and placed her left hand under his chin. Then she pulled his head back to rest against her breasts. I swallowed hard and continued to watch. A towel was placed over his shoulder and she began to scrap the cream away.

The shave seemed to take an eternity until she finally wiped him clean and sat him back up right. She grabbed her pink fluffy brush from the counter and went to work on his neck line to remove loose clippings. The cape was then unbuttoned and quickly peeled off from Tom’s neck with the tissue. She shook out the cape and dropped the tissue to the floor with the clippings. “There you go sweetie”, said Claire. I must admit the haircut looked very good but I had a new worst enemy and Tom wouldn’t be coming back here in a hurry. I still don’t believe what happened next. Claire continued to shake out the cape and looked over to me smiling. “You must be next.?” she asked patting the back of the huge chair. Tom looked at me, I smiled and put my sunglasses on. “Ahhh no, I don’t think so, I will be ok for today”. With that, Claire smiled and folded her cape up. Whilst Tom was paying she said, “So I only have Tuesday Thursday and Saturday here now..”. I walked out mid sentence and went to sit in the car. The haircut was never mentioned, there was silence the entire trip home.

The next month was terrible. Our sex was woeful and our lives were miserable. This continued to go on until one day I was at work. A police man approached my desk, “Miss Parker?”. I looked up, “Yes?”. They explained to me that I was needed to go the police station for questioning. Before I knew it was being accused of having possession of cannabis, X, and cocaine. I couldn’t believe anything that was happening, this was all so fast and all so crazy. Naturally I denied all accusations. The police man didn’t look impressed. “Miss Parker we seised 20 pounds of cannabis in our back garden, and the rest of the narcotics within the house.” “This is crazy I’ve never touched that kind of thing in my life, ever!”. At the time Tom was away on business for a week, I tried to contact him but he wouldn’t answer. I had my hands in my head when a different officer came into the questioning room. “Found this in her handbag”. There was a small bag of cannabis in one of the compartments. “And this in the glove compartment of her car,” it was a small cylinder of pills. “Your going away for a long while princess.”. “What the fuck? I swear that isn’t mine, its been planted there!”. I couldn’t figure it out, who would do this, where was Tom!

I spent the night in a cell at the police station and then I was to be transported to a women’s prison that morning until I was put on trial. I argued that until I was proven guilty they wern’t able to do that to me. According to the law, if they had that much evidence against me, it was standard practice that I had to spend time in prison until the hearing. It could have been months or even a year. The one phone call I was allowed, I made to Tom and he still wouldn’t pick up.

I was placed in the back of the police van, handcuffed and bound around the legs like a criminal. I sobbed the whole way there and still couldn’t comprehend what was happening. After what seemed to be an hour I head the sound of large gates open. We stopped, then proceeded to go through. Shortly after the truck stopped and the back doors opened. “Welcome home sweetheart,” one the guards laughed as he pull me by my chains and lead me through the entrance. All my clothes were taken and I was changed in a prison jump suit. This place was dark, cold and terrifying.

After I was changed the guards, who were female led me back to another room. A stern looking lady with a clipboard stood there waiting. “Miss Parker, so glad you could join us here at Fernwood. She had a baton in her hand so I dared not step out of line. “I’m the warden, this is my prison you hear?”. I nodded. “You should fear me child because I can make your life a living nightmare anytime I want, understood!?”. “Yes Miss!”. She continued to stroll around me as I began to sweat. “Think you’re a bit of head turner do you missy..?” “No Miss..” “I hated girls like you at school, you made my life hell..”. She walked up so she was an inch from my face. “Now its my turn to do it to you..guards”. With that the two guards took me by each arm and walked me down a long corridor. “Any trouble out of you Parker and your gonna regret it, Under stood?”, I nodded. The guard thrust her baton into my stomach and I fell to the ground. “Answer me!” “Yes miss” I groaned out as I was pulled to my feet. “Time to get you cleaned up to meet your new friends” one guard said whilst they both laughed.

We stopped outside a door where one of the guards produced some keys. The door was opened and I was pushed in. I almost would have preferred to see an electric chair, but instead in the middle of the room stood an identical barber’s chair to the one that I had seen Tom in. This big red leather chair contained arm straps and other devices used to no doubt sedate the prisoner. I immediately screamed and began to kick and scream, it was absolutely no match for the guards. “OH what’s the matter Parker, you drugged up slut, you don’t want a haircut precious??” They both laughed. “Now your gonna get in that chair when we say or I swear you will regret it you slut.” I was dragged toward the chair semi-cooperating as i dreaded the baton. “Now! One foot one the here like this” she yelled as she forced me in the chair, “and then the other, Now SIT!”. One guard stood behind the chair and pulled her baton under my chin pulling back forcing me to comply. My back slammed against the leather chair whilst one of the guards began to strap in my arms. Then my waist was bound by another belt, I was completely trapped, I began to cry. The guards had won, “OOH sweetheart doesn’t want a haircut. poor baby” they teased. “Your new friends are gonna love your new haircut sweetie, now you behave for our barber or you will be in here everyday getting that scalp shaved to the skin. “We will be waiting outside for you Parker, all the barber has to do is push this button and you are in automatic solitary for 2 weeks, got it?” I sobbed and nodded, “Good, happy haircut”, they laughed and closed the door.

A few minutes passed and I heard talking outside. The door swung open and my barber strode in. “Well well well, what do we have here??” , I looked straight down at my lap and ignored the barber. At least it wasn’t a male barber I thought. She walked closer to the chair, I heard her heels click against the floor. “You wouldn’t get in my chair in the shop would you darling, but ive got you now?”, she laughed. I bolted my head, it was Claire. She stood tall in my favourite white Chanel boots, my Louis Vutton skirt and top with my engagement necklace. My mouth dropped, “You can scream all you want precious, but it will get you no where, absolutely no where, your in my world now..” She smiled. “YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!” I yelled. She smiled once more and walked toward the emergency button, “NO!” I yelled. “good girl, your learning” she said. She placed her stainless still case on the counter in front of the chair and opened it. It contained all her barbering equipment, I swallowed and just wanted to die then and there. That same large red cape was pulled out, still folde
d and placed on the counter. Next a thick roll of tissue followed by her scissors, combs and clippers.

Claire strolled around the chair smiling and staring at me. She grabbed my jaw and squeezed my cheeks, twisting my face to make sure I was looking in her eyes. “I honestly didn’t think that this would turn out this perfectly sweetie. I’ve ended up with a new man, new house, new outfits and a ripe young customer vulnerable in my chair. Oh thanks for taking care of my stash too by the way, I had to off load it somehow. Ohh and sex, the sex is great. It always has been, even when Tom was with you. Didn’t you ever start to wonder why Tom’s haircuts were always late.? He used to wait back til I closed up by myself, I would cut his hair and then we would have the best sex right in my chair. All whilst you were at home preparing dinner.” She said smiling. I was so enraged and began to cry. “And you know why?? Because I’m sexier and younger than you. Tom wasn’t away on business, he was staying at my house honey. That reminds of the first time we were with each other. We’d been flirting for ages then finally one night after his haircut I lowered the chair and myself to crotch level..that was the best blow job he has ever had and he knew then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. Then I finally met you that day and I really wanted to give you a haircut in the shop, but you disappointed me so I had no choice but to book you in for a trim here..” She said laughing.

“Im going to be your barber for the next decade at least honey. Minimum of once a month we will meet here in my chair and I can clip u down whilst telling you about Tom and I. You will be able to tell me all about the girls who are harassing you and forcing you to perform favours which you despise. You are the smallest, lightest girl I’ve seen here and I’ve had every prisoner in this chair. You are going to get absolutely destroyed tonight, especially with your cute new haircut. The girl with the fresh haircut always gets the most attention.” She said teasingly in a childish voice and she stroked my hair. “So lets get started shall we.?”. Claire walked to toward the counter in front of me where here case lay. She picked up the roll of tissue and let it unravel before tearing off a generous amount. “Can’t have those nasty little clippings falling down your neck can we honey?’ she said as she positioned herself behind me and in one motion bound my neck tight in tissue. Just like she had done to Tom that day, except not in the same tantalising manner. It felt tight and really alien to me, I had never had anything like that at the beauty salon. I felt trapped and the cape wasn’t even on.

Claire picked up the folded cape in front of me. I swallowed and she smiled as she let it unfolded before me. With a quick shake of the large barber’s cape she stood behind me before thrusting it forward then swinging it around me and the entire chair. The ends of the cape were quickly drawn together so it was secured at what seemed to be the tightest setting. Snap went the buttons together as my fate was sealed. Then I felt the cape snap open again as she looked at me in the mirror with a smile and pulled it extra tight up another notch, “SNAP’, I swallowed hard.

She next untied my hair and let my prized blonde curls spill out over the red sea that was the cape. She ran her fingers through my hair a few times before saying, “now how are we going to do this..?”. She pondered then said “Yes I think we will just go all out with the clippers, then maybe some scissors later on, more traumatic that way”. She walked toward the bench she picked up a pair of large silver clippers. The cord was wrapped around them waiting to be plugged into the wall. In no time Claire had prepared them and was just selecting a guide. “Hmm I think we will start with this one.” she said and she snapped it on the front of that horrid machine. Next she was positioned behind me and with a forceful push, she bent my head forward so I was staring at my lap. “Now I want to clip you this way just so you can see how much hair I’m taking away from you honey. I heard the clippers spring to life and waited for them to touch my neck and begin to peel away my life. “Kiss your curls goodbye sweetheart.”

The plastic teeth of the clippers touched the nape of my neck sending a vibration through the entire body. She ran her fingers through my hair to prepare and entry point for the humming beasts. I felt her long nails ran up my scalp then forcefully hold my head down as the first pass was made. The more high pitched hum went to a little crackle then a low pitched murmur. I felt the teeth drag through my hair and leave nothing in its wake. The long hair fell down my neck then either to the floor behind the chair or slid down the long red cape into my lap. The first tear left my eye and rolled down my cheek. The clippers climbed higher and until finally she pulled them away with a little shake causing golden girls to join the already cut tresses on the cape and floor. For a brief moment the pressure of her hand left my head so I immediately tried to raise my already straining neck. However she was fast to see this and straight away forced me back down. This was by far the worst experience I had ever endured.

Minutes later the floor and my lap was filled with blonde curls. I was staring at long strands on the floor lying helpless next to my favourite Chanel boots who may barber strode around the chair in. The hair floated down over the priceless white leather of those beautiful shoes before she would reposition herself and tread over the freshly cut hair with the heel. Lots of hair would pill up on my shoulder before being knocked off by the swinging cord of the clippers. The horrendous clipping of my neck seemed go on for at least five more minutes before she pulled the clippers away and slowly began to rub her soft hands up my nape. It was gone, all of it, gone.. I began to weep even more and she continued to rub the freshly clipped region with delight. She moved her head close to the area and gently blew cool air against it. I assume from experience she knew that this procedure would cause me to shake and tremor. She giggled as my whole body shook.

I continued to look down at the floor until I felt her hand under my chin lifting my head up. She looked me in the eye with clippers in hand and noticed my tears, then she began to smile. “Im going to have the best fuck tonight when I get home. Your not though, you know that? All though im sure you will experience intercourse in some form, whether it be to your consent is a different matter.” She commented in a laughing matter and began to clip the sides. Hair seemed to rain down even faster. First to my shoulders, then to my lap or the floor. Now my haircut started to take shape and began to see the change in the mirror. A few more passes and my right side was as bare as the back. The same procedure was repeated on the left hand side until I was clipped just as short. Claire stood to the left of the chair and raised the toe of her boot to the footrest. With a little kick she spun the chair so I was looking directly at her. All that was left was my flowing curls on top of my head which Claire began to stroke. “Now what to do with this lot..?” She said in an inquisitive manner.

“Hmm” She said, walking back to the counter and placing down the clippers. She picked up her scissors and comb with a smile. She made two quick snips in the air to signify that this would be her tool of choice. Next my hair was sprayed down with a mist then roughly combed. She stood behind me and commanded me to sit still. “If you behave for me I might even leave you a little something to run a comb through, if you behave.”. Claire began combing my hair vertically until finally she placed the scissors half way up the hair and cut. The razor sharp barber’s scissors sliced through my locks and cause them to fall past my face and to my lap and the floor. The only sound to be heard was the snipping of the scissors. She wielded the scissors and comb with extreme precisio
n and skill. Freshly cut damp hair fell and littered the cape until she had completed the process. I had obeyed her orders and watched the process unfold in front of me. In a matter or 5 minutes my long luxurious golden curls had been reduced to a boyish crop by this slut and her scissors. The hair on top had been cut down to finger length. She pulled the comb back through what was left and snipped at the hairs that would poke out. The scissors were placed back on the counter and replaced with clippers. “I told you I would leave you something to play with ontop, now to fix up the sides.” she teased whilst removing the guard on the clippers. The clippers sprung to life and in no time the back and sides were clipped down to the ultimately shortest length possible. From where I was sitting it was as though I had no hair there at all, it was just white with a little length on the top. Claire then snapped on a number two guard and rand it over the top of my head, blending the top and sides. I began to sob even more which fuelled her happiness. The clippers finally came to a stop. Then I felt Claire soft lips on the top of my head. She planted a big kiss and smiled to me, “all done honey, you look so beautiful.” she replied sarcastically. `You’d better pray that I’m the barber you always get here, because if I’m ever away you’ll get a haircut from the guards, then you’ll know a horror haircut”. She said whilst dusting my neck and face. Next the cape was unbuttoned and I could finally breath again. She peeled it and the tissue away which held me captive for that last 20 minutes. Claire walked to the counter and pressed the buzzer. The guards entered the room to escort me. “Oh what a nice haircut, you look stunning.” they jeered as they untied me from the chair. I never new a haircut could be so exhausting. I slumped down as they walked me out of the room, Claire waved, “see you in 3 weeks darling. Send my next one in girls!” she yelled. A new girl came through the door kicking and screaming, her long red curls were soon to be removed. “Ah.. a red head.welcome..” I heard her say as I exited the room and made my way to my new home.

The entire trip to my cell I just thought of Tom and Claire. I still couldn’t believe he would do that to me. “Here we are” said one guard. I was dragged. I was forcefully pushed against cell door and cuffed to the bars. “First night, you stay here so the others can get to know you.” they laughed. The door closed and the guards strode off, “Sweet dreams”. I felt a foreign hand brush against my new shorn head.

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