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"Next please!" Susy almost shouted, repeating herself.

Leslie and Vicky were still staring at the waves of blonde hair that covered the floor.

Leslie spoke first. "Would it be possible to scoop up that hair and take it as I make dolls for a hobby and that hair would be very useful to me?"

"No problem," said Susy, gathering it up. "I usually sell it to a wig maker…"

"I’ll pay for it," Leslie quickly offered. "Here’s £20 – is that ok?"

"That’ll be just fine." Susy quickly took the £20 note offered. "Right who’s next?"

"I’ll go first," said Vicky.

She rose from her seat and quickly sat herself down in the well-padded seat.

Susy snapped the cape tightly around her neck and started to comb Vicky’s shoulder-length hair asking how she would like it cut. Leslie followed and immediately started giving instructions on how she wanted Vicky’s hair to be cut.

"I’d like it cut all over with the clippers. Let’s say grade 3 and then taper it up at the back and sides with a no. 2 then fade it in at the bottom of the nape with a no. 1."

"No problem," said Susy.

Leslie gently stroked Vicky’s hair just one last time and went and lounged in the empty barber chair alongside. She didn’t want to miss this – not any of it for all the world.

Susy continued to comb out Vicky’s hair. "Right, let’s get started then," she moved forward and armed herself with the clippers, taking time to clean and oil them.

Vicky sat and stared into the mirror at her reflection and glanced her hand gently over and through her locks. It felt so soft and thick, she loved it. All too quickly Susy had returned and Vicky heard the familiar sound of the clippers.

"Ok just relax and I’ll soon sort this out for you. How about the fringe?" Susy enquired.

"No fringe, just take it right off," Leslie told her.

"Fine that’s all I needed to know," Susy quipped.

Susy raised the clippers to Vicky’s forehead and gently drew them back through to the crown of Vicky’s head. Hair spilled everywhere like a waterfall Leslie smiled and began to feel herself getting wet between her thighs. Six months was well worth waiting for, there was a lot of hair coming off. Vicky’s lap was quite full. Susy was now working on the sides. Layer after layer was peeled away. Vicky was also enjoying the haircut gently stroking herself oblivious to everything and everyone around her. Her thick hair glided gently into her lap she took her free hand and grabbed a large handful of it. She was amazed at its thickness, she rubbed herself harder.

Susy pushed Vicky’s head down so her chin touched her chest. The back was now being clipped. More hair hit the floor. Stroke after stroke the clippers did their job well, barely pausing for breath.

"Right that’s the hard part done I’ll just taper the back and sides in and you’re finished," said Susy.

Leslie quickly got up from her chair and gently ran her fingers through Vicky’s freshly cropped hair. "It’s really beautiful, I love it." She kissed Vicky on her shorn head and returned to her seat.

After cleaning and changing the guide comb Susy continued the haircut. Ten minutes later it was completed. Both Vicky and Leslie were delighted.

"Right are you having yours cut as well?" Susy asked Leslie.

"No I don’t think so, not tonight. Maybe another time. Thanks anyway." Leslie paid for Vicky’s haircut and started out of the salon.

"Hey, don’t forget this bag!" Susy handed Leslie a carrier with a huge amount of blonde hair in. They said their goodbyes and went.

Outside the cold air hit Vicky’s freshly cropped head. She was wondering why Leslie had decided not to have her hair cut. The answer soon came.

"I want you to cut my hair for me when we get home," Leslie said, "It’ll be more fun!"

After a quick shop for groceries they arrived at their flat. During the trip home Leslie couldn’t keep her hands off Vicky’s cropped hair. Susy had done a good job on it.

As soon as they got in Leslie dragged Vicky into the bathroom and suggested they take a bath together. They slowly undressed each other and caressed each other. It was wonderful. Leslie fondled Vicky’s new style, she couldn’t wait any longer – she had to have hers cut.

The pair dried each other off, and then still naked went to the sitting room. A few years earlier Leslie had bought the chair from a redundant barber’s shop nearby, it had been made good use of over the years. Leslie sat in the old-fashioned barber chair and told Vicky to cut her hair.

Not needing to be asked twice Vicky went and fetched the electric clippers.

"How short are we going today?" she asked while gently combing out Leslie’s hair.

"I’ll leave that to you, my darling," came the reply.

Vicky gently caressed Leslie’s breasts. They were incredibly beautiful. Leslie’s dark, shoulder-length hair was a mass of curls. It needed cutting badly. Vicky ran her fingers through the thick mass one last time then attached the no. 2 guard to the clippers. Being so curly Vicky knew it was best to take it as short as possible.

As she turned the clippers on Leslie shifted in her seat, she was willing it to happen. In no time at all she felt the clippers attacking the right-hand side of her head, up and over the ears the clippers ran. Next the left-hand side gave way to the angry clippers. Ten-inch curls floated into Leslie’s lap sliding down her breasts and onto the floor below. Then Vicky placed the clippers at the front of Leslie’s forehead and lovingly pulled them back to the crown of her head. Masses of curls fell into Leslie’s waiting hands and she caressed the middle of her thighs with them. She came.

The clippers ran over and over her head, more and more hair came tumbling into Leslie’s lap. Finally Vicky ran the warm clippers up through the back of the head releasing yet more dark curls. Again and again hair slid to the waiting floor.

"Right, my love, we’re nearly finished," Vicky said as she ran the clippers up one more time.

Leslie ran her hands over her hair. "It’s wonderful. Come and sit on my lap now," she ordered.

The pair cuddled and caressed each other then Vicky got up and fetched the carrier bag from the side. She quickly returned and spilled the contents of it into Leslie’s lap. Thirty-inch lengths of hair went all over the place. The two of them rolled in the mass of hair on the floor. It was wonderful. Hair was everywhere. They lay entwined for ages, eventually ending up in bed. A perfect end to a perfect day.

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