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Sarah was woken early with the sun shining through a gap in her curtains. Following such a cold night it seemed a lovely warm sunny day outside. Warm enough to go for a nice long walk along the canal. Sarah enjoyed long quiet walks along the canal, especially in the warmth of the sun.

Her crisp white vest top hugged tightly against her breasts, her nipples protruding slightly through the slight breeze, her short denim skirt rode up slightly at the back from the creases. As she walked along her waist length thick brown hair was flowing in the wind behind her. She adored her hair, it was the one thing she had taken care of for as long as she could remember and she loved the feel of the small gusts of wind breezing through each strand as she walked along.

From a distance he could see her, the image of the sun shining on her hair as it flowed behind her, each strand glistening in the sun, he knew he had to approach her, he wanted to stroke her long legs that looked very tanned against the white denim skirt and his desires to find out what was under that denim skirt sent sensational shivers throughout his body.

As she got closer along the towpath he climbed off his barge and quickly started to hang his washing on the makeshift line he had made from a tree to his barge across the towpath, she would have to squeeze past him if she wanted to keep walking. Sarah was a friendly, chatty and outgoing young girl who enjoyed talking to strangers, she especially enjoyed finding out about life on the canals. To his surprise Sarah didn?t only squeeze past him but stopped to talk. He made small talk to her about finding the perfect trees along the way to allow him to hang his washing on. All the time he was imagining slipping her straps down slowly on her vest top, gradually revealing her perfect breasts and also running his fingers through her glistening thick head of hair. He became transfixed with her beautiful locks, his eyes seemed to follow each strand as it moved with the wind. Sarah noticed his lack of concentration on their conversation and asked if he liked her hair. Of course his smile gave it all away. She jokingly offered for him to stroke it, he quickly ran his fingers along the top of her head down to her waist, he repeated this a few times which started to unnerve her. Sarah stepped back quickly and tried to think of an excuse for her to continue her walk. She didn?t realise there was something behind her on the ground and she tripped over, knocking herself out with a thud on the towpath.

Sarah awoke to a thumping head ache that was enhanced by the fact her hair has been scraped tightly back into what felt like a pony tail. She went to reach her hands to her head but she couldn?t move. Her arms were tied to the chair that she was on. Through her blurred vision she realised that she was inside a barge. The ceiling was low and it was quite dark inside from the shadows of the sunlight outside. She tried to let out a yell but only a small whimper escaped from her dry lips. There was a bed in front of her and her legs were tied to separate bed knobs exposing her tiny white panties from under her short skirt. She could feel his presence in the room. She could hear the floor creaking as he moved around behind her yet she couldn?t see him.

His touch was soft at first, gently combing through her thick pony tail, she wanted to speak but the fear had taken control of her lips. Her head was yanked back by her hair and there above her stood the harmless looking canal guy she had been talking to. It all came back to her, she had fallen over, but what was he doing to her. His smile looked menacing, his eyes were wide with excitement, with one hand on her hair holding her head back he moved the other over her shoulders, slowly moving her straps on her top down her arms. He ran his hands across the top of her breasts and uncupped them from her top, he began to play with her nipples, gently gliding his fingers over them then twisting them harder before pinching them making her eyes stream through the pain. He told her how he loved her hair and wanted to keep her hair forever. His voice was rougher than before, as if he was possessed. She whimpered to him saying she loved her hair and how she didn?t want him to hurt her.

He wasn?t going to be reasoned with, he moved around in front of her, Sarah?s legs still widely spread, he reached down to her ankles and ran his hands up her legs. She squirmed but this only made his grip more intense. The feelings of shame had long since left her mind. She didn?t care that he could see her panties and the humiliation didn?t matter. She just didn?t want him to hurt her.

His hands stopped at her panties, with one finger he moved them to one side, her scruffy unshaven pussy was exposed to him for the first time. He shook his head and told her how he would have to sort her out. He took a firm grasp of her skirt and with one pull her buttons down the front ripped off and her skirt hung down the sides of the chair, repeating this with her panties made her wince as they weren?t so easy to rip. His eyes were still wide, she couldn?t help but look deep into them, but her gaze was interrupted by a sudden buzzing noise and the feel of something metal and cold vibrating against her thigh. He held the clippers firmly against her pussy, the vibrating continued through her body, Sarah?s fear disappeared and she found herself enjoying the sensation as he moved the clippers along her thick haired pussy. She was careful not to let on her enjoyment but her glistening juices began to seep from her, with his first movement finished he ran his fingers along the middle of her freshly trimmed pussy, in her mind she willed him to move his fingers towards her clit, but he stopped, the buzzing had stopped. As he dropped the clippers to the floor Sarah tried to see what he was doing next, her juices were flowing quite freely with the excitement and fear mixing through her body.

He had trimmed the middle of her pussy but the sides were still thick with hair, why had he left it she kept thinking. She jolted in intense pain and she wanted to curl up to stop it. He now had a pair of tweezers held firmly in his hands, and he continued to pull out her pubic hairs one by one. She had felt this pain when tidying her eyebrows but never her pubic hair. Working away quite quickly he plucked hairs from either side of the shaven patch, the tears were streaming down her face, the feelings of excitement had disappeared again and she just wanted him to leave her alone. She was sure that she was bleeding from his rough plucking, pleading with him she started to cry uncontrollably but he wasn?t listening, Sarah repeatedly cried out to him about how much it hurt and she would do anything if he stopped. He paused, dropped the tweezers and reached for the clippers again, Sarah didn?t feel excited at feeling the vibrations, she was in agony, he held the clippers firm again and ran them over her pussy until she was completely trimmed. Looking at her menacingly she became caught in his gaze again and didn?t notice him reaching for his Mach3. He smothered her throbbing mound with foam and then he gently ran the triple blades along her pussy, stripping it to silky smooth.

The feel of the metal blades started her juices flowing again; she told him that the cool sensation was nice against the soreness of her pussy. He ran his hands over his work, gently moving a finger onto her clit. That was it!! That was what Sarah was now pleading for! She wanted to feel his touch more than anything, but she didn?t let onto him. But he could tell! He moved his finger inside her, gently at first but her became rougher as he forced more of his fingers in until the fourth one which he struggled with, her legs were now wider, she was opening them up more for him. Sarah couldn?t control herself as she yelled out to him to fuck her! She wanted him inside her now!!

He laughed at the thought of his victim now begging him to be inside her. He explained to her how her pussy looked sore from the plucking, he knew of a good way to cool it down. As he stood up to remove his shorts Sarah knew that she would soon have his cock deep inside her. Stood there naked before her she couldn?t hold back, she begged him to put his cock in her, she wanted to feel him cum inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing. She wanted to reach her fingers down herself and finish off what he had started. But to her amazement he just stood there and moved his hands onto his cock. Aiming it at her pussy, the realisation hit Sarah as she saw a drop of his pee seeping out of his cock, he dribbled it on her pussy, she flinched as it stung where he had shaven. The stream of pee was aimed at her pussy, then he moved so that it soaked her breasts too, Sarah actually started to enjoy it, the warm feeling as it trickled along her skin. His aim came higher with the next burst of pee as it splashed onto her lips, he moved around her body and aimed directly onto her hair, as it soaked through her thick pony tail she could feel the excess dripping over her eyes and onto her lips, she enjoyed the taste she wanted more. She found herself tipping her head back to catch more of his wee in her hair. He smiled knowing that she was now his to do whatever he wanted with.

He disappeared for a few moments, Sarah tried to turn to see what he was doing but she was still tied rigid to the chair. She jumped as she felt something cold, ice cold, being slapped on the top of her head. His hands gently rubbed the ice cream into her hair, making sure every strand of her pony tail was covered. He was enjoying it. He loved to run his fingers through every strand, just the way he had when they were talking earlier. He reached for the jar of syrup and with his hand cupped he dove it straight into the jar moving it quickly onto her head. As he mixed it into the ice cream Sarah felt quite excited. She began to ask him what he was doing, what were his next plans, would he pee on her again. Sarah wanted more. He spread the syrup on her face, the glue like substance sticking her eyelids together, he moved back between her thighs and ran his syrup soaked hand over her pussy and towards her arse. Again she felt pain as he inserted his finger inside her but with the syrup it glided in easily, the pain soon changed to a sensational throb as she wanted more, vigorously he moved his finger in and out, Sarah let out whimpers of enjoyment as he inserted another finger while his other hand attended to her sticky shaven pussy. She couldn?t hold on any longer and she let out screams of joy as her body shook and her juices spurted from as if they had been building up for months.

He began to untie her ankles, at first she wanted to kick him hard but she also wanted to see what else he had planned, she still wanted his large cock inside her. He hesitated as he untied her wrists but she wasn?t giving him reasons not to. He promised her more pee to drink if she was a good girl. Dragging her by her ponytail across the wooden floor her threw her into the tiny bathroom and shoved her head in the toilet. The pee started to trickle across the nape of her head and down the sides of her face, she turned to sip at it but he just forced her head back round and further into the toilet. With his hand firmly on her head he pulled the chain, fresh water gushed her face and made it hard for her to breath as it flew up her nostrils and in her mouth. He yanked her to her knees by her hair and instructed her to take a shower, he helped her with the shampoo, massaging her head of hair before stroking it firmly to free it from suds.

Placed back on the chair he towel dried her hair, it felt quite nice for Sarah, almost like a servant preparing her for the day ahead. He dried her hair well with a dryer, it seemed to take a while due to the thickness, and they both ran their hands through it as he blew the hot hair down each strand. He adored her hair but liked it better pulled tight up high. Sarah flinched as he scraped it back, the mirror in front of her revealed a different looking person to her as she had never scraped it this high before, she quite liked it. Sarah was too engrossed in her looks to notice the large scissors that he was now holding in his hands, they glistened onto the mirror and before she could stop him he hacked through the base of her pony tail close to her head, it took a lot for him to cut through it as Sarah tried to stop him. He held the scissors to her throat. After what she has been through she knew not to fight with him. The tears were uncontrollable again. What had he done to her wonderful hair, the one thing she had cherished since a little girl! It separated with a jerk and he draped across her lap still in the form of a ponytail, his trophy.

He tied her hands to the chair once more, he didn?t want anyone to stop the flow as he hacked at the remaining hair on her head. This was his piece of work, he smiled proudly at the nervous wreck he had turned Sarah into. Sarah tried to wipe away her tears with her shoulder. Her face became covered in small whiskers of hair. They itched and she wanted more than anything to be able to wipe them away. He saw her anxious look and her face twitching with the itching hairs. He reached down and took hold of her long ponytail and gently brushed the smaller hairs away with her long strands. He moved the ponytail down over her breasts, she breathed deeply as it tickled her nipples. The sudden rush of excitement spread through her body again. The thrill as he moved it along to her pussy and tickled her clit with her own severed hair drove her wild. She couldn?t contain herself as her juices oozed from her lips onto her hair, with it wrapped around his fingers he eased some inside of her, gently in and out until her body was squirming in pleasure.

He abruptly left her to return to his masterpiece. He disturbed her moment with the sound of the buzzing clippers again. He pushed her head firmly down so her chin was on her chest and placed the clippers at the nape of her neck. The vibrating once more echoed through her body. She began to breath deeply, she screamed to him to shave her. She wanted to feel the vibrations as the clippers ran along her scalp. She didn?t care any more. He had taken her pride from her and she so badly wanted to feel the vibrations again and again. He held the clippers still while she pleaded then slowly he moved them slowly upwards. Small tufts of hair showered her body as he continued to move the clippers from nape to crown over her scalp, the vibrations running through her body. They were placed at her nape again, slightly to the left of the previous time. Her juices flowed as they vibrated their way to her crown again. She could not tell how short it was going, but from the cool draft on the back of her head she could tell it must be short. The sensations continued , moving round each time and she felt a wave of spasms building throughout her body. Suddenly he pulled her head to the left and she felt the clippers bight in front of her right ear. They moved upwards, their buzzing seemed incredibly loud so near her ear. For the first time she could see their effect in the mirror and she gasped, transfixed but enthralled. He was shaving it all off!! The rest of that side was soon stripped to tiny stubble and then her head was hauled to the right. The clippers continued their devastating work from her left ear, shearing shards of hair, which tumbled over her breasts and down into her lap and pussy. Finally he pulled her head upright and she clearly saw the chewing naked blades for the first time as he brought them in over her the front of her head. He placed them on her forehead and started to slowly draw them back as hair rained down from the first 2? wide strip over the top of her head. The sensations of the clippers buzzing over her crown were even more intense and her juices ran freely down her legs as she shuddered to orgasm. The remainders of her once glorious mane were rapidly shorn away in a series of slow sensual strokes over her crown.

Untying her hands he brushed his fingers across her naked body along her arms and down to the thick rope, Sarah felt her bristly scalp for the first time. As she ran her hands over the stubble she felt so aroused, her body tingled with pleasure. Repeatedly she ran her hands back and forth, she leant back on the chair and lifted her legs, slowly moving her hand over her hair covered body down towards her clit. As she let her fingers wander around her naked pussy and around her clit, moving slowly inside herself she felt the trickle of warm liquid onto her head. He had positioned himself above her and had started to pee on her freshly shaved head, she massaged in his pee as if a soothing moisturiser. As she massaged herself she caught a another glance of herself in the mirror, was it really her? Her cheekbones were enhanced, her cheeks rosy red, her eyes huge and gorgeous and her hair, or rather her stubble, made her feel so sexy.

She didn?t want to leave him. This experience that had her in tears for most of the morning she wanted to continue with forever. She hadn?t received this much attention for a long time. She had to leave though, she was mentally and physically exhausted. Would he let her leave? She tried to find her clothes, but the skirt was badly torn and her top stretched from him pulling on it. He grabbed her arm and asked her what she was doing. She explained that she wanted to leave. He gave her a spare shirt and shorts to slip on. He told her that she was his and he produced a video tape. He had been filming in every room the whole time. He knew how highly she was looked upon in the local community and a scandal like this would finish her. He stroked her head once move before she left and he knew she would be back. She had promised it to him. She didn?t want the video exposing her to the world. He watched the sunlight shining on her newly exposed scalp as she wondered along the towpath.

He turned around to take in the view. In the distance there she was, walking towards him, her hair flowing in the wind and he knew it was going to be a busy day!

I?d like to thank Big Cropper for inspiring me to ?finally? write a story and for helping me along the way with it – Lollly

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