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You curse as you reach the swimming pool changing room doors. There’s no labels! Both doors are identical, and you wonder for a moment if you should go back to reception and ask which is the Women’s. You shrug and tentatively push open the left hand door. A cloud of steam greets you, emanating from the showers that you can hear streaming away behind the bank of lockers against the wall on the right. You hesitate…. A woman’s giggle comes through the steam and you relax and enter. You find a spare locker and start to undress and change into your costume. The giggle comes again. You peer through the mist and then freeze in horror as a strong hand encircles your mouth and pulls you back into a broad, wet very masculine chest. You try to scream, but no sound escapes.

“Hey guys, look what I’ve found”, the deep strong voice comes from behind you and you feel his chest vibrate through the nape of your neck.

7 men appear out dripping from the showers. Two of them have their arms around a giggling girl of around 19, with her long, apparently genuinely blonde, judging by her collar and cuffs, waist length hair plastered over her body by the shower. You envy her hair, but not how she would expect you to. You feel excited by it and the thought of chopping it all off! Or, perhaps it could be yours and someone would hold you down and buzz it all off with clippers! You shudder at the thought and you feel your pussy getting wet, despite your situation. That hair! You think about your own style, currently boring and in need of some attention, you feel restricted as your choice of the teaching profession restricts you from having the cut you really desire.

Suddenly, you are swung rapidly round onto your back on the bench you are sitting on. You see your assailant for the first time…… It’s me!! I look into your wide, frightened eyes, enlarged even further by your glasses, and note that they are visibly softening.

“Now, promise not to scream if I release my hand from your mouth? Otherwise we could always gag you”, I say. You nod, shakily and I release my hand. You gasp at the release and pant for a few seconds. You open your mouth as though to scream, but immediately close it and a little smirk flashes over one corner. I feel you relax somewhat.

“Right, get some towels and tie her to the bench”, I say. You tense again as 4 of the guys reach into their lockers and the take one limb a piece and efficiently tie you to the legs of the bench. You struggle against your bindings, but there is no release. You realise that I am subjecting you to a detailed examination. My eyes are devouring your body as they slowly scan down its length. You sense the eyes of the others on you as well, but are drawn back to mine. You feel like you are sinking into their blueness. They pan on down to your breasts and I manoeuvre my head to get a variety of views.

“Nice boobs”, I observe, eyeing the rings through your rapidly stiffening nipples. I cannot resist reaching out and stroking the nearest one before tweaking gently on its ring. It rises to my attentions and you gasp. Leaving my left hand stroking your breast, my eyes travel on down to your crutch.

“Aha! A nice shaven pussy!! But in a little need of attention”, I observe, examining the 1/4″ blonde stubble. “Been a little lax recently??”

You nod and whisper, “Yes, I normally do it regularly but I’ve been busy. I was intending to do it today after swimming”. I note that your juices are starting to seep from your neat peach of a pussy and the labia are beginning to open like a spring bud.

“You horny little bitch!”, I say, “You are rather enjoying this aren’t you?” The brief shake of your head belies the evidence from the rest of your blushing body. Your eyes have drifted towards the bag that you have brought with you.

“Hmmmm… What’s so interesting in there then?” I start to rummage through the bag and, beneath the costume and towel I find a razor and shaving cream! “So you were going to do it here, then?”

You nod meekly again.

“I suppose we had better sort that out for you!! Lads, I’m sure she will need holding down and a nice massage whilst I am performing her delayed depilation. By the way, meet Suzy”. I indicate the smiling saturated girl. My attention is drawn to the way that you are looking at her hair. “She’s a pretty little lass, isn’t she? How would you like her hair, then?” I smile briefly, with satisfaction as your guilty start confirmed my suspicions that your interest was more than passing.

“What’s your name, by the way?”

“I’m Julie”, you reply, smiling in spite of yourself.

“Suzy, I think Julie needs cleaning up before I shave her. Would you like to do the honours? I’m sure your hair could be useful as a flannel!” Suzy crosses over and kneels between your thighs. She brings her hair over her shoulder and you writhe against your bonds as she wipes all around your abdomen, reaching up and over your breasts. Her wet hair feels fantastic against your skin. You feel a familiar sensation building from deep within you as she moves back down and runs her blonde locks between your thighs. She draws its full length through from the bridge between your arse and your pussy, It flows around your engorged lips and twists and slides around your throbbing clit. As the ends of it flows past your pussy, you come noisily, your body lurching as you gasp for nearly a minute. She waits for you to nearly subside and then reaches right through and wipes it around your bum, which immediately tenses in anticipation. It flows back through your legs again and you reach another peak, moaning and writhing, the juices now flowing freely from your soaking love hole.

You come slowly back to your senses to find me leaning down towards your pussy.

“Anyone got a cigar”, I ask and one of the others scuttles off to his locker and returns with a cigar and lighter.

“I’m told hair grows less quickly if its singed”, I tell him. It does, but not once its been shaved afterwards! “I think you should try to restrict the future growth of Julie’s bush”. He lights the cigar and kneels between your thighs, prying them open, and then carefully places the glowing tip in your love triangle. There is a hissing sound and the acrid stench of burning hair fills the air. You try to flinch away from the heat, but your bindings restrict you. The operations is repeated again and again, gradually reducing your triangle to a burnt out thatch.

“Perhaps it would be quicker to use the lighter”, he said, reaching for it. The naked flame is placed beside you clit and he blows it towards the remnants of your triangle. After a few seconds the results are a spectacular rapid blaze, which he extinguishes efficiently by slapping it with his open palm before the heat could penetrate your tender skin. You try to raise your head in shock to see the devastation he has wrought.

“Good job I’m a fireman”, he grins. He rises and allows me to take his place. He crosses to his locker and pulls out a full retail box of 50 packs of 3. Your eyes widen. “OK, condoms all round for anything penetrative, lads. And keep the full ones on one side”

I reach towards your now glowing pussy and there is a sudden buzzing. You flinch as the tiny battery powered clippers touch your skin for the first time, just below your pierced belly button. I play with the end of the piercing and let the clippers buzz against the metal. Then they move downwards, eating the charred remnants of your stubble that lays in their path. The sensation of them on your skin is highly erotic and you feel yourself building towards orgasm again. Having stripped your triangle, I move them down to your clitoris. My fingers slide in under its hood and pulse together as I slowing draw out its length. The clippers press against it as I direct it towards them. You gasp and spasm, as I continue to play my fingers and the clippers around it from all directions. You go into multiple orgasm and one of the others covers your mouth in an attempt to stifle your loud moans
and gasps. The others now join in wherever possible. 2 of them start to play with your breasts, working around their circumference with increasing pressure before bending and nibbling on your firm taught nipples. 2 more attend to your feet, stroking and licking them, their tongues sliding between your toes, while they gently stroke your soles and heels. Another 2 kneel either side of you, level with your tied wrists and place their cocks in your hands. You grip them as they start to wank up and down in them. You stroke your thumbs over their stiff ends, rolling back their tight foreskins. The last guy kisses you and nuzzles your neck and ears, whilst Suzy decides to straddle your face and presents her dripping pussy for the attention of your tongue. You discover that her lips are shaven and her triangle is neatly clippered to around 1/4″ and clearly defined. Her juices smear across your glasses as they steam up.

The clippers buzz on down around your clit and I slide a finger into your pussy and raise the lip so that the clippers buzz firmly against it. One of the other guys has moved his hand down and is attending to your clit as I run the clippers around your lips, making sure to make the most of contact between them and your engorged labia. I ask a couple of the guys to raise your hips. The clippers head on to cruise around your bum hole, which puckers up and winks at me as I slide them into its inward slope. The task finished, I slide a finger into your dripping pussy and, fully lubricated, remove it and press it into your ass. Your hole pulses and you writhe as I slide it in up to the knuckle.

I pick up the shaving cream with my other hand and give it a good shake before flipping off the cap. My finger continues its exploration of your bum. I manoeuvre the can and aim the nozzle at your crotch. The is a whoosh as I depress the button and the thick foam gushes over your entire pussy area. I put the can down and spread the foam. The others swap around their positions as the 2 you are wanking with your hands shoot their loads all over your tits, covering your nipples and their rings. It slithers down around them and runs down towards your navel.

I remove my finger and someone hands me a training butt plug, originally brought for Suzy, and a tube of KY Jelly. I squeeze a dollop into your hole and spread some on the plug. The first, lower diameter, ball slides in easily and the second requires only moderate effort, but you moan loudly as the third and widest forces its way between your cheeks. I push it in right up to the T handle and you gasp at its 51/2″ invasion of your back passage. I reach for the Mach 3 razor and start to remove the foam. The blade is fresh and sharp and it slides through its task like a knife through butter. The marvellous design of the blades negates the need for cleaning the blades to prevent clogging, and I only need to remove it to start a new stroke and occasionally to shake off a lump of foam laden with the seared remains of your fur. Soon the task is complete and I bend and kiss your mound. My tongue slides around your clit and my teeth grip gently onto its erect end as I slurp and suck at it. My fingers re-enter your pussy, first one, then two and three and I slide them in deep searching forwards and upwards for your G spot. I find it and play. You writhe, sigh, moan and then it happens. You squirt!! A female ejaculation, I’ve never seen one of those before in real life, very rare. It gushes out all over my chin and neck and then drops off onto your quivering thighs as you thunder into repeated waves of orgasm.

I untie your legs and put them over my shoulders and, rising up, I almost fold you double as I enter you up to the hilt. My balls bash against your inner thighs as I ride deeply into you. The 2 guys who were working on your feet move around and 1 takes Suzy to one side and enters her whilst the other stick his cock in your mouth. You ream the end of it with your tongue before taking him deep throat. You gag as it fills you, but continue to work him in and out as my rhythm builds in your pussy. You orgasm again and whilst you pass through the peak of your wave we all change places. On and on we go, taking you and Suzy in turns. Then Suzy is brought round to your pussy. Her long blonde hair tickles against your inner thighs as she starts to munch on your pussy. I enter her from behind and this only enhances her enthusiasm for your juices. Her fingers dart around all over the parts of your body that she can reach and you now have 2 dicks fighting for the attentions of your mouth. You turn your head from one to the other giving each attention, until they explode all over your face and glasses. Waves of thick cum slither down running back all over you and into your hair. You swallow the proportion that has gone into your mouth as 1 of the guys spoons the cum from your face and feeds you this salty medicine. I pull out and move round to your head as another of the guys takes my place in Suzy’s pussy. I tilt your head up and deposit my load as a creme rinse right into your hair. I remove your glasses and give them to Suzy to lick clean before replacing them.

“Keep going folks, I’ll be back in a moment”, I say, slipping my shorts back on and picking up my car keys and heading for the door. The rest of the group continue to indulge you, stroking your neck and breasts, tickling your ears, whilst you continue to take them in your mouth and wank them with your hands. 2 guys untie your wrists and start to stroke them gently, running their fingertips softly up and down the length of them on the inside, feeling your racing pulse brushing as they pass over your veins. Then they stroke them in circles arcing round and up onto your mound of Venus, below the thumb. Back to the centre and then round the joints on the sides and up to the backs of your hands before returning to the sensitive inside.

I return and put down a bag. I open it and pull out a pair of scissors and some purple rechargeable Wahl clippers with a variety of guards.

“I think we should finish off your depilation next!!”, I grin, “Sit her up and hold her down lads”.

They sit you up and strong hands are placed on your shoulders, restraining you. Suzy is looking on wide eyed and scared, clutching at her beautiful blonde tresses.

I pick up the clippers and fit a #2 guard. They whir into life and I place my hand on the top of your head and press your chin down to your chest. I rest the clippers low on your nape and let you feel them buzzing away as the cool metal sends shivers down your spine. I start to move them up. They continue up to your occipital bone and then slide on over it and up a further inch. A shower of your blonde locks tumble down your naked back sticking to the sweat that has pooled there. I make the second stroke, up the same distance as the first and to the left of it. I remove your glasses and place them to one side. Another stroke to the right and then I move on around clippering you from ear to ear and leaving a lovely 1/4″ pelt. I move in front of your right ear and start at the temple, removing your sideburn and stripping the hair up to the same level, nearly 2″ above your ears. A rain of your blonde locks pours down over your right breast, some lodging in its nipple ring, some sticking to your perspiration and still more landing in your lap and covering your thighs and pussy. I move to the left side and repeat the process. Your left breast now matches the other and the pile in your lap is considerably bigger. Your hand moves to your crutch and you begin to wank yourself. Suzy moves in and starts to lick your thighs shunting the mounds of hair around with her tongue while her own lovely locks tickle your knees, calves and feet.

The clippers click off and I pick up the scissors. I carefully cut a nice bob around 2″ above your ears where the clippers stopped. You now have a lovely high buzzed bob.

“Feel it”, I say. Your hand flies to your nape as your other hand speeds its gyrations in your pussy. You stroke all over the clippered section and a shiver runs t
hrough you. The clippers click back on and I place them at your forehead, just behind the fringe. I start to move them back and the one length bob is destroyed as the top is reduced to give you a #2 buzzcut. The fringe is attacked with thinning shears, reducing it to a few wisps, which I chop off an inch from your hairline.

“Feel it again”, I order, rubbing my hand all over it. Your hand joins mine, brushing, stroking and enjoying the sensation. My fingers lighten their touch, just brushing the very tips of your buzz. You gasp and orgasm.

I remove the guard and replace it with a #1. Your chin is pressed to your chest again as I start to run it up your nape. They reach the occipital bone and ride over it, on up to the crown. The process is repeated all around your head as thousands of tiny itchy, tickling 1/8″ shards of blonde cascade all over your body and onto the floor. I remove the #1 guard and place the, now warm, bare blades back at your nape. They buzz up to the occipital, stripping your nape bare except for the tiniest stubble. They progress around stripping the sides to 1″ above the ears. I reach for your hand and place it on your head again, stroking it around, with and against the grain and then easing the pressure to the lightest of touches. I bend and lick the back of your ear and then run my tongue up your lovely clippered nape. You gasp and shudder to another orgasm. My hands reach around and play with your nipples, tweaking them firmly before tugging and twisting twisting gently on their rings.

One of the guys sits facing you his huge engorged cock standing like a flag pole. He grasps you by the waist and lifts you onto it. As you ride it enthusiastically, your breath coming in gasps, you hear a swoosh from behind you and feel the shaving foam being rubbed over the back of your skull. It continues around the 2 sides and right up the bare clippered part. You try not to writhe as I place the Mach 3 onto the foam and start with downward strokes, stripping away the remaining stubble. My hand is experienced and copes even with your spasms. The lather is reapplied and the shaving is repeated, this time with upward strokes, leaving your scalp like a baby’s bum. My tongue descends onto the naked flesh, lapping all around it and particularly attending to the sensitive parts of your nape and the backs of your ears. Most of the remainder of the lads continue to pleasure the rest of your body, whilst one is firmly impaled in Suzy’s bum and another is deep in her throat, her hair brushing around his balls, thighs and down to his feet.

Your seat, still deeply implanted inside you, shudders and unloads himself. You come again as you feel his hot load splash against your inner walls. As though this were a signal, the rest of the guys line up, wanking themselves hard, all around you. One by one, they queue and empty themselves into the buzzed stubble on the top of your head. The mass of sticky white, salty cum runs through the stubble thickly and changes to rivulets as it reaches the shaved parts. Suzy reaches over and rubs it thoroughly into your scalp and then starts to scoop up the excess and feed it to you. You gobble it down greedily.

We pick you up and carry you through to the shower. You are placed on the floor and Suzy is sat down beside you, stroking your body. Suddenly, it starts to flow. The golden rain, from all the guys simultaneously, pours down over you and Suzy, washing the creme from your head and soaking you both entirely. You are surprised that you find the hot flow quite arousing and Suzy is literally lapping it up. You play with her soaking locks as the storm continues. The showers are turned back on after the flow is complete and shampoo and soaps are brought into play. You wash Suzy’s hair while all of us cover your body and head with foam, hands caressing you everywhere.

We carry you back out to the changing area, where you are placed on all fours, doggy position on one of the benches. I play with your butt plug, withdrawing it and reinserting it several times before gently replacing it with my freshly re-erect cock, slowly pressing it in, filling you gradually in a way you have never previously experienced. From half way I start to thrust gently in and out with small movements, each time driving it back a little deeper until I am in up to the hilt. You gasp, open mouthed, turning to grunts as a thick cock is inserted, forming a gag. Hands wander over you again, stroking all over your body, your wrists, breasts, ears and nape, stroking, stroking, stroking. Suzy runs her hands extremely gently over your remaining stubble and you shudder and goose bumps appear.

I swing around, carrying you, still impaled and I sit and lie back, with you riding me facing my feet. My hand reaches round and grasps your nipple, pulling you back to lay on me. Fingers play with your clit and then you feel another cock nudging against your swollen lips. It thrusts home and you are being ridden, DP’d. A cock slides into your mouth and other hands take over the duties around the rest of your body. You orgasm mightily, you have never experienced anything like this before. You feel totally taken.

You are rolled, still doubly impaled, face down onto the guy in your pussy. I withdraw and I stand for a moment, admiring the diminishing cavern that I have left. Another cock replaces mine and I walk around to your head. I wipe the end of my cock on Suzy’s hair and then place it in your mouth. You give it your best attentions and shortly I empty my salty load into your mouth and you gulp it down. I pull out and produce a final spurt that splashes over your face and into your wispy fringe. The guys continue to take you in turns.

I return with the clippers and restart them. The bare blades run right to your crown and around the sides to the same height. I place the #1 guard on them and plough through the fringe, reducing the remaining oval on the top of your head to 1/8th”. The shaving foam comes out again and you are shaved completely bald on the sides and back. I take the guard back off the clippers and etch a parting line down the left side of the oval. I ask Suzy to take a glass and empty the pile of used condoms into it. There is quite a volume accumulating as she processes them, squeezing them down their length and stripping the last drops from them. Then she turns them inside out and licks them clean. 2 of the guys are in your mouth and one pulls out and spurts all over your face and up into your remaining hair. The 2nd groans and shoots. You gulp, but a dribble escapes and runs over your chin and down onto your left boob, collecting around the ring on your nipple.

Suzy brings the glass across and she tips it up slowly, over the top of your head. She rubs the trickle of thick cum thoroughly into your remaining hair, ensuring it is all coated. It trickles over the bald back and sides of your head. She takes the remainder of the glass and places it to your lips. She raises it quickly and the gooey mass gushes into your mouth, which cannot hold it all. It spurts out of the sides of your mouth, flooding your chin and cascading to your breasts, flowing over them and on down to your pussy. You consume as much as you can. The sight is too much for the guys, who all take themselves in hand and simultaneously empty their sacks all over you. The whole situation becomes too much for you and you spiral into multiple orgasms, shuddering, going into paroxysms and convulsions, gasping deeply and repeatedly.

I take the Mach 3 and, using the cum as lubricant, proceed to remove the rest of your hair. More cum and shaving creme are spread over your body and more razors are produced to give you an all over shave. I wipe some cum from your chin and smooth it into your eyebrows. I place the Mach 3 on the left one and carefully remove it. The Mach 3 moves to the right one and soon that is gone too. “Shut your eyes”, I command, with a small pair of scissors in my hand. You comply and feel my hand rest upon your face. The cold steel touches your eyelids as I complete the task by gently trimming
away your eyelashes. I bend and lick the little severed hairs from your eyelids. Your hands are running all over your body, face and head with all the lads joining in.

I call Suzy across and instruct her to straddle your chest. I stand at your head and instruct her to give me a blowjob just above your face. Her head descends to the task and as her head begins to bob, I reach for the scissors behind her back. She starts as I raise a long lock from the back of her head and slowly slide the scissors up the length of it. She shudders and flinches as the cold steel touches the base of her neck on the hairline, but she does not try to escape. She has suspected that this might be her lot from the time that she started to witness your shearing, and the thought of it has been having a most peculiar arousing effect on her. The blades close and a 3 foot blonde lock is severed. I drop it down so that it lands round my cock, drooping on either side onto your face. Suzy’s mouth is sliding over her shorn hair as she manoeuvres her mouth and tongue around my cock. I select another tress from another part of her head and the process is repeated. I start grabbing chunks at random, hacking mercilessly at it, destroying its length. One of the guys straddles you behind her and enters her ass as another raises your legs to the back of his shoulders and enters your, now contracted, tight little anus. Suzy comes immediately, chomping hard on my cock, and you follow suit. There is now a huge pile of lovely blonde hair draped all around my dick, flowing over your and Suzy’s faces. You feel almost immersed in hair. Suzy is now left with a ragged crop and I pull out of her mouth and shoot right into it. The cum drips from its hacked tips onto your face. You lick it off with fingers and tongue. Your hands bury themselves in Suzy’s mop and rub the cum in.

Suzy lies beside you head to head and the guys come all over the 2 of you. I take Suzy and sit her down. Her spine shakes visibly as I click the clippers on with a #3 guard attached. She spasms as I push her head to her chest and strip the back to 3/8th “. I continue round the sides and then dive into the top, an all over #3 buzz, which looks even less with her very light blonde. I repeat the back and sides with a #2. She runs her hands over her head with a look of absolute amazement on her face. She sits back and sighs as you and the others join in. She is sat on one of the guys rampant cocks, facing him as he lies on his back and another DPs her from behind. I place you in front of her and her mouth descends to lick your lovely clean pussy. You squirm and then smile broadly as I hand you the naked clippers. You click them on and plough them into the remnants of her until recently treasured luxurious locks, removing them to the slightest stubble. The shards fall all over her face and fill the space between her lips and your pussy. They stick all over the 2 of you. You both come violently.

I place the butt plug in Suzy’s cute rounded ass with the aid of a little KY jelly. She is sat on a seat and you go down and attend to her pussy as I deal with her final conversion to the ranks of bald with the Mach 3. One of the guys enters you from behind and the others take it in turn to stroke you and to shave the whole of Suzy’s body. Shaving foam flows onto my hand and I dab it onto her eyebrows and proceed to remove them. Her eyelashes follow yours to oblivion. She is shuddering and climaxing repeatedly. The guys then line their 2 naked, shaven sluts up on the floor and we come all over you both. I whisper in one of the guys ears and he smiles, dresses and heads out with his car keys. The rest bend the 2 of you over the table, facing each other and take you both from behind. You kiss and lick each other’s shaven faces.

As you come again the door opens and the missing lad returns. Before you can focus properly, a hand is placed over your eyes and you are laid on your back on the bench. You wonder what will happen next as you hear a chinking sound and the snap of a clip on a chain being closed. You feel cold leather sliding around your neck, the sound of a buckle and then the tightness of a studded dog collar being fastened there. You gasp as the cold chain of the attached lead is draped over your naked heaving breasts. The hand over your eyes is released and you look across to see a similar chain and collar being closed around Suzy’s clean swan like neck. You look at me and note that I am sorting through a pile of leather and PVC gear. I hand a black leather corset, trimmed with red leather, a short black leather skirt, a red leather thong and a red leather jacket to one of the lads and he start to put it on Suzy. I take a can of talcum powder and dust the inside of a blue PVC boob tube, cut off below the boobs and deeply cupped to force them round and up, and a short red PVC skirt. I start by hauling the boob tube over your head and easing it over your tits. I release it and the PVC slaps onto the skin above your stomach. I grab the top and work it around your boobs, stowing them carefully. Your nipples are only just covered and are clearly visible jutting through the thin plastic coating. I pull the skirt up your legs and snap it into place around your hips. It is very tight and shows every curve of your bum including the crack. You squirm as you realise how short it is, barely covering your pussy.

‘Where are my knickers’, you ask shyly.

‘You don’t get any’, I reply firmly.

You look at me and decide that it’s not worth arguing. I reach down and produce a pair of thigh length black leather boots which are handed over to be put on Suzy, who now looks stunning. Her skirt is so short that you can see the thong and the corset has push her boobs together and upwards and the edges of her areoli are visible at its top lip. I bring up a pair of black calf length PVC boots, which I quickly dust with talcum and start to ease them onto your legs. I allow you to stand up and you rise and self-consciously try to pull down the bottom hem of your skirt. You succeed but the action draws the top down to the point where it is unstable on your hips and starts to slide down. You quickly pull it back up.

‘Right, let’s go and get something to eat then’, I say.

You and Suzy both look horrified but rapidly accept that this is going to happen. You and I, together with one of the other lads and Suzy head out to display you both on the town, at one of the trendiest restaurants where you are both well know. We lead you in by you dog chains and choose a table by the window and clearly visible to the rest of the room. You are both beetroot red with embarrassment as your friends and complete strangers stare at the two bald slaves that are seated there. We order the food and have a great meal, with you two continuously the centre of attention throughout, before heading back to his place for a foursome night……

(c) copyright Big Cropper 2003

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