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Vicky and Leslie had been run off their feet all day cutting and perming, bleaching and colouring. It was Christmas and one of the busiest days of the year. Dorothy had even drafted in more help from another salon that wasn’t quite so busy. The help had included one particular girl called Sue, she had the most gorgeous hair that Leslie and Vicky had ever seen. It reached down to her knees and was a beautiful natural blonde. Sue kept it tied in a ponytail with a ribbon at the base of her neck. It must have measured four inches across, it was so thick. Leslie and Vicky both told her how they would love to have her hair. Unbeknown to Sue, of course, they really meant to have it! The time was 6.00pm and they closed the shop dead on time as before they went home to prepare for the evening’s festivities they meant to cut each other’s hair. Soon after six the other girls, including Sue, said their goodbyes and made their way home. Leslie pulled the blinds down and then ordered Vicky to take her place in the chair. Both Vicky and Leslie’s hair had grown quite a lot since their last haircuts, and they were desperate to remove it form each other.

"I’m going to take it nice and short so that it lasts a long time," Leslie teased Vicky.

"Take it as short as you like, my love," came the reply.

Leslie snapped the cape around Vicky’s slender neck and reached for the clippers. Wasting no time she snapped a no. 4 guard on and raised them to Vicky’s forehead. The clippers were turned on and slowly pulled back through Vicky’s hair. Four-inch cuttings fell down onto the cape, another two passes were made and the top was neatly cleared of the hair. Next the sides fell and then the nape hair was removed.

Just then a bang on the door disturbed them. They looked at each other and then carried on with the haircut. Leslie took off the guard and replaced it with a no 2 to blend in the back and sides nice and short. Again the door went. Leslie walked over and was surprised to see Sue standing outside in the doorway. She quickly unbolted the door and let Sue in.

"Thanks. I can’t get my car started, I…" Sue stopped in mid sentence and stared in the direction of Vicky, who was now sporting a very short crew-cut, no fringe, just a very short cut. "Wow, what happened to you? It looks like you’ve spent the week in a prison camp!"

"Oh, just having a trim up." Vicky smiled back at her. "Fancy one?"

"No way." Sue wandered over to where Vicky was sat for a better look. Sue calmly went over to Vicky and ran her hand over her cropped head. She flinched then did it again. "Woo, that’s weird." Then she ran her hand for a third time over Vicky’s head.

Leslie came over and picked up the clippers, turned them on and proceeded to take the back and sides shorter. Within a few minutes the haircut was complete.

"There you go all done. Next!"

Sue stood by the chair. Her hair was no longer tied, it hung loose around her. She was staring at Vicky with her head shorn.

"Next!" Leslie calmly ushered Sue to the chair and helped her back into the seat. "That’s it, you just relax there and I’ll get your hair sorted for you."

Sue was speechless she tried to get up but Vicky put her hand on her shoulders.

"It’s ok, just relax. You’ll love it, won’t she Leslie?" Leslie was now returning with the Osters. "Feel my hair and tell me you don’t want it." Vicky lowered her head and placed Sue’s hand onto the spiky cropped hair.

As Sue’s hand touched it, shivers of fear tingled through her whole body. Perhaps she did want it? Vicky massaged her shoulders and worked her way down towards her breasts. It felt good. Leslie plugged the Osters into the socket and turned them on while Vicky caressed Sue’s ample bosoms.

"My, you’re quite a big girl aren’t you?" Vicky whispered into her ear. "Now are you ready to have that hair cut?" The Osters hummed noisily close to Sue’s hair. "Was that a yes or a no?"

"I couldn’t… I mean, what would people say? No… I mean, I don’t know."

Leslie let Vicky continue to massage Sue and moved round to the front of the chair.

"Let’s just give you a fringe and see how that looks, ok?"


"Good, that’s the way." Leslie held four feet of hair out and effortlessly drove the clippers straight through. "There you go, now at least you can see what’s going on, can’t you!"

Sue smiled weakly as she sat there wondering what the hell was happening to her.

Leslie placed the four-foot hank across her lap and told Sue to sit quietly while she cut some more hair off. Sue obeyed. Vicky took her hand once more and ran it over her freshly cropped hair. Once again it sent tingles of delight through Sue’s body, she hardly felt Leslie pull the hair covering her ears away from the side of her head. The clippers found the mark and a six-inch wide chunk of hair flapped back onto Sue’s face and another four foot length joined the one in her lap, quickly followed by yet another. Sue now sported half a bob, her hand came out from under the cape to touch it but Vicky grabbed it and guided it back under the cape and down to a certain place between her thighs. She placed Sue’s hand inside her briefs and helped her to relieve herself again and again. Leslie by now had finished the back and had moved to the other side. Sue was now enjoying herself fully independently. Her fingers moved earnestly and quickly. Vicky stood behind her massaging her breasts. Leslie held the last length of hair out from her head and zipped it off with the clippers.

Sue looked at herself in the mirror and told Leslie to continue. Leslie held the clippers to Sue’s forehead with a half-inch comb fitted and slowly pulled them back through the thick hair. The hair peeled away like melted butter, it fell down into her lap leaving a nice short crew-cut in its place. After another four passes the top was almost devoid of hair. Now Leslie ran them through the sides, the bob was gone. Sue’s fingers still worked on her body as she saw her reflection in the mirror. Leslie pushed her head forward into her chest and ran the clippers up the nape of the head. Hair spilled down onto the floor and her shoulders. The Osters were replaced with the Wahl clippers and the back was clipped down to a mere quarter of an inch, the sides followed shortly after. The top and crown area was checked and double-checked and the cut was finished. Sue ran her hands through her own hair now. Leslie gathered the four foot lengths up and tied them with the pink ribbon that Sue had previously held her hair back with. The pair gave her a lift back to their place. She stayed the night.

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