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Cindy had just started her new job at Franklins’ Department Store. Cindy was a simple country girl with waist length brown hair which the sun had lightened the top layers but the underneath was dark chocolate brown. It was thick, soft, silky and virgin material. Her mom had trimmed it since she was young. It had never been cut shorter than mid back and had never been permmed.

Several ladies and men from other departments had complimented Cindy on her beautiful hair. Two other ladies had noticed it too; Tina and Leena.

Now Tina and Leena worked in the stores Beauty salon. They wanted Cindy’s long hair as a trophy. They got together and set up a plan to separate those beautiful tresses from Cindy’s head. Cindy being a plain naive country girl would never be able to guess that other ladies would be jealous of her crowning glory and want to remove it.

Tina and Leena introduced themselves to Cindy complimented her on her lovely hair.They took turns studying Cindy and what shorter hairstyle would fit her best.Slowly they put their devious plan into action. They kept track of how Cindy wore her hair. She wore it straight loosely down, in a high ponytail, down in a braid, and up high held with pins in a twist.

When she wore it up they gave her positive feedback like what a pretty neck she had and what pretty facial features were brought out by it being up.When she wore it down they gave her negative feedback like how much trouble that mass must be to take care of and how heavy it must be to shampoo.When she would sit in the lunch room they would come up and feel it and touch it. They would leave short hairstyle pictures laying around where she liked to eat lunch.Many times they told her of to stop by for a free trim and even a makeover at no charge.This went on for a couple of months and Tina and Leena wondered if they would ever get Cindy underneath their cape and in their chair.

Their lucky day finally came as Cindy said that she would stop by after her shift in the evening for a trim.Cindy sat down in the chair and Tina put the cape around her neck. She pulled Cindy’s long luscious mane from underneath to on top of it and spread it out. It was beautiful stuff. "Cindy" Leena Said " How about we give you a set of bangs first?"" Oh, I don’t know , do you really think I’d look nice with bangs?" Cindy replied."You will look great" chimed in Tina." Well, if you both think so then I guess it is ok" spoke Cindy. Tina and Leena looked and smiled at each other. Quickly Tina sectioned off the top of Cindys forehead making sure plenty of hair would be removed. Leena went to get a booklet she thought would really cement the makeover deal. Tina grabbed she shinny sharp scissors and went to work. Snip, snip, schnick went the scissors above Cindy’s eyebrows making their way through Cindy’s thick hair. Three foot long sections of hair tumbled down in Cindy’s lap. Cindy let out a sigh. " Now don’t you look better with bangs" said Tina as she turned Cindy away from the mirror. "Yes, I think that makes a nice change" said Cindy. Tina grabbed a brush and started brushing Cindy’s long thick hair down the back of the cape. This was the cue for Leena to make her " sales pitch". "Cindy, you know we give employees free haircuts and we also think you are the perfect employee to make a charitable donation to one of the stores favorite charities." softly spoke Leena." I don’t have any extra money to donate right now" said Cindy. "This charity doesn’t need you money per sea " said Leena at which point she showed Cindy the "Locks of Love" brochure. It showed cancer stricken kids boys and girls with now hair but using donated hair to make wigs for them. Now Tina who had been brushing and playing with Cindy’s long hair chipped in; " Just think what a wig made from a portion of your pretty hair would mean to a hairless child." Then she lied " Why even Mrs. Robinson the Store Manager thinks you would be the perfect employee to make such a donation. You make a donation now and you won’t have to donate to anything the rest of the year. How about it Cindy? It would put you in good graces with the boss and it wouldn’t cost you any money. Besides it is only hair, and it will grow back." "Think of those poor bald headed little girls" pleaded Leena. Cindy sat silent and looked at the pictures and then longingly at her long hair draped over her shoulders. Then she spoke the fatal words " Ok, but I don’t want it cut really short and just the minimum amount cut off."Tina and Leena really smiled and gave each other a wink. Tina took some before pictures of Cindy for the makeover book. Leena sectioned off Cindy’s hair in several small but thick ponytails at her shoulders. Tina started with scissors at the right side and Leena started on the left side ones. Shnick, shnick, went the scissors carving through the thick silky mass."Are you sure you have to cut that much off " asked Cindy."Oh, yes they have to have plenty of length to make the wigs" spoke Tina.They put the six thick ponytails on the table and they measured near thirty inches in length. Now, Leena leaned Cindy back and gave her hair the best shampoo and message that Cindy had ever known. It seemed to relax her.Now Tina put the bulk of Cindys remaining hair and after drying the hair a bit started up the clippers which made Cindy jump and tapered the neck area. Leena let the bulk back down and cut Cindy’s hair from ear to ear in a upside down U-shaped pattern.They finished blow drying it and styling Cindys hair and then let Cindy look and feel it." Wow, what a difference!" said Cindy. She had never had hair that short before and her neck clear of hair before. She was overwhelmed to say the least. Well, Cindy really got the attention the next day. Her hairstyle was the same as the new female weather caster that just started on TV. She was a hot item. She got asked to all the parties and the men wanted dates. Mrs.Robinson the Store Manager even came over and told her how great she looked. Cindy’s makeover pictures were posted in the window of the salon. Her thirty inch ponytail never made it to Locks of Love. It did make it to Tina’s trophy drawer along with the video shot by the salons hidden camera.Tina and Leena would get together to play with Cindy’s hair and look at the video. " Don’t you love it when a plan comes together and she never suspected anything" crowed Tina. "Yes, and it worked out nice for both parties" cheered Leena.

The End
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